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The Lockdown GangSTARS still going

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Kaimoana2 Thu 28-Jul-22 22:10:02

We’re starting another thread of continued friendship and support.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, thanks to Doodle and Cherry, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is very welcome. smile

Doodle Tue 02-Aug-22 20:05:11

Well Kaimoana you succeeded. ?. Your lovely owl pictures made me smile. Quite something today as I’m feeling sad and melancholy and not up to much. I think it must be the virus. I’m not usually so emotional.
I’m sure your neighbour will be delighted to get such a lovely welcome from you. It must be hard seeing someone else move into your friends home. Hope it’s someone nice.
Ooh I do hope the assessment goes well. x
Oh Jan you are in Flam. I love Flam. Such a pretty place. What a shame about the rain. We’ve done the trip in winter in the snow……it was freezing then too. Hope you have a smooth journey home.
Had a phone call from DS today. Some good some bad news. Probably accounts for my being a bit down. Hope things pick up for them.
Anyone heard how Boadicea is getting on? Hopefully over covid now and feeling better.
Have you let the Frenchman out of your shower yet Grammaretto? Is he on his way?
Take care all x

Kaimoana2 Tue 02-Aug-22 20:55:40

Glad the owls did the trick smile.
S P Stuart wrote, 100% true in my case and I'm sure in yours too. 'You are only ever as happy as your least happy child.' Because we love them, it's the price we pay for all the joy, laughter and emotional investment. It's worth it.

I looked into the new rules about coming back to NZ from Australia, wondering what hoops BJ will need to jump through. No isolation needed but she will have to be tested before she leaves...and possibly twice. So her stay in Adelaide could be extended.

The homecare agency which consistently lets me down (last & this week included) is coming to interview me in an hour. I shall report on the body count outcome later.

BoadiceaJones Wed 03-Aug-22 01:00:10

Sorry, passing through, having not read many earlier posts. Things are pretty grim actually...back on Sunday from freezing Adelaide, with sick DD and DGC - she was poleaxed by the virus so I got to spend a lot of time, despite feeling like utter merde, with little ones, who weren't affected by covid. Heating broke down and big old Victorian villa is like an icebox. No tecchies while we were isolating. Back to find MrJ rubbing his calf, complaining of ongoing rural cottage hospital (70 km round trip) 10 pm to be told by offhand doc that he had a muscle sprain. I was sure it was DVT, but dutifully trotted off home. Next morning, he was in agony, unable to walk, so got ambulance back to hosp. Diagnosed DVT, blood thinners, no suitable scanning equipment, not a single vacant bed in the place. Scan yesterday ...radiologist said straight back to hospital, aneurism behind knee. 4 hours waiting - helicopter straight to Auckland, warning that he could lose his leg overnight because of lost blood flow. Guess who is one of the vascular surgeons at Auck Hosp? American nephew. He wasn't on duty, but went straight in at 10 pm to visit MrJ and chat him through the procedure. More scans at 1 am - decided the Heparin had worked a treat on restoring blood flow, and that amputation is now off the table. Unfortunate unintended pun, sorry. Pity about all the blood leaking from everywhere else. So now, poor man is on drug therapy until Friday, when they'll repair the aneurism, and keep him in Auckland until at least Monday. I want desperately to drive down, but he doesn't want me to - the covid leaves you feeling terribly tired and drained, no appetite at all, and someone has to look after the animals. Will fly down and back on Friday. Fortunately, lovely niece and nephew looking after his material and intellectual needs - tooth care, books etc, as he was flown down only in his gardening clothes. Sorry to moan, but it's been a real worry, and nephew, so very kind, doesn't believe in pulling punches about outcomes - the right thing to do, IMO.
Hope everyone is fine and dandy. Back before too long,

Grammaretto Wed 03-Aug-22 07:00:56

Sending love and healing vibes for your beloved and for you BJ.
It must have been frightening. I am glad your niece and nephew are looking after mr BJ and I hope you are recovering.anf warmer.

Doodle I hope you are on the mend now too.

Doodle Wed 03-Aug-22 18:42:28

Well one up and one down. Today I tested negative for the first time and DH tested positive. Not really a surprise considering.
We are waiting on a call from the NHS about antivirals. DH ok but is coughing a lot. Always a worry when he does that.
Kaimoana yes such a true saying. Ooh did you have to use the frozen leg of lamb on the homecare agency to get your point across.
Boadicea I have been sitting here, open mouthed, reading your post. What a lot you have been through with you and all the family feeling poorly and you having to cope with it all.
I do hope MrBJ is being well looked after now. How lucky your nephew is at hand. That must be reassuring. What a worry for you and you must already be low from having Covid yourself. Not surprised your tired. Hope you get a good night sleep and things are looking better in the morning.
Grammaretto how is Cushie? Is she feeling better. Any decorating being done?

Grammaretto Wed 03-Aug-22 20:12:39

Doodle Oh dear and now the Dude is afflicted! I hope you both can throw off this horrible virus.

Cushie doesn't have covid but she thoughtfully kept a mask on most of the time. She was suddenly called to a family emergency and left today.
Ah well it's back to just me until the family get here at the weekend. The painting is not quite finished. I may try to do it myself but it's the ceiling that was left which is the hardest part.

I took DMiL to see the Polish Map today. She was working out where everything was - naming the islands and hills. She is incredible!

Last night Cushie and I saw Ian McKellen in Hamlet - a ballet. One of the best things I've seen at the Fringe for years.
Jeeves is at your service Doodle and BJ
I suggest you have something strong.
Have you lost your sense of taste and smell?
don't take that personally grin

Doodle Wed 03-Aug-22 20:53:26

? No offence taken Grammaretto I haven’t lost mine. Feeling better today but coughing quite a lot.
Oh what a shame Cushie had to go. Hope things are ok for her.
Please don’t tackle the ceiling on your own……..all sorts of disasters are coming to mind. ?
Good Cushie was with you long enough to see the ballet. You obviously enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you, I will put Jeeves to work on sorting out the washing. I have finally opened the suitcases.
Hope all is ok with the BJ’s tonight.
Sleep well all

Kaimoana2 Wed 03-Aug-22 22:37:21

Poor old BJ - what a lot to cope with, and you only just recovering from Covid too. Sending cwtchs (not as powerful as Cherry's but well meant. smile.

Grammaretto Wasn't it Cushie who had to dash back to Ireland for a family emergency some time back?

ixion lovely to see you posting - more please grin

Doodle I'm hanging my head in shame.
Two 'bigwigs' arrived from the agency and after a short discussion on why we say 'bigwig' and going over all my past gripes about inefficiencies and no-shows, they charmed me blush with promises to return and ginger up the admin.

I was not photogenic, wearing both hijab cap (see pic) and hoodie for warmth, Covid mask and of course the usual dark glasses but after their vow things would change I thought it needlessly stubborn to continue refusing their requests.

So despite the 7 degrees chill, I doffed it for the short time it took Lord Snowdon to snap.

BTW that little cap comes in many colours and is very comfy to wear as it warms the neck as well as the head.
Invaluable under a hat, especially at 4am blessings during windy winter weather.
Mine is a modest black.

August 15th has been set for my first Vision Assistant Dog interview. shock

This is the puppy, Orissa I played with last Thursday. If I get a dog it will be at least a year old and possibly more.

Kaimoana2 Thu 04-Aug-22 03:21:20

Wish I could put this saying into practice.

"Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its trouble,
It empties today of its strength."

fairfraise Thu 04-Aug-22 07:39:27

Kaimona2 how I wish I could apply that to myself too. Interesting to read that you may get a guide dog soon. We looked after them for years on 'bed and breakfast' terms while they were being trained. Lovely dogs, mostly labradors. We had a one year old lab visitor last week who romped through house and garden! I'd forgotten what they are like!

Grammaretto Thu 04-Aug-22 08:26:12

Hello Lobstars,
Let's hope Kaimoana's dog won't be a boisterous puppy!
The pup in the photo looks adorable.
It was the Irish helper who left early. Cushie managed to rescue her sister who became ill while camping alone somewhere in the north of England. They were going to meet up anyway but not so soon. She accomplished the rescue!
Thanks for your permission not to paint the ceiling Doodle I needed that. I managed to put back the wall clock #DIYgran smile
I very much hope you poorly ones are recovering and will be all systems go very soon.

Kaimoana2 Thu 04-Aug-22 09:05:31

fairfraise nice to see you again smile.
One of the best things, if I get a dog, will be building the confidence to travel without fear.

As poor BJ knows, I was constantly terrified to, from and in Kerikeri, having not travelled alone for many, many years.
Every step, every unfamiliar place was scary, especially when I was alone and on that long bus trip.
With a dog, I'll never be alone grin but I haven't passed the BLV tests yet...and it definitely won't be a puppy. Grammaretto

Guide Dog training takes 2 years but if the dog is deemed unsuitable for a totally blind person before that time, then they can become a VAD.

I'm trying not to be excited.

Kaimoana2 Thu 04-Aug-22 09:07:14

Cushie to the rescue!

Well done that girl smile

Mamissimo Thu 04-Aug-22 10:09:46

Good morning ?

Crikey! It seems that the Lobstars have hit a spot of very choppy water. All that are in the Covid coven must take great care of yourselves so that you have the best chance of not getting the long version. Matron Mamissimo says rest, rest and more rest. think Hattie Jacques in full bonpoint

Kaimoana you needn't hang your head in shame - your Homecare bosses are trying to keep their enemy close and I think you can take it that they recognise that they have let people down. I think if they have any sense that they will improve their service. Expect more charming!

Grammaretto No! Absolutely no ceiling painting.

Doodle No! Suitcases can wait. Absolutely no laundry.

BJ take the chance to rest before Mr J returns. Be responsible for you while others take watch over him.

Ward round finished. ?

BoadiceaJones Thu 04-Aug-22 21:48:00

Well, it's all go today - a 3-4 hour surgery to transplant a piece of artery into the place of the failed one. He'll be going under in an hour or so. The surgeon is first class, I hear. I'm guessing DN won't be allowed to be part of the team, being family. The sun is shining, it'll be a beautiful day. All will be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

Doodle Thu 04-Aug-22 22:16:46

Hello all.
.Kaimoana you had justifiable complaints so no need to hold back. Hope they took it all on board and will improve things for you and others.
I do so hope your interview goes well. She’s a lovely puppy but then they all are. ?
Hello fairfraise nice to hear from you again. How are you?
Grammaretto ah well done Cushie for rescuing her sister. Will she be coming back again do you think?
Mamissimo ooh thank you Matron. Rest it is. Must admit I don’t have the energy for much.
We are off to hospital tomorrow for antiviral infusion for DH. Can’t fault the system here, he logged his positive test and within 24 hours had three phone calls from a nurse, doctor and then the hospital to book him in. I am pleased he’s having treatment as although he’s ok he is coughing a lot.
I have put one load of washing on today but the rest is on hold till I feel like it.
Boadicea oh what a day you are having. Hope you are ok.
I’m sending you a long distance hand to hold and squeeze when you need it. The waiting isn’t much fun is it. Hope all goes well x

Kaimoana2 Thu 04-Aug-22 22:37:13

I sincerely hope you and Julian of Norwich are right. All good thoughts and wishes to you and the wider health team BJ.

Hattie Jacques was one of my favourite characters when I was a teenager. You didn't see many fat ladies in film and TV, unless they were 'dragons' like poor Peggy Mount. Hattie was always graceful.

Matron Mamissimo is quite right - walk in fear of that leg of lamb all ye who choose to disobey.

Grammaretto Fri 05-Aug-22 10:30:31

Huge worries for the BJ clan. I hope he comes through it well and you do too.
Doodles too. I hope the antivirals do the trick.
Hattie and Kenneth Williams standing by.
I liked her best with Eric Sykes. She was by far the better actor.

I am super-excited about the NZ clan arriving tomorrow. Just a few beds to make up, food to prepare, put petrol in the car and pretend I am ready for them. I shall even pick them up at the airport - a courtesy reserved only for the most privileged.

fairfraise Fri 05-Aug-22 11:37:34

Hello all. Hope all hospital tests and procedures go well today.

Doodle Fri 05-Aug-22 21:32:47

Hello all.
I took DH for his antiviral infusion today and it all went very smoothly. He seems ok but still coughing a lot. Hope the treatment works.
Kaimoana my favorite Hattie programmes were the ones with Eric Sykes (thanks for filling in his name for me Grammaretto. My mind was a blank until I read your post)
Where they played brother and sister. Hattie was a very glamorous lady. Always had a twinkle in her eye.
Grammaretto ooh how many are you expecting? I’m so excited for you too. I will have Jeeves on standby with welcoming cocktails.
Fairfraise thank you. Have you any plans for the weekend?
Boadicea just wondering how things are with you. Hope Mr BJ is doing well. Thinking of you x

Kaimoana2 Fri 05-Aug-22 23:30:41

Me too BJ.
A trying time for you and CPO at the moment and for the next while too.

4 degrees and rime on the grass this morning but yesterday, when the afternoon sun was warm and friendly, I saw the glorious pink prunus in blossom and a Monarch butterfly flittered by as I sat in the plaza waiting for Mepa.

A promise of Spring.

How wonderful that you're having a Kiwi invasion Grammaretto - does this include the multi-talented dgs who so loves the house?

How long will they be with you?

I'm joyful for you grin

Grammaretto Sat 06-Aug-22 07:38:09

G'day gang,
Yes it is he Kaimoana smile him and his mum and dad.
Signs of Spring for you. Signs of Autumn here.
The plums are almost ripe and the apples are growing.
I do hope the Dude's cough eases soon.
I am sure he has the best nurse.

BJ how is it with you? Such an intensely worrying time for you all.
Your friends here are all thinking of you.

NfkDumpling Sat 06-Aug-22 11:11:27

After a couple of aborted attempts to catch up with you all, (I get sidetracked too easily by the Active button), I've read through all the news and disasters of the past week. Poor BJ I do hope things are improving in the Jones household. Such a worry.

I can never keep up with you, Grammaretto, your life is all comings and goings! Enjoy your NZ clan.

Glad you're on the mend Doodle, hopefully you'll both be well soon.

Jan, your Norwegian trip sounds wonderful. I did enjoy Norway and would love to return for a summer cruise.

And Kaimoana, a guide dog! How wonderful! I do hope it comes to be. A young friend of ours who was born blind went everywhere with his dog. She rode on his back piggy-back style up the escalators on the London Underground and was phased by nothing. I did however, see her being naughty once. A tea trolley with cakes on the bottom shelf proved too much and she swiped a piece of fruit cake as she wandered passed! Blink and you missed it! No crumb or sign that the cake existed she was so skilful!

We're still dog sitting DD1's pair of cocker spaniels. One week down, one and a half to go. They've settled in well and the old boy is lovely (age nine), but the little 'un (nine months) is hard work. She's just so excited when out walking darting and pulling in all directions. This morning I tried the "stop when they pull and don't continue until the lead goes loose" instruction as per the RSPCA How to Train Your Dog Not to Pull on the Lead. This may work in a quiet isolated yard, but not on on the streets or dog walks where there are just so many smells/cars/people/smells/other dogs/dropped food.... It took me nearly an hour to walk her around the block! Luckily our garden is big enough for a charge around!
DH walked with me yesterday along the old railway line close by and we managed over two miles. Him with the old boy and me stopping and starting behind with the pup. DH is crackered again today! But improving. Just need to nag the GPs next week about the change in prescription Papworth did last week and which hasn't been acted on yet. Seriously thinking of changing surgeries.

Will try to drop in later and see if BJ has called by.

Jan16 Sat 06-Aug-22 17:14:05

Oh dear so sorry to hear of BJs worries. Hope all goes well for Mr BJ. Fingers crossed for him.
Kaimoana a guide dog. That will be wonderful for you. They are so clever - I’m sure that will make a big difference to your life.
So sorry to hear Doodle has had the dreaded bug. So far we’ve managed to stay clear. We found out towards the end of our cruise that Covid was on board as the Captain asked us to start wearing masks 2 days before the end of the cruise! Bit late methinks!
Grammaretto I expect your visitors are with you now. How exciting- a busy time ahead! But you will enjoy every minute I’m sure.
Nfk pleased to hear DH doing well. Heart problems are such a worry. Been in that situation and think you never stop worrying. Well I don’t but then I’m the world’s worst worrier. My life consists of “what ifs”. Bet you’re enjoying having the dogs. We’ve always had dogs but when we lost our last one 3 years ago we decided no more. Having said that we really miss having one and have been tempted several times! However we now have a very spoilt cat - but not the same as a dog.
Hope all the Lobstars with problems- and there seem to be quite a few- soon get all their worries resolved and all those feeling poorly are soon back in good health

Doodle Sat 06-Aug-22 21:27:35

Boadicea I hope everything is ok with your DH. Been thinking of you and wondering how you’re getting on.
Kaimoana lovely description of your sit in the sunshine. Did you and Mepa go shopping?
Grammaretto how wonderful for you to have your son and family with you. You must be so pleased to see them all. Has your DGS grown since you last saw him?
DH is doing well thank you.
NFK nice to hear your news. Who could blame the guide dog for a little slice of cake. Far too tempting. ?
I bet you’re having fun with the dogs. I hope you put on your very best Barbara Woodhouse voice and said SIT! ?
Sounds like you’ve got your hands full with the puppy. Boundless energy. Pleased to hear your DH is getting out and walking. Hope you get the meds sorted soon.
Jan good your back home safely and without catching Covid.
Hope the sea was calm. I’m a great one for the “whatiferies” too. Any plans for the rest of the summer or are you out and about locally?
Have a good weekend all

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