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Getting the second booster?

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Daisymae Thu 12-May-22 18:36:21

Booked appointment for DH at large vaccination centre today but it seems that he didn't qualify. He has multiple serious health conditions and the GP says he should have the booster but they don't have enough people to warrant running a clinic. He needs a letter from the doctor to get a booster but it's like trying to get blood out of a stone, as the practice manager says there's no rush. It's not a great surgery TBH. It is however 6 months since his first booster. Anyone else having problems?

Thorntrees Thu 09-Jun-22 15:44:53

Had mine today at the mobile walk in centre. They didn’t really know about who was entitled to it so I had to explain why and they agreed eventually. It was a half dose of Moderna, all the other jabs have been Pfizer with no reaction at all so hoping it’s the same with this one. The nurse did say mixing the vaccines gives better immunity so hope he’s right.

grannysyb Thu 09-Jun-22 20:51:37

Because of my urticaria, which is an auto immune condition, I had a second booster,(fifth jab). I had Pfizer for the first four, Moderna this time, I felt exhausted and sleepy for the next two days.

Biscuitmuncher Thu 09-Jun-22 21:33:10

I wonder how many injections people will call a halt at

Marydoll Thu 09-Jun-22 22:44:15


I wonder how many injections people will call a halt at

Being vaccinated saved my life.
I shall continue for as long as is recommended for the immunocompromised
I wonder Biscuitmuncher, what you would if you were in our shoes.

M0nica Fri 10-Jun-22 18:33:27

We were invited for our second booster by the surgery, but their appointment times are so inconvenient we just went down to our local centre and had it on a walk in basis.

I was interested to read Missedout had side effects from Moderna, having had no side effects with Astra Zeneca or Pfizer. My first three jabs were all Pfizer and didn't even leave my arm feeling sore when I had the jab.

With Moderna, I had a sore arm for several days and the night after I had the jab I twice woke in the night with bad, but transient headaches and the skin on my leg was upper leg was sensitive when touched, again for only a short period,

Iam64 Fri 10-Jun-22 18:52:08

I was CEV, told to shield. My GP says I should have the 4th, that I’m one of a number of patients on immune suppressants the practice believe should be given the 4th but the govt say only over 75 (I’m 73) and severely immune compromised, ie transplant patients. My rheumatologist confirmed this week, I should have the 4th
I plan to go to a walk in centre tomorrow, with a letter listing my meds. Will report back - covid on the rise, if they refuse and I get it, I’m likely to be very ill

Marydoll Fri 10-Jun-22 19:33:37

Iam , I have already had three primaries and a booster. I received a letter from NHS Inform, saying that because I am immunocompromised due to my meds, I have an appointment for a second booster on Sunday. That will be five vaccinations in total.
I hope you get it sorted out.

Purpledaffodil Fri 10-Jun-22 19:52:30

DH was invited as over 75. I am Newly diagnosed with cancer and oncologist advised me to take proof of diagnosis which I did. People at centre were very helpful and we both had Moderna which gave me a very sore arm but nothing worse.

AussieNanna Fri 17-Jun-22 16:26:28


Interesting how criteria vary by country. Over 60 and 6 months since first booster here in France. I had mine this week, no need for appointment, just walk-in at local pharmacie.

Here in Australia, 2nd booster ( which they are calling a winter booster), is available to everyone over 65, Aboriginal people over 50 and people over 16 with medical risk ( diabetes, cardiac conditions etc)
Can be done at same time as flu vaccine

Since I do not meet any of the criteria, I am not eligible and so will not be getting one.

I have had 2 primary doses and 1 booster.

Marydoll Fri 17-Jun-22 16:34:18

I have now had three primaries and two boosters.

Strangely, after have very strong reactions to the first four, which had to be reported to the Yellow Card site, this last one hasn't been as bad as the last four.
I recently had Covid and infusion of anti virals and am wondering if this may be the reason.

I'm just grateful, that I am being so well looked after.

BlueBelle Fri 17-Jun-22 16:34:32

Monica I had two Astra Zeneca one Pfizer and one Moderna I didnt have any side effects with any of them not even a remotely sore arm
Not sure if that’s good or bad ?

Iam64 Fri 17-Jun-22 18:46:22


Iam , I have already had three primaries and a booster. I received a letter from NHS Inform, saying that because I am immunocompromised due to my meds, I have an appointment for a second booster on Sunday. That will be five vaccinations in total.
I hope you get it sorted out.

Thanks. I presented myself at a walk in clinic. I took one of my letters from Rhuematology that names the meds that lower my immune system. The nurse who gave me my 4th jab confirmed, it’s my first booster. I’m to return in 12 weeks.
She said I should have had at least one update, preferably 2, plus one booster by now.

Marydoll Fri 17-Jun-22 20:48:44

That's better news.

I always have a bit of a faff with it, but because they can access my records at the vaccination centres, They can confirm I am not making it up!

grannotmum Mon 07-Nov-22 14:13:18

I have always had severe reactions to any medications, toiletries,etc. containing polyethyline glycol-peg. Both Pfizer and Moderna advise that people like me shouldn't have their vaccines. These seem to be the only vaccines on offer this time-Autumn 2022. Anyone know why? One NHS site states that this is administratively easier and people with PROVEN allergies can be given these vaccines in hospital clinics with life-saving support available. Doesn't inspire confidence, especially when I have had anaphylaxis before and it's terrifying. Do you think its a question of money? Or am I too old- 76- to bother about ?Anyone who has has received Astra-Zeneca this time?

Kim19 Mon 07-Nov-22 15:30:49

Had mine last Tuesday. Simply called clinic and was allocated a slot there and then.

M0nica Mon 07-Nov-22 15:55:40

Change your surgery and, meanwhile, ring your surgery and insist on speaking to the doctor and not the practice Manager.

She is not a doctor and can have no idea how your husband's conditions affect him. In fact it might be dangerous and outside the law for her to have to done so. If your DH gets COVID, not having had the jab and dies or is gravely ill becausehe has not had the booster and the reason is because the practice manager decided to practice medicine without a licence (which is effectively what she has done) you could sue the practice.