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The coronavirus vaccine rollout

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Alegrias1 Thu 28-Jan-21 09:28:38

Now that we are well into the vaccine rollout in the UK I thought it might be interesting to have a thread to discuss it and how its going.

Alegrias1 Thu 28-Jan-21 09:29:42

There’s been lots of noise about which country is going quickest and who is getting the vaccination first. Two pictures here to show where we are today, the 28th January. Wales have had a growth spurt. (yay!)

Scotland and England have both levelled off, and I recall that Nadhim Zahawi said that there would be less vaccine available this week, that could be the reason?

Teacheranne Thu 28-Jan-21 10:10:51

I was chatting to a friend last night who volunteers as a local vaccination centre. She says it’s one of the best things she has done, everyone who has the jab is so grateful and happy to be there. For many it is the first time they have left the house since last March. Lots of tears of joy!

tanith Thu 28-Jan-21 10:51:43

I see lots of FB posts around this area (London) of over 70s having the jab but I’ve yet to get a letter, I’m only 72 but thought I might hear something soon.
I’m glad to see Wales had a spurt.

farview Thu 28-Jan-21 21:32:09

...bothered about the report that the Astra zeneca vaccine isnt working in people aged 65+....

Urmstongran Thu 28-Jan-21 22:03:32

Fake news farview.

Urmstongran Thu 28-Jan-21 22:06:24

The UK have 60 million doses on order of the Novovax vaccine, manufactured in Teeside & just approved for distribution. It is 89% effective against C-19.

EllanVannin Thu 28-Jan-21 22:08:43

Sour grapes coming from Germany.

Patsy70 Thu 28-Jan-21 22:12:47

Very positive news at last.

NanKate Thu 28-Jan-21 22:15:00

I’m 75 later this year but when I tried to get an appointment online today it said I wasn’t eligible. ?

My DH of 75 has had it, 3 men we know who had a telephone calls about it asked if their wives could be included and they all were. So to be honest I am feeling pretty miserable. I’m not the most patient of people as you will have guessed.

Nemesia Thu 28-Jan-21 22:16:24


The UK have 60 million doses on order of the Novovax vaccine, manufactured in Teeside & just approved for distribution. It is 89% effective against C-19.

According to tonight’s TV news this vaccine is particularly effective against the U.K. variant. This has to be a major boost to the UK’s efforts to get on top of the virus.
And 7.4 million U.K. citizens have now received at least their first vaccination.
Are we at last getting something right?

Urmstongran Thu 28-Jan-21 22:18:45

It is also 83% effective against the new variant Nemesia. Good news indeed.

JenniferEccles Thu 28-Jan-21 22:24:04

We are going from strength to strength with the vaccine programme aren’t we?
Great news about the Novovax.

Jane10 Thu 28-Jan-21 22:34:45

Well I've just heard that my vaccine date has been moved back from end Feb to end April. Wish Scottish vaccine roll out was as well organised as England's. angry

Alegrias1 Fri 29-Jan-21 09:01:50

I'm wondering Jane10 if this is based on the online vaccine calculator? I've seen a few people saying recently that their forecast date had changed.

Jane10 Fri 29-Jan-21 09:05:44

Alegrias yes this prediction was on the Scottish online vaccine calculator.

Alegrias1 Fri 29-Jan-21 09:14:35

Neither of the online calculators are anything to do with the official rollout, they were just put together by a commercial company and are based on a simple algorithm and the number of people in the same group as you. I wouldn't put any faith in them, they change all the time.
It doesn't mean the rollout has slipped by 2 months. Going by your forecast date you're the same group as me and DH. According to the government plan we've always been expecting the end of April for the first jag.

Esspee Fri 29-Jan-21 09:17:11

I’m in Glasgow Jane10 and all the 70+ I know have appointments for early February.

Kandinsky Fri 29-Jan-21 09:18:47

I’m not due mine until around April apparently ( I’m 57 ) but with all the new vaccines coming out I’m getting more & more confused.

Franbern Fri 29-Jan-21 09:22:06


Fake news farview.

Not fake news, Urmstongran.
German scientists have come to that conclusion. They used same data as used by UK scientists, but have come to a different conclusion.
No idea which is more correct

Urmstongran Fri 29-Jan-21 09:23:05

Or hopefully excited Kandinsky?

Urmstongran Fri 29-Jan-21 09:24:36

Read deeper Franbern. You will then be reassured. x

Kandinsky Fri 29-Jan-21 09:31:40

Yes very excited smile

Does anyone know how long the vaccine lasts?

overthehill Fri 29-Jan-21 09:42:01

Had mine the other day live in London and I'm 73. I am also allergic to penicillin but had no side effects thankfully although a friend did have itching in places and felt very tired for a day

Jane10 Fri 29-Jan-21 10:17:23

I don't understand how it can be so slow up here. There are venues, vaccinators and vaccine. Why can't we go faster? We're all just sitting around waiting while politicians talk and talk.