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Getting the second booster?

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Daisymae Thu 12-May-22 18:36:21

Booked appointment for DH at large vaccination centre today but it seems that he didn't qualify. He has multiple serious health conditions and the GP says he should have the booster but they don't have enough people to warrant running a clinic. He needs a letter from the doctor to get a booster but it's like trying to get blood out of a stone, as the practice manager says there's no rush. It's not a great surgery TBH. It is however 6 months since his first booster. Anyone else having problems?

Shelflife Thu 12-May-22 19:06:49

I am sorry you DH has not had the second booster he deserves. My DH was able to have his at a walk in centre , although older than me he has no underlying health problems. I pushed my luck and went with him to ask if I could have mine , they said " sorry no , you must wait to be invited" So I am still waiting! I was a bit miffed , the place was very very quiet but I suppose they have rules to follow. I had of course hoped they would vaccinate me , so many people deciding not to be vaccinated and your DH is struggling - does'nt seem fair!

Charleygirl5 Thu 12-May-22 19:18:31

I walked into my walk-in centre a few weeks ago and was told I have to wait to be invited.

About a month ago I received an email and a letter so I have had my second booster.

Daftbag1 Thu 12-May-22 19:25:21

I think the second booster (4th Jab), is only for those over 75, those who work in some health and care environments and others with specific health concerns that render them less able to fight infection. I think that loosely relates to people who were instructed to shield earlier in the pandemic.

Daftbag1 Thu 12-May-22 19:28:57

My husband is my carer, and 73yrs old, I asked if he could have the second booster, (I've had it), but it was a resounding NO!

Daisymae Thu 12-May-22 19:50:49

Yes, my husband was on the shielding list. So a bit of a puzzle.

pinkprincess Thu 12-May-22 21:17:26

I am getting my second booster next week.I waited for the letter to come inviting me despite others saying they walked in without invite.
I am ver 75 and have a chronic lung condition
I hope your DH gets one soon.

aggie Thu 12-May-22 21:24:54

Our Medical Practice is doing the booster. You are sent an invite to ring for an appointment , I had mine on Tues , was a bit poorly yesterday sort of ok today but still a painful arm

Cabbie21 Thu 12-May-22 21:37:01

My husband, who at 75 is a year young than I am, got a letter and a text inviting him but I didn’t. He went online and made his appointment, then got yet another reminder to make one. I knew I had to wait a couple of weeks as I had not long had covid. I then went online and made my appointment, then after that I got a letter inviting me! Online it did list the qualifications for the second booster, so presumably if you don't meet them you can’t have it yet.
I must say, having just had covid plus booster, I feel I am pretty safe at the moment.

BlueBelle Thu 12-May-22 22:01:50

Mines booked for tomorrow I had to wait a month after CoviD

Mamie Fri 13-May-22 08:30:36

Interesting how criteria vary by country. Over 60 and 6 months since first booster here in France. I had mine this week, no need for appointment, just walk-in at local pharmacie.

Casdon Fri 13-May-22 08:42:42


Interesting how criteria vary by country. Over 60 and 6 months since first booster here in France. I had mine this week, no need for appointment, just walk-in at local pharmacie.

I can see that happening in the UK too Mamie, they are now predicting another wave, and immunity is waning for all age groups in the meantime.

Mamie Fri 13-May-22 09:23:26

It is encouraging to see that the second booster is thought to give good protection Casdon.
We are coming to the end of omicron 2 wave here at the moment. Our figures are still in the 400s per 100,000. It was about 200 in the south of England when I was there last week and about 15 in Wales!
Just as well because I ended up dancing a twmpath. ?

FannyCornforth Fri 13-May-22 10:24:53

I received a text yesterday, inviting DH to book his fifth vaccination.

FannyCornforth Fri 13-May-22 10:26:39

Can you explain what the ‘second booster’ is please?
Is it the 4th vaccination?

annodomini Fri 13-May-22 11:06:17

I think any inoculation after the first two is being referred to as a 'booster'.

Missedout Fri 13-May-22 19:47:28

I had my 2nd booster (but 5th vaccination) earlier this week. I am under 75 but classified as CEV. It was recommended that the most vulnerable (to Covid) CEV have a 2nd booster no less than 91 days after their first booster and the first booster should follow the 3rd primary vaccination.

I had Moderna this time and had a sore arm and chills the evening following vaccination but was OK after. Previously I have had AstraZeneca twice and Pfizer twice. I just get a letter in the post offering me an appointment so I'm on the right CEV list somewhere!

Marydoll Fri 13-May-22 20:01:42


I received a text yesterday, inviting DH to book his fifth vaccination.

I too am awaiting hear about my fifth vaccination.

I received a letter yesterday from the Scottish Government informing me, that although the Sheilding list is ending on the 31st May, because research has shown that the vaccine programme has reduced the serious risk from Covid and many, who were previously deemed CEV, will be removed from the CEV list.

Unfortunately, I will remain on that list. Consequently, I will still have access to free testing and anti-virals and will need a fifth Covid vaccination.

Marydoll Fri 13-May-22 20:04:44

Fanny, those were deemed CEV , including myself, had three primary vaccinations, followed by a booster. The fifth vaccination will, I think, be another booster.

Most patients have had two primaries, followed by boosters.

yogitree Sat 14-May-22 09:49:26

I had 2nd booster (4th jag) 12+ weeks ago. I had read that they only last 12 weeks so phoned to see if me and DH qualified for 5th to be told we don't. They said it would be 24 weeks from 4th (or 2nd booster) before we were eligible. We live in Scotland and both have immune conditions.

FannyCornforth Sat 14-May-22 10:57:04

Thanks Mary
I’m honestly losing count.
I’m not exactly gung ho about him having another one, as they really knock him about.
He’s definitely got Long Covid and they exacerbate it.

He had a letter the other day from the powers that be, to say that if he does get Covid again (please God no) he is to take an LF test, not the PCR that they’d previously sent him for use in such an eventuality.

nanna8 Sun 15-May-22 12:31:32

We can just walk into a chemist and get it or make an appointment at your GP. You do have to be 65 for the 4th vaccine unless you are immune compromised. I had Covid recently so I am waiting for 2 months for the next one.

Teacheranne Sun 15-May-22 13:13:18

I’m 65 and think I have to wait until the Autumn for my second booster. I had Covid last month so hope I have some antibodies now. I wonder if I will get it at the same time as my flu jab?

Thorntrees Mon 30-May-22 15:31:20

Just heard from the NHS that I am eligible for the Spring Booster(5th) jab. Having had blood cancer so CEV, I can book on line or go to a walk in. I had my 4th jab at the end of January. We have the mobile vaccination bus coming to where we live on June 9th so will go along. Quite surprised to get the invite as when I asked at GPs when having my shingles jab a few weeks ago they had no idea about it..

Marydoll Mon 30-May-22 16:14:08

Fifth for me too in two weeks time. I heard today, while sitting in A&E with breathing problems. NHS doing its best, under very difficult circumstances.