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Have you had covid?

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snowberryZ Sun 20-Mar-22 08:38:49

I've managed to dodge it so far but feel it's only a matter of time!
I still mask up and sanitise going round the shops but yesterday I got back to the car, took my mask off and sanitised my hands and rolled down the window because it was stuffy.
And a woman parked really close to me, got out and literally coughed into my open window! No hand over her mouth or anything.
Some people atre disgusting. She could have turned away at least.

Only a matter of time.
I have friends who've had it 3 timesshock

rafichagran Fri 25-Mar-22 10:43:25


No, never, despite quite deliberately trying to catch it over Christmas.


SachaMac Fri 25-Mar-22 13:14:09

Further to my earlier post my sister is now testing + her only symptoms were a sneezing fit late last night.

Grandmabatty Fri 25-Mar-22 13:20:41

I haven't had it yet though many family and friends have. I thought I had it earlier this year but didn't test positive at all. To be honest, I don't want to get it as the symptoms seem to vary so much from person to person. I live alone and the worry is what would I do if I was taken very unwell?

Grayling Fri 25-Mar-22 13:34:03

7 days in and I'm still testing positive. Not ill as such - just slight headaches now and then and a bit nauseous. I have been isolating and reporting tests and receiving plenty of advice with numerous e-mails and texts from NHS Scotland Inform. It would appear that if I am still testing positive after 10 days but not feeling ill I can go back to work, Really!!!

Maggymay Fri 25-Mar-22 13:51:44

I have just had it for the 2nd time it was like a heavy cold although It has left me tired with little energy. Out of the 9 close family members 7 of us have had it.

MayBee70 Fri 25-Mar-22 14:43:46

The R rate is now between 1.1 and 1.4. What is that supposed to mean? It’s a huge difference!

rosie1959 Fri 25-Mar-22 15:04:27


The R rate is now between 1.1 and 1.4. What is that supposed to mean? It’s a huge difference!

It means for every 10 people with the virus they will on average infect between 11 and 14 others
Basically there's a lot of it about

LilacChaser Fri 25-Mar-22 15:16:48

rafichagran Why not? I've never been bothered whether I caught it or not.

I wanted to 'get it over with' (as I fell for the media's hysteria about how everyone was going to catch it) before my 'big' birthday in February for which I had plans that I didn't want ruined.

The logic was that Omicron wasn't a 'bad' one to catch and I'd been vaccinated 3 times, so even less chance of getting ill with it.

jeanie99 Sat 09-Apr-22 23:17:41

Hubby had it caught from grandson who caught it at a party he went to.
GS passed it to his mother, his father didn't get it or his sister and I didn't get it.

Pepper59 Sun 10-Apr-22 02:13:19

Does anyone on here know, if you get Covid and are vaccinated, can you still get Long Covid,?

nanna8 Thu 14-Apr-22 10:00:06

I’ve just had Covid and we were stuck on Norfolk Island during our isolation period. I think you can get long Covid after vaccination or so I have been led to believe. I’d had 3 vaccinations but was still quite sick. Feeling much better now, just over a week later.

JaneJudge Thu 14-Apr-22 10:03:26

how many of us who posted no then went on to catch it? confused
<puts hand up>

Marydoll Thu 14-Apr-22 10:07:25

Im sitting in hospital on a drip, having anti viral for Covid.
After two years of sheilding, I caught if from my husband,who caught if from my CEV granddaughter.
I am actually relieved , it has been so stressful.

Perusing GN, is a great way of passing the time!

JaneJudge Thu 14-Apr-22 10:09:55

Oh Marydoll, I hope you feel better soon xx

Pepper59 Thu 14-Apr-22 10:11:22

Oh Marydoll, that's rough. Hope you are doing fine and get better soon. Take care.

timetogo2016 Thu 14-Apr-22 10:12:54

Dh and i have not had it,but both sides of the family have and some were very poorly.
We also are still wearing our masks and keeping our distance from others.
I think there is going to be a massive surge after easter.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 14-Apr-22 10:17:00

I had it 2/3 weeks ago, I now have all the same symptoms back along with a couple of others, but now I’m testing -tve.
I’ve not felt really well since I had it.

I’ve had 2 vaccinations and a booster.

Oh Marydoll so sorry, after all your efforts to avoid it!
At least you are in a good place to get the meds you need, get well soon.

I too was relieved to get it, relieved that the jabs did their work, but fed up as it seems to still be ‘in’ me

Liz46 Thu 14-Apr-22 11:07:48

I tested positive 4 weeks ago, catching it from my husband. We had been shielding last year because I was CEV. I have lung damage and have a two week supply of AB in case I caught Covid but my lungs haven't been too badly affected.

The worst thing is the total exhaustion. At the start, I got up one morning, had breakfast, no shower and just got back into bed in the same pyjamas. I spent a second night in the same pyjamas but managed a shower the next morning. Fortunately I had moved into the spare room so DH didn't have to put up with me!

I spent a few days propped up in bed reading.

Sardinia2020 Thu 14-Apr-22 11:30:12

Got it at the moment. Like a mild cold, don’t feel ill at all. Think I caught it at the airport/on a plane.

JaneJudge Thu 14-Apr-22 11:31:59

I felt worse since testing negative in all honesty

Sparklefizz Thu 14-Apr-22 11:32:17

Marydoll I'm so sorry to read that you've caught it after trying so hard to avoid it. I do hope you soon feel better flowers

Ailidh Thu 14-Apr-22 11:59:07


how many of us who posted no then went on to catch it? confused
<puts hand up>


Tested positive on Sunday. Going to optimistically retest on Friday, tomorrow.

Every day has felt a little different. Headache. Sore throat. Barbed wire throat. Chesty cough. A different focus each day. A general disinclination to do much.

I'd been sent the "just in case" pcr test for the vulnerable at the end of last year, duly sent it off, although I gather it's no longer necessary.
A nice lady rang me on Monday and confirmed through questioning that being nine years in remission from NHLymphoma, I wasn't after all vulnerable, so not eligible for anti virals.

They decided to have me use an oximeter though. When the second nice lady rang to arrange it, I was stunned that shè said it was OK for me to collect it from the GP in person. My conscience wouldn't let me do that, so it was yesterday when someone managed to collect it for me. As my sats are 97%, I think I'm good.

Liz46 Thu 14-Apr-22 13:45:36

Ailidh, when my pcr test was positive, I was sent a message that an oximeter would be delivered that day. A man brought it at 7.00 pm.

Every morning I received a text asking for the reading and finally I was asked to return it to our local walk in centre.

snowberryZ Thu 14-Apr-22 14:05:22

I might have it but wouldn't know.
I've run out of tests anyway.

Audi10 Thu 14-Apr-22 14:09:39

Nope! I’ve not had it despite looking after someone in family that was quite poorly and had it! I’m ECV too! Hopefully my luck doesn’t run out!