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Are you still wearing a face mask?

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Bea65 Thu 21-Oct-21 13:54:30

News channels reporting with the increase of covid infections saying we should be all returning to face mask do GNs feel if/when it becomes compulsory again?

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 21-Oct-21 13:57:16

Not a moment too soon.

TwoWolves Thu 21-Oct-21 13:57:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MayBeMaw Thu 21-Oct-21 14:00:00

I stil think they missed a trick by telling the public at the outset that a face covering protected others not yourself.
Some people clearly have little regard for “others” judging by the (low) incidence of face mask wearing.
Cynically I believe innate selfishness would have encouraged more to keep on wearing them. hmmhmm

Bridgeit Thu 21-Oct-21 14:00:48

I Have still been wearing one where necessary, it’s not much to ask is it.?

Bridgeit Thu 21-Oct-21 14:02:12

TwoWolves, you possibly won’t need to if you do catch it.

henetha Thu 21-Oct-21 14:03:02

I'm still wearing one anyway and will continue to do so.

TwoWolves Thu 21-Oct-21 14:04:06

I've asked for my post to be deleted cos it was totally daft, but the darn things wind me up so much. Bridgeit, I have very rarely worn one, and I'm still here - they don't work!!

Shelflife Thu 21-Oct-21 14:05:29

Covid is still here and I am doing my utmost to avoid it. My daughter has recovered from Covid and although not hospitalized she felt poorly - and she is in her 30s. So yes I do wear a mask when out . Those that choose not to are entitled to their opinion but are not entitled to put others at risk by their foolishness!!!! TwoWolves please take note!

MaizieD Thu 21-Oct-21 14:09:18

Yes, I'm still wearing one.

I was absolutely astounded when mandatory mask wearing wasn't made a condition of 'freedom'.

SueDonim Thu 21-Oct-21 14:11:30

Yes, at all times when out in public. It’s the law anyway in Scotland but if I manage to get to England next month, I’ll be wearing one there, too.

My medic dd in England wears a mask when she goes out, even if hardly anyone else does. Working in a hospital with 800+ Covid sufferers (earlier this year) makes you wary.

TwoWolves Thu 21-Oct-21 14:12:18

Shelflife - the number of facemask lovers who have gone on to catch covid is remarkable. There are even some Gransnetters who have said it happened to them. I think Covid laughs in the face of facemasks.

As for being foolish, I've had two vaccinations and will go for a booster. And would stay indoors if I had symptoms - that's as far as I'm prepared to go to protect myself or others because facemasks DO NOT WORK.

growstuff Thu 21-Oct-21 14:14:16

What's your evidence for claiming that face masks don't work TwoWolves?

Daisend1 Thu 21-Oct-21 14:14:48

Still am wearing and will continue.

henetha Thu 21-Oct-21 14:14:53

I think the science has shown that wearing a mask does help.
Why would they be recommended, all round the world, otherwise?

ExDancer Thu 21-Oct-21 14:15:01

Well said MaisieD, I haven't changed my mask-wearing, distancing or hand sanitizing at all. It was obviously working quite well - Once it was stopped we started dropping like flies again, it was the jabs that saved us from another catastrophe.
We should never have stopped wearing masks, and children over 10 or 12 should wear them too.
Everywhere where other people congregate.

growstuff Thu 21-Oct-21 14:15:42


I've asked for my post to be deleted cos it was totally daft, but the darn things wind me up so much. Bridgeit, I have very rarely worn one, and I'm still here - they don't work!!

But the evidence suggests they do!

Just because you've been lucky isn't proof that they don't work on a population level.

Bridgeit Thu 21-Oct-21 14:16:01

Well they do work on another level, I don’t get spittle on my face anymore when an unfortunate person happens to be one who produces a lot of it when they speak & gets too close.

Grannmarie Thu 21-Oct-21 14:16:19

Here in Scotland, face masks are still mandatory in public places.

I wear a face mask almost every day, for supermarket, bus/train, church, restaurants, theatre etc, no problems.

I used my "vaccine passport", proof of my double jagged status, for the first time last week to attend a BBC Scotland live recording in our local concert hall.

With the terrible case numbers in the UK, surely it's not too much to ask?

However, I heard on the news today that the slowing of the vaccine rollout in the UK, in comparison to Europe and in comparison to our earlier, excellent efforts, is the main cause of increasing cases, as protection is now wearing off?

Audi10 Thu 21-Oct-21 14:21:45

Yes I do and I’ve worn one from the onset, I haven’t had covid but I’m extremely vulnerable, I go out walking keep my distance, I haven’t had my usual sore throat that I tend to get once a year, I have no problem wearing one,

FlexibleFriend Thu 21-Oct-21 14:23:23

Yes I'm still wearing a mask and will continue as long as I feel it's necessary.

jaylucy Thu 21-Oct-21 14:26:55

I still do, when travelling on a bus or in shops and over the past few weeks, I have noticed that the number of people wearing masks has gone down over time in both places.
One thing that hasn't gone down are the number of people that still can't wear a mask correctly!

Bridgeit Thu 21-Oct-21 14:32:01

Ahh yes the chin seems to be a favourite for many !

Bridie22 Thu 21-Oct-21 14:32:22

I never stopped wearing a mask and will continue to especially through the coming they keep my nose warm.

1summer Thu 21-Oct-21 14:37:17

My husband is Extremely Clinical Vulnerable and we rarely go out but when we do we are very grateful to all the people who continue to wear masks to help protect him.
Due to Chemotherapy he may not have much immunity to Covid or any other infections and I will do anything I can to protect him. So please help protect him and everyone else.