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Friend breaking Government guidelines re holidays

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Northernlass Wed 16-Jun-21 09:57:15

A close friend is determined to take her usual holiday, quite soon, with family (all live spread out across the country).
There will be at least 10 people, from 5 or 6 households; 3 of them live in Delta variant hot spots. People who live in these areas have been asked to limit travel, for obvious reasons; they'll be travelling about 300 miles.
I feel upset about it - I see it as completely selfish. I do understand the desire to be with family and pretend everything is 'normal'.
How would others handle it?

maddyone Thu 24-Jun-21 11:49:49

I don’t know because I don’t live in Greater Manchester, but are people behaving in such a way as to spread the virus in your area, or is it just the schools and universities that are pushing the numbers up?