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How long did your covid last?

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Thoro Tue 05-Apr-22 15:43:24

I caught covid from the kids and grandkids and expected to be unwell for a few days then get better (I have been triple jabbed).
I was surprised how unwell I was (no other health conditions but 71) and although I’m on the mend I’m on day 12 since first testing positive and am still positive and am coughing and feeling rubbish. Am I expecting too much or just unlucky?

kittylester Tue 05-Apr-22 15:50:23

I'm on day 14 (ish) and was congratulating myself at the beginning on not feeling too bad.

I am now negative but feel awful with dreadful sinusitis, dizziness and tiredness. To say I am fed up is an understatement!

Baggs Tue 05-Apr-22 15:53:25

Flu can take that long and some people (not me) are saying covid is a kind of flu.

GagaJo Tue 05-Apr-22 15:53:43

A week. But do still have bad sinuses and am ridiculously phlegmy.

PinkCosmos Tue 05-Apr-22 15:57:53

I am similar to Kitty Lester. I am on about day 14 or 15 and tested negative last Friday.

I still have a blocked up head and feel more tired than normal.

My cough is still there slightly but it isn't keeping me awake at night like it was before.

Hope you start to feel better soon Thoro

TerriBull Tue 05-Apr-22 15:58:09

I had it for about a week, felt really bad for a couple of days. Negative now, we caught it at the same time, my husband has a had a horrible lingering cough, me too, but less so. Worst aspect, we both feel tired, went out for a walk this morning almost felt as if I could close my eyes as I was walking and fall asleep where I was shock Both triple jabbed too. Yes it's the coughing and tiredness that still remain!

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 05-Apr-22 16:04:39

I felt very unwell for two or three days (one day was spent in bed!) but now two weeks after I tested negative, I still get very tired. I had a really busy weekend including volunteering in a local country house on Saturday and having two sons, partner of one of them and my granddaughter to stay over the weekend. Of course they all help with the cooking etc., but I still feel drained. It didn’t help that I woke up this morning with a migraine.

shysal Tue 05-Apr-22 16:06:21

Most people I have spoken to say that they felt worse in the second week, improving thereafter.

Thoro Tue 05-Apr-22 16:06:47

Thank you for your answers - I don’t feel so alone!
I have been told that even testing positive I shouldn’t be too infectious anymore which is a relief. I have been wearing a mask when around my husband and washing hands loads when preparing his food (he has dementia plus other health needs) and so far he hasn’t caught it which is a relief.

MayBee70 Tue 05-Apr-22 16:13:26


Flu can take that long and some people (not me) are saying covid is a kind of flu.

So your point is?

Baggs Tue 05-Apr-22 16:17:14

So my point is that, according to family members who have had both flu and covid - I have had neither - there wasn't much difference. In fact, in one case, flu was worse than covid.

And another point is that if you're not hospitalised with covid, then what is it but a fluey kind of illness?

Just speaking from what I've read and heard throughout the pandemic. Most people who get covid are fine once they've recovered.

Baggs Tue 05-Apr-22 16:19:09

I say I've had neither, but according to the latest vast list of symptoms, I could have had it almost every day for the last forty-odd years because some of the symptoms are also common symptoms of, for example, rhinitis and arthritis.

ShazzaKanazza Tue 05-Apr-22 16:23:26

We had covid in 2020. We were not well on and off for about two weeks. Some days we were fine and could get out in the garden and other days we couldn’t get off the sofa. My taste didn’t come back for about a month. You had to isolate for two weeks and provided you didn’t have a temperature you could go out after that. I went to Waitrose after being released stifling a cough behind my mask. We were lucky to get through it with no after effects despite no vaccines.

rosie1959 Tue 05-Apr-22 16:32:14

Four had it in our family grandaughter age 4 no symptoms tested negative day 6 Daughter CV cold like symptoms tested negative day 6
My husband and I tested positive for 9 days he had mild cold like symptoms I had no symptoms a vague feeling of being unwell for first day after that nothing felt absolutely fine

kittylester Tue 05-Apr-22 16:32:51

Bagfs despite my bleating on about it, I would definitely say the one and only time I have had fku was much, much worse.

Terribull, ii feel as though I could just lean against a wall and drop off to sleep.

rosie1959 Tue 05-Apr-22 16:34:39


I say I've had neither, but according to the latest vast list of symptoms, I could have had it almost every day for the last forty-odd years because some of the symptoms are also common symptoms of, for example, rhinitis and arthritis.

I really wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been testing daily because of contact and my husband said he has had worse hangovers

nandad Tue 05-Apr-22 17:03:18

I had it really mildly and it lasted for a few days. Cough started on day 3 and lasted for two months.
6 months on, I still have no sense of smell or taste, have Phantosmia, have brain fog and have lost my hearing. Husband on the other hand had it for a couple of weeks and suffered no after affects. Think it is dry individual.
Hope you feel better soon.

PECS Tue 05-Apr-22 17:10:07

I tested positive for 10 days and on two of those days felt unwell enough to take paracetamol. After 5 days I was not feeling any different to usual.
DH tested negative 6 days after his positive test but 4 weeks later is only just getting rid of his cold symptoms!
A " Russian Roulette" illness..some suffering badly, others not at all! Thank goodness for science & vaccines!

Callistemon21 Tue 05-Apr-22 17:16:44


Well, you learn a new word every day!!
I think I've had this for years because I sometimes can smell things which cannot be there eg coal.

I did lose my sense of smell completely after a mystery virus in December 2019.
It lasted for weeks as did other symptoms.

BlueBelle Tue 05-Apr-22 17:56:20

I tested positive for 12/14 days I wasn’t very ill but felt washed out and had a head cold for three / four weeks afterwards My eldest daughter is over 4 weeks better… but still has a cough and head cold and feels wiped out
my other daughter felt fine after four days
Everyone’s so different

Cabbie21 Tue 05-Apr-22 18:30:59

I am on day 5/6 and I feel much better apart from a cough and very croaky voice, but all colds do that to me and can last weeks.

Thoro Tue 05-Apr-22 18:39:14

Thank you all for your experiences. I think I have had it quite badly but….. do agree with the comments that flu can be worse.
I’ve had flu on 4 occasions throughout my life and remember them as I was really ill and not able to function for at least 2 weeks.

nexus63 Tue 05-Apr-22 18:51:06

i was 10 days till i tested negative, that was 2 weeks ago and i am still not right, i still have the cough, the runny nose, i feel sore all over and so tired. the doctor did tell me it can take 6 to 8 weeks before i will be fully back to normal, she said this strain (omicron) attacks the gut, i did have bad stomach pain and the runs.....i still have them. i hope you feel better soon, big hugs.

nandad Tue 05-Apr-22 22:23:37

Callistemon21, we should all learn a new word a day, in my case to replace the ones I forget!
When my Phantosmia started it was cigarette smoke. I could taste and smell it constantly. It has now morphed into diesel/exhaust fumes. I can smell and taste it so strongly that it gives me a sore throat and headaches.

BlueBalou Wed 06-Apr-22 06:08:46

I tested strongly positive on Sunday (came up within 2 minutes on the test) but had had a headache, sore throat and runny nose for 4 days before and been negative on the Saturday.
I do feel better today but still have a cough and now a bunged up nose. Did do a few bits yesterday morning and had to go back to bed , I was knackered!
Hoping that I am over the worst now.