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Are you still wearing a face mask?

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Bea65 Thu 21-Oct-21 13:54:30

News channels reporting with the increase of covid infections saying we should be all returning to face mask do GNs feel if/when it becomes compulsory again?

Bea65 Mon 29-Nov-21 11:48:27

So pleased we're back to mandatory mask wearing from tomorrow..hopefully the shops/offices/transport endorse this as whilst shopping yesterday, heard staff complaining about itsad

Mollygo Sun 28-Nov-21 14:46:11

I think people should be aware of this ‘thought for the day’ I was sent this morning, and wear a mask.

Sarnia Sat 27-Nov-21 18:03:00

I went to an outdoor Christmas market today. Despite it blowing a gale it was very crowded. I wore my face mask and only noticed 1 other older lady wearing one. I think Boris should insist on it.

Mollygo Sat 27-Nov-21 17:46:33

Yes-and I’ve got my Christmas ones all ready. Mask wearing is less prevalent than it was, but when the buses pass full if students, they’re wearing them. When they pass later in the morning, full of shoppers, there aren’t so many masks.

Lucca Sat 27-Nov-21 17:35:45

Let’s hope it isn’t the same 2 week warning this time. Just announce it as from now !

Pittcity Sat 27-Nov-21 17:35:24

I've just ordered some Christmassy ones as we're going to be wearing them for some time yet!

Lucca Sat 27-Nov-21 17:34:48

Should never have stopped. Boris and his party should have led by example.

Daisymae Sat 27-Nov-21 17:32:52

Looking like we're all masking up now.

TillyTrotter Fri 19-Nov-21 09:39:18

Mask wearing is continuing with about half and half the folk here in central England.
When I go out I wear mine where there are crowds, walking along pavements in towns, trains, buses, taxi’s, shops, wherever there is a sign asking me to, or when I go indoors (excluding friends and family’s houses).
In fact I just ordered a new 5 pack of pretty ones from a ( long River name ) company online. 😁They fit well.

rosie1959 Fri 19-Nov-21 09:27:38

Occasionally if it’s really busy but don’t often go to indoor settings

MissAdventure Fri 19-Nov-21 09:18:34

Not so many wearing masks here.
It has always been quite patchy.

Grandmabatty Fri 19-Nov-21 08:45:29

The majority of people where I live in Scotland are still wearing masks when out. I have been to a couple of indoor events and again the majority were wearing masks. I will continue to wear one.

BlueSky Fri 19-Nov-21 08:37:46

Like MayBeMaw I believe that telling us at the beginning that masks protect others rather than yourself, was a big mistake. People are selfish unfortunately. Another mistake was the ‘Freedom Day’ when we were told to abandon all cautions! I’ve kept wearing my mask in shops and similar, and I can see a return to the ‘dreaded’ mask this winter. Having said that I still caught Covid!

Bea65 Mon 15-Nov-21 18:14:15

Still wearing mine as not confident about the data of increasing Covid cases in UK and Europe..

varian Sun 14-Nov-21 20:10:35

The government was criminally irresponsible back in July when they declared "freedom day" and told everyone to abandon all covid precautions.

We are not free of covid but might have been a lot freer if we had insisted on everyone keeping safe since last July.

Marmight Sun 14-Nov-21 15:11:33

Yes. In shops and where there are more than just a few people. Just been to Ikea with the gc (Sunday treat - meatballs 🤣) and very few shoppers were wearing masks or using the hand cleanser.
Mine was firmly in place.

Hetty58 Sun 14-Nov-21 15:11:01

Wheniwasyourage, spot on, it should have remained compulsory indoors and on transport. I just don't understand why they relaxed the rule - unless they actually want people to catch Covid?

Wheniwasyourage Sun 14-Nov-21 15:03:51

I was speaking to a friend who had just been down south to visit family. He said that at Gatwick Airport there were very few masks, but when he got back to Inverness Airport, almost everyone was wearing them. I do think it would be a lot easier for people in England if the government just stopped saying that mask-wearing is voluntary but advisable, and made it compulsory in indoor public spaces.

Kim19 Fri 12-Nov-21 21:53:11

Maybe should clarify two thirds and not two or three. Sorry

varian Thu 11-Nov-21 19:31:34

Masc qearing should be compulory on public transport and indoor public places as it is in most democratic countries

PamelaJ1 Thu 11-Nov-21 19:23:49

Went on a bus a few weeks ago to our large town 20 miles away.
Single decker, no windows open ( I wasn’t near an opening one), more passengers not wearing masks and 3 wearing them under their noses.
There was a large poster asking us all to wear masks.
I won’t be travelling by bus again for a while.

Kim19 Thu 11-Nov-21 19:18:29

I''m currently on a long distance train travelling north. Guesstimate 2\3 without masks and remainder with. We have regular tannoy messages telling us they should be worn.

Sarnia Thu 11-Nov-21 16:15:52

I went to my youngest GD's school assembly this morning. I wore my face mask the whole time as Covid is going around the school. I was very much in the minority, though.

Lucca Thu 11-Nov-21 12:07:38

I’m in Dublin and very impressed at mask wearing compliance . Astonishing isn’t it that it can be achieved so easily by the Irish but is not necessary or achievable by the English 🤔

Northernlass Mon 01-Nov-21 09:55:33

Susie Dent, the lexicographer, was on BBC Breakfast this morning. She mentioned 'unasinous' that means 'united in stupidity'; it made me think of this post!

Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidty explains a lot. Here's a rather succinct introduction to his theory; it'll take about 5 minutes to watch: