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The Lockdown Gang - still chatting ?

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Doodle Wed 02-Feb-22 10:23:05

Can’t believe we’re starting another thread.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is welcome.

Grammaretto Sat 16-Jul-22 22:18:32

Kaimoana grin I don't follow sport either.
Heatwave? What heatwave?. I almost offered Frenchman a hot water bottle.
We were out tonight for dinner. These flowers were on the table - all freshly picked from their beautiful garden.

Doodle Sat 16-Jul-22 22:41:39

Grammaretto think of the word peenist but without the T. I wonder no one has mentioned it to him. Everyone onboard has a fit of the giggles.
The shop sounds busy. Could you display your pottery in the shop and get some buyers from there?
Glad the dreaded form has been sent off. Hope it results in a new boiler soon.
fairfraise I support the Welsh. Well I would if I was into that sort of thing ?

Doodle Sat 16-Jul-22 22:45:28

No heatwave where we are either. Went on shore and it rained. Early evening now and sun is shining but no heatwave.
What beautiful flowers Grammaretto .
I am sitting in the loung opposite a couple (husband and wife) who are so alike they look like twins) they say people marry someone who looks like them or their dog. Not sure what that says for DS1 who has a cocker poo ?
Take care all x

fairfraise Sun 17-Jul-22 13:03:13

Kaimona and Doodle I was talking of Rugby Union. Ireland played 3 matches in NZ and won the series. But Tests usually apply to cricket when it's a series of 3 or 5 matches spread over 3 or 5 days. Much more of a test than 80 minute matches!

Doodle Sun 17-Jul-22 17:10:59

Fairfraise it was Rugby I was thinking of. I don’t ever consider cricket. My mother was a rugby fan and always supported the Welsh.

Kaimoana2 Mon 18-Jul-22 06:56:58

Thanks for that fairfraise; I used to be very keen on rugby or more accurately, on a boyfriend who played. smile

What gorgeous flowers Grammaretto but don't like the tablecloth!

Doodle your tannoy man may be a Kiwi or an Aussie, both pronounce 'pianist' that way.
I remember Goldie Hawn and Peter Sellers in a film where a Frenchman (not Grammaretto's* I hope), seeing they were newly married, said, 'May you 'ave a peenis all your life.' (happiness)

I'm beginning to feel a little better. Phil's at peace now and I've been able to repair and improve my computer, partly with the help of online volunteer experts. I remembered a program I'd downloaded which makes text bold on the browser and after that I felt invincible grin

All the taxi stuff, the Internet going down twice in succession, the computer being jinxed by the techie, were so much worse because they affected my ability to support Phil as I'd promised. I felt I'd let him down when he most needed me.
I'm more rational now; I did my best and the rest was out of my control. Sometimes I have to give myself a swift kick up the fundament grin

A letter from the publishers, with a contract and the news they will publish in 2023. I'm to go meet them to talk over styles and illustrations but as a surge of Covid here saw 10,000 cases last week. shock who knows when that will be?

I am on a roll with winning things: 3 raffles in 4 weeks; a BIG box of cookies for my submission on accessing the Internet as a ½ blind person and now for a nonsense poem I submitted when an author asked for same, I'm to have a copy of his book, 'Snake Brought Cake'. Gubbins will love it.

Mamissimo Mon 18-Jul-22 12:36:56

Hello.....only me ?

I am home again now having had a nasty episode of pneumonia, followed by a wonderous treat. Poor Mr M was beside himself with worry and couldn't log on to let you know where I was. He was so befuddled that he booked us into the lap of luxury for a week's total rest and recuperation. We will have to sell the children house to pay for it but it certainly did the trick.

Off now to read backwards......

Jan16 Mon 18-Jul-22 13:22:10

Oh dear Mamissimo that sounds nasty but pleased you’re on the mend. How great to have a week in the lap of luxury - bet you could get used to that!
We’ve had a stressful weekend. On Fri there was a burst water main - nowhere near us - but the water went off in our two largish villages. We were relatively lucky as although the pressure was very low our water never went off. However many other peoples did. Our water company has been as useful as a chocolate teapot. Kept giving out times when the water would be back on but then changing it. Managed to order the wrong size pipe they needed to sort the problem and didn’t set up a water distribution centre until 36 hours later. They have now “moved water from other parts of the network to help restore supplies” but still not fixed the problem. Lots of very unhappy people as you can imagine! However we have had showers, used the dishwasher and done the washing! But many other people can’t.
That’s my moan for the day! Hope you all manage to stay cool and safe

Grammaretto Mon 18-Jul-22 22:46:38

Hello Mamissimo auto correct wanted hell o.
Pneumonia sounds bad but I am glad you are recuperated now.
Did you have your house back to yourself when you came home?
Anyway lovely to see you again.

Not a good time to have a water shortage Jan I hope you managed.

I'm glad things have settled a bit for you Kaimoana . Exciting to have your book published.
It was hot here today and apart from a walk with U3A I haven't done much.
The Frenchman cooked tonight. He is a wizard and can turn the simplest food into a feast!
I am running a pottery session tomorrow with 2 young people. Luckily my studio is always cool cold
I hope Doodle's cruise and BJ's holiday are going well.

Kaimoana2 Tue 19-Jul-22 08:51:13

Here are three examples of illustrations by Nikki Slade Robinson an award-winning NZ artist.

The publishers think she would be the ideal person to bring my wee characters to life.

Jan water problems are the last thing you need in a hot summer - glad they are sorted.
Anyone remember the Green Goddess water trucks?

Grammaretto I wish someone would come and cook French for me. Mind you, I did make a nice poisson pie with courgette, tomates, les piment doux and crispy pommes de terre avec fromage on top. smile

'A nasty episode of pneumonia' eh? Is there such a thing as a good one?
Glad you are fully recovered Mamissimo and all it took was a little luxury grin.

I am out to lunch tomorrow (no smart comments from the cheap seats please but it won't be French and no tall dark and handsome man to serve it.
The cook is a tiny blonde woman but I'm told she does a wizard Sticky Date Pudding - which I shall, of course, refuse. smile

Mamissimo Tue 19-Jul-22 10:33:23

Good morning ?
Thanks for the good wishes - I'm susceptible to sudden onset pneumonia and this bout put me in high dependency in hospital for 5 days. They only let me out on the understanding that I would do nothing.......Mr M, in self preservation mode being a quick thinker, decided a hotel equipped to deal with my every whim and with good air conditioning, food and and extensive wine list was a life saver for us.

Kaimoana I'm glad you could spend time with Phil. Not to have been able to would have dented your soul.

This weekend we finally have the memorial service for my BiL who died during lockdown......and on the same day my other BIl's ashes are being interred at the other side of the country. Why didn't the younger cousins talk to each other when planning? Mr M's sisters predeceased their husbands and he very much wants to attend both services but Hampshire to North Norfolk for 11.00 and then back to Hampshire for 2.00 just doesn't work - even on my broomstick!

We're having cold fish tonight with wilted leaves.....otherwise known as poached salmon and salad ? would it be greedy to borrow your Frenchman Grammaretto ?

Grammaretto Wed 20-Jul-22 23:05:06

How lovely to convalesce in an air conditioned hotel Mamissimo! Forget the frozen leg of lamb - Mr M is a keeper..
I have just been woken by a call from the dear German to tell me he decided to do a covid test when he arrived home tonight and is sorry to say it was positive .
He said he had dreadful news so I was rather relieved. I feel fine but I guess should look out for symptoms.

I hope the cruise is going well Doodle,
Any salty tales?

I do like the illustrations Kaimoana and am glad you are getting out and enjoying delicious meals.

Is Jeeves about? I could do with a back massage.grin

Kaimoana2 Thu 21-Jul-22 08:42:01

Gubbins and Daddy

Grammaretto Thu 21-Jul-22 10:31:31

Aw! What a beautiful, slightly Winnie the Pooh picture of your darlings xxx

Jan16 Thu 21-Jul-22 20:27:32

Where is everyone?! Yes Kaimoana gorgeous picture of Gubbins and Daddy. “Grammaretto* oh dear so many fingers and toes crossed for you ?.
Packing not going very well here. Must have got enough clothes out for 6 months! Norway is very unpredictable weather wise but it will definitely rain at some point! Hope Doodle is having a great cruise. She seems to have been away for ages.
We are off on Sat. Going to see some friends in Winchester and staying there overnight then on to Southampton and sailing later on Sunday. Just hate leaving Theo puss for almost 2 weeks. He will be in a great - with fees to match! - Cattery where I know he will be well look after but …… ?! Bless him.

Grammaretto Thu 21-Jul-22 20:50:43

Have a great time Jan in beautiful Norway.
Something rainproof but also some summer stuff.
I watch the local news if I'm traveling to see what others are wearing as it can save taking unnecessary gear.
Leaving Scotland in midwinter to go to NZ via Singapore was not easy. I remember stuffing a heavy anorak into my hand luggage at Singapore airport once as I met the wall of heat that is the tropics.

As for covid, I am fine so far but have just burned a cake in my new oven. I made a successful one earlier and proudly attempted another. Oh dear!
Maybe cooking classes are the next thing to do.shockconfused

I'll have calming tea please Jeeves.

Kaimoana2 Thu 21-Jul-22 22:08:19

I once had a friend who said she travelled with only two things, silk & wool. Silk apparently rolls up and takes little room and wool keeps you warm in all weathers colder than silk can cope with.
So there you are jan and Grammaretto that's your wardrobe sorted grin

No, you don't need cooking lessons, all you need is to get used to your new appliance - something I shall have to do when (if) mine arrives.

As you can see from that photo I posted my DS is too tall to walk upright while holding Gubbins' hand smile
He's thoroughly enjoying the fresh challenges
in his new job and is far less hassled than he was at the old one. Phew!

I've nothing interesting to tell you Gang. I had my second booster after a nice lunch with the kaumatua yesterday.
I've decided to have a kauri tree planted in memory of Phillip.

And that's it really, I live a very mundane life.

Sunny flowers to cheer anyone needing them.
Hello Cherry hope you are still smiling. We all miss you. xxx

Grammaretto Thu 21-Jul-22 22:45:00

Hmm I need a cooker lesson if not a cookery lesson.
I think your life is very far from mundane Kaimoana. What a lovely idea to plant a kauri tree for Philip. Is that the very tall straight tree?
I have planted an oak for DH. I am having to water it copiously. I wish it would rain. did I really say that

A funny thing today: I was dusting my room and my books in preparation for the blind fitter who is coming tomorrow. The book with the most dust was ; Feng Shui - how to declutter.grin

Doodle Fri 22-Jul-22 00:50:07

Evening all. Sorry I’ve been AWOL but the internet access is very hit and miss at the moment
Kaimoana I feel very guilty. Since I made my comment the poor man has started calling the pianist the piano man blush I wonder if he overheard me.
Glad you have been able to sort out your PC. Hope you can read it better now. I’m sure you were a good friend to Phil. Not just in his last few weeks but for a long time and that’s what really counts. Good news about your book and your poem and your winning streak. Long May it continue.
Love Gubbins and Daddy. ?. Hope your lunch went well.
Grammaretto. Your Frenchman sounds a bit of a find. I think some could be jealous ?. Hope the pottery with the two young people went well. Oh dear I hope your German friend is ok and hasn’t passed the Covid on to you.
I loved your dust Feng Shui Story. I have sent a message to Jeeves and he will arrive suitably dressed in mask ? and with his special home made oils for your back massage. Not sure he’s quite got the hang of it. I mentioned Aromatherapy but he said he’d only ever done it in Venice before ?
Mamissimo oh dear I’m so sorry about your need to be in hospital. That must have been a nasty attack of pneumonia to have caused you to be admitted. Glad you are home now and being looked after in grand style by MrM . No need for the frozen leg of lamb at get moment then ?. I hopey the hotel stay aids your recovery and you are well on the mend now.
Jan what a fiasco with the water supply. We are so used to having a supply on tap (so to speak) that we don’t think of those who struggle to get fresh water every day. Hope things are back up normal now. Hope you have a wonder trip in Norway and Theo enjoys his break too.
We had a wonderful day sailing on Monday. Most beautiful scenery and sunshine all day. We are going on a boat trip tomorrow (always seems a silly idea to me, to do a boat trip while on a boat trip ?). Hoping for some spectacular scenery.
Keep safe and well all of the Lockdown gang. I am thinking of you x

Mamissimo Fri 22-Jul-22 10:57:51

Good morning ?
I'm doing my rain dance today because the heavy clouds are giving me a headache. When it's heavy I'm sure I have more wrinkles ?

Mr M has just gone to Earsavers for his annual check.....and has left his hearing aids at home! Today promises to be one of those days.....

Grammaretto I noticed your oven woes on another thread....I drop the temp by 10 degrees and the time by 10% too....

Anyone for beans......French, running....? Turnips?

Grammaretto Fri 22-Jul-22 11:56:04

Thanks for the tip Mamissimo. The burnt cake, now scraped, is actually delicious but I may have to eat it all myself...
I daren't leave the house in case I am out when the blind fitter comes so I am twiddling my thumbs rather.
It is raining a bit at least so I can't hang out the sheets. I would need to wash them first. I thought it best to leave the German's bed for a few days just in case it is covid central.
The tree surgeon is coming tomorrow to take down the overhanging branches which bother my neighbour. The neighbours have agreed to pay half.
The Frenchman is out for the day and the lodgers have recovered and gone away for the weekend so twiddling thumbs is what I shall do.
What's it like on deck Doodle? or are you on your extra boat trip now?

Kaimoana2 Fri 22-Jul-22 21:56:57

If you lived in Waitakere Grammaretto you could put dry sheets out and the weather would wash them for you - every day! It's that time of year, a balance for the hot and waterless summers.

Mamissimo envy I wish I lived near enough to buy your produce; fresh from the garden is always best.

Yet again, VW the homecare agency has let me down(these are the people who won an award for efficieny in2021!).
Workers didn't turn up Wednesday nor yesterday.

Both ladies sick but told the agency the day before. VW hadn't bothered to tell me or find a replacement.
Only a call of desperation yesterday managed to get me someone for 1 hour today. At least I'll have a clean bed and fresh food.

My hours were extended, in May but so far, I haven't received even the old hours I'm entitled to, let alone 2 extra.

Is this really all the fault of Covid?

They were hardly on the ball even before it struck but I've no doubt staff shortages have made it worse.
Still, a phone call to a client waiting, waiting for support should be within their capabilities.
I do hate being utterly dependent.

BoadiceaJones Sat 23-Jul-22 09:19:20

I do hope everyone is well…I’m stuck in Adelaide with Covid. I just want to go home

Grammaretto Sat 23-Jul-22 14:09:47

Oh no poor BJ what an awful shame. Are you quite sick with it? Or should that be crook?
I am cross on your behalf Kaimoana that the service is so poor and intermittent. Is there anyone who can fight your corner?
My df who is my unofficial factor, came to watch the branches being felled. It was balletic.
There is not a huge difference apart from some small missing limbs and the ivy which encircled the tree has been cut off.
No more news from here. The new blinds are dark enough so I slept a bit later today.
Cushie is coming back for a few days, soon. The paint has still not arrived.

Doodle Sat 23-Jul-22 14:33:27

Hi all just a quick visit to check up on you all ?
Mamissimo I hope you are feeling better now. Oh dear poor MrM . I gather your vegetables are coming on well.
Grammaretto how are you getting on with your new oven?
Glad you are happy with your blinds. I like sleeping in the dark too.
I hope you don’t catch Covid as well. I’m glad your neighbours have agreed to contribute to your overhanging trees, makes life more pleasant if the neighbours are reasonable people.
You asked what live is like on deck. Fantastic, unbelievable, amazing and indescribable I think covers it. I have sent Jeeves some ice for your Gin and Tonic… will need a big glass ?
Cushie is coming for a visit, hurrah ?
Kaimoana you are having some strange weather. I like the idea of washing and drying your sheets all in one go ?
I’m sorry the Agency aren’t providing the care you are entitled to and even worse not letting you know. I can understand you not wanting to be dependent on others but some times that’s what life gives us but you deserve to have the help you need. Hope the service improves soon.
Oh Boadicea I’m so sorry. I do hope you’re not feeling too bad. Are you with relatives? When we are ill we all want to be at home.
Take care all x

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