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Not had Covid? - Does that mean I have no friends?

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Jaylou Sun 27-Mar-22 18:40:10

A Korean doctor claimed that people who haven't had COVID yet probably don't have friends.

Ma Sang-hyuk wrote on Facebook last week that "adults who have not yet been infected with COVID-19 are those who have interpersonal problems".

Do you think this is in anyway true? I haven't had Covid, but I put it down to being careful, and wearing my mask and following the guidelines. I didn't go to any illegal parties, and had to continue working in a school.

Any truth in his statement, or just the ramblings of a (slightly) mad man?

Hithere Sun 27-Mar-22 21:30:16

We do not think we have had it but how can we be sure?
We were asymptomatic, that's different.
This virus is very sneaky

GrannyLaine Sun 27-Mar-22 21:32:30

Hmmm. There is a simplistic logic to the idea though I think that to claim that 'those who have not yet had Covid have interpersonal problems' is pretty rude.

Our immediate family consists of 5 households.

2 households have avoided Covid completely, one careful one definitely NOT careful and slow to take up vaccination.

Of the remaining 3 households one has had a 13 year old child affected: he was very poorly and needed a lot of adult attention but no one else caught it. This is a very sociable family who weren't particularly careful about precautions.

The next household has been the most stringent with precautions throughout the pandemic and all 5 in that family has had Covid with one adult having it twice despite all vaccinations and booster.

The 5th household has no children and has been careful with precautions but both have had Covid recently.

Just based on personal experience I'd say that there are other factors at play here than simply swerving other peoples viruses

FarNorth Sun 27-Mar-22 21:34:57

I have friends and I mostly haven't seen them for two years.
Stupid man.

I do wonder what's going to happen next, tho. I don't want to continue never seeing anyone.

Sago Sun 27-Mar-22 21:58:31

What a ridiculous statement.
I have never had a positive Covid test, however I’m fairly certain I have had it and been asymptomatic.

Chewbacca Sun 27-Mar-22 21:59:52

Catching, and avoiding catching COVID, seems to be a bit of a lottery. I'm at the theatre, cinema or galleries at least once a week, plus various group activities that take place in meeting rooms with maybe 50 or 100 other people, plus restaurants and cafes. I've never had COVID. 10 days ago, I was sat in a car with a friend for over 2 hours, spent the rest of the day together and then drove back for 2 hours. 24 hours later, she tested positive for COVID and has been poorly ever since; I've tested negative. We've both been tripled jabbed. Having anti bodies seems to be a better indicator than having no pals!

Chewbacca Sun 27-Mar-22 22:02:28

And no one in our family has tested positive either, despite DIL being a teacher at a primary school throughout the whole pandemic and being one of the last demographic to qualify for a jab.

Grandnana Sun 27-Mar-22 22:20:53

Hi Chewbacca, I wonder if you've been slightly exposed to Covid many times and now have mighty antibodies? My two youngest grandchildren have also escaped despite the rest of the household catching it last autumn, and numerous messages from their school asking them to test because people in their class have it.
So far my partner and I have avoided it too. We were ridiculously careful at first but now see the family regularly, eat in restaurants and cafés, and I sing in a choir with no social distancing. But maybe I speak too soon!

Chewbacca Sun 27-Mar-22 22:33:09

Maybe Grandnana but I've had no symptoms and, despite many LFTs, I've never had a positive result. DIL is here regularly (I look after GC) and she's had umpteen LTF tests when pupils have been confirmed as being positive, but none of us have caught it so far. touches wood We've been very fortunate haven't we?

SusieB50 Sun 27-Mar-22 23:18:14

I have never tested positive, but I think I had it right at the beginning, never felt so bad . I spent last Christmas with DD and family who all tested positive the day after I arrived ! I didn’t get it. DS and DGS didn’t get when DiL and DGD did just before Christmas . I was with them too !

OnwardandUpward Sun 27-Mar-22 23:31:18

Ridiculous man!!!

I have never tested positive, but in December 2019 many people on cruise ships became ill with a mystery illness (and some died)
It makes perfect sense. How could we be diagnosed with something that people didn't know existed at that time? Of course we would have natural immunity to a disease we have already had.

grumppa Sun 27-Mar-22 23:51:30

In our close family of three households, who all live close together, we number ten people ranging in age from 3 to 77, all adults vaccinated, and we intermingle regularly. All but two of us have tested positive at least once, and one shows signs of suffering from long COVID. There is no reason why the two negatives should not have caught it from the family members with whom they are in very close contact.

The doctor is generalising.

Esspee Mon 28-Mar-22 00:14:01

I like my friends and family enough to test before meeting up and they do the same.

OnwardandUpward Mon 28-Mar-22 00:15:42

I should add that having extremely vulnerable and very elderly parents we have tested each time before visiting, weekly and never tested positive.

Grandnana Mon 28-Mar-22 08:55:08


Maybe Grandnana but I've had no symptoms and, despite many LFTs, I've never had a positive result. DIL is here regularly (I look after GC) and she's had umpteen LTF tests when pupils have been confirmed as being positive, but none of us have caught it so far. touches wood We've been very fortunate haven't we?

Similar here. Partner and I test regularly, grandchildren VERY regularly for the same reason as your DIL. None of us have had symptoms nor a positive result. That's why I'm hoping that we've gradually built up a resistance over time.
We'll see. Touching wood furiously!

timetogo2016 Mon 28-Mar-22 09:06:53

He`s talking utter bullshit.

OnwardandUpward Mon 28-Mar-22 09:09:04

Yes, utter huge piles of BS! We have tested EVERY week throughout the pandemic. My OH is "vulnerable" and yet neither of us have had Covid.

henetha Mon 28-Mar-22 10:00:48

I never believe sweeping statements and generalisations.
He is best ignored.

Rosalyn69 Mon 28-Mar-22 10:11:44

He’s right in my case. I haven’t had it but I’m all but friendless. I suppose it’s an up side to being a loner.

Janetashbolt Mon 28-Mar-22 11:43:09

I worked 15 hours a week in a GP surgery all my colleagues got it, we were doing face to face all through but I've never had it.

TwiceAsNice Mon 28-Mar-22 11:52:55

I live in a house with 5 other family . I work on a school, go to church regularly and volunteer at a centre once a week. I have done some socialising, out to eat twice this week although that’s unusual, a train journey (nearly empty) one day two weeks ago. Not had Covid and been triple vaccinated. I’m living my life as normally as possible. I have taken vitamin D right through Covid and swear it had helped my immune system.

Suze56 Mon 28-Mar-22 11:59:22

Honestly some ridiculous sweeping statements are bandied about re covid. However given the high rates of asymptomatic covid (up to 40% of those testing positive in community studies) and lack of any testing early on, many people will have had Covid without knowing. I joined Biobank and Zoe App Covid research projects and blood samples showed I had covid antibodies from both covid infection and from being immunised. I have never had any symptoms nor tested positive so would have been one of those saying I haven't had covid.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 28-Mar-22 12:17:52

To me his point of view is completely nonsensical.

Those of us who haven't had covid, haven't had it for various reasons:

sheer luck
a good immune system
we took suitable precautions to avoid infection
we jumped at the chance of being vaccinated

I cannot see how having friends or not having them comes into it.

Susieq62 Mon 28-Mar-22 12:18:20

We are at home with Covid as I type! No idea where we got it ! Partner positive on Friday, me on Saturday ! Terrible headache , now gone, lethargy, cough easing! Thank goodness for vaccination and paracetamol ! We have been quite social but maybe got complacent ! Who knows !!!

Wendy Mon 28-Mar-22 12:20:21

What rubbish! All my family have had it except me. DH and I never kept apart, sharing everything, when he had it but I never caught it.

Polly4t42 Mon 28-Mar-22 12:31:19

Silly statement without proof, I’ve been lucky, careful social and as far as I know have not had Covid.