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Lateral flow tests

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Gymstagran Tue 25-May-21 16:36:12

Is anybody doing the twice a week lateral flow tests? On different threads there have been comments indicating that people have had coughs and colds but noone mentions self testing. On a different social media platform a GP stated that he had three consecutive patients complaining of coughs and none of them had taken a test. Is this why the new variant is spreading rapidly? How can people be persuaded to self test?

geekesse Sun 27-Jun-21 18:14:09


Can I please ask if anyone has had a problem reporting a lft negative test on line, as I put all info in but it would not let me submit it. Something about security

It’s been a bit glitchy today - I had to try a couple of times before I could report mine. Try again tomorrow.

Conan Sun 27-Jun-21 18:31:53

Thank you geekesse, I will do this its only my second time doing this, first one went through fine. I was a bit worried I did something wrong. Will try again tomorrow.

Conan Fri 09-Jul-21 20:13:42

Hi, just wondering if anyone is having differculty registering their test on
Gov. Line and anyone know if its easier on phone. Thank you

bikergran Fri 09-Jul-21 20:59:52

Gson age 14 yrs did LFT on Monday it was positive, we all went to have a pcr test, of course gs came back positive, daughters was also positive, younger gs negative as was mine.

The day after dd got results of pcr test she did LFT for curiosity it came out Negative! but she did another LFT day after and that showed Positive.

Calendargirl Fri 09-Jul-21 21:35:36


Hi, just wondering if anyone is having differculty registering their test on
Gov. Line and anyone know if its easier on phone. Thank you

Did a test today, first time, negative, registered online ok.

bikergran Sat 10-Jul-21 10:19:34

Yes me I down loaded the nhs app put in my code that I received via email, it kept saying confirm code which I did and it just wouldn't accept it. Kept saying code invalid or gone past its date.

I am isolating as gson and dd have tested positive, so i think I am going to ring up as no doubt I have to have proof for work, my pcr test was negative.

Conan Sat 10-Jul-21 18:03:17

Sorry bit late answering, but result went through this morning OK.

greenlady102 Sat 10-Jul-21 18:15:44

I haven't. I go out very rarely not because of covid but because I have got an elderly dog and no one to leave him with. I have got a pack of LFT tests in case I do get symptoms because my sister and I are bubbled and I would need to warn her not to come.
If I led a different life I would take tests without a second thought.

Conan Mon 19-Jul-21 21:26:16

I know I've had this problem before about reporting a lft test on line and it says try again later, basically all afternoon and evening I was trying so I was just wandering if anyone's ever phoned one in and how easy it was or quicker, maybe for me.

JaneJudge Mon 19-Jul-21 21:31:18

they seem to be picking up asymptomatic cases now the rate has gone up

i have never found a problem online at all tbh. It s a bit long winded though