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Doodle Fri 20-Aug-21 20:59:41

Welcome all.

NfkDumpling Thu 26-Aug-21 13:27:30

Just read down all the news and it's good to hear Dexter is doing well in the heat!! I wish. Just a little sunshine would be nice. Its reached the dizzy heights of 15c here today and feels much chillier in the brisk north wind. Norfolk hasn't really had a summer this year.

dragonfly46 Thu 26-Aug-21 14:06:26

Nfk I should have said - in the heat last month! Also they live in the south where it has been a lot warmer.
I hate too much heat but I am fed up having to wear a coat in August!!

Jan16 Thu 26-Aug-21 18:18:03

Good Evening All.
Nfk what has happened to our Norfolk weather? It’s b….y cold in West Norfolk tonight. Just can’t believe it. Feels as if winter is here already. Hear that it was 26 in parts of Scotland yesterday.
Missismac - hello! Really dread not being able to drive. Luckily both my husband and I still enjoy driving and lots of our holidays include driving in this lovely country. But everyone is different. I feel for you Kaimoana when you had to give up your car. It’s losing your independence really isn’t it?
Grammaretto. Hope you enjoy for visit from America. Sure it will be very emotional for you all but hope you can remember the happy times too.
A friend of mine was anorexic many many years ago when we were around 13. Don’t think anyone understood or knew anything about anorexia all those years ago and no diagnosis was ever made. I remember she used to love cooking for people but never ate anything much herself. Would love to know what happened to her.
We are off to my daughter and son in law in Nottingham where we will eat and drink too much! As I’ve just managed to lose 5lbs I will try and be careful!
Enjoy the long weekend everyone and fingers crossed the weather improves a bit. Having just said that the sun has appeared!

Maria59 Thu 26-Aug-21 18:39:52

I've only just found this thread you all sound really friendly. Mind if I join?

Mamissimo Thu 26-Aug-21 19:39:45

Good evening ?
I haven't been busy.....Ive had darned norvirus! Just beginning to feel human again after two days of the galloping gourmets. Mr M has done the Sainsbugs order for the first time......and he's just told me that he's defrosted a couple of Dhansak curries for tonight.....I think I could possibly manage a little scrambled egg ?

Im off to read backwards and all being well I'll return tomorrow!

Doodle Thu 26-Aug-21 20:24:25

Evening all.
What a day. I’m exhausted. Delivery driver called at 8.30am first shock. Waitrose delivered at 12. Second shock not expecting them till 2. Opened fridge door to put groceries away and couldn’t close it again. Seems it has dropped on its hinges and a piece of plastic has broken away. After half an hour of me on the floor with a screwdriver not being able to see the screw and DH on the floor being able to see the screw but not hold the screwdriver steady enough to get it in the hole, we admitted defeat and broke the catch off.
We were finally able to close the door but will need a new fridge freezer as the door isn’t shutting properly. ?
We then set to cutting up all the cardboard we have had delivered recently with various items. Far too much to put in the bins here so a trip to the recycling centre was needed. We didn’t make it yesterday we ran out of time. It took us an hour to get it broken down, from the flat to the lift, from the lift to the car, and the car to the recycling plant. When we arrived we found out that there was a flight of steps to the top of the bin and each piece had to be posted into a big letterbox shape hole. By the time we got home we were both exhausted.
Missimac sounds like you had a lovely afternoon with your granddaughter and family. Exhausting but lovely never the less. Anyone who comes bearing fish and chips should always be made welcome in my opinion ?
We only go to the recycling with things that can’t be used anymore. Like paint cans, and excess cardboard. Mostly we use charity shops. The system you have locally sounds good. I think we have something similar but haven’t used it.
Sorry to hear you don’t get out much now. My brother had Dementia too. It must be difficult for you to manage on your own with your own health problems. Do you have family nearby?
Kaimoana glad your veg has arrived. Did you order it with added soil? ?
I can’t imagine how hard it is to give up driving and how restrictive that is on your freedom to roam.
Anorexia must have been very difficult to overcome. You must have worked hard to gain strength and get well again. What an upsetting period for you.
Come on Gubbins, you can do it. Of course after walking comes running, then you’ll have your hands full ?
dragonfly I have heard from DH and others the noise problems with an MRI. It’s the confined space that would bother me.
Good to hear Dexter is doing well. What a lovely gesture to email the vet.
We were lucky our cruise went ahead. Lots of holiday plans have been cancelled but better to be safe I think.
Grammaretto no you hadn’t mentioned the horseradish. It’s obviously very prolific. Apart from horseradish sauce, I’ve no idea what you could do with it. Have you ever made any?
Will your DHs cousin be visiting with you during her trip?
Is your MiL her Aunt? Be nice for them to meet up.
Wonder if Mamissimo has found any chips yet ?
Nortsat hope your partners MRI went ok.
Hope all the gang are ok. Time for coffee here I think.?

Doodle Thu 26-Aug-21 20:34:24

Sorry all. I didn’t realise there was another page of posts.
Nfk I’d send you some sunshine if we had any bit it’s not that great here either.
Jan yes not sure what’s happened to our summer.quite windy here today.
Hope you have a lovely time with your family in Nottingham. Not been there but imagine it’s a lovely place. Now you’ve got me thinking of Robin Hood and a trip back to my childhood. Watching Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham on Sunday nights. ?
Maria you are welcome to join in. We just meet here and chat about our day. The thread started during lockdown and has just continued on ever since. Are you new to GN?
Oh Mamissimo no! ?. That’s awful. Poor you. Do you think you caught it on your trip?
I wonder what MrM was thinking dishing up curry to someone with a …delicate stomach. ?. Do hope you feel better soon.

muse Thu 26-Aug-21 21:16:01

Our UK weather seems very divided today. I think Cornwall as grabbed the lion's share of the sun again today.

dragonfly46 Sciatica is far less twingy today. MrMuse keeps saying "Have you done your stretches?" "Time for your short walk". He'll get something similar when he has his dressings changed tomorrow on his very poorly legs. I do hope there is some improvement in the worst wound. Hope your DS rings soon.

Kaimoana 'Yes Pollyanna"? Hope help continues to improve. Re the homecare agency - for devilment I would have said "No!"? Folk Festival at Wadebridge this weekend. Very tempted but case numbers are so high still here. MrMuse listens to a lot of folk on radio so I read out some names of those appearing at the festival but he'd not heard of any.

Looking forward to seeing news from Panache. Thank you for the message Doodle. See you made it to the dump?

Grammaretta My favourite sport. I love to watch it and loved to play it. I'm tall and really enjoyed playing up at the net.

Hello Maria59 Welcome.

NfkDumpling Thu 26-Aug-21 21:57:27

Evenin' All

I too had an anorexic friend when we were about 13/14 Jan. She lived on one apple, two ounces of cheese and black coffee per day. Fortunately she grew out of it. I wonder if its the same person! I've not been into Nottingham for many years, but the countryside I remember is lovely. I hope the sun shines!

So sorry to hear you've caught "It" Mamissimo, I knew someone who always ate curry as a cure-all. Not at all sure it would work for you though!! Hope you're recovered soon.

I've had a couple or three MRI scans, Doodle. Its a lot better nowadays and you get a choice of music to listen to on a headset to muffle the knocking noises and they also talk to you on the headset. I didn't find it as claustrophobic as I'd expected. You think its going to be bad when you see it, but it felt more like a hood than a tube once I was in it.

It sounds as if your stretches are slowly having an effect muse. Your poor DH, fingers crossed his worse wounds are starting to heal.

Welcome Maria. Nice to meet you.

Maria59 Thu 26-Aug-21 22:58:22

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I've been here a couple of months watching from the sidelines but only found this thread today. I retired to the Scottish borders not sure my days are interesting enough to share but will try to stir up some excitement ?

Grammaretto Thu 26-Aug-21 23:01:42

We need a 5th person Muse. Can you make Wednesdays at 6pm? I would love a tall partner at the net. I can hardly run nowadays so I try to make my opponents do the running. wink

We've had amazing weather the last few days. I keep thinking it's always like this. My DSis has been camping in Norfolk. She and her DH are made of stern stuff.

I also have family in Nottingham Jan smile
Hello Maria

Hot chocolate made with creamy milk for me.
Good night everyone. Sleep well.

Kaimoana Fri 27-Aug-21 00:28:11

Welcome Maria59 nice to see a new Gangstar smile another from the Borders.

missismac Yes, that's me too: AMD and cataracts and just in case you thought I do things by halves, astigmatism, Sorsby's Fundus Dystrophy and glaucoma as well.
I was think of sending my eyes back for a refund but the warranty has run out grin

I despise health professional who force their cruel ideas on those already suffering and you particularly need as much help as you can get, missismac.
The the NHS has drawn up Patients’ Rights to prevent people being treated this way.

Can you get a copy or print the relevant parts out and go back to the optician, or ask your GP?

It’s despicable that with your responsibilies you should be denied proper care. Especially as we now know that if we catch macular degeneration early, we can often slow it down.

If you find it hard to face the optician by yourself, someone will help or do it for you.

I’m fully recovered from anorexia thank you.
It descended on me quite suddenly as I was serving lunch to friends. I knew if the food and I made contact, I’d puke.

Mamissimo you must find that sadly familiar . We had an epidemic of the extremely contagious Norovirus when I worked at Bradford Royal Infirmary and it was the very divil to control as it’s resistant to many disinfectants.
Fortunately it doesn’t last long.

I had a call from the Minister for Social Development this morning (I know, only in New Zealand, right?)
I’d pointed out the gap in the system for elderly housebound being abandoned without care.
There are many agencies providing care and last lockdown, mine was unprepared to do anything at all to help me get essential supplies.

I told her some provision must be made for frail elderly housebound, even under the strictest lockdown rules.

She agreed. Sometimes it pays to be a waha nui; time will tell.

Grammaretto I cannot imagine you struggling with an IQ test.
How wonderful to have supplied data which is now helping the world. Amazing.

Yes, your American visitor will share a very emotional time with you but lots of good and happy memories too.

Ask her if he ever mentioned Deeds….smile

You’re absolutely correct Jan it was the loss of my independence I hated and then the loss of my ability to read, paint, draw, take photos, go out alone. But as my dear Mil used to say ‘What can’t be cured, must be endured.'

I hope you have a wonderful time in Nottingham with your dear family.

Poor Doodle and MrD - I can’t believe what you went through with the fridge and then the recycling.

If we had that here, I couldn’t recycle anything. We have wheelie bins collected every fortnight.

Richard Greene (B. 25th August) played Robin Hood. The Sheriff was Alan Wheatley (D. 30th August) and far too handsomely dapper to be an evil doer smile
And dear old Alexander Gauge (B. 28th August), played Friar Tuck. I used to watch it on next-door’s TV.

It’s dull, cold and mizzling here too, so no wonder everyone is feeling the same - except Grammareto who has a lovely Scottish sunshine tan.

I wonder just how much Mepa will find on her jaunt to the supermarket? If gossip is accurate, very little and certainly no flour. sad

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend everyone flowers

Grammaretto Fri 27-Aug-21 08:41:08

Hello gang,

I had to smile at the Robin Hood pictures Kaimoana.
We have spent many a happy time in Nottingham but all the things you need to find intact, disappoint, such as the castle (Victorian replica) or the lace market (no lace making) or even Maid Marian way (a dual carriageway) Sherwood forest is hardly large enough to get lost in. The most famous resident is probably the major oak.

It has lots of good things though and my DS and family love living there. Such as a beach in hot weather in the main square.: Lots of parks, lakes and rivers. A tram system, 2 big theatres etc

Talking of forests. The tree surgeon is coming today to thin a birch tree so I can see out of my kitchen window and chop a dead cherry.

I don't understand Doodle why you don't have a bin collection. Maybe you do but take the big stuff to the tip, like I do. Your shenanigans with the fridge door deserve a cartoon. Well done you two.

Mamissimo that is dreadful having norovirus. I hope someone is looking after you now and I hope you get better soon.

There's an outbreak of covid at DD's school and little DGC is off nursery coughing and with a high temp so she's being tested today.

Missismac Fri 27-Aug-21 14:09:50

Hello All

Kaimoana. You certainly do have more than your share of eye problems - no wonder you had to give up driving.. Thank you for those links - I’ll have a look at them. Let’s hope your chat with the Minister for Social. Development does some good. It’s all well and good to agree but that agreement needs to generate some action.

Doodle. What a carry-on with your fridge. I hate it when these essential household appliances fail, and have to be replaced. You want them replaced quickly, and have to go through the, sometimes difficult, process of organising a new one - not to mention the expense.

I picked the first of this season’s plums from our tree this morning and had enough to make a plum crumble and some to eat raw, and there are plenty more on the tree. They are really lovely.

Anybody got any interesting plans for the Bank Holiday weekend?

Doodle Fri 27-Aug-21 19:39:12

muse ah so it’s Cornwall that’s got my sunshine. I will demand it back. Do hope MrM’s leg is healing. So painful I’m sure. Now don’t forget to stretch.
Nfk I’ve been lucky not to need an MRI. I think they would have to knock me out completely to get me in one and even then they’d have a battle in their hands. I nearly destroyed a dentist’s room once when he leant too far over me and I panicked and knocked his tray of instruments over. blush I was heavily sedated at the time…though perhaps not enough.
Maria this is a very gentle thread. We would love to hear about your day. You may not think it’s interesting but it will be of interest to us. That’s all we do really, just have a chat. ?
I haven’t been to Scotland much. Are you in a town (you don’t need to say where you are) or rural locations. I always think of Scotland as being a very lovely place to live….apart from the midges.
Grammaretto I’d be useless as a partner. Short, can’t run and can’t hit anything. I say that chocolate looks really nice. How do you make it?
Kaimoana might have known you’d find me a picture of Richard Greene ?. My childhood Sunday evening hero.
Minister of Social Development no less. Well I hope you put her right about your ability to get some veg and help in lockdown. Could it be they are listening at last?
Just reading your post through, you always make me smile ?
Hope you have a good BH weekend too.
Grammaretto I am disappointed about the castle and the forest but apart from that Nottingham sounds nice. I didn’t know they had a beach (geography not a strong point in education) . Yes we do have a bin collection. We have a large general waste bin and a large recycling bin but we share between 13 apartments. We had a huge (I do not exaggerate) amount of cardboard to get rid of and it’s not fair to take up all the space in the shared bin which is why we needed to make a trip to the recycling depot.
I’m sorry about your DGD. Poor little one. I hope she’s ok and feels better soon.
Missimac ooh you’re another making my mouth water with all this talk of crumbles ? What with apple crumbles and now your plumb crumble I would love some with a big jug of custard.
Not really got any plans for the weekend. I might try and cut out a pair of trousers to sew. Our usual daily walk but if the weathers nice we might buy an ice cream. Such excitement ?
How about you?

Grammaretto Fri 27-Aug-21 21:24:39

Hi Gang,

Maria is in the Scottish Borders so not far from me! Hasn't the weather been amazing lately. just making the others jealous
Muse is to be my partner if only she lived nearer. sad
Doodle you just make me laugh! The Beach in Nottingham has been imported along with a paddling pool to the city centre because poor Nottingham is furthest from the sea of any city in the UK. So your geography was spot on.

The trees were "done" today. The tree surgeons were really very good and you would hardly know that the birch has been pruned but I can now see the sky through my kitchen window. The poor dead cherry has gone but we are keeping the pieces to use for my df to carve. Apparently cherry wood is nice to carve.

I took DMiL and DBiL on a jaunt to see some of her ancestral places. She seemed to enjoy herself and I certainly did. Luckily we brought the wheelchair so could push her along some very steep lanes.

Missimac Yum! I've been enjoying our plums too. Ours are Czar - not too sweet but luscious. I was wondering how to preserve them but I'm afraid they are nearly all gone.

Doodle Fri 27-Aug-21 23:33:04

grammaretto somehow I quite missed the bit where you said the beach was in the town square. ?
Nice trip out with MIL. I love re visiting places (should I mention that I misread ancestral places as ancestral palaces and thought to myself, that’s posh ?)
All this talk of crumbles and delicious fruit makes me think I may just have to persuade the gardener here to plant some fruit trees for me.
Have a good weekend all.

Missismac Sat 28-Aug-21 10:55:55

Grammaretto. We used to have two old plum trees which gave us tons of fruit year after year. I made loads of jam (nobody was allowed to leave our house without a jar of plum jam) and of course crumbles. Any surplus I would just cook lightly (in the microwave I found best) and put them in small bags in the freezer, then if we fancied plums and custard in the middle of winter they were available. Sadly those trees have stopped producing, but we do have a small tree which has started producing fruit now.
I’m so impressed that you can make a pair of trousers - that takes real skill. The only thing I ever made was an apron at school and that took me for ever. I used to do a lot of knitting but I expect to be awarded a medal for sewing a button on!

We have no plans for the weekend - life goes on much the same. In fact I hate bank holidays now, mostly because carer fees are doubled and we already pay a horrendous amount for my husband’s care visits.

Doodle Sat 28-Aug-21 14:09:39

Missimac the trousers I make (I think your comments were addressed to me) are just elastic waisted ones so no buttons or zips and are very easy. An apron could be more difficult ?. I used to make aprons at school too. I remember my mum having her morning cleaning aprons, her cooking aprons and her clean afternoon aprons with frilled edges.
I imagine life is very difficult for you with your husband needing so much care. Do you manage to get out at all when the carers are there? Does your DH watch any television or read?
I love plums too. Fruit never tastes the same when you buy it in a supermarket as it does when it’s freshly picked. Apples you buy are very hit and Miss as to whether they have any flavour at all. When I was young I used to love having an apple to eat.

dragonfly46 Sat 28-Aug-21 14:33:47

Hi Lobsters - the sun has put his hat on here today and what a difference it makes.

We too have had a beach brought from the coast every year in August. I don't think they are doing it this year though and I wonder if the annual fair will come in November. We always complain about the fair disrupting the town but we miss it when it doesn't come.

Not much happening recently in the dragonfly nest. My DiL is improving she says and the headaches have almost diminished and her eye is starting to move. It is a long process.

Dexter has started going up my DD's open tread stairs now he has more energy and sits at the top surveying his kingdom.

I hope every one is well and you have got your fridge sorted out Doodle. Welcome Maria nice to meet you.

Missismac Sat 28-Aug-21 15:06:14

Doodle. You’re hiding your light under a bushel regarding your sewing talents - I’m sure I could never make a pair of trousers! I don’t think women wear aprons much these days do they - maybe because it’s so much easier to wash our clothes, we don’t worry about the occasional food splash.

I can’t get out while my husband’s carers are here because I have to be involved in his care. It always takes two people to transfer him from wheelchair to armchair or anywhere else, it would be too risky with one person now. He has had lots of falls since his stroke and we always have to call for paramedics to get him up. The last time was in the early days of the pandemic and he was on the floor for six hours before any help came, so I’m desperate to avoid that again. He doesn’t read unfortunately (he used to be an avid reader) but he does watch TV, although he often falls asleep mid-programme - but don’t we all!

dragonfly46 Sat 28-Aug-21 15:13:21

Missimac that sounds really hard on you both. Do you have relatives nearby?

Doodle Sat 28-Aug-21 15:52:59

dragonfly Dexter looks like a lion laying there. Glad he has more energy.
Good news about your DIL. At least it’s a step in the right direction. Must be very worrying for you all.
Managed to get the door shut on the fridge thank you. The temperature seems to be ok so now we just need to eat the contents and go and buy a new one. It’s a free standing one but fits into a gap between cupboards so we will have to measure carefully. Glad you’ve got some sunshine today.
Missimac as dragonfly says that is really hard for you both.
I knew you said your DH was disabled and had dementia but I didn’t realised that he couldn’t manage on his own. How awful he had to wait for so long for help in his last fall. I can see why you are so careful. I too hope you have some family nearby.

Jan16 Sat 28-Aug-21 15:59:02

Oh dear*Missimac*. That all sounds very hard on you. I had no idea that carers would charge double at Bank holidays although I bet the Agency take a good chunk of that. Our hospital has a Falls Team who come out and offer ideas to patients and carers but expect you’ve had all the help there is.
Nottingham is ok. It’s like most other big cities - has some nice parts and also not so nice parts! My daughter and husband live outside the city in a suburb which is quite nice. The river Trent runs though it so there are some pretty walks. I’m not a city lover and much prefer the countryside! We are off to an Indian restaurant tonight. Not our first choice but so many places are shut either because the owners are on holiday or staff have been pinged. But we will enjoy anything really.
Seems a lot of sport on tv this afternoon. Went out this morning and since getting back we’ve had the Paralympics, cricket and now football on! At one stage I was the only person awake so obviously the football isn’t very interesting! Hasn’t to add I was reading!

Missismac Sat 28-Aug-21 16:19:56

dragonfly. Yes, I have a daughter who lives very near and does as much as she possibly can to help, in fact she has just popped in to check that we’re OK. I try not to call on her too much because she’s got a full time job and a family, but she’s always there if I need her, which is really reassuring.

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