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Getting a divorce because of Covid!

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DaisyL Thu 22-Apr-21 15:12:57

I had a plumber in my house yesterday and he told me that he and his wife are getting divorced because he believes that Covid is a government conspiracy and she doesn't. They are in their 40s and had been together for twenty years - but he will not compromise. Refuses to wear a mask, will not and says he never will have the vaccine, is convinced that the government is trying to kill us! I am a bit sceptical about the dangers, but not foolhardy. Seems tragic to end a marriage because of this. I was quite shocked - he has always struck me as a very sensible young man.

Fleur20 Thu 22-Apr-21 15:15:24

Would not have been in my house.
No mask?
She who pays the piper....

Kestrel Thu 22-Apr-21 15:33:00

Good grief - hope there were actually other factors and the covid issue was the final straw - otherwise it seems very drastic shock

Redhead56 Thu 22-Apr-21 15:37:58

People are shallow making petty excuses to quit a relationship. I would not have s workman in the house without a mask either.

AGAA4 Thu 22-Apr-21 15:41:14

She may be better off without someone with those beliefs.

Jane43 Thu 22-Apr-21 15:41:52

A friend of our younger son, in his fifties, also thought it was all a hoax and was very blase about precautions. He contracted Covid, was in intensive care and at one stage his wife and two sons were called to visit him as it was thought he would die. Despite the odds he pulled through but he lost six stone in weight and is now very frail. Of course now he has a different opinion.

DaisyL Thu 22-Apr-21 15:45:54

To be honest I hadn't worried about him being in the house without a mask on - he was in the kitchen with the french windows open and I've had both vaccine jabs. I just thought it was so awful to end a long relationship over a difference of opinion. He has left his house and is sleeping on a friend's sofa.

EllanVannin Thu 22-Apr-21 15:50:10

Doesn't take much these days, does it ? ( rolls eyes )

FarNorth Thu 22-Apr-21 15:51:10

If he is in and out of people houses, without a mask, and most probably taking risks elsewhere, I expect his wife was very frightened.
I don't think it's trivial at all.

vampirequeen Thu 22-Apr-21 15:52:47

This must be the straw that broke the woman's back. He was probably so wrapped up in himself that he didn't notice that she was unhappy. Some men are like that. Even when I left the ex he couldn't understand it because we were happy. I was suicidal. He just didn't notice.

Katie59 Thu 22-Apr-21 17:08:32

I’m sure you’re only hearing part of the story, his side, couples fall out over all sorts of odd things including leaving the top off the toothpaste.
The didn’t get on, end of story.

GoldenLady Thu 22-Apr-21 17:10:55

That "government conspiracy" thing sounds pretty paranoid to me. Perhaps he is mentally ill.

JaneJudge Thu 22-Apr-21 17:12:42

I imagine loads of people in their 30s/40s/50s will be getting divorced after all this to be honest. I get on with my husband but he has at times, driven me mad during the last 12 months and if he was a covid denier, not wearing a mask, refusing a vaccine I would actually be even more cross.

foxie48 Thu 22-Apr-21 17:23:17

She doesn't want a divorce because he's a Covid conspirator, she wants one because he's an idiot.

JenniferEccles Thu 22-Apr-21 17:41:36

So presumably this chap thinks leaders all over the world are in on this daft conspiracy?
The pictures of the poor souls in India dying as their hospitals are completely full and running out of oxygen?

I couldn’t possibly be with someone who held those views.

M0nica Thu 22-Apr-21 18:11:15

I am with Goldenlady, I think someone swallowed up by conspiracy theories is someone gone well over the edge. They are living in an unreal world, where everyone is against them, the world is run by aliens, or Bill Gates or the Illumnati, or even David Ickes, lizards.

I can well understand where someone living in that kind of world that is so divorced from reality may well bring a marriage to breaking point.

sukie Fri 23-Apr-21 05:12:59

What foxie48 said.

mumofmadboys Fri 23-Apr-21 07:31:16

Perhaps he holds unreasonable views about a lot of things

Lillie Fri 23-Apr-21 07:39:09

I imagine loads of people in their 30s/40s/50s will be getting divorced after all this to be honest. No,no,no. I imagine loads of people in their 30s,40s,50s will have even stronger relationships. Except the plumber and a few others.

JaneJudge Fri 23-Apr-21 07:45:52

I suppose it could go either way grin being forced to spend so much time with someone with young kids and cramped housing would be my idea of hell. I thank the Lord my kids are older and we have a big garden so we have been able to avoid one another and I am not even religious grin

I joke but a lot of my friends are at the end of their tether sad

Galaxy Fri 23-Apr-21 07:50:13

I think women no longer are expected to put up with this kind of behaviour which is brilliant. Conspiracy theorists are boring, obsessive and tedious, of course she wants more for her life than that.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 23-Apr-21 07:56:09

I wouldn’t have let him into my home without a mask.

We’ve only had a couple of tradesman indoors during the Pandemic and they already had a mask on when they came to the door, without one we would have told them to go away.

Polarbear2 Fri 23-Apr-21 08:54:42


She doesn't want a divorce because he's a Covid conspirator, she wants one because he's an idiot.

????. Says it all.

Galaxy Fri 23-Apr-21 09:09:14

They only ever talk about one thing as well. Did he share his views on other issues or just that subject.

JaneJudge Fri 23-Apr-21 09:37:10

It might be my plumber as he doesn't wear a mask either and he smells of weed. He reminds me of Tyres O'Flaherty off spaced