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Covid and Brain Shrinkage?

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Daisymae Mon 07-Mar-22 19:12:13

Apparently even mild disease can result in brain shrinkage according to recent research. Not known whether the brain can repair itself over time, but obviously this may have wide implications for the future. Covid is not a mild disease.

Eugenia Tue 08-Mar-22 20:35:18

Sounds like more fear mongering to me. The media, just like some of our leaders are bought and paid for by corporations looking to get rich. Age old greed. We had a bad virus for awhile, although data/numbers can be manipulated. Small example; my friend's relative living in a nursing home was one of many there that had Covid reported on their health record, only because a nurse there had gotten it.
My neighbors whole family were mailed a letter stating that they all had positive tests after going to one of those large free testing places, but the rub was that after they did the paperwork, the wait was too long so they simply went home. None got the actual test.

Small examples yet I heard a lot of people complain that their families in hospitals for heart or other non Covid issues were having Covid put in their medical records because they had a positive test even though they were not sick at all.
Some demanded it be taken off but were refused.

I don't believe for one minute the data isn't corrupted. This pandemic stuff was being talked about years ago by Bill Gates and others. Now they are recently saying we are going to have more pandemics, more viruses. Funny, nothing for over 100 years now it's a constant worry?

If they get their way on mandatory shots, especially for kids, in the future we could start seeing monthly jabs to to keep up with all the vaccinations needed to avoid "possible" virus pandemics.

That will cost billions for taxpayers for "free" shots. Besides the implications to our immune systems and health, our pocket books will suffer and quality of life will go down for everyone....except the corporations and world leaders, theirs will only be enriched.

Don't fall for it.

volver Tue 08-Mar-22 20:37:03

That escalated quickly.

Shinamae Tue 08-Mar-22 20:38:11

As if we haven’t got enough to worry about, now there’s this ?

Katie59 Tue 08-Mar-22 21:16:51

There are many diseases that leave long term damage to the body, there is no reason to think that Covid would be different. I had mild Covid and my sense of smell is still all wrong

AreWeThereYet Tue 08-Mar-22 21:33:13

The article itself states that the brain can heal to a certain extent, and reorganise itself. Most of the damage seems to affect the sense of smell, and the amount of damage is reflective of how ill people were.

Eugenia you've obviously not heard about the influenza pandemics of 1918 (Spanish), 1957 (Asian) and 1968 (Hong Kong). Or the 1970/198 HIV pandemic. Or the 2002 SARS pandemic.

BlueBelle Tue 08-Mar-22 22:21:48

For goodness sake! (I nearly said a naughty word) what next ? everyone whose had CoviD notices their right little toe drops off
Seeing as I lived through Asian and HK flu and just had CoviD my brain must be the size of a pea by now

MerylStreep Tue 08-Mar-22 22:34:13

I’ve had it then. I lost my taste and smell in December 2019, lord knows what with as covid wasn’t known about, was it? ?

Mollygo Tue 08-Mar-22 22:43:02

Can someone provide the records showing comparison between brain shrinkage without Covid and brain shrinkage with Covid for each age group they are claiming is affected?

DaisyAnne Tue 08-Mar-22 23:00:57


For goodness sake! (I nearly said a naughty word) what next ? everyone whose had CoviD notices their right little toe drops off
Seeing as I lived through Asian and HK flu and just had CoviD my brain must be the size of a pea by now

I'm assuming you don't actually want a comment on that.

MaizieD Tue 08-Mar-22 23:27:30

It's not exactly brain shrinkage, but brain scans show 'white dots' which shouldn't be there. There has been an ongoing piece of research involving brain scans which started pre covid. Subjects who have had covid show changes to the brain. I'll try and find it tomorrow.

It has been known for a long time that the covid virus can attack any internal organs. There was a recent large scale study reported that people who had had covid had a higher risk of heart attacks. I'll see if I can find that, too.

This is not like flu. Pooh poohing it won't change the evidence.


Eugenia Tue 08-Mar-22 23:32:48

AreWeThereYet Yes I have heard of those and the one that effected the world like Covid (restrictions, masks, huge death count etc) was the 1918 pandemic. That's well over 100 years.

Even then, with the lack of sanitation, massive malnutrition, a war, literally no antibiotics, certainly no vaccines and massive deaths due to aspirin overdoses (in an attempt to treat) that one lasted basically 2 years.

Yet with all our advantages of sanitation, plentiful food, antibiotics and other various curative medications , Covid is ongoing over 2 years, projected to continue at these levels, all to promote mandatory vaccines keep people in fear of it.

I am reading more and more articles suggesting we must prepare for the next pandemic, as though now this will be our lives forever, one pandemic after another? Oh, but with each discovery of a new variant or new virus, we can just get a new vaccine to prevent it, "just in case" there could be a new pandemic. Forced vaccines, just in case?

Maybe at first every 6 months, then as time goes, on a monthly rollout to keep up with all the new requirements as more and more variants, viruses and maybe bacteria's become excuses for leaching more taxpayer money for large corporations and world leaders?

With absolutely no liability if over time your immune system is so overloaded you get all sorts of illness, or have reactions to the vaccines themselves?

This is Big Pharma's wet dream.

Slippery slope? Well, maybe. But in only 2 years we went from 2 weeks to lose your job, or your ability to work anywhere for that matter, your education, your ability to travel or see a show or participate in other daily activities without compliance of a vaccine that doesn't even stop transmission anyway.

Most people think tyranny happens all at once, like military takeovers. But it can be very slow and methodical. Little by little until you are miles from the place you started and have no idea how you got there.

Eugenia Tue 08-Mar-22 23:46:19

Mollygo Nobody can show them to you because they don't exist. Pure speculation at this point. So, I'd say what's the point of speculating? More fear, more power, more $$$money$$$.

The thirst for riches has been a big part of our history. Think of all the people who have killed, conquered, went to war for treasures, land and wealth throughout history.

We are more civilized now but it's clear that desire for money is even stronger now. Now instead of just gold or silver to buy wares, they can have jets, boats, islands, access to celebrity and all the luxuries the modern world has to provide.

Not conspiracy. Not eliminating the population, or controlling lives with microchips.

In reality, it's just plain old greed. And it's ruining the joys of living in our modern world.

Esspee Tue 08-Mar-22 23:58:49

Eugenia. Try a Covid deniers forum. This is Gransnet and the overwhelming majority of us do not subscribe to your conspiracy theories.

Eugenia Wed 09-Mar-22 00:23:34

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

Pepper59 Wed 09-Mar-22 02:43:51

Aye Eugenia Covid really cares about your theories. Perhaps the reason this is so different is it was never a natural virus. I would like to see proven scientific evidence please as to your many theories. Please post some links.

Granmarderby10 Wed 09-Mar-22 03:40:51

Why the surprise and scepticism? This is a new virus and there is so much we do not know and won’t know for a long long time.
Most effort and money has been spent on surviving it and developing the vaccines and treatments
Understanding of Covid is just in it’s infancy

Eugenia Wed 09-Mar-22 04:45:34

I am not sure what scientific evidence I'm supposed to provide for what seems to be a huge money grab. I did not state any theory in regards to the actual virus itself, but it's the manipulation of data for monetary gain and suppressing people's lives is what my concern is.

Data is corruptible.

Hospitals got extra money, so there is incentive to have guidelines in reporting of patients. I'm sure it's pretty easy.....I go in for a broken leg and test, now I am a number in the data for people in the hospital with Covid.

Then of course, actual deaths provided extra money. I am NOT saying that nobody died of Covid but I question the amount of people claimed.

I don't deny the virus, but it might only be that it was as lethal as past outbreaks of other viruses, not the giant disaster we were told. It may have been bad at the beginning. But I'm not buying it's still going so strong after two years that we need forced vaccines for life, which is what they want to do.

At any rate, I'm sure all of you have heard the vaccine doesn't stop transmission and is more of a medical treatment for those who end up getting Covid.

Although, that's even questionable; so many vaccinated have gotten it anyway. I have several vaccinated friends who did. One did end up in the hospital.

I think because this is a medical treatment and does not stop transmission, it really isn't a "public health" threat aka if you are vaccinated, you should be ok, even if I give it to you. It reduced symptoms.

It is a treatment. Last I checked, the government doesn't force certain treatments for medical conditions. Heck, they shouldn't even recommend anything....that's up to your physician and you.

Especially with no long term data on continued vaccinations of safety, and with the removal of liability.

Give the government that kind of power over your body and it will continue in other ways you might not like. But set a precedent and then law, there will be nothing you can do about it.

Katie59 Wed 09-Mar-22 07:08:46

We can’t predict what any new pandemic is going to be like, so specific action is not realistic.

What we can do is have a multi virus vaccination to provided protection against threats we do know about, like the influenza vaccine we have had for many years. We can also keep a reserve of PPE, that was so lacking at the beginning of covid

MaizieD Wed 09-Mar-22 08:25:39

Not altogether sure what your impassioned conspiracy theory driven posts have to do with the research into the effect of covid19 on the brain, Eugenia?

giulia Wed 09-Mar-22 08:38:08

There CAN be long term brain damage post Covid. I know because a member of my family is suffering still after over a year.

He got Covid very badly before the vaccines came in. He was a long time in coma.

Eventually, the physical side effects disappeared but he still has lapses in memory and has already lost one job due to this (he is an electronics engineer).

So please don't jeer at the thread.

Iam64 Wed 09-Mar-22 09:18:37

I’m hoping the research into Covid will support ongoing medical research.
I’m the beneficiary of research into the causes of auto immune conditions. I had several identified, as a result I have expensive disease modifiers that gave me me life back. The trigger for my health problems was a virus. Glandular fever at 25, destroyed my immune system and allowed the genetic base to kick in.

Shropshirelass Wed 09-Mar-22 09:23:34

My DM had Covid, she did ‘recover’ but passed a few months later. Her cognition had altered and she wasn’t the same person. Had it not been for having this dreadful virus I am certain she would still be here now, enjoying life.

DaisyAnne Wed 09-Mar-22 09:26:33

Data is corruptible.

So, it appears, is people's level of critical thinking. It is not enough just to shout that "data can be corrupted". Show us the data and tell us where you can see corruption within it.

The person who shouts the odds but does not back it with facts tells us nothing but where their prejudice lies.

ayse Wed 09-Mar-22 09:52:29

Back to the OP. Covid can produce brain shrink as the scans show from Bio-Bank. This is a longitudinal study and has now been going for at least 15 years. The participants are all volunteers from the 50+ age group and I was just one of the control group not having had Covid.

The positive side is as others have said. The brain can be retrained and new pathways formed. Currently smell clinics are helping some to redevelop their sense of smell (BBC Tuesday evening).

Covid has promoted a huge amount of research. Knowledge may help not only those post Covid sufferers but others with similar conditions from post infection symptoms.

It’s been a truly awful time for many, including DH but hopefully it will help society handle future pandemics more successfully.

As for data and statistics. It can always be manipulated depending on what basis calculations are made. Algorithms are now used to work up the data.

I’d just like to travel back to the late 1980s when unemployment was shrinking. This was achieved by trained staff including myself to move people from the unemployment figures by encouraging them to move to sickness benefit, training and even work! They would then no longer be unemployed. The over 60s at the time were put onto pension credit instead of having to declare unemployment and those in receipt of an unemployment NI credit we’re also be removed from the count! Yippee! There were fewer unemployed people.