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The Lockdown Gang - still chatting ?

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Doodle Wed 02-Feb-22 10:23:05

Can’t believe we’re starting another thread.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is welcome.

muse Mon 07-Feb-22 23:48:33

Thank you Kaimoana. I hadn't realised. Sorry to read about the blight Boadicea. Will you try again next year? I was ready to give up last year after 4 years of loosing all my tomatoes, but I grew them in tomato halos and kept water off the whole of the plant bar the roots. Success. I've ordered more seeds for this year so fingers crossed.

I'll just be glad to see the container go Doodle. It is still very full of ... I think the plan is to keep it as MrMuse is a gatherer and loves the additional room it has provided.

Before I met MrMuse in 2015, I had my own place and just couldn't live with the 60's decor after I bought it in 2001 so the piggybank was emptied Boadicea. Planning the build (shape) itself was really exciting. We had have limited money but didn't want a box shape.

There is some evidence of Romans being in Cornwall Grammaretto.

Night Lobstars?I must get off to bed.

BoadiceaJones Tue 08-Feb-22 05:50:27

Wow Muse! I'd never heard of tomato halos, so had to google right away...what a great idea! I don't think we can get them here, but maybe if I set MrJ to working on a homemade version...? The real problem is the's not usually this hot and humid. At the old house, we had heavy clay soil, and tomatoes weren't too cheerful about that, so MrJ made 6 huge wooden planter boxes, which I filled with potting mix and lots of compost. Wow, did the tomatoes enjoy that! Lots of horse manure too, left soaking in big plastic rubbish bins full of water. Being near the sea, we had a lot less humidity. Next year, I’m going to grow in containers again, rather than in the fenced-off chicken run, as the previous people did, and I did, this first summer in the place. Every bird in the district thinks the area is a free-for-all, and that includes my tomatoes and fruit. I really don’t understand what the free-loading Fluffy Ones are up to – they really should be patrolling and keeping birds out of the place. But for them – working? Meh. This last week, when I’ve been feeding the chickens, a pair of sweet little collared doves have come and sat on the fence, very friendly and not at all upset by human presence. Now they actually eat wheat out of my hand! They plead not guilty to tomato theft.

I quite understand about the 1960s décor, Muse, and why your little piggy would be quite emptied. I just don’t get why the young are so enthusiastic about “mid-century” – to me it just looks old-fashioned. I didn’t realise that you were also a “late bride”! (Unless, of course, you are actually a glamorous young thing.) Containers seem to be quite the thing for converting into chic bijou residences these days. But I think your new house is infinitely preferable!

Grammaretto - I’m sorry to hear things are still going awry – it must have been sad to miss your DS, but good that you have an invite. So interesting to have found the memorial in the churchyard for that poor mother and her 3 bairns. Those old Victorian widowers didn’t hang about, did they? Another wife and TEN more children! Well done on the eBay lucky escape!

Kaimoana - I’m trying to persuade MrJ to try your honey therapy, but you know what men are like…”Oh, it’s ok, no worries, it’ll get better on its own…”. The “Gravy and Beef” story was hilarious..and get you, you social influencer! Birds Eye should have responded to your advice, though.

I had a disaster this afternoon…I put the last of the plums, all a bit tired and not too nice for eating raw, into a stockpot and on very low gas setting, with some water…no sugar, thank goodness. Then I sat down to carry on with the family research, and promptly fell asleep. For over an hour. I awoke to the unmistakable smell of burned fruit. The top of the burned heap of fruit is salvageable. The stockpot is going to require hours of elbow grease to put right. I blame the humid and sleepless nights.

However, as I read the online version of the “History of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles” – my grandfather’s and uncle’s old outfit, I won’t complain about the humidity again. After Gallipoli, the sadly depleted NZ Mounted Division, together with the Australian Light Horse, were sent to Palestine, where, in the desert, they encountered appalling conditions, with little, and at times, no water, and where in-the-shade temperatures were recorded as 127 deg Fahrenheit. I have to confess, I shed a little tear, reading about the men returning from Gallipoli, desperate to find their horses which they had brought from NZ, and had had to leave behind in Egypt. Those horses meant everything to them. Eventually, the survivors had to part with them anyway, as only one horse was taken back home. The others were abandoned to a terrible fate. War is hell, for man and beast. And women, too.

Kaimoana Tue 08-Feb-22 07:54:45

Garlic is a potent anti-fungal and antibiotic and Roman soldiers were known to soak their socks in aged garlic oil, which also helped preserve their hobnailed boots.
Here's a site where they make authentic replicas of Roman footwear.

Archaeologists have also found amorous messages written on the hobnails by Roman ladies smile. They formed cheeky messages as their men marched.

Oh my giddy aunt, this humidity! It's very much like standing in a bathroom with the hot shower full on - no kidding.

My roses have suffered, in fact I think I'll lose the early flowering one which has the most gorgeous fragrance. sad

Gubbins has the right idea, she took off her sundress and nap, sat on the hearth tiles in front of the fan to keep cool.

Doodle Tue 08-Feb-22 20:02:27

Late in tonight. Been a strange day. DH had a real problem with his restless legs (body) syndrome last night and we ended up being awake most of the early part of the night. We were both so tired we slept in late (very late) this morning and have been playing catch up ever since. Went for our daily walk at 5pm. Wasn’t too bad. Not windy but quite dark.
Boadicea I often think some of the best stories are those family stories that get passed down from generation to generation. Do hope you keep your promise and when you’ve time, tell us the story of Granny and her injured husband to be.
I get cold feet Boadicea don’t think I’ll try the garlic though.
Kaimoana yet another humorous mistake. I doubt if graveyard beef would have many takers. ?
Grammaretto your MiL sounds quite a character. I bet she enjoyed her trip no end and the opportunity to impart her knowledge of the time to others.
What a fascinating lady, whose letters you are reading. 11 children over 19 years . Wow. I suppose not unusual for the times but the fact that so many survived to adulthood must be rare. My father was one of nine. One girl and eight boys.
Thank you for the link I I’ll read that in a minute.
I’m pleased you have someone to help you move your things but hope you’ll be careful and not overdo it.
It would be wonderful if you found the deeds. What history they must show.
Aphrodisiac, garlic ? surely not. Well, I’ll take your word for it Boadicea. I’m not sure it would work for me.
I loved your tale of Ecclefechan Mary. ? oh your poor plums. I think a good soaking might help your stockpot. So easily done.
Hello Muse. How exciting to design and build you home yourself. It must be wonderful to see it all taking shape. Did you buy the land your new build is on with the house you are currently living in while the work is being done?
I love this thread. The amount of knowledge of different things, stories from a bygone age, history lessons. It’s amazing.
Kaimoana what a tale of the Roman soldiers and their amorous footwear.
I couldn’t cope with your humidity. Hope the weather improves soon. Perhaps you should take a leaf out of Gubbins book and lay naked on the cold tiles. ……if you’re not expecting visitors. ?
Off to make coffee now. DH just woken from his post dinner nap. Sleep well all.

Grammaretto Wed 09-Feb-22 07:42:52

I'm very sorry for the dude and his restless legs Doodle
I have suffered that on long haul flights and overnight coaches but not all the time. That would be hell.

I am sure a good lie in was what was needed. I really think we ought to hibernate at least for the worst of the winter.
It was my grandparents who were all from huge families, 8, 12, 12 and even 13 but my parents only had one or two siblings. Someone had discovered preservatifs by then.

The chap who was going to come and help has now called off or at least postponed and now an Irish girl wants to help me. I can't keep up with the changing plans.

Our tomatoes had blight one year at the community garden. They caught it from the potatoes which had it too, We only grew the earlies after that and blight resistant tomatoes. A meeting tonight to plan a new garden. Only 5 of us but some keen and enthusiastic and young. I am really looking forward to being part of the group.

The electrician is coming this morning to progress the kitchen. I am beyond excited.
A df has offered me her DGD to help me with my on-line problems.

Doodle Wed 09-Feb-22 21:15:36

Grammaretto sorry you keep being let down in your plans. Hope the electrician actually turned up and did something useful and someone comes to help you with your furniture soon too.
Hope the gardening meeting went well. 5 willing and enthusiastic people should at least make a good start. Is it an allotment for growing veg or a garden for people to sit?
Do you have any funding or help with costs?
Today’s youngsters seem to have great abilities to sort out computer problems. Let’s face it, they spend enough time on their gadgets to all be experts. ?.
Do you type on your phone or tablet with your thumbs? Our DGC all type using their thumbs really quickly. I am still a one finger at a time plodder.
DH didn’t have a good night last night. Fingers crossed things will be better tonight but I’m not hopeful. New tablets not helped so for but it was the first night so we will see.
Been quiet in here today. I wonder if the NZ branch of the lockdown gang are suffering from the heat.
Hope everyone has a good night,

Grammaretto Wed 09-Feb-22 21:49:00

We will have to get Jeeves to give the Dude something special for his night cap! Doodle
The electrician not only turned up he is still here.
He hopes to get the bulk of the kitchen rewired.

The community garden is a new venture but a few of us set up and worked for years in a fabulous walled garden until we had to relinquish our lease a few years ago.
This will be a smallish space with a polytunnel and some raised beds. It is part of the public park but a part that is very little used. We envisage work parties to get it going and running workshops to introduce people to growing their own healthy food.

I haven't had the techie help yet but I hope this girl will come round and sort me out. They all use 2 thumbs don't they! I use one finger.

Hot chocolate or sleepy time tea?

BoadiceaJones Wed 09-Feb-22 22:19:03

Ohhh Grammaretto! How exciting! How is it all looking? Can you send photos? See, good things come to those who wait. The community garden sounds wonderful...such a good idea to share produce. I've just found out that there's a little stand at the top of our road, where people can leave surplus produce - a great solution as we had so many lemons last year that despite giving away literally hundreds of kilos, they were still rotting on the ground. I'd like to make lemon curd, but it's so full of sugar. Probably this year will be a smaller crop, as they seem to favour alternate years. But i see that the kaffirlumpy lime tree is absolutely loaded, as are the mandarins and sweet oranges. Let's hope they survive.

Doodle - what is the problem with your computer? If you could give me details, MrJ might be able to diagnose. He's a whiz from way back

We just came in from a trip to the testing centre...MrJ has a scratchy throat and a bit of a cough, and I'm very anxious about the surgery on Monday. The burn on his puku looks a bit infected too...honestly, men, why won't they listen to nagging good advice??

Kaimoana Wed 09-Feb-22 22:22:43

Try Lime Flower Tea, it's a delicious soporific.
I'm so pleased the electrician turned up Grammaretto- one step nearer. smile

I remember you having to give up your garden so its wonderful to hear you have another.

Did you ever watch this series?

And Hugh Fearnley-W has done documentaries about this as well and has a website asking for land. smile
For small garden funding.

I could hardly believe my ears when Alexa told me it was 26 degrees shock at 11pm last night. I went for a cold shower and felt better - for about 10 minutes. Took my Sage capsules and finally got to sleep about 1am. hmm
In almost 50 years in NZ, I've never known a summer like this.

Yes Doodle it is quiet, hope everyone is well.

BoadiceaJones Wed 09-Feb-22 22:23:55

D'oh Doodle - so sorry to give you good advice (!) about your non-existent computer troubles...

BoadiceaJones Wed 09-Feb-22 22:39:32

I have to confess that I was quiet yesterday because I did it again, early morning - climbed over the fence into the vege garden/chicken run, the fence collapsed and I fell in a heap in the mud - in my PJs and boots! In my defence, the plastic netting was completely perished and so tore like tissue was not due to my avoirdupois. Not much, anyway. I have a bruised bum, everything is aching, and this time, Kaimoana grin, I did actually squash a squash.

Mamissimo Wed 09-Feb-22 22:59:22

Good evening ?

Boadicea have you made preserved lemons? It won't use many but they have their uses with tequila in casseroles and anything eastern!

I have a couple of citrus trees and we tend to preserve our surpluses. My late DM used to push quarters of anything citrus through the mincer and make mixed peel marmalade. The minced peel freezes well too.

The quilt top and it's backing are finally complete and ready for the quilter. I'm looking forward to a lovely morning with the magic man who will help me pick the design of the stitching from a library of over 1000. Next time I must remember that king sized is just too big to quilt myself!

DD2 is still testing positive and feels like she's walking through treacle. She has IVF booked for March and is worried that she may have to defer it. Poor girl.

DD1's house move is looming in a few weeks but may be delayed slightly because ...."your front door is stuck on a a boat". Every time they visit we take the DGC to the village where they will live and yesterday the 3.95 year old kept up a running commentary about....that's my new school, that's my new bakers. Im hoping this acclimatisation may make it seem less strange when the move happens next month.

Dear Dude I am sorry about your legs! When I was in bed for three months a few years ago I suffered from it. (I was in hospital). One night a very strange nurse grabbed a tissue, tore it in half, rolled each half up into a flat sausage.....and stuffed them in between my big toe and the next one on each foot. I slept like a baby. Apparently there's an acupuncture point between your toes and changing the alignment of your toes can bring relief. Those foam things women use to separate their toes when painting them can also work. You've got nothing to loose and all I know is that it works for me ?

Goodnight all

BoadiceaJones Wed 09-Feb-22 23:48:57

Thanks for the info, Mamissimo! Thing is, around here, we have lemons all year round, and delicious as these sound, I don't know whether it's worth the trouble (not that there is much). Interesting that you have citrus where you they flourish outdoors? I was trying to imagine citrus in a North Norfolk or Herts winter! I have to say, though, I have never had a crop of tomatoes like those we had in Norfolk, growing them in a south-facing conservatory - they went on for months.
I was very interested in the tissues-between-toes, and the acupuncture fascinating. I remember when acupuncture first appeared in these 70s isles, and the suspicion and derision such a procedure attracted. How things change.
I hope all goes well for your DDs. Lots of stresses for them right now. Sending positive thoughts!

Mamissimo Thu 10-Feb-22 10:02:42

Good morning from the Hampshire lemon grove ?

Boadicea we have to be careful about species - and we have them in big pots on wheels so that they can live in a glass house in the winter. I'm very much of the school of thought of giving things a go and applying some sense to help them through. Kumquats and limes do best and they are smaller

DD2 is still testing positive but seems a bit better so ? I do hope Doodle and the Dude the retired glam rockers had a better night.

When I get back from the quilters I am going to sort my seeds....I have manuring to do too ?

Grammaretto Thu 10-Feb-22 13:43:36

This talk of kumquats, lemons and limes. I could almost believe you are in a Caribbean paradise!
Cocktails for me please Jeeves. smile

I hope the Dude tries the acupressure trick.

It was snowing hard this morning so instead of a long drive to source kitchen worktops, I decided to go through my old photos. as you do

It was me what needed computer help. Nothing wrong with it just that I can't do what I want to with it. The printer is possibly faulty. This is why I want to enlist a young person to guide me around it.

I posted back the wrong knobs the old fashioned way- in brown paper, at the post office with a hand written note inside. I have hopefully ordered the correct knobs now.

I saw 4 deer outside my window this morning. Can you find them in the photo? Funny arrow on their bottoms. Can you see the little antlers?

BoadiceaJones Thu 10-Feb-22 19:39:58

Grammaretto - how lovely to see deer in your garden! Are they very destructive to your garden, or do they just fossick around in the woods? Trouble with deer in this country is that they grow to something like twice the size, because there is so much food for them, and they devastate the native bush. Sadly, culling on a large scale is the only way to keep their depredations under control. DS2 used to go out shooting at night with his older cousin and his mates, and has never lived down the time they rounded a corner, and there was a doe with a fawn at foot in the middle of the road. Cousin insisted it was DS's (aged 13) target-first kill - unmissable, as the doe was dazzled by the headlights, and it was only a few metres away. DS took the shot - and missed. He told me that he couldn't bear to kill a mother, leaving a baby all alone, and he could never kill a fawn. So he took the derision from the rest of the (much older) blokes. 30 years ago, and he still gets the teasing.
Mamissimo - that's very interesting about moving the citrus about on wheels. Which varieties do you favour? Do you have to repot them every year, or just keep them well fed? What fertiliser do you use? You must be so happy to have got to this stage with the quilt...the end in sight is always a good view. All the best to your DD and let's hope it's all over soon.
Kaimoana - did you have another stinker of a night last night? I think it was just about the worst of humid that just breathing was difficult. Everything is wet-clothes, carpet, floor. I put the bedding through the drier every day now, otherwise the damp sheet and pillows are so unpleasant. Surely it can't go on like this much longer, can it? I've never known weather like this.

Doodle Thu 10-Feb-22 19:56:58

I’m almost too afraid to post here tonight for fear of what I’ll say.
I just posted on another thread and pressed post instead of preview as I intended. When reading back what I had written I was horrified to see I had written my DH was a bit down and would probably die to lack of sleep instead of due to lack of sleep. That someone’s motions would come to the surface instead of emotions and then, if that wasn’t bad enough, I wrote to a person who used to run day centres that she should realise what hell they are for people ……I meant help blush oh dear.
Grammaretto I hope the electrician made good progress. Any news on your new oven yet? Your community garden sounds like a good idea. I hope you get plenty of support.
Boadicea I misread your post to Grammaretto about her electrician and thought you said how exciting. Is he good looking and can you send photographs? I thought ooh I say.
I’m sorry to hear of your accident yesterday. I hope you’re not badly hurt. Hope the squashed squash saved you from more bruises.
Kind of you to offer help with the computer even though we are ok ?
Kiamoana you just made me think, we often read of lemon tea but not lime. DH makes a wonderful cocktail with limes. We don’t have it very often though.
I don’t know how you cope with the heat. I wouldn’t be able to sleep.
Mamissimo that quilt will be a wonderful gift. Will you share a photo when it comes back from the quilters?
Sorry to hear DD2 is not feeling any better. Hope she improves soon and the IVF can go ahead as planned.
My son had his hot tub and garden furniture stuck on a boat too. Not much you can do about that is there.
Your grandchildren seem to be looking forward to the move and their new school etc. That is a good idea to make it more familiar for them.
Thanks for the tip. I will be attacking DH with my silicone toe spacers tonight. I will let you know.
I thought you said you were manicureing your seeds now I realise you said manuring ……I’m not sure which is worse. ?
Grammaretto snowing…really. Wow I’m glad we had sunshine here. Hope your knobs get sorted out soon.
Now let’s have a close look at your photo
Oh that made me laugh. They really do have arrows on their bottoms “this way up” ?
Sleep well all.

BoadiceaJones Fri 11-Feb-22 07:44:41


BoadiceaJones Fri 11-Feb-22 08:20:44

Cannas before the rain

Grammaretto Fri 11-Feb-22 10:15:39

Your quilt does sound fabulous indeed Mamissimo. I would love to see it.

I gave in and put the heating back on last night. I was lying awake freezing and began to worry about frozen pipes.
I hope the Dude got some sleep Doodle and how are you?

I am afraid I did laugh at the day centres being hell grin
MiL goes to one twice weekly and has plenty to say about hers! Are my motions near the surface? ha ha.

I have an Irish helpx girl coming to stay next week who I hope will help me with various everything little jobs.

I have a sorry tale about seeds. I had to ditch mine. I had a wonderful collection left over from previous years and I went to look at them in advance of the seed swap this weekend. Water had got into the container and they were all ruined apart from the beans and peas which had sprouted. I quickly pushed the living ones into fresh compost and put the stinky ones into the compost bin. I was washing my hands in lavender soap all day. The stench was terrible.

Your fruit looks amazing Boadicea It reminds me of a campsite near Taupo when we were picking grapefruit off the trees for our breakfast.

Doodle Fri 11-Feb-22 20:13:09

Boadicea so many lemons. I’ve not seen them growing in trees before. Is that you garden? Such a lovely photo.
Grammaretto it gets cold at night here in the south. It must be freezing where you are.
Not a good night. We haven’t tried the toe spacing yet as we are trying out a gadget that my DH refers to as the vibrator. ;blush it looks like the photo. A small thing that gets strapped to the leg and vibrates at a certain frequency to disrupt nerve signals to the brain. We have it on trial for a short period so are concentrating on that at the moment. Not much benefit to date but we will see.
I hope your Irish helper is someone who will set to and do tasks.
What a shame about your seeds. Will you be able to buy some at the seed swap or can you only go if you have something to trade?
DH is being very patient with me and my various attempts to get him to sleep at night. Remind me, who’s got the frozen leg of lamb?
I attach the vibrating thingy to both legs 3 times a day for 10 minutes. It seems to have more of an impact on the chair he’s sitting in than him but we shall see,
Hope everyone has a good weekend .

BoadiceaJones Fri 11-Feb-22 20:42:38

Doodle - you are such a good nurse, and so patient to the patient. I really hope that The Vibrator does the trick - it must be so trying for your DH. Put away the leg of lamb, please.
Grammaretto - I really hope that your Irish lass sorts your problems for you. What a pity about the seeds, and I can just imagine the smell. Keep warm, and keep smiling!
Another horrendously hot and sticky night, and once again the tiled floors are awash. I fed the chickens and quail, and sat down with the online papers, in my shorts and tee shirt. Thought my feet where a bit itchy, glanced down, and there were about 5 huge fat mosquitoes having their breakfast. Fortunately, MrJ, not yet immune to Kiwi biting bugs, has some magic anti-itch cream on hand, which has taken some of the irritation out.
The poor little Fluffy Ones are very lethargic, especially Dottie, whose long coat is very beautiful, but very hot. They spend their days out under the bushes in the shade, lying motionless for hours. We used to trim our border collie's fur right back in the summer - she hated it and knew that she had (temporarily) lost her looks, but it did help with the heat tolerance. Cats would not be amenable.

Grammaretto Sat 12-Feb-22 10:33:04

Hello Gang!

Itchy and hot and sticky BJ. poor you. I hope the humidity isn't so bad today/night.
Doodle The vibrator looks like a cross between an electric toothbrush and a hairdryer. Do you think you were given the wrong one?
I do hope you both got some sleep last night.

I am not on duty until the lunchtime rush at the community cafe today so I have come home to write this lick my wounds
and clean my clothes after a tumble I took yesterday. It wasn't in the squash patch but out on my muddy walk. I must be more careful and take walking poles.

Jason was here until midnight again. I don't think he has a home to go to at least not how we would want for him

Perhaps I should match-make?
The Irish girl and the electrician?? grin
She's not even here yet.

The kitchen looks as if it has been fitted by an electrician rather than a joiner. It has heaps of plugs and lights but still no cupboards or worktops..

I'll see you later.

muse Sat 12-Feb-22 12:45:25

Good morning Lobstars ?*. It was gorgeously sunny a few hours ago but rain is expected. I really should be out there getting my hands into that compost but it can wait. Just enjoyed a walk with Mya. She takes quite a few detours to look for deer. We occasionally see them down the track and onto the meadow, in front of the cottage, but they've been absent for some months. Mya knows they are there, somewhere. I spotted the deer in your photo Grammaretto. Watch them around the veg patch! Ours ate all my runner beans the other year. I still have the photo evidence. They do fossick BJ ?. Had to look up that word. I love it. Thank you. Sorry about the seeds Grammaretto. I saved some seeds for the first time last year. I have my fingers crossed ?? .

We have 16 acres of woodland Doodle and new build is next to the cottage. The cottage was is our workplace and will remain as that when we move next door into a cozy warm, dry spacious abode. Photo of day one of the build. Will your Dude try the suggestions from Mamissimo? I've only had accupuncture once. It worked ?

Kaimoana All the information about garlic and Roman feet, I'm wondering if I ought to try it on my big toes. For many years I've fought a battle with fungal infections. Lost one big toe nail four times now. I don't think I'll soak my socks in a garlic solution though.

I love to resolve computer problems Doodle and I wish I could whiz round to help you Grammaretto. Spent two hours sorting MrMuse's pc out the other day. He can tinker with my car and engines but he will not touch computers. I'm the techi one. He won't drive my new car as it is far too techi for him.

A lemon tree is beyond me BoadiceaJones. I have had one and the first year, there were 22 lemons. Next year 6 and then I lost it. We're in a frost pocket and even though it wintered in the polytunnel the first year, I fear it was too cold. I hope your lovely variety of trees do survive. MrJ's leg worries me. I do hope it is not an infection. This brings back memories of MrMuse's leg last year. In the end a compression bandage helped the ulcer heal. He is now doing as he is told and wears the support socks every day to stop the ulcer returning. It's working too?. I hope you're OK after the rickety fence collapsed under you. What will happen to the squashed squash?

I do adore admire Hugh F-W Kaimoana. Gosh! 50 years in NZ.

Mamissimo - I hope your DD2's IVF isn't postponed. Is it her first time? Such an anxious moment.

I've caught up with four days Lockdown news and will get the kettle on and make some leek (my own) and potato (not my own) soup. We were hoping the kitchen fitter/carpenter was coming yesterday to do a 'look see' on what is to be done. He's had all the plans for two weeks. I daren't order any units until he's been. He's promised to come Monday at 5:00pm. Mind you, the electrician has yet to arrive to finish off putting in more sockets and a light to go over the table. It's a vaulted ceiling so not an easy job. He said February so I fear another text will be sent to him soon. MrMuse says they will all be here dreckly .

Doodle Sat 12-Feb-22 14:56:51

Boadicea my patient is usually very stoic but this constant being awake and having to walk around at night is getting him down. No luck with the leg vibrator/massager yet.
Oh your poor feet. Mosquitos eating you for breakfast. . Hope the cream helps. I hadn’t thought about the heat affecting animals so much but of course it does. Hope for all of you it cools down a bit.
Grammaretto grin I could have used the electric toothbrush and saved the money. It’s actually a frequency vibrator and supposed to disrupt the nerve signals sent to the brain. So far DHs nerve signals are still making their way through.
Sorry to hear you’ve had a fall. The shock alone can be upsetting even if you haven’t injured yourself. Hope you are ok.
Jason sounds like a good worker….perhaps he just likes your company. Does he want to rent your flat? ?
muse how interesting. Thank you for telling us. 16 acres of woodland sounds quite a big area to me. No wonder you walk Mya in the woods every day. It sounds quite remote (apart from the deer) do you have any nearby neighbours?
That first day photo must seem a while ago now. How long ago was that?
Yes we will be trying Mamissimo’s tip with the toes but are keeping going with the vibrator thing at the moment as we have 7 days in which to try it before we have to send it back if we want our money back.
Hope your kitchen fitter comes soon. I bet you can’t wait to get started on the kitchen.
Kaimoana have you melted in the heat. Hope you are ok.
Mamissimo hope your DD is feeling ok and not too poorly.

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