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How long did your covid last?

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Thoro Tue 05-Apr-22 15:43:24

I caught covid from the kids and grandkids and expected to be unwell for a few days then get better (I have been triple jabbed).
I was surprised how unwell I was (no other health conditions but 71) and although I’m on the mend I’m on day 12 since first testing positive and am still positive and am coughing and feeling rubbish. Am I expecting too much or just unlucky?

Smurf52 Sun 17-Apr-22 14:00:58

I got Covid in New York in early March. I felt bad for several weeks. I now have long Covid where the glands in my neck are painful.

Aveline Sat 23-Apr-22 08:13:22

My experience of Covid was very odd. I had a few days of feeling a sort of pre cold feeling : a vague feeling that I might be getting a cold as I woke up each morning but the feeling of vague throat discomfort disappeared as the day went on. I had paracetamol and tissues all set for the worst but it just didn't happen. I tested positive for almost a week then went back to testing negative. It was all most odd. No headache, fever, cough or any of the main symptoms. I'm very glad indeed not to have suffered as so many appear to have and put that down to the vaccine and booster for which I'm very grateful. DH has it now and it's like one of his usual noisy colds!

Esmay Sat 23-Apr-22 08:39:13

I think that recovering from covid is dependent on three factors-which strain you get , your age and you previous fitness levels

I have two friends who caught covid in January last year :

One is 55 years old has type two diabetes a thrombosis problem ,a poor diet, but goes to the gym once or twice a week and is still feeling off .
She gets tired very easily .

Her friend is 70 ,very overweight and unfit .She loves sweet things and drives everywhere .
She had trouble walking pre covid .
She nearly died in hospital and now has blood clots in her lungs ,a damaged heart and very swollen legs .
I don't know what her prognosis is .
I don't think that it's good .

I've met other people of all ages and fitness levels ,who didn't know that they have covid ,but tested positive and others who felt as though they had the flu in varying degrees and others who thought that they'd never recover .

Plenty of rest , a super healthy diet and gentle exercise seems to be the key to making a full recovery .
But there no magic formula .

I'm still waiting to regain my sense of taste - everything is bland .

Ailidh Sat 23-Apr-22 08:46:17

I eventually tested negative on Day 12. The most persistent thing was the wersh (sour) taste in my mouth but that's gone now, Day 14. I feel disinclined for much that's energetic but that might just be because I haven't done much or a fortnight.

NannyJan53 Mon 09-May-22 12:34:54

Day 9 now and still testing positive with 2 strong lines, even though I feel absolutely fine, just a tickly cough now and then!

First 2 days felt a little achey, but then it was just like a head cold.

Jane43 Mon 09-May-22 12:41:50

Six days from the first positive test to the first negative test. I had a cough and sore throat for two days then nothing more than a cold.

Framilode Mon 09-May-22 16:17:08

I have just tested negative after 11 days, though still feel tired.

I felt very ill for 3 days, fever, chills, headache and body aches. I do have Type 2 diabetes and also auto immune conditions. I am due for my fourth vaccine but will have to wait a couple of weeks now.

I will carry on being very careful as I don't want to go through that again.

kittylester Mon 09-May-22 16:35:55

It is approx 6 weeks since I tested positive and, since then, I have has dreadful sinusitis, an infected knee (for no discernable reason) and a uti that hasn't responded to abs.

I'm actually, a fairly healthy person generally.

craftycrochet Mon 09-May-22 22:04:28

Lasted about 2 weeks, mainly exhaustion that lingered. I went back to work on 11th day (after 10 days isolation), which I think was too soon because I still didn't feel 100%.

craftycrochet Mon 09-May-22 22:05:27

Forgot to say I tested negative on LFT day 6 and 10.

Musicgirl Mon 09-May-22 22:12:01

I was still testing positive on day ten so rang the Covid helpline. I was told l was no longer considered infectious and that some people could test positive for up to ninety days. I found the exhaustion took a while to recover from.

Jane43 Mon 09-May-22 22:17:36

DH went to the podiatrist this afternoon and he has just returned to work after having Covid for 7 weeks and being really poorly most of the time. It just shows how it varies from person to person.

Franbern Tue 19-Jul-22 15:42:44


I felt unwell for a few days before testing positive, after which I was tired and suffered the symptoms of a heavy cold. It took eight days to get a negative result and I continued to feel tired for more than a week and I have an unusual cough. I’m also 71.

BlueBalou: I found Sudafed nasal spray helped with the bunged up nose.

Get well soon, Thoro. ?

Beware if Sudofed if you suffer from High Blood Pressure. Can seriously effect this. If you are on prescribed medication do not take any over-the-counter medication without checking with pharmacist first.

Maggierose Tue 19-Jul-22 15:49:51

I tested negative today on my eighth day. Only felt really poorly for one day. I am 73 and triple jabbed. Feeling tired but the heat is partly to blame for that.