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Not had Covid? - Does that mean I have no friends?

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Jaylou Sun 27-Mar-22 18:40:10

A Korean doctor claimed that people who haven't had COVID yet probably don't have friends.

Ma Sang-hyuk wrote on Facebook last week that "adults who have not yet been infected with COVID-19 are those who have interpersonal problems".

Do you think this is in anyway true? I haven't had Covid, but I put it down to being careful, and wearing my mask and following the guidelines. I didn't go to any illegal parties, and had to continue working in a school.

Any truth in his statement, or just the ramblings of a (slightly) mad man?

jenpax Tue 29-Mar-22 06:49:27

I am staying with youngest DD (who is a nurse) and her 3 children. she has been working on a ward with covid cases but so far has escaped it. Two of the children are at school, one secondary, and youngest is in nursery 3/4 days a week and we have all been lucky!
I have attended the theatre a couple of times been out in restaurants etc and obviously to shops I haven't seen any of my friends (I have a few!) as two are clinically extremely vulnerable and a couple of others are caring for vulnerable husbands so its been to protect them rather than me.
My two other daughters have both had covid, one (who is a social services manager) has had it twice! All the other grand children have had it.
I guess its only a matter of time before it strikes one of us in this household!
I too dread long covid. I have been battling with the after effects of Sepsis contracted 3 years ago, so I know only too well how debilitating a lingering condition can be, and thats more of a worry than Covid itself.

LtEve Tue 29-Mar-22 08:10:56

He is right to a certain extent, the more people you see, regardless of how many masks you wear etc, the more likely you are to catch it. The interpersonal problems 'quote' is more likely to stem form a language barrier and cultural differences.
There is some research to say that fabric masks and to a large extend the surgical masks do not work against omicron as it is just too infectious. The only real way to avoid it is not to have any contact with anyone, a bit like contraception, the only sure way of avoiding pregnancy is abstinence! Take whatever precautions you feel comfortable with but don't blame other people who get it.

I caught it before vaccinations and whilst wearing every piece of PPE available, I was in close contact with a lot of people who had it so it was more likely I would get it. Since vaccinations I have socialised as normal with a wide variety of people, worked throughout with only mandatory precautions, test frequently and have not had it again as far as I am aware.

Magrithea Tue 29-Mar-22 09:00:37

What a lot of rot! I have lots of friends, have been volunteering in my usual places, going to the theatre (with friends!) and haven't had it. fully jabbed so maybe a mixture of luck and being careful as ginny says

jocork Tue 29-Mar-22 09:13:56

My daughter and I have not had it but feel as if we are on borrowed time with it being so prevalent at the moment. She has been ultra careful for the last two years though I've been more laid back. We both have plenty friends, though she has avoided seeing them much of the time and generally only sees people outdoors.

Interestingly Jacob Rees-Mogg once said something to the effect that you couldn't catch covid from people you know when trying to justify Conservative MPs not wearing masks! Not that I take anything he says seriously!!

Saggi Tue 29-Mar-22 09:23:19

I’m in fourth week of my 2nd infection with Covid…first was from hugging friend ( with masks)…she text me later to say she’d tested positive and I was 4 days later! This infection I know for certain was from travelling in crowded buses four days in a row as I was going to my daughters to decorate her bathroom …took 4 days as I’m slow but thorough…. she was away from home so I took opportunity! This time around it horrendous( first time wasn’t)…. I am still coughing and throwing up after 3 weeks and I can’t see any end to it! Upside is I’ve lost 5 lb in weight! It truly is awful virus and I’m back to walking miles and leaving buses in the bus station!

LtEve Tue 29-Mar-22 09:49:22

Don't forget that a lot of people are asymptomatic, when we had antibody testing at work in July 2020 there were lots of staff members who were positive for antibodies who had no idea they'd had it.
Obviously with no LFT's testing then PCR testing only happened if you had symptoms. I only got tested in May 2020 because I work for the NHS.

JenniferEccles Tue 29-Mar-22 10:01:21

Maybe the comment was said tongue-in-cheek?!

philoheart Tue 29-Mar-22 10:59:44

It just means you are sensible in protecting yourself. Seem to me it's him who has interpersonal problems.

glammagran Tue 29-Mar-22 14:43:20

In hindsight, I feel fairly sure myself, DH, DD, her partner and DGD had covid in February 2020. DD was commuting into Bath on the GWR (12 minute journey so 1 stop) and we were looking after DGD twice a week. All of us were ill for weeks with temperatures and dry coughs. Covid was only just being recognised at the time as a new illness. We figured lots of skiers having come back from Italy were doing the commute too. DH and myself had it again last month but pretty mildly and neither of us had coughs.

Treetops05 Tue 29-Mar-22 18:40:23

Twaddle! My sister who has been/is very social only got Covid in December, despite travelling and holidays. I only got it a few weeks ago, despite volunteering all unimpressed by the comment - but a good excuse for the Dr to argue

effalump Sun 03-Apr-22 11:20:05

Not had Covid. I don't socialise much (can't afford to) but I go to supermarkets where there are hundreds of people and I still haven't had it. Could be because I do try to boost my immuity with certain foods but it could also be that after a lifetime of being in contact with corona and other viruses, especially during the years of catching public transport to work, I think my immune system is pretty robust. I also try not to succumb to the attitude that "I'm gonna catch a virus and die", it's the worst thing ever for damaging your immune system and lowering your vibrational energy. Go about your life with the attitude of "my body is a power plant, it does not allow viruses to invade. My immune system is my armour".

PECS Sun 03-Apr-22 15:48:18

effalump you sound a little smug. I know someone who died from Covid. They had lived a very positive lifestyle, exercised, ate a nutritious & healthy diet but despite this could not survive the virus.
You post may be hurtful to relatives and friends of those who have died from Covid.. suggesting if they had been more positive they would have lived. ? I hope that is not what you were suggesting.

Iam64 Sun 03-Apr-22 17:32:41

PECS is correct in regarding your post as rather smug effalump. It’s reminiscent of the suggestion that those diagnosed with cancer are somehow responsible for the disease finding them, the next step being “the battle” the patient has with the disease. As if it’s up to the patient to “win”