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Theatre trip, to go or not?

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Chrisks Wed 14-Jul-21 17:02:22

We have tickets booked for the theatre on Monday.
My husband is now having reservations about going as cases are rising rapidly around us.
Really don’t know what to do, I’ve been looking forward to this trip for ages!
We are both doubly vaccinated and would be wearing masks.
What would you do? Any advice?

Sardinia2020 Wed 14-Jul-21 17:13:18

I would go

Grandma70s Wed 14-Jul-21 17:16:48

So would I.

Maggiemaybe Wed 14-Jul-21 17:19:39

And me. smile

Grandma70s Wed 14-Jul-21 17:20:16

You could go by yourself if he won’t. I don’t think theatres are packing people in close together - should be well spaced.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Jul-21 17:20:43

I wouldn’t .

I love the theatre and desperately miss it, but I will not be spending any needless time indoors with other people until at least this third wave have decreased to a minimum.

Kamiso Wed 14-Jul-21 17:21:34

We went to see Van Morrison in London. The venue was carefully prepared and I felt perfectly safe. We’d both had our vaccinations and wore masks etc etc

Kim19 Wed 14-Jul-21 17:22:47

Don't miss it. Go on your own if need be.

silverlining48 Wed 14-Jul-21 17:24:43

I wouldn’t go.

eazybee Wed 14-Jul-21 17:41:13


Charleygirl5 Wed 14-Jul-21 17:43:10

I would go

kittylester Wed 14-Jul-21 17:46:09

We have just asked for refund of theatre tickets we have for Sept 1st. The performance has been cancelled 3 times already, I think - who knows - and we would have probably gone at half capacity but we are not going at full capacity.

We are in Leicestershire - the theatre is in Leicester- which had local lockdown and huge spikes in the previous waves so we are not prepared to risk it.

Ashcombe Wed 14-Jul-21 17:56:31

Has the theatre contacted you to explain how they are dealing with Covid hygiene? I would ask if measures will still be in place e.g. social distancing, Track and Trace, temperature checks, hand sanitising, etc.

I imagine these would still apply since they won't have sold tickets to full capacity without knowing for sure if restrictions would be fully lifted.

Last week, my friend and I enjoyed a positive experience of attending the ballet at The Theatre Royal Plymouth which was very well organised for Covid security and the theatre kept us fully informed beforehand of what to expect.

I hope you feel confident to go and have a wonderful time.

muse Wed 14-Jul-21 18:00:46

It’s worth checking to see what your theatre has in place.
My closest theatre is Plymouth royal and their website says they are taking everyone’s temp on arrival and you’ll be turned away if high. Masks all the time and no cloakroom facilities . Limited toilets and bar, restaurant closed. More fresh air is being circulated so it could feel chilly.

Esspee Wed 14-Jul-21 18:01:08

I would not go. I’ve not given up so much for so long to fall on the (what I hope will be) the final straight.

muse Wed 14-Jul-21 18:02:24

I’m feeling positive about Plymouth Ash. Glad you enjoyed the ballet.

Visgir1 Wed 14-Jul-21 18:11:14

Went last week.
Chichester Festival Theatre, face masks in situ all through the show
They took your temperature as you went in, then hand sanitizer. Tickets had been transferred to etickets (no problem if you can't download ) staggered seating (brilliant no one in front of you) and row /block controlled as you left. Which was quicker.
Really pleased we went, the Musical was fabulous "South Pacific".

Sar53 Wed 14-Jul-21 19:31:05

My daughter and I went to the theatre in Sevenoaks last Saturday evening to watch my granddaughter in her dance show. The audience were socially distanced, masks were worn even whilst sitting down and there was a one way route around the theatre. We felt safe and it was a wonderful show.
Go and enjoy yourself.

nadateturbe Wed 14-Jul-21 20:26:12

If it is socially distanced and wearing masks, then yes.
We need to get back to doing some (almost) normal things.

Chewbacca Wed 14-Jul-21 21:27:53

I was at the theatre last Saturday evening for a concert, and will be there again this Saturday evening to see a play. Every conceivable precaution had been taken by both the theatre and us and I felt perfectly safe. Go. Enjoy it.

GagaJo Wed 14-Jul-21 21:47:44

I wouldn't go. I tried the cinema a few months ago (I was overseas) and got VERY twitchy about people not wearing masks, and just about so many people being in there. In the end, I left. I just couldn't do it.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 14-Jul-21 21:48:14

You still have time to check that the venue will still have Covid regulations in place, or if they have been scrapped. Double check that the loos will be open!
Where I live the Covid situation is pretty bad so I won’t be going to our local Theatres or Cinemas any time soon.

Maggiemaybe Thu 15-Jul-21 19:25:22

We’ve been to the cinema twice recently and felt very safe. Numbers were strictly limited and when we booked our seats online those front, back, left and right of us were blocked off straightaway so we were well away from anyone. They had extra cleaning procedures in place and one way systems. We’d booked to go to a small theatre last weekend, and were disappointed when the venue decided to cancel because restrictions weren’t lifted as they’d hoped they would be last month.

BlueBelle Thu 15-Jul-21 20:49:35

I ve been to the cinema twice recently it really over.y cautious with dozens and dozens of seats blocked off I felt as safe as home so yes I d go like a shot

BlueBelle Thu 15-Jul-21 20:50:20

Not in U.K. you can’t go in without a mask on