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Not had Covid? - Does that mean I have no friends?

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Jaylou Sun 27-Mar-22 18:40:10

A Korean doctor claimed that people who haven't had COVID yet probably don't have friends.

Ma Sang-hyuk wrote on Facebook last week that "adults who have not yet been infected with COVID-19 are those who have interpersonal problems".

Do you think this is in anyway true? I haven't had Covid, but I put it down to being careful, and wearing my mask and following the guidelines. I didn't go to any illegal parties, and had to continue working in a school.

Any truth in his statement, or just the ramblings of a (slightly) mad man?

GagaJo Sun 27-Mar-22 18:43:41

He kind of has a point in my case. I don't socialise anymore. Or at least, in the last 2 years, I have socialised probably a maximum of 4 or 5 times. And all but 2 of those were outside.

Daisymae Sun 27-Mar-22 18:58:16

Not have Covid as yet although I am sure that it's only a matter of time. DH is vulnerable and we don't socialize very much. Relatives and friends test before they visit. I'm thinking that he has a point but we would do more without this cloud hanging over us.

Cabbie21 Sun 27-Mar-22 19:23:42

At a family lunch today the five oldest of us had not had Covid, but the three youngest had, probably because they are out and about mixing more at school, work etc. Perhaps we caught it today! Too soon to know, but it is the first socialising I have done at close quarters, though I go to choir practice where we are socially is not Covid itself that I dread, but long covid, which can be awful and isn’t going to go away.

Allsorts Sun 27-Mar-22 19:29:42

I’ve had it but I think the way things are everyone will get it, but it’s horrible.

Galaxy Sun 27-Mar-22 19:33:22

He sounds a charmer.

Blondiescot Sun 27-Mar-22 19:34:18

I've not had it, nor has OH, but my son and daughter and their partners have, and my 95-year-old FiL just tested positive this week. We don't socialise though, and I do test regularly.

nexus63 Sun 27-Mar-22 19:37:56

i am just getting over covid, my first day out will be tomorrow, spent 12 days in isolation, this is the first time for me, i don't wear a mask for medical reasons but i have been very careful, being on my own i had to go out all through the pandemic, to get basic things like food and key card electricity. i saw friends (neighbours) every few days outside my building and when the lock downs lifted i was out with my son every few weeks. i live in a city that 1 in 11 people have covid at the moment so i was bound to get it, it has nothing to do with having no friends or not being able to interact with people, just another load of rubbish, please do not worry.

TerriBull Sun 27-Mar-22 19:40:19

I think when it all started back in 2020 and it was reported high profile people in various walks of life seemed to be going down like flies it did occur to me, well they're out and about meeting everyone so it really isn't a surprising. Having been mega careful for a couple of years, I still mask up, have had all three vaccines, we succumbed a few weeks ago. Quite honestly I think one of our sons gave it to us, although he'd deny that. Young people naturally are more complacent in their socialising than older people although we have been less cautious I suppose as to meeting friends and family, children and grandchildren when they visit stay overnight. and it's hard to be arm's length with them.

merlotgran Sun 27-Mar-22 19:42:13

I've only got one friend and that's my dog! grin

lemsip Sun 27-Mar-22 19:45:25

.......'just the ramblings of a (slightly) mad man?' ...........

I have not had covid....have been extremly careful in looking after myself...mask wearing in shops and public transport.
and I have several friends!

Whitewavemark2 Sun 27-Mar-22 19:48:18

We haven’t had covid neither have my children and grandchildren.

We have met up with friends but when possible out doors or have been careful on indoor meet ups.

We have attended one wedding, 2 funerals, numerous family dinners, frequent lunch out with friends, plus constant walking, and a bit of shopping (not our thing)
But haven’t gone to the theatre or been on buses or trains - nowhere which would mean we were in close contact with people we didn’t know.

All the family and friends take a LFT every time we all met up and wear masks as necessary.

I think he is talking rot.

But saying that no doubt we will get it eventually.

rosie1959 Sun 27-Mar-22 19:50:45

I suppose he has a point if you rarely go out and socialise then you are less likely to catch it
The only adult in my family not to have been infected is my son but he certainly hasn’t stopped going out and about far from it
Some seem to have an immunity to it no matter what

Ailidh Sun 27-Mar-22 20:05:33

I have a small but precious group of friends, and have never considered myself socially inept.
We have been/are careful but not obsessively so.
We have not had covid.

DaisyAnne Sun 27-Mar-22 20:06:47

I could easily be that you have very thoughtful friends who have ensured they didn't put you at risk Jaylou.

Jaylou Sun 27-Mar-22 20:09:34

I think many of us on GN are more mature and sensible and not as slapdash as the youth of today. So will possible not take the risks that younger people today.
I do think his statement about "No covid, then you have interpersonal problems" is so extreme it is laughable.

JaneJudge Sun 27-Mar-22 20:10:27

I've not caught it despite sharing a house/bed/car with people who have had it. Nice to know no one wants to be my friend though, something else to be worried about

grannypiper Sun 27-Mar-22 20:17:34

JayLou Maybe you have had Covid and not realised, I had no symptoms whatsoever and only knew i was positive because i tested before a friend came to visit. I hadn't been out of the house or had anyone visit for 9 days beforehand. No temperature, no cough, nada until a week after my first negative test when i lost my sense of taste and smell, 5 weeks later i can only smell or taste really strong things.

Hithere Sun 27-Mar-22 20:22:58

Not having friends =/ you are not out in public around people

Scribbles Sun 27-Mar-22 20:26:29

Last week I had something which presented with most of the classic covid symptoms: pyrexia, headache, sore throat, persistent dry cough, lethargy, etc. As a couple of friends who I see frequently had both gone down with the wretched plague, this was no great surprise.
Daily LF tests came up negative every time so, officially, I haven't had it. But I am convinced I have! My symptoms lasted 4 to 5 days and, 10 days on, the only remaining thing is tiredness and diminished energy.
I think the good doctor is talking nonsense about being Billy No-mates if you don't get it. Just like many other viral infections, you can get it anywhere - social activities, queueing in the post office, bus and train travel, chatting to the postman, etc, etc. And I really don't get this business about not interacting too much with people you don't usually meet. They are no more likely to infect you than people you see every day.

Shandy57 Sun 27-Mar-22 20:26:30

It's not being billy no mates, it's deciding to keep yourself safe by avoiding group situations. I've not had it either, yet, but it's rife in my village and only a question of time.

I felt very vulnerable going to a meeting with twelve unmasked people recently, first time I'd been in group situation since March 2020. I did a LF this morning as my son was coming over, negative.

My daughter has had Covid recently and is still suffering with headaches and sinus problems, the doctor has given her a sinus spray as she has pain on one side of her face.

Iam64 Sun 27-Mar-22 20:41:45

I’m recovering slowly from an upper and lower respiratory infection. Two lots of antibiotics and steroids. This is week 4 and I’m just beginning to feel a bit better. I did two negative lft.

I see my two adult children, 4 young grandchildren, occasionally I pop into the supermarket for bread, I wear a mask. So mixing not a lot., my GP says here immunity poor post,lockdown. As well as covid, they’re seeing a lot of people with virus/infections like I had

VioletSky Sun 27-Mar-22 20:47:23

Hi can only answer from personal experience but I only just had covid for the first time despite having it in the house twice and working in a school

M0nica Sun 27-Mar-22 21:02:16

Well, neither of my DC have had it - they are both very sociable. At one point DDiL and both DGC had it, but son, living and sleeping with them, didn't. DD daughter goes into work twice a week, travels on public transport, is a regular theatre goer, and non-mask wearer she hasn't had it either.

We haven't had it and that could be because we have been avoidig people or relying on technology to meet up, but I am shopping every week - and not wearing a mask and DH's music group has resumed rehearsals.

Perhaps Korean culture works differently, but it has been suggested that some people seem to have an immunity to the disease.

ginny Sun 27-Mar-22 21:28:01

We have plenty of friends and acquaintances. We take part in various activities.
We have not had covid yet. Probably due to a mixture of being careful and luck.