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Doodle Fri 20-Aug-21 20:59:41

Welcome all.

Missismac Mon 23-Aug-21 13:59:03

Hello NfkDumpling. It sounds like you had a few interesting experiences in New Zealand. The Marlborough Sound toilet made me laugh. Stunning country isn’t it?

Grammaretto Mon 23-Aug-21 14:58:02

Hello Lobstars old and new,

I come over all nostalgic at the mention of NZ. I grew up there until the age of 10 when we were brought dragged to England. My DGP had a farm in Kaikoura but I was mostly in Wellington where DS2 now lives. He emigrated there over 12 yrs ago. and I miss him heaps but we speak often.
We went out several times, when we could, but I don't know when I will see them again.

I have a cousin who is deeply involved in environmental politics in Canterbury

Grey squirrels are not popular round here either. My DD lives in the Scottish Highlands and has red squirrels who are cute but shy.

Yesterday didn't go as planned for various reasons and I gave the sweater to someone to give to him but I have heard nothing yet Doodle!!

I am so pleased and relieved that you have Karen to help you Kaimoana

During the whole of last year, when DH was shielding and me with him, we relied on a friend or 2 to shop for us until I got rather daring and went myself, masked and sanitised. I never conquered online shopping.

I'm dashing out to enjoy some sunshine now. See you later.


Doodle Mon 23-Aug-21 19:15:03

Hello Jan hope you’ve recovered from being lost.?
I like grey squirrels too. We have some on site here for many years and in the local park.
I sit and watch them chasing each other in the morning while I have my breakfast. We have two very tiny ones that I swear are playing hide and seek with each other ? Good photos.
Nortsat I like the photo from your hotel room. Nice to have a good view of something.
I used to go to Margate with my mum and dad on holiday when I was young. The big treat was to go on the roller coaster in the amusement park. I doubt if that’s still there now.
Yes I did write to Panache last Friday to let her know we were moving but I’m sure she’d love to hear from you anyway if you want to send her a message.
Yes I was so pleased to hear from cherry too.

Kaimoana what a good friend you have in Karen. How kind of her to check up on you. Brilliant idea about the mailbox…vegetables by post ?
Well there was I thinking a currant and mint pasty sounded interesting and then I see you’ve posted a link. Brilliant
Wish we could all come round for tea. ?
Mamissimo hope you have a lovely time with your DD.
Mizzling, that’s not one I’ve come across before. Is it like drizzling only more so? The thought of chips….in newspaper..with vinegar ?. That’s another thing we used to have in Margate.
Missimac hope your delivery came on time. We have ours Thursdays. I’m just glad I no longer wash it all ?
Nfk I loved the tale of your long drop loo without a door but with a good view. I wonder if there was a queue like there always is for the ‘ladies’ wherever you go ?
Grammaretto I have never been to NZ but the photos alone make it look stunning. Not sure I’d have wanted to come back to the UK either. Must be hard having a son so far away.
Hope your friend is pleased with the sweater when he gets it.
Baked or otherwise ?
I’m outside sitting on our balcony watching the world go by but it’s a bit chilly now so going in to start dinner. Take care all.

muse Mon 23-Aug-21 20:04:51

Hello Lobstars.

I'm trying to cool down after finally cutting more grass. A steady walk with the mower is helping my sciatica. MrM keeps getting a blast on an old car horn I have hanging from the handle. I need him to lift the grass collector into the compost bins. Good thing we live quite a distance from our neighbours.

I will definitely make the Currant and Mint Pasties Kaimoana. My gran used to make left over yorkshire pudding mix into a sweet pudding . Lots of sultanas. I'd cover my slice with syrup. ?
Sorry to read about the lack of supermarket slots. I struggled here at first but through a Facebook page for Lanivet (not far from Bodmin) Community Centre, the little Spar in the village said they would do deliveries if locals rang in their order. Volunteers at the centre had been lent the AgeConcern minibus to do the deliveries. I'd like to think that maybe something like that could happen near you but pleased to see you have someone calling round.

I think my next tree will be a Bramley Missedout. I used to have bucketfulls from step-mother's garden until she passed away and the house sold last year.
I'm planning the garden for our new build and the Katsuma Tree is beautiful. I'd love one but worry our frosts. Cornwall but we live in a nasty frost pocket. Lost all the buds of our huge rhododendron, Elizabeth, this year.

Excellent news about the Covid-antibody therapy.

Thank you for the message from Panache , Doodle. The last message I saw from her was on here.

Take care everyone.

muse Mon 23-Aug-21 20:08:51

Mamissimo. I used that term when I lived in Derbyshire but it is used a lot here in Cornwall. Mix between Drizzle and mist Doodle. Doesn't look much but you get wet through.

Doodle Mon 23-Aug-21 20:32:07

Ah just as I thought muse drizzle and mist = frizzy hair for me ?

Kaimoana Tue 24-Aug-21 00:29:53

As I read through these posts (mostly laughing at long drops and squirrels) I thought there's so much I want to comment on, I'll be writing a book-length post.
Are you in for the long haul? grin

Having friends to chat with is wonderful, I LOVE this thread.

missismac I've sent you a private message, I hope you know how to access them.

I would so much love to live in a rural area again; these suburbs don't suit me at all but I really have no choice.
I'm lucky to have a great swathe of bush next to my house and I love the birds.

A Thrush sings to me from my deck most days and I'm woken in the dark by Tui and then a little later comes the downward trill of Grey Warbler.

When I came back to NZ from an enforce stay in UK (Grammaretto I was dragged back too) I had to leave all my bird and wild flower and botanical books behind. It broke my heart.

I re-thought asking Karen to shop for me, willing though she is, it would make her too nervous and I can't do that to her.

I'm looking into private businesses who deliver vegie boxes.
So far they all want sign-up for regular deliveries, plus a credit card (I don't have one) and the minimum box is for a family, not a lone peasant.

Oh Grammaretto I dreamed last night your deed were in a large, pale-coloured jug with a floral design. It's getting to me this deeds lark grin

Mamissimo PLEASE stop talking about chips, you're making me hungry! smile
I could make some but they're not as nice as the ones from the local fish shop ...and I miss fresh fish as well.

Mizzling is a word used in Yorkshire for that very fine rain which soaks you through in seconds.
I always assumed it to be a dialect word brought by the Norse invaders, as so many Yorkshire words are.
I was surprised to hear it in Cornwall when I lived there.

The lassie who got me some milk at the weekend seems to have forgotten to deliver the $12 (£6) change!! grin

All this talk about south-east coast UK reminds me I had family in Herne Bay. I've completely lost touch though.

Cold enough for two sweater and a cardi today...wish I had your kiln to snuggle up to Grammaretto grin

Kaimoana Tue 24-Aug-21 07:50:30

I've also been looking at things on this website as the recipes use very little sugar.

Missismac Tue 24-Aug-21 08:00:09

Missedout. Re: Bramley apples. Have you ever tried apple meringue pie? It’s a variation on lemon meringue but you substitute stewed bramleys for the lemon bit. I used to make it regularly when the kids were at home and I was feeding a family - it was a great favourite.

Grammaretto Tue 24-Aug-21 09:31:15

All this apple talk is making me hungry. There's a Bramley here and I have tried most things with it apart from eating raw. I have an apple press - just a small one. It's hard work to use but the juice is so delicious. I freeze the chopped apple first which makes the juicing much easier.

The sweater was delivered and my friend phoned to thank me yesterday. He really loves it. He's all into boating ( he's restoring a boat) and thinks the sweater looks nautical. I hope to see him wearing it soon. Now I am making socks for a new baby. So new it's not yet born. My Danish niece is expecting in November and DB is coming to stay soon so hopefully he can take them when he leaves. We seem to be off their red list now.
No deeds yet Kaimoana I'll try the jug..........

dragonfly46 Tue 24-Aug-21 09:46:50

Good morning all - found you at last.

So pleased to hear you are feeling more upbeat Missedout. I know what it is like to feel down.

I was sorry to hear about your cousin Nortsat. How lovely of him to think of you in his will. We too are a very small family and getting smaller all the time so although my cousins are spread far and near we keep in touch.
I hope you are feeling a little less wobbly on your feet now.

Oh dear back in lockdown Kaimoana - I am so hoping we don't have to again. How lucky you are that Karen came to your door. Good people like that are hard to find.

I saw you were in Margate Mamissimo. I have never been. Maybe that is because I am not keen on the sea - probably a product of spending lots of holidays in grotty caravans and sitting on a very cold beach behind a wind break.

You are very kind to knit your friend a jumper Grammaretto. My Gran used to knit for me years and years ago. I hope those pesky deeds turn up soon!

Muse hope your sciatica clears up soon. When my DH had it he could not move for about 6 weeks. Of course that could have been because he is a man!!

Welcome Missimac nice to meet you.

Not much happening here. I have been pretty down recently as there has been a lot going on. I am trying to stay upbeat though.
There is still not much improvement in my DiL's palsy. I rather feel she is taking it out on DS which means he doesn't ring as often as he used to. He always goes to ground when he is not happy!!

I hope you all have the best day possible.

Doodle Tue 24-Aug-21 20:04:44

Kaimoana we love having you here too. Your posts are always so interesting. Post away. We enjoy it ?
That’s kind of you to think of Karen. I hope you get your veggies somehow.
Ooh a mystical dream. A pale coloured jug. I bet you’re searching now Grammaretto ?
Funny how some words are used in different parts of the country. I have never heard mizzling before.
I hope you get your change back. A £6 tip for a pint of milk is a bit steep ?
missimac stop! I am trying to cut back.?. Apple meringue pie sounds just up my street. As does Apple crumble and custard and apple tart and ice cream and…….chips.
Grammaretto I have a juicer. Brilliant at extracting juice from anything. No effort at all. It even juices carrots and any hard veg. Wonderful………..until you have to do the washing up.
It’s a nightmare of scraping fibrous remains, soaking and scrubbing. It sits in the cupboard outside unused for years.
So pleased your friend liked his sweater. Makes it all worthwhile. Nice to make some small baby stuff for a change.
dragonfly were you lost too? I really must put up better sign posts next time.
I’m sorry you are feeling a bit low. Family worries and troubles take their toll. I do hope your DIL feels better soon and your son too. Times like these are hard.
Have you got any plans for a break this year? How is Dexter doing now?
Busy day for us today. Been to a garden centre to buy some pots for the balcony. 12 miles. Got home, much too big. 12 miles back to change them ?. To exhausted after that to do anything with them.
Keep safe all ?

Grammaretto Tue 24-Aug-21 22:09:25

That's why I don't like shopping Doodle I always seem to end up with the wrong thing.
I gave away my juicer. It seemed to waste so much and need a lot of cleaning whereas the press is more efficient. It was given to me by a winemaker who no longer made wine.

It was hot by my standards here today and I had arranged to see an exhibition and have lunch with a good friend. A long hot bus ride with a mask on is not much fun but the exhibition was nice, as was the lunch. I wanted to find the old Quaker Meeting House and burial ground and we did.
Its currently used as a Fringe venue and we had to sneak behind the enthusiastic doorkeepers to peek inside and explore the fenced off burial ground.
The gravestones are simple with the days of the week and months given as numbers rather than names

I'm just ready to flop into bed.
I'll have the delicious hot chocolate please Jeeves, with extra cream.
Night Night everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. Sleep tight.

NfkDumpling Wed 25-Aug-21 08:47:21

Thank you Doodle and Grammaretto for putting me off getting a juicer! My DD1 has bought one and is extolling it's virtues, but I think it may end up at the back of the same cupboard as her soup maker.

I love the simplicity of the Quaker gravestones

We had friends round for lunch yesterday and set the table out in the car port (which is in the back garden) as it's unused for either a car or a boat now and is becoming a multi-purpose area. Cleared out all the Homeless Stuff lurking there and put the table and chairs underneath. It seemed to work well. We've paid for lunch in similar places in Greece and France. Just clear out somewhere under a cover and it becomes a dining space. Perhaps I should have sent photos to Country Living. Today it will revert to a potting shed/wood shed/clothes drying area.

Having friends round helped lift the spirits for both of us, the sun broke through occasionally, and the temperature did get up to a dizzying 18 for a while. But its overcast yet again here today. I hope the sun breaks through for all of you, its so hard to stay upbeat when bits of you hurt or don't work and the weather is just a cool nothingness of still greyness.

Kaimoana Wed 25-Aug-21 10:38:55

I truly sympathise with all our Gangstars who are hurting, miserable and otherwise browned off.
I hope your spirits pick up soon. flowers

I often feel that way too but speaking for myself, I think well lass, you've come this far, no doubt you can crack on a bit longer.

When you get to our age, you've weathered many a storm and tragedy but we're still here because we are the strong women we used to read about and hoped we'd become.

Say, "Yes, Pollyanna". grin

After thinking I was condemned to bread and water, offers of help poured in today.
That didn't happen during the last lockdown and it's taken 9 days for it to happen this time. Long enough for me to start worrying confused.

The homecare agency rang to ask if I was surviving.
'You do know there is no household help during lockdown. Are you okay with that?'

Don't have much flippin' choice do I?

But they are sending Mepa on Friday and she'll take cash and a note and see what she can find in the very sparsely stocked supermarkets.

There are no unbooked deliveries or pickup times, just 'take your chance in store'.

But I had a delivery of fresh fish and seafood YAY! and although I wasn't hungry, could NOT resist immediately cooking myself a wee bit of Deep Sea Cod and for just a few moments was in pescaterian heaven.
I have a kilo in the freezer now.

Life is wonderful as long as there's fish. grin

Don't suppose the Cod agrees. hmm

Then a neighbour strolled by (her sister has a Borzoi, Ruby, whom I adore) and said if I need anything, let her know. Yes, bring me Ruby smile

Finally, unbeknown to me I'm on a list shock. Neighbourhood Watch phoned with all the same offers.

It seems we've learned a lot since the last lockdown and that can only be a good thing for all the very elderly and vulnerable, as well as hearty old besoms like meself.

And the vegetables I ordered (before I knew Mepa was coming) although currently languishing in a Courier depot, will make their speedy way to me in the morning.

246 cases of Delta and rising; no deaths but absolutely no chance of of freedom this month.

smile But I have fish smile

Doodle Wed 25-Aug-21 14:07:04

Grammaretto we went on coach trips with our masks on when we were on holiday. It’s not the most enjoyable experience especially on a warm day. I expect the lunch with a friend and the museum made up for it though.
I love wandering round graveyards. Is that morbid of me? I find the peace comforting.
Nfk it may well be your DD”S juicer works better than mine but I couldn’t be bothered with it in the end.
I like the idea of your impromptu al fresco dining area ?
Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon and enjoyed yourselves, nice to catch up with friends.
Kaimoana I love that picture of your happy veg. ?
I thought for a minute that meant you’d got some but I see you are more than happy to have fish.
Glad you are being checked up on (I see I am in Pollyanna mode too) and Mepa is coming on Friday too.
We are off for a walk soon then a trip to the local rubbish dump. Living in a flat means there is no where to put things you don’t want anymore. We take all we can to the charity shops but some things need to be disposed of. What an exciting afternoon…..wonder how long the queue will be this time.
Keep safe all

Doodle Wed 25-Aug-21 14:39:02

Nortsst just noticed on the GM thread that your partner is having an MRI today. Hope he gets on ok and the results are fine. I don’t fancy the idea myself, being claustrophobic but DH has had a couple and got on ok. Said it’s a bit noisy.

Doodle Wed 25-Aug-21 19:43:32

Me again. Just to let you know I had a PM from Panache today. She sends love to all the gang and hopes to feel up to posting with us again soon. I told her you would all wish me to send out love in return.

Grammaretto Wed 25-Aug-21 19:53:21

How did MrNortsat get on today?
I had one once (MRI) when I volunteered for Biobank.
I had a complete medical and had to go to Newcastle to spend the day in a lab being measured and plotted and scanned. All for research but they are very proud now that the data has become so useful during this pandemic.
You don't get the results but if they find something ominous your GP gets told.
The hardest part for me were the IQ tests at the end of a long day.
I am glad the offers of help are pouring in now Kaimoana. People are kind in general. They just don't think sometimes.

I bought a new badminton racquet today as I gave mine away during the lockdown and I didn't want to ask for it back and I have been borrowing one from the sports centre each week.. I told the young man in the shop that I would bring it back if I didn't win. I didn't win! grin

One of my friend's family is in ICU with the covid. He is an anti vaxer but is pulling through.

Everyone has their worries.

I haven't had my tea yet. Bored beans & peas from the garden; baked potato with best butter and cheese is on the menu. same as yesterday

I'll be back to read some more of your messages.

Doodle Wed 25-Aug-21 22:58:36

Grammaretto one of my biggest fears is going in an MRI scanner due to my claustrophobia. Must have been an interesting day. Measured, plotted and scanned ….bit like a bra fitting on a bigger scale, ?
You must be quite fit to play badminton. Hope you had a good game even if you didn’t win.
I’m sorry your friend has a family member in ICU. Must be worrying for them.
I often have a combination or bored beans and peas with my evening meal too. Tonight’s exciting menu was honey coated carrots, sliced potatoes baked in the oven and yet another serving of….cold sliced chicken. ?
Sleep well all.

Missismac Thu 26-Aug-21 06:57:14

Hello All.
I didn’t get a chance to look at this site yesterday because we had a visit from our granddaughter and her two young children. I played with the children in the garden in the afternoon (I’d almost forgotten how exhausting they are - but entertaining). She brought in fish and chips for us all for lunch, which was lovely. It was a treat for us, as we live such isolated lives these days.

Doodle Our local area has just started a good way to get rid of things you no longer need/want. A FB page has been set up for people to pass on their surplus but usable things to others. We just post a photo and brief description of the item and ask if anyone wants it and if people respond, the details of collection are arranged via PMs. I’ve found this very useful in recent times, since I can’t really get out now, plus I’m trying to de-clutter. One person’s rubbish can be invaluable to someone else.

Kaimoana Glad you’re finally getting some support. It’s like buses - you wait forever for one, then six come along! Shame your infection cases are rising, when you seemed to have it so well controlled.

Nfkdumpling. I love the idea of your outdoor dining area. What a good use of a carport - it must have been lovely.

On the (vague) subject of cars - I gave up driving this year and got rid of my old car. Over the last year or so, I found I was getting more and more reluctant to drive anywhere, so finally decided it was silly to keep a car standing on the drive which was very rarely used. It was a hard decision to make and I thought long and hard about it, but decided it was the right time for me. I’ve be interested to know what prompted other people to give up driving ( if indeed any of you have).

Kaimoana Thu 26-Aug-21 09:10:28

Oooh Doodle you certainly live the high life! First a cruise and now a trip to the rubbish dump grin
My happy veg arrived and quite a good selection but with one teeny drawback. The potatoes, to which clung huge clumps of soil made the broccoli gritty. Yes, I washed it very carefully and was sure it was ungritted. I woz wrong. sad I've given it another go, dandling it in boiling water this time.

The box contained masses of silver beet, so much in fact that I shared it with Brian whom you may rememer keeps me supplied with the stuff all summmer.

missismac We have a similar service here and I recently got rid of a working but faulty microwave to a lady who wanted it for a group of pre-schoolers. It won't be plugged in.

I had to give up my car some years ago.
The eye clinic checked me regularly and said I was still safe to drive but I felt I needed to concentrate so muchh, that I was not as alert as I should be for periperal movement.

The loss of my car affected me quite badly as I'm a bit of a gadabout and used to keep tent and sleeping bag in the boot and go exploring various parts of NZ.
I also went swimming regularly and to all the ethnic festivals, concerts and much more.
All that (and my enjoyment of life) came to a juddering halt because I am now housebound.

However, you cannot put your own pleasure before he safety of others and I knew I'd probably have only another year driving at most, so it was inevitable.
I wish driverless cars were available - and free to semi-blind pensioners grin
What a boon when they are.

The reason we have Delta now (314 cases so far) is that we opened our borders to Australia where it's spreading like wildfire.

The NZ government had been under massive pressure for months, from business (Aus & NZ) and individuals; most Kiwis have some family over there.
Nationwide surveys indicated a 50/50 for/against but the money talked.

Individuals coming in were quarantined but as we are learning, you can test negative, leave isolation and test positive a week later.

Covid can also be carried in waste-water and on items from cold-stores...our last lockdown was from these sources.

I bought a juicer in 2014 when I was really ill and couldn't eat (genuine anorexia = severe and chronic loss of appetite).
I used it for vegetables and fruit and would sip it when I could bear to but my blood sugar soared due to the fructose. Photos of me at the time show a gaunt, grey old biddy.

Eventually my surgeon threatened if I didn't start eating he wouldn't operate.
It was the hardest thing ever as I retched violently the moment a spoon neared my mouth.
My stomach is even churning now as I write this, it was a terrible situation.

Gubbins, not content with her new trick of crawling faster than Daddy can run, is now trying to walk - pulling herself up and launching into space. She falls of course because she hasn't got the balance - just the mad desire grin

Nortsat I hope your DH received good news from the MRI.

Grammaretto How if the patient in ICU?

Missismac Thu 26-Aug-21 10:26:16

Kaimoana. It sounds as if the loss of the car affected your life rather more badly than it did mine. I’m pretty much housebound anyway as I’m primary carer for my disabled husband, who now has dementia as well so can’t be left alone. My eyesight is poor now too, which was another factor in my decision. I’ve got cataracts and macular degeneration, but the optician recently told me he wouldn’t refer me for cataract surgery while I had a reasonable standard of vision with glasses. I think his idea of a reasonable standard and mine are rather different!

On the subject of vegetables, I have been smelling an odd, and quite unpleasant, smell in my food cupboard for the past few days, but couldn’t find the source of it, because that cupboard holds mostly cans, jars and dried stuff. But this morning I checked the veg basket at the bottom and found that in a new, unopened bag of onions there was one so rotten that it was almost liquid - yuck! That’s now in the bin and the cupboard smells sweet again.

I’m sorry to hear about your terrible experience with anorexia, albeit temporary. It certainly is awful having to eat when you really can’t bear to. Hope you’re completely recovered now.

I’ve never heard of silver beet - is it a form of beetroot?

dragonfly46 Thu 26-Aug-21 11:04:09

Wow lots of news today.

Yes how was your DH's MRI Nortsat.
For mine I have to lie on my front so I don't really feel claustrophobic. It is the noise which is so unpleasant.

The daughter of a friend of mine had Anorexia when she was 10 Kaimoana. She was not really better until she was 16 as the doctors could not believe anyone so young would have it. It was a very troubling time.

Yes I too have resisted juicers as they are a nightmare to clean. I do make smoothies in my liquidiser though.

Pleased to hear that Panache is okay. I often wonder how she is getting on.

We don't have any trips planned Doodle. Most of my friends seem to spend all their time postponing and cancelling bookings which is so disappointing.
Dexter is really good. I emailed the vet yesterday to thank him. He has much more energy, his eyes are brighter and he is coping with the heat much better now.

Here's hoping you all have a lovely day.

Grammaretto Thu 26-Aug-21 12:31:51

Hello and good morning gang,

Doodle I am glad you heard from Panache and sent her our love. xxxx

I slept in this morning and have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing today.
I love a trip to the tip. It's so cathartic. grin
I wish there was a "tip shop" as there are in NZ and probably in other places too. it's just us who are behind the times
We also have a FB page for freebies and also a gardeners page. Did I tell you how I invited people to dig up the horseradish and take it away? 5 women came and removed it but left a bit and now it has spread even more. Can I put out another plea?

I haven't heard how the covid patient is but my df is off to stay with her sis, now out of quarantine.

I'm sorry that giving up driving was such a hard thing for you Kaimoana. I am very glib when I tell people to think how much they will save, (planet and purse) and to get a taxi. I shall stop henceforth. I am still at the stage of keeping my old banger dear little toyota yaris going for the odd trip out and a couple of long drives so far.

I worry about DD as she has to drive each day and met a huge accident (air ambulance - road closed for hours) on her way to pick the DC up from kindy and school.

DH's cousin is arriving from America next week. I think it will be quite emotional. She adored him and lost her own brother quite recently.

Nice to see you Dragonfly and to hear that Dexter is doing better.

and you Missismac

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