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Not had Covid? - Does that mean I have no friends?

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Jaylou Sun 27-Mar-22 18:40:10

A Korean doctor claimed that people who haven't had COVID yet probably don't have friends.

Ma Sang-hyuk wrote on Facebook last week that "adults who have not yet been infected with COVID-19 are those who have interpersonal problems".

Do you think this is in anyway true? I haven't had Covid, but I put it down to being careful, and wearing my mask and following the guidelines. I didn't go to any illegal parties, and had to continue working in a school.

Any truth in his statement, or just the ramblings of a (slightly) mad man?

Theoddbird Mon 28-Mar-22 12:37:14

I gave stuck to the rules since it started and have avoided getting it. I went to a family wedding on Saturday. Over a hundred people there. Everyone was asked to do a test before attending. Did they all do a test...I doubt it. I will be watching out for signs of covid...

Daftbag1 Mon 28-Mar-22 12:59:57

If that's true, I haven't got friends and neither does my husband! We haven't had Covid so fat!

Mollygo Mon 28-Mar-22 13:04:33

A Korean doctor claimed that people who haven't had COVID yet probably don't have friends.
So you can only catch Covid from friends?

I’d have thought teaching was more risky, but who knows?
Perhaps that’s why only meeting friends outdoors was safer.

Juana Mon 28-Mar-22 13:26:05

I have been socialising sensibly since restrictions eased off late last year and I have been in close contact with my grandchildren and their mum while they were infectious and didn’t know it, also with one of my sons 2 weeks ago and with 2 friends 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had covid as yet

kjmpde Mon 28-Mar-22 13:58:57

I and hubby must have interpersonal problems as we have not had covid either ! A different culture in Korea maybe ?

oodles Mon 28-Mar-22 14:17:34

I kept out of the way of other people when it first hit, didn't go on holiday, but found myself having to travel by train and bus and go to a funeral instead. When it was allowed I met with friends in the garden. I then had an accident which meant I had to go on public transport to the hospital weekly. My children have fresh air jobs and have not had it either.
Once I was able to have all my jabs I had them all. I've been on holiday, been on trips, to church, wedding and a funeral been to the shops etc, but I have kept wearing a mask. I've known people who've been asymptomatic at first so felt able to go out. I've also known someone this year whose family had it mildly but she died. I will continue to wear a mask when in shops, church, public transport

OnwardandUpward Mon 28-Mar-22 14:22:13

I'm sure we are immune, seeing as we probably were among the first to get a mystery illness in December 2019.

It doesn't get everyone, though. I've got friends whose young kids all had it and they didn't, even though they were caring for the kids through it all.

lizzypopbottle Mon 28-Mar-22 14:41:17

Definitely a madman! I haven't had covid. I teach karate, five days a week, to loads of school age children and we get regular messages from parents saying their child has tested positive. I also teach adults who, at the very least, are parents of school children and have jobs and friends. They tell us when/if they test positive. We are not required to wear masks. Maybe, eventually, I will get covid but I believe, fingers crossed, I have a strong immune system and it has protected me so far. I'm no Billy No Mates and I haven't had covid!

Nannina Mon 28-Mar-22 14:51:13

Lots of friends I see regularly- all triple vaxxed. None of us have had Covid despite members of our family, mainly the younger ones, having succumbed. I put it down to none of being the hugging or touchy feeler type whereas the younger generation tend to launch themselves into each other’s arms several times during any encounter.

PECS Mon 28-Mar-22 15:18:16

I wear a mask in any public place, keep a distance, use sanitiser/ wash hands etc. but I do see friends, who are like me re masks etc.
My DH & I got Covid at the beginning of March. No idea where from as nobody else we know personally had it just before us.
We see our DDs & DGC but they had Covid in Nov / Dec. The current strain is very transmissible so might have been someone who got too near in a supermarket queue, or on a train... Good job the vaccines have reduced the impact of the virus for most people.

Cagsy Mon 28-Mar-22 15:48:27

We've not had it yet and we've socialised quite a lot once we were able again. Our son had a big engagement party in October, we had a family get together here just before Christmas - over 30 of us and then children and grandchildren on Christmas Day. One son tested positive on Boxing Day and a few others caught it too but no one was really ill, even the unvaccinated folk. I know it's very prevalent at the moment so it could be us next, just hope not. I do take Vitamin D to help boost immunity through the winter months

PECS Mon 28-Mar-22 16:34:12

My DD teaches in an Infant school where many of the children & staff have had Covid. DD had Covid in early December. Her teaching assistant, that she gives a lift to each morning did not catch Covid until now. No rhyme or reason like many other diseases...

Madashell Mon 28-Mar-22 16:44:57

I have no social life whatsoever and have never had Covid so maybe he has a point.

Vanessa59 Mon 28-Mar-22 16:48:07

I have a good social life and have never had covid.

HazelEyes Mon 28-Mar-22 16:55:05

Absolute rubbish, I socialise a lot. With small groups of friends, large groups, go to restaurants, pubs, go on the train, go to London, the theatre, volunteer, shopping, on a plane on holiday etc etc. I haven't had it, yet. So no, maybe some people are naturally immune ? I'm hoping!

Rosalyn69 Mon 28-Mar-22 17:20:11

As OnwardandUpward said I too have that mystery virus in 2019.

Alioop Mon 28-Mar-22 17:56:45

I've stayed Covid free so far, maybe vaccines and staying clear of people I know who don't care has helped. I just hope it stays that way.

Zoejory Mon 28-Mar-22 18:00:18

Not had it. However we were rather ill in February, 2020, dry cough and fever, so who knows. Could have been covid, could have been a cold.

But I've managed to avoid it ever since. It appears that everyone in my family has had it now. Only in the last few weeks. All mild symptoms. They were all vaccinated. Which is probably why they weren't particularly unwell. Our 10 year old grandson tested positive and was as right as rain.

Maybe some people are just immune for some reason or other.

Ginpin Mon 28-Mar-22 19:07:49

Husband and I have not had it YET,
Eldest daughter and family of 5 all had it last year in Somerset as foster daughter (6) picked it up from school.

Middle daughter and Son in law not had it yet.
Their 10 yr old son has had it twice. Badly the first time.
Their 11 year old daughter keeps avoiding it every time, from home or school. We don't know how she manages it !

Youngest daughter and husband still clear but their just 2 yr old got it last autumn and we suspect the 4 week old did at the time too. ( No idea how the 2 yr old got it but her positive result came up so quickly and she was very poorly)

In our family of 15, 7 and possibly the baby have had it. So about 50% of us.
All of us adults are very careful though.

Husband has just gone out to a meeting with 30 yr olds. I reminded him to wear his mask ( they will definitely not be doing so) and he can blame me if he wishes !

AJKW Mon 28-Mar-22 20:35:09

I’ve only had COVID in the last 8 weeks.
I’ve worked throughout the pandemic, and been in contact with many people.
I just consider myself as having a healthy immune system.

Shizam Mon 28-Mar-22 20:57:01

I live cheek by jowl with a triple jabbed young person who got it. Quite ill. Me, much older, also 3 jabs didn’t catch it. Why?
Virus is random. They still don’t understand it. That man talks fluent tripe and should pipe down.

Forestflame Mon 28-Mar-22 23:24:26

I have plenty of friends, and I haven't had it yet! Mind you, we are all being careful.

Keffie12 Tue 29-Mar-22 00:13:15

Reasonable socialising here with me though still very careful. I still use facemasks and take a Covid19 test every week the day before I Nana sit. Had all vaccinations.

I think some people are resistant to it. My eldest, his wife, our 2 grandchildren my DiL family, my second son or I have had it.

I along with 1 other in a fellowship group of 16 minimum are the only 2 who haven't had it yet.

Another friend in the group of us has had it but was asymptomatic. She only found out cos she had taken a test the day before going to see someone who has cancer.

She wouldn't have known otherwise hence she is defo asymptomatic

Mamma66 Tue 29-Mar-22 00:32:29

All I can say is if you haven’t had it be truly thankful. I am currently on my third bout of COVID (twice this year). It’s horrible, but the post vaccine bouts were much milder than the pre vaccine bout which hospitalised me and left me with heart failure. I do think it is just down to luck though as to whether you get it.

Grandma2213 Tue 29-Mar-22 03:46:19

I don't have many friends but don't see it as a problem interpersonal or otherwise. I enjoy my own company. I've not had covid yet but then I've never had flu and rarely had a cold. Crossing my fingers now in case I've spoken too soon! smile