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Scared teacher

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GagaJo Tue 26-Jan-21 06:59:50

I had a fairly lengthy exposure on Sunday to a student who tested positive on Monday. When I say lengthy, I mean maskless and close contact. She was having a bit of a breakdown due to stress and crying (as in snotty nose sobbing off and on for an hour). There was no way I could not comfort her.

So now I am really scared. I had my FFP mask on but her own mask was off and on. Hard to wear a mask when you are out of control. I don't blame her at all, she's a younger teenager and needed support. But... ARGH

Marydoll Tue 26-Jan-21 07:48:56

Oh dear Gaga , so I assume you are now in isolation, having been in such close contact. I do hope you are OK.

Ashcombe Tue 26-Jan-21 07:55:14

I am very sorry to hear this, GagaJo. Have you been tested? I imagine you will need to self isolate until the result is known and beyond, depending on the rules in Switzerland. Keeping fingers crossed for you. ?

Dottygran59 Tue 26-Jan-21 07:58:10

Oh Gaga - this is heatbreaking to hear - this is why I am so so disappointed - no - disgusted, that teachers aren't first in the queue for the vaccine. As a Gran who is safely WFH with a son who's wife is working at work, and trying to homeschool and run a business I am desperate to get our teachers given the vaccine and get kids back to school. Am worried about you, seriously. I seldom post but enjoy reading your posts and kind of feel as if I know you.

Take care and let us know the outcome of the test, please?

Lucca Tue 26-Jan-21 08:08:23

So sorry to hear this especially after your more upbeat thread yesterday about moving your daughter and grandson to be with you. Wishing you all the best for a negative result for a positive outcome, if you see what I mean

Grannynannywanny Tue 26-Jan-21 08:22:34

Sorry to hear you’re having this worry GagaJo and I hope you remain symptom free and produce a negative test.

When my daughter and grandson had covid in November my SIL and granddaughter didn’t contract it although they were all under the same roof. They’d been in normal close family proximity before they were aware 2 of them were incubating and capable of spreading it.

FannyCornforth Tue 26-Jan-21 08:28:39

flowers Jo

M0nica Tue 26-Jan-21 08:37:31

Oh, Jo, how awful, all the worry beforehand must feel almost worse than having the disease, crossing fingures, toes and anything else I can think of, that you stay safe and well.

Bathsheba Tue 26-Jan-21 08:41:21

I'm sorry to hear this GagaJo, it is such a worry for you. I take it you will you be having a test now? I know how you must feel, but hold onto the thought that many people have unwittingly been in close proximity to people with Covid, and yet don't go down with it. You are just as likely to be one of the lucky ones. Don't despair, but do keep us updated. flowers

MawBe Tue 26-Jan-21 08:44:41

Like Grannynannywanny said, when my 10 year-old GS was positive before Christmas none of the rest of the family (9 year old brother and six year old sister or parents - mum à teacher in a big city secondary school) got it. D had had at least two potential contacts from school before but tested negative each time. I fear it is in the lap of the gods, but ???

Jaxjacky Tue 26-Jan-21 09:01:16

GagaJo it’s so difficult and I understand why it happened, as others have said test and isolate, if that’s possible. A tiny consolation in figures published recently that teachers/school staff are not near the top of people infected at work. Fingers crossed for you.?

GrannySomerset Tue 26-Jan-21 09:01:39

What rotten luck, Gagajo, do hope you have been one of the lucky ones and have not been infected. As you say, you can’t not comfort someone in distress.

GagaJo Tue 26-Jan-21 09:16:13

No, I just have to isolate (according to Swiss rules) until I have a symptom.

Those masks were expensive. Here is hoping they really do work.

Marydoll Tue 26-Jan-21 09:20:28

An anxious wait, Gaga. There is one positive, you will have plenty time to prepare course work and browse GN. wink

MawBe Tue 26-Jan-21 09:21:54


No, I just have to isolate (according to Swiss rules) until I have a symptom.

Those masks were expensive. Here is hoping they really do work.

Those rules are flawed! Gagajo - you could be asymptomatic but still positive. A test would make much more sense

GagaJo Tue 26-Jan-21 09:29:40

I know. If I was in the UK, I would invent a symptom and drive myself to get tested.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 26-Jan-21 10:01:50

Hope you are ok Gagajo

Callistemon Tue 26-Jan-21 10:41:56

Oh dear, you were being kind and put yourself at risk. I do hope you don't go on to get Covid. ? You may not necessarily get it.
Are there other pupils there with Covid or has term not started yet?
Have you got Vit D and perhaps Vit C and zinc you can take?

Rosie51 Tue 26-Jan-21 13:53:12

Fingers crossed you don't catch it, but those rules are idiotic! Does Switzerland really not understand that much of the spread of the virus has been caused by asymptomatic cases? In many areas of the UK you don't have to have symptoms to get a test, anybody can get one now. Is it possible (and affordable!) to pay for a private test? A good quality mask should give you some protection, and as others have said, even in a family situation, not everybody has been infected. Wishing you well ?

geekesse Tue 26-Jan-21 14:09:46

I quite understand that you could do nothing other than you did, but what rotten luck. Here’s another bunch of good wishes hoping that you don’t get the virus, or if you do that it has only the most minor and temporary impact on you.

BlueBelle Tue 26-Jan-21 15:58:27

My friends’ son is asymtomatic but his partner her mum and her dad who all live in the same house have all tested negative
Hopefully that will be the case with you GagaJo

muse Tue 26-Jan-21 16:09:36

Keep in touch GagaJo. So much stress for you whilst waiting for possible symptoms to arrive.

Thank you for the support you gave the student. She was so lucky to have you to turn to and know you would listen. So many times that all it needs. To tell someone your worries.

I have a 16 year old granddaughter who had an extremely difficult year at school 2019. I wish she had someone like you to turn too. Mum in the end got her some external support.

There are many who know how many roles teachers have to play but I wish this was 100% of people.
sunshine flowers

AGAA4 Tue 26-Jan-21 16:13:14

My daughter, a teacher sat next to a colleague for several hours. No PPE allowed in the staff room. The colleague tested positive the next day and my D had an anxious wait but didn't get it. Her test was negative.
I hope you will be the same and not catch it GagaJo

FarNorth Tue 26-Jan-21 16:18:03

those rules are idiotic! Does Switzerland really not understand that much of the spread of the virus has been caused by asymptomatic cases?

Genuinely confused - won't isolating prevent transmission to anyone else?

GagaJo wishing you well and hoping that no symptoms appear.

trisher Tue 26-Jan-21 16:20:12

Hope you are OK Gagajo I know a few people who have had one person catch it but the rest of the family seemed fine. You may be lucky. Do update us regularly so we know you are alright. Here's some Irish luck shamrock