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How long did your covid last?

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Thoro Tue 05-Apr-22 15:43:24

I caught covid from the kids and grandkids and expected to be unwell for a few days then get better (I have been triple jabbed).
I was surprised how unwell I was (no other health conditions but 71) and although I’m on the mend I’m on day 12 since first testing positive and am still positive and am coughing and feeling rubbish. Am I expecting too much or just unlucky?

Ashcombe Wed 06-Apr-22 06:27:39

I felt unwell for a few days before testing positive, after which I was tired and suffered the symptoms of a heavy cold. It took eight days to get a negative result and I continued to feel tired for more than a week and I have an unusual cough. I’m also 71.

BlueBalou: I found Sudafed nasal spray helped with the bunged up nose.

Get well soon, Thoro. ?

kittylester Wed 06-Apr-22 07:18:42

I don't think Sudafed should be used by people with some health conditions eg high BP. Similarly most decongestants, I believe.

Sterimar nasal wash is safe though as are things like Olbas oil.

I think.

Ashcombe Wed 06-Apr-22 08:46:11


I don't think Sudafed should be used by people with some health conditions eg high BP. Similarly most decongestants, I believe.

Sterimar nasal wash is safe though as are things like Olbas oil.

I think.

That’s interesting, kittylester as my GP recommended Sudafed for me when I had labyrinthitis last year and I have BP issues. The product comes with instructions for it not to be used long term but the relief it provides was most beneficial in both instances.

Cabbie21 Wed 06-Apr-22 08:56:36

Sudafed is a product my DH must not use, which is a problem as he seems to have permanent catarrh. He is on several meds but I think it is the diabetes meds which count.

kittylester Wed 06-Apr-22 09:02:27

Interesting indeed. I asked the pharmacist what she could recommend and she said nothing like that if you have high BP. I checked their website and it also said that. Maybe it's OK for a short while confused

dragonfly46 Wed 06-Apr-22 09:41:02

I started with symptoms 12 days ago and tested negative at the weekend thinking I was over it. It has been downhill since then. I have a vague headache, bunged up nose, muscle aches (although that could be due to medications) and extreme tiredness.
Good to hear others feel the same. My DH who is vulnerable and contracted Covid after me is better!

Callistemon21 Wed 06-Apr-22 09:44:52


Callistemon21, we should all learn a new word a day, in my case to replace the ones I forget!
When my Phantosmia started it was cigarette smoke. I could taste and smell it constantly. It has now morphed into diesel/exhaust fumes. I can smell and taste it so strongly that it gives me a sore throat and headaches.

nandad not pleasant!

I used to wonder if the smells got 'trapped' in any catarrh you may have ? but we've never had a coal fire. I didn't know the condition had a particular name

GagaJo Wed 06-Apr-22 10:10:13

I had this while I was going through the menopause. It was most disconcerting. I'd think I could smell burning and be really worried something was on fire. Or I'd smell garlic really strongly.

It's more or less stopped now. Known menopausal symptom, apparently.

Callistemon21 Wed 06-Apr-22 10:32:11

Known menopausal symptom, apparently.
Well, you live and learn on GN!

Although, with the coal smell, DH could smell it too in one particular room and we've never had a coal fire here and I don't think our neighbours have either.
Very odd.

annodomini Wed 06-Apr-22 11:10:37

10 days for me and seems to be the norm for other family members. I wasn't poorly, apart from a cough which didn't last long.

PaperMonster Thu 07-Apr-22 11:54:33

I’m 52 with T2D. I had one day of feeling unwell. Got a negative on Day 10. Had fatigue for three weeks

Mollygo Sun 10-Apr-22 08:01:49

I tested positive last Tuesday and repeated on Wednesday. It was just a pre-work check. I’m not ill, can still taste (I’ve been checking that with a small glass of red wine each day). I’ve isolated, as school requests and I’m doing another test this am.
Who knows what the answer will be, but I’m hoping it’s negative so our holiday can go ahead.
On the positive side, I don’t have to wonder if I have friends.

Lilypops Sun 10-Apr-22 08:10:18

I started with Covid last Monday. , heavy cold , coughing , I tested negative yesterday Saturday, I feel ok but I have a dull headache and feel tired , but other than that I feel ok , so mine lasted 6days ,

Ailidh Sun 10-Apr-22 08:59:50

I'm just on Day One.

A Very strong positive in about a minute.

Just vaguely headachy and tired behind my eyes so far.

Jaxjacky Sun 10-Apr-22 09:03:29

I’m on day 5, most symptoms gone except for weariness, I’ll optimistically test tomorrow.

Thoro Sun 10-Apr-22 09:28:43

Finally tested negative after 14 days - it made me feel better! Still coughing and get tired easily but a great feeling of relief when I mix with others that I won’t be passing it on or for a while anyway shouldn’t be getting it again ?

Blinko Sun 10-Apr-22 13:01:25

I'm on day 6, tested negative this morning. I felt ill for about 24 hours then rapidly improved. Still a bit claggy, but no tiredness or other symptoms. I think I got off lightly compared to some.

I've had flu once in my life, some 30 years ago and it was much worse. I was ill for a month.

I'm 75.

kittylester Sun 10-Apr-22 13:36:10

Back to report on Day 19.

Sinuses are loads better but my nose still runs.

And, I have an infected knee! Not saying it was caused by covid but it is hanging on and on and I feel that having covid has depleted my reserves.

Mollygo Sun 10-Apr-22 14:06:49

Tested positive again today!
Reading some posts on here, I’m grateful I feel fine and I hope those of you who don’t, soon feel better.
Just seems incredible to have no symptoms and still be positive!

Ailidh Sat 16-Apr-22 18:36:35


I'm just on Day One.

A Very strong positive in about a minute.

Just vaguely headachy and tired behind my eyes so far.

Now on Day 7, still positive but the line is getting fainter, if that means anything.

I've started to wake up wondering what today's Symptom du Jour is going to be: I had two days of headache/head cold behind the eyes; a day of constantly runny nose; a day of barbed wire throat; one febrile night; a day of chesty cough; now on my second day of Hideous Catarrh.
I'm not tired but I am sleepy.
I'm disinclined to do much but that might just be because of not doing much.

The most annoying thing is the odd taste in my mouth. I can taste food and drink fine but I have a permanently sour? metallic? odd? taste. Nothing seems to cut it. I don't Think I've got bad breath - I haven't spoken to a human without a mask for a week, and the dogs don't complain.

Fingers crossed it goes off soon, and that I start testing negative soon too. ?

Jaxjacky Sat 16-Apr-22 19:22:19

Finally tested negative after day 9, yesterday, feel ok apart from weary after normal tasks and slept 10 hours last night, retained sense of taste and smell, bit of a ‘productive’ cough.

TillyTrotter Sat 16-Apr-22 19:56:02

I went through the range of ailments as Ailidh listed and it lasted 7 days. Didn’t test a definite Negative for 2 more days after that.
Weary like Jaxjacky says. After doing the smallest chores.
It’s sort of a comfort to know the experience of others is so similar and I’m not just having a bout of laziness !

Cabbie21 Sat 16-Apr-22 20:01:34

Like a cold, three days coming, three days bad, three days to recover. I tested negative on day two, positive on day 5, and my next test which was on day 7 was negative. I am still left with an annoying cough.

GagaJo Sat 16-Apr-22 20:42:41

3 weeks later I have hideous catarrh and get a headache daily, I think it's my sinuses getting clogged. I've been negative for 2 week, just left with mega snot.

MayBee70 Sat 16-Apr-22 20:49:11

Would a nasal spray help. Or a neti pot? I had a terrible post nasal drip years ago and it exhausted me as it really interrupted my sleeping. I think the Vicks Vapor rub on the soles of my feet helped. Although, from memory, I did take antibiotics eventually. I was still working at the time and I don’t know how I managed to do my job.