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Will the attitude of Vaccinated people be an 'I'm all right Jack' mentality as they seem to be increasingly booking holidays abroad. Do we need to prepare for a third wave?

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mistymitts Sun 24-Jan-21 13:42:41

I hear of a big rise in holidays being booked abroad by those who now feel a certain amount of protection now that they have had the first or even both doses of the vaccine.. This makes me uneasy for several reasons. It is still not known, but presumed that you can still catch the virus, and so become infectious to others. Our borders are poorly monitor at the moment. There are now about 17 cases of the South African strain in UK. These have been asked to self isolate but it is not checked or enforced. There should be enforced quarantine in designated hotels for anyone coming from Countries with new strains, especially the South African and Brazilian. The pandemic began in Uk it is thought by two tourists from Wuhan. It only takes one person to start a pandemic.
New Zealand, Covid free for so long has just now identified a new positive case, from someone just return d from a trip to Europe. International travel is responsible for the fast spread of this world wide disease. Is it not time to clamp down on our borders and bring in enforced quarantine in guarded accommodation as they already do in so many countries. If you wish to go off travelling you must be prepared to make absolutely sure that you are not bringing now virus back with you. We are after all an Island so have an advantage but we have the highest number of deaths per capita in the world. I would hate for all those protected by the vaccines to feel they were now free to holiday wherever they want without realising that they may just be bringing back an unwelcome souvenir. Do we wish to stamp it out or do are we content to just about manage a low incidence rate, and therefore expect peaks and troughs. Nip it in the bud has passed us last year, but this year we can do something about international transmission, sooner rather than later.

lemongrove Sun 24-Jan-21 15:15:29

I hope not, but there are stupid people out there (selfish too)
Who seem not to heed any warnings at all.You can still feel poorly with Covid, even if vaccinated, who wants that on holiday?
Is there evidence for mass bookings abroad? I know that bookings are up for places in the UK ( good)?
I won’t be booking anything at all for a while, and certainly not abroad.

M0nica Sun 24-Jan-21 15:28:39

Why so ansy about people booking holidays? Why immediately assume they are all lockdown busters ready to do everyone down and kill their own grandchildren in order to get a holiday.

As I understand it, most bookings are for the Autumn of 2021 and there is no evidence that I have seen to say is is predominantly those who have been vaccinated who are doing the booking.

There are lots of us who had bookings for last summer, who just cancelled them when we saw the direction COVID was taking, It is quite reasonable to hope that the situation will be easing by the Autumn, if it has and suddenly lots of people want to go away, then the early birds get the worm because they have booked in advance, and if nothing has eased the booking is cancelled or postponed.

The Lockdown seems to be getting to some GN respondents and they are assuming if anybody does something they do not approve of they are doing it with malice aforethought to spread COVID. Holiday bookers are dreamers who want smething to dream of, whether they get the holiday or not.

EllanVannin Sun 24-Jan-21 15:33:23

No thankyou. I envisage this hermit-style life well into the summer then all the idiots will be congregating to create another lockdown Christmas.

I'll have even had my second jab by Easter too.

AGAA4 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:38:28

I wonder if people will have had to be vaccinated before they fly or go on a cruise in the autumn.
Many of us will have been by then so hopefully will be safe to travel.

GagaJo Sun 24-Jan-21 15:38:32

My daughter said that she had seen on the UK news that vaccinated elderly in the UK were still getting very ill with covid.

Anyone else see that?

Tweedle24 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:42:16

Having cancelled our Christmas and New Year Holiday 20/21 way back in March, we optimistically rebooked for this year. I am still not 100% sure if it will happen but, let us hope so.

growstuff Sun 24-Jan-21 15:45:31


My daughter said that she had seen on the UK news that vaccinated elderly in the UK were still getting very ill with covid.

Anyone else see that?

She may have seen a warning by Jonathan Van Tam that vaccinated people can still spread the virus and telling them that they should still follow lockdown rules.

AGAA4 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:53:00

I did see a news report about some elderly people who became ill with Covid after they had been vaccinated. It was thought that they had already been infected before the vaccination.

Goodynanny Sun 24-Jan-21 15:59:09

My doctor told me not to book a holiday abroad this year at all. He said even if it was reasonably safe in the uk, which it may not be, it probably wouldn’t be safe in many other countries.
Just because you’ve been vaccinated, this only protects you, you can still carry the virus and spread it.
JVT said only recently that it would probably take up to five years for us to be completely Covid free.

Jaxjacky Sun 24-Jan-21 16:04:46

I’m not surprised with companies like EasyJet advertising ‘jab and go’, Saga have also stated no proof of both vaccinations, no booking. National Express are receiving many bookings for UK holidays too, personally, I would wait for guidance and where we are.
Having looked GagaJo I can find no news feeds supporting your daughters comments, did she name a source?
mistymitts there are 77 identified cases of the SA variant being closely monitored, government meet Monday, possible stricter measures on travellers.
It’s a moving target this virus, I take heart that almost 6 million vaccinations have been administered thus far.

JenniferEccles Sun 24-Jan-21 16:37:00

Maybe some of the people are booking for next year not this.
I hope the situation will have improved enough for us to have a foreign holiday this autumn but at the moment I don’t feel confident enough to book anything.

Elegran Sun 24-Jan-21 16:42:52

The question in the title is "Do we need to prepare for a third wave?" and the answer is that whatever people are doing about holidays, yes, we should in any case be preparing for a third wave. Not to do so would be criminally negligent. It is better to be prepared for a wave that doesn't happen than to complacently assume that there won't be another.

GagaJo Sun 24-Jan-21 16:48:22

No, she didn't Jaxjacky. She DID say it wasn't amongst the general population, but in the very old. She could well have misunderstood tho.

Jaxjacky Sun 24-Jan-21 17:03:37

Elegran always my problem at school, not reading the question properly. Re a third wave, plan for the worst, hope for the best.
GagaJo thanks.

BlueSky Sun 24-Jan-21 18:30:38

Dear god do these vaccines help at all? The more I read the less hopeful I become. So it’ll take up to five years to be Covid free according to JVT? Not what we were hoping to hear.

Elegran Sun 24-Jan-21 19:18:12

How long would it take without the vaccines? It took a long time to get rid of polio, diphtheria and smallpox with vaccines. Without them we would have them still.

Cabbie21 Sun 24-Jan-21 19:55:11

I have no plans to book a holiday abroad this year and probably never again. But I would love to go away in the UK this summer, just for a change of scene, if things improve. Self catering and keeping ourselves to ourselves.
I have got two dates booked for my vaccinations though DH will be later as he is a bit younger.
But yes, generally I think, despite the warnings, there will be a third wave if people start to behave differently. After all, we have been told that the vaccine is the way out of the pandemic, yet now it seems it is not.

BlueSky Sun 24-Jan-21 20:08:57

Cabbie I feel exactly like you, at this point I don’t care if I ever go abroad again, a break in the UK will be more than enough.

Elegran Sun 24-Jan-21 20:22:19

Cabbie there is no sure and easy path out of the pandemic. Any route will be uphill and slow, and there may be diversions from it into steeper patches. The vaccination is just one thing that will help us on our way, providing a way that we can minimise the effects of catching it and the distress it brings, and the need for intensive medical care it causes, and (fingers crossed here) it may prove to also minimise the rate at which it is passed on to others.

Cabbie21 Sun 07-Feb-21 20:52:22

Well I have optimistically booked a holiday cottage in the UK for July. Obviously if there is another lockdown or travel ban it will be cancelled. I chose one with a lovely garden, very private, but with huge grounds and a nearby country park to walk in, even if we can’t, or don’t feel safe to, go anywhere else. If it is ok, there are interesting places to visit, towns, stately homes, the coast.... we don’t need to go abroad.

Blossoming Sun 07-Feb-21 21:28:00

I’ve just had my first vaccine and I will be carrying on with staying home, social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing. I think it’s far too soon foranything else.

WW010 Sun 07-Feb-21 21:39:19

I suspect that once the amount of people vaccinated passes a certain number - a critical mass? - then lockdown will end naturally because people will start to return to normal lives. I don’t think it will be stoppable. There will be too many. I don’t think people understand enough about the potential for serious mutations. It’s quite scary really.

NellG Sun 07-Feb-21 21:53:35

Kim19 Sun 07-Feb-21 21:53:55

I can find no evidence amongst my circle of friends that anyone is even contemplating a holiday abroad or even here and these are avid and regular travellers I'm talking about. So far all we've discussed is travelling (if allowed) to each other's homes - not even hotels - and indulging in a few away days in the various vicinities. None of my friends regards the jab as a 'get out of lockdown' pass.