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4th vaccine

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GagaJo Mon 31-Jan-22 17:49:53

Anyone had it?

Was it booster strength or full strength?

How were your side effects?

Zoejory Mon 31-Jan-22 17:58:24

Gosh I didn't know we were going to have a 4th vaccine!

GrannieBabi Mon 31-Jan-22 18:06:02

Believe it is only for the clinically vulnerable. I have had it as I am currently having treatment for blood cancer. Pfizer full strength, recorded as booster. No significant side effects.

Oldbat1 Mon 31-Jan-22 19:47:20

Husband had his 4th last Thursday it was another Pfizer. No side effects apart from tender arm for two days.

HettyBetty Mon 31-Jan-22 20:57:17

My consultant says I need one and Mr HB will get one too as his treat for being married to me. I'm CV so eligible but think it won't be for a while so as not to clash with some medication.

Very grateful to the NHS.

sodapop Mon 31-Jan-22 21:14:40

I'm uncertain about this, four vaccinations in less than a year is a step too far for me.

lavendermine Mon 31-Jan-22 21:16:58

I agree, I won't be having another one. Three already and a flu as well - not for me.

Grannmarie Mon 31-Jan-22 21:17:17

My DS1, CEV, has had 3 'primary vaccines' and 1 booster.

Biscuitmuncher Mon 31-Jan-22 21:33:35

When do you say no more?

Auntieflo Mon 31-Jan-22 22:05:38

I had the 4th, as I am clinically vulnerable. No side effects apart from a sore arm 12 hours later. By the next morning the soreness had gone.

glammagran Mon 31-Jan-22 22:18:53

I gratefully received flu and 3 covid vaccines last year (2 AZ and Moderna booster).

However, much to my surprise I was really ill after the Moderna for about 2 weeks. Headaches, joint pains all over and chills where I felt like I’d been dipped in iced water. 3 days later I had terrible chest pains such that I was unable to take a deep breath and knew if I phoned 111 I’d be told to go to A&E. After a couple of days the chest pain abated. I don’t think I’ll risk a 4th.

Callistemon21 Mon 31-Jan-22 22:23:46

glammagran I felt ill and had chest pains after the Pfizer booster.
It was frightening.

LadyGracie Mon 31-Jan-22 22:24:56

DH had 4th - half dose of Moderna, he had a really sore arm for a few days, which he didn't have with the first three of Pfizer vaccine.

GagaJo Mon 31-Jan-22 22:40:17

My 1st 2 were Moderna.

1st, arm was so sore it kept me awake for 2 or 3 nights. Day off work sick.

2nd, arm was fine. Felt a bit sluggish for a day.

Sashabel Tue 01-Feb-22 13:38:58

I'm undergoing chemo at the moment and asked my oncologist how long it will take for my immunity to recover once I have completed the course (which, thankfully, will be in a couple of weeks time). I got my booster in October last year, but she said that regardless of this, my immunity will be compromised significantly due to the chemo so I will need a 4th jab 2-3 weeks after my last chemo. I will be glad to get it as I want to start living again and be able to meet up with family and friends occasionally to get a cuppa in a (well ventilated) bar or cafe.

Thorntrees Tue 01-Feb-22 18:08:29

I had my 4th jab yesterday- CEV after having blood cancer.Was a bit confused how to go about booking it as NHS web site said it couldn’t be booked on line and needed a letter from Consultant( which I no longer have as it’s a while since treatment) or a letter from GP.Phoned surgery who said the letter from theNHS about the third jab would suffice so went to a walk in locally and all done and dusted in no time. Pfizer as other three, no reaction just arm a bit achy. Hopefully will now feel a bit safer going out after two years of virtually being stuck at home.

Marydoll Wed 02-Feb-22 10:13:21

Thorntrees, I'm due my fourth in a few weeks and would be interested to know where in the UK, you are.
I am in Scotland was was advised ages ago, that I am on record as being eligible for a fourth vaccine

Karalou51 Wed 02-Feb-22 11:58:34

Nor me. First I've heard of it!

Grantanow Wed 02-Feb-22 11:59:49

If I were eligible I would have a 4th jab without hesitation and I hope the offer it more widely in due course. The Israeli government is giving all their adults a 4th jab: what do they know that our government does not?

oldstuuk Wed 02-Feb-22 12:00:21

Wife had 4th jab, couple of weeks ago. No issues, with the Pfizer vaccine. She was the 1st in MK to have it, and the place she had it done were unaware of the 4th dose. She showed them her phone text and were then prepared for others. Again a blood cancer Myeloma made her xritically vulnerable.

LovelyLady Wed 02-Feb-22 12:00:40

I’ll get my 4th when invited.
Why is Eng out of step with most of the world and not insisting on mask wearing. Ireland, Wales and Scotland still have protection in place.
Scotland has been pro active all the way and the English leaders seem reluctant to give guidance re protection.
Scotland seems the place to be just now with strong proactive leaders, free prescriptions, free University and care for the elderly. Well done Scotland and shame on Westminster.

Marydoll Wed 02-Feb-22 12:01:55

The fourth is for people who are immunocompromised.

I have just received a text cancelling my fourth appointment and to reschedule. I didn't know I had an appointment in the first place, despite trying to organise it!

KathrynP Wed 02-Feb-22 12:02:12

CEV due too taking low grade Chemo injections weekly. Was sent a letter from my Consultant to say get a 4th jab. Tried to book online was told I was ineligible, walk in centre had closed down locally so enquired at GP surgery and they hold a 'Jab Day' so they added me to the list. Never had any reactions to the jabs, 2 Astrazenecas and 2 Pfizers, as far as I know all at full strength.

HAZBEEN Wed 02-Feb-22 12:07:56

I have had all four as Pfizer full dose. No reaction apart from the third when I had the flu jab as well, then I was a bit "off" for a couple of days. I have blood cancer so CEV. I had trouble booking until I got a letter from my consultant.

Kali2 Wed 02-Feb-22 12:10:33

Covid passes in France and most of Europe that gone from 365 days validity to 270. My pass is therefore now invalid, although I have had confirmed Covid + 2 Pfizers. Having Booster on Friday- which will effectively be my 4th dose. Covid + 3.