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The coronavirus vaccine rollout

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Alegrias1 Thu 28-Jan-21 09:28:38

Now that we are well into the vaccine rollout in the UK I thought it might be interesting to have a thread to discuss it and how its going.

chrissyh Sat 30-Jan-21 15:50:26

Franbern In reply to your post that it is not fake news the following paragraph was in the telegraph today after an article discussing the failings of the EU coronavirus roll out.

All of which has been accompanied by undignified commentary from EU political leaders, with Emmanuel Macron, the French president, sounding almost Trumpian in his unfounded claim that the AstraZeneca vaccine is “quasi-ineffective on people older than 65, some say those 60 years or older”. Just as the fox in Aesop’s fable decided he didn’t want the grapes he couldn’t reach.

rosie19la Sat 30-Jan-21 16:05:03

No letters or phone calls yet offering vaccine for 72year old CEV and 74 year in Fife.

B9exchange Sat 30-Jan-21 16:10:45

Those of you who haven't had your letters yet, please don't just sit there! If you log onto the website and find corona vaccinations, you can book your slot if you are eligible whether you have had a letter or not, it will tell you if you are not. So many letters have got lost in the post, when I logged on yesterday afternoon there were dozens of empty slots just going to waste because people were still waiting for their letters. It seems such a terrible waste.

SueDonim Sat 30-Jan-21 16:35:34

Well, dh didn’t get his blue-envelope-that-is-white today, nor did any other 70+ folk that I know of. Mum is still waiting. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

chrissyh Sat 30-Jan-21 16:36:58

I had my letter today and went online to book. DH is the same age but hasn't received his. As we will have to travel to get it, I decided to book for DH, as well, for the same dates as me. You book both vaccinations at the same time, making the second for six weeks after the first one.

rosie19la Sat 30-Jan-21 17:03:55

B9exchange Thanks for your suggestion however it doesn't work for Scotland which seems to be a different as I believe the letter gives you an appointment at a specific location and if it is not suitable you can phone to change it.

BBbevan Sat 30-Jan-21 18:48:56

I had my letter today with a day and time. DH also, but his is a day after mine. I shall ring on Monday in the Hope we can go together. We are in Wales by the way and both 76

Alegrias1 Sun 31-Jan-21 14:52:07

Really good article from the Observer today, about how Starmer, the BMA and President Macron have all contributed separately to undermining confidence in the vaccines and the rollout.

Casdon Sun 31-Jan-21 14:57:54

Interesting article thanks Alegrias1. It’s interesting to see that Starmer is included for suggesting teachers are vaccinated over half term, when JVCI are allegedly considering that themselves for all key workers - and it’s been very widely supported on Gransnet as well. Not sure it falls into quite the same category as the EU debacle.

Alegrias1 Sun 31-Jan-21 15:24:53

The way I read it in Pulse Casdon is that PHE are considering vaccinating key workers after the over 70s but that the JCVI are still advising going for the age group prioritisation

JCVI response:

I sincerely hope they don't give in to political pressure.

Casdon Sun 31-Jan-21 15:44:51

It’s a really difficult area isn’t it, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I agree with you, it should be done based on the mortality priorities agreed by JCVI. - but I can see the other side of it too, particularly for the police who are responding to calls, and being deliberately spat at.

Witzend Sun 31-Jan-21 15:55:50

@biba70, yes, dh had his a week ago last Friday, and I had mine a week later. We’re 71 and 73.
Both had the AZ.
I did have some very shivery/shaky flu like symptoms that night, but according to the bumf that’s normal, and they were gone by morning.
Dh had no reaction at all
I felt reassured rather than otherwise - it meant something was happening!

Alegrias1 Sun 31-Jan-21 16:03:03

Agreed Casdon. Glad its not me who had to make the decisions.