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Should double jabbed also show negative tests

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Atqui Wed 18-Aug-21 23:05:04

Unvaccinated people have to show negative flow test to attend some events , while double jabbed do not . In view of jab x2 folk being infected , shouldnt they also show neg flow tests !

Mollygo Sat 21-Aug-21 12:16:32

Thanks Atqui. He’s invited us all to a big family celebration in Ireland but is worried about passing anything on.

GagaJo Sat 21-Aug-21 12:25:06

Yes we should. I'm happy to test. It's common sense.

GagaJo Sat 21-Aug-21 12:28:13


One of my sons (double vaccinated) has gone to a football match today and everyone has to show a negative LFT result in the last 24 hours to gain entry

Problem with LFT tho is they're often wrong. In an outbreak at my boarding school, 5 out of 12 positive students tested negative on LFTs.

JaneJudge Sat 21-Aug-21 12:46:00

Gagjo, I know. He had covid end of June and the LFT was negative, PCR positive.

Alegrias1 Sat 21-Aug-21 13:14:31


How do you prove you’ve taken a test? A pic of the result on your phone I suppose - easy enough for the majority.

I started a stinking cold recently, a lot of sneezing and runny nose, so having read that these may be symptoms in the double jabbed, I did a test at home. Came up clearly negative within a very few minutes, so ?it was correct.

Problem with making LFT tests mandatory is that you can cheat on them. Without even doing a test. You don't even have to show a photo of the test result. That would be obvious to anyone who has done the test, in Scotland at least. Maybe different in the rest of the UK?

And if you are an avowed anti-vaxxer who needs an LFT test to get into an event, you're hardly going to do something that the Government tells you to, are you?

BTW - it takes 30 minutes for the test to be valid, I hope you checked it again after the stipulated 30 minutes.

Alegrias1 Sat 21-Aug-21 13:22:46

Oh, or was it the PCR test? Maybe that's different.

JaneJudge Sat 21-Aug-21 13:39:07

no you have to wait 30 mins for an LFT. I agree they are open to abuse though. Some kids were putting lemon on them weren't they too, to get a positive result so they could stay off school!

PCR tests have to be sent off. Our were sent to Scotland grin

Amberone Sat 21-Aug-21 17:12:34

welbeck that was a very sad article. If I'm honest I find it hard to sympathise with those who have been warned over and over again for more than 6 months that they need to be vaccinated, and had it explained to them over and over, and still refuse to do it, but I truly sympathise with those over-worked medics who have to deal with the end result.

It reminds me a bit of all the people who rebelled against the seat belt law in the name of 'freedom', who never considered for one minute those who had to scrape them up off the road when they went through the windscreen.

maddyone Sun 22-Aug-21 10:56:13

As I mentioned yesterday, I saw a doctor telling us that 90% of hospital admissions are unvaccinated people. I know some people are getting Covid who have been fully vaccinated but I believe the percentage is quite small, and most are not ill enough to require hospital treatment.
I have to do a lateral flow test before I can visit my elderly mother in hospital. It does concern me that these tests are not overly reliable. I saw a news item last week where it was claimed that a new quick response test is being developed that will be a lot more accurate. I hope that is correct.