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Kaimoana2 Thu 28-Jul-22 22:10:02

We’re starting another thread of continued friendship and support.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, thanks to Doodle and Cherry, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is very welcome. smile

Kaimoana2 Sun 07-Aug-22 03:06:05

So good to hear all the DH's are doing well - hope its the same for BJ.
MrBJ was a great host when I was up there - his scrambled eggs are legendary smile a poem of new-laid oeufs, butter and cream.

Jan have you ever thought of dog fostering? Many organisations do that as they often need temporary homes until a permanent one comes up.

Yes Doodle Mepa and I went to our local mall to pick up groceries I'd ordered online. I sat outside behind the hedge you can see here and watched life unfold. smile

You can move this picture by swiping.

I have been shifting furniture from room to room all day, with breaks for reviving cups of tea. smile

The house currently looks like the Wreck of The Hesperus but Karen and I will do the last bit of tidying up tomorrow.

Funny coincidence - my US friend and I Skyped this morning and we too talked about anxiety and how it seems to get worse as we get older.
Things we would have shrugged off 15-20 years ago, now bother us unreasonably.
Daft, aren't we?

NfkDumpling Sun 07-Aug-22 08:05:51

If we ever get a dog again - a very, very big IF - it certainly won't be a puppy! I think I'd join the queue for a reject guide / assistance dog. Pup is full into her first season and is full of beans this morning. Her poor uncle is hiding under the coffee table where she can't reach his ears to pull! We did quite well last night - they only woke me to go outside for a wee hedgehog hunt once just after four as it was getting light, and surprisingly went back to bed again for over an hour before deciding they needed breakfast. Because DH is still in recovery I creep out with them and play on the 'puter for an hour or so. Except for my left arm which has been rough-housing with pup and is a bit tender! They have a dog flap at home. Essential and missing in this house!

I've always been a "What iffer", I like to think of it as being prepared for every eventuality and lateral thinking.

Jan16 Sun 07-Aug-22 10:14:54

Well sometimes “what ifs” come to fruition. Tested positive for Covid this morning! Felt shattered when we got back from cruise on Fri but thought it was the long drive home. DH started coughing last night and I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Out come the test kits and I couldn’t believe it when there were 2 definite lines on my test. DH had much fainter ones. That’s put me off cruising!!!

Doodle Sun 07-Aug-22 19:59:42

Kaimoana like you, I hope things are ok for the BJs . It’s a worry not having heard.
I can’t see a picture in your post unfortunately. Not sure where it’s gone. I hope you haven’t been overdoing it with the furniture. Why are you moving stuff around is it before your visit with the dog people?
I agree I worry more now than I did when I was young. I wonder if it’s because I have more to care about.
Ordered a glass candle holder for my DILs birthday but was very disappointed with it when it came. I’m sending it back so on the trail of something else now.
NFK I bet you’ll be exhausted by the the time the puppy and her uncle go home. They are good fun though and make going for a walk all that more pleasant.
Jan we have been on 3 cruises since lockdown but this is the first time we caught Covid. I think it’s because the ships have relaxed their rules about wearing masks.
Sorry you’ve both got it. Hope you don’t feel too bad and recover quickly. I am certainly on the mend now.
Grammaretto have your visitors arrived yet?
Time for coffee I think although it’s a bit warm outside really.

CherryCezzy Sun 07-Aug-22 20:50:21

I'm pleased you're feeling better*Doodle*, I hope the Dude is too.
Nfk, that sounds like one very energetic puppy you're looking after ?. I hope I'm not mistaken but it sounds like MrNfk is improving, I hope so.
Get well soon to BJ and family ?
Kaimoana, please take care lugging furniture around or I'll have to come and swish my Tigger tail in your direction ?.
Oh heck Jan, others victim of the gift that keeps on giving . Take care both of you ?
I'm so happy for you*Grammaretto*, it'll be wonderful to be with your NZ clan ☺️. Enjoy every moment (I know you will) x

Grammaretto Sun 07-Aug-22 21:04:51

Oh no not you too Jan and Mr Jan.I hope you are not too poorly and make a quick recovery.

I seem to have avoided it but must not become complacent.
The Kiwis arrived and it is going very well so far. DD has brought her DC down to see them and the cousins were all very excited. We played sardines in the garden after tea until bedtime.
I hope it is my bedtime soon. #tiredgran
Tomorrow will be busy. I have promised pottery and we have a kids' show booked at the Fringe.

In all the excitement I completely forgot DGD's birthday. She is 16 today - a significant one. I managed to send her some money at least! she is one of the English DGC

I am not sure that I am more anxious these days. I am certainly more forgetful.

I can't remember whose puppy you are looking after NfkD is it a gran pup? It sounds like hard work.
Sleep well everyone.

Doodle Sun 07-Aug-22 21:12:27

Better behave Kaimoana or Cherry will be after you?
Thanks Cherry yes I’m much better and DH seems to be doing ok too. I hope Jan and her DH only have the mild version.
Grammaretto how lovely you’re all having a good time together and your NZ grandson is getting to see his cousins.
I’m sure the pottery will be a big hit too.
Happy birthday to your 16 year old too. What a lot you’ve got going on. Sleep well…’ll need the energy. ?

BoadiceaJones Mon 08-Aug-22 00:46:20

Sorry, everyone, again haven't read all the posts...just to let you know that I finally got to fly down to Auckland for the day yesterday, after 2 aborted flights. MrJ is still in a lot of pain, looking grey and a bit wombly. The young lady surgeon who had assisted the Top Man told him, during ward rounds just before I arrived, that he was so incredibly lucky - the aneurysm was the size of a tennis ball. He's being detained at His Surgeon's Pleasure for at least a few more days, presumably until he's properly ambulatory and catheter-free. Sorry to hit and run, but there's a lot to do after everything that's been going on. Talk soon and i look forward to reading all your doings. Hope all are well. xx

Kaimoana2 Mon 08-Aug-22 05:10:33

Thanks BJ we'll be keeping you in our thoughts.

Grammaretto Mon 08-Aug-22 05:46:37

What a relief BJ! I am so glad you managed to be with DH at last and that he has pulled through. smile. Your presence will have been a tonic so never underestimate that.

Nice to see you Cherry I hope life for you is comfortable enough. Keep that Tigger tail wagging.

I wish I could sleep a bit longer but even with my snazzy new blackout blinds, something wakes me.
See you later, friends.

NfkDumpling Mon 08-Aug-22 08:05:36

Morning All

Good news BJ that the aneurysm has been sorted although it sounds like it could be a while before he's up and about and firing on all cylinders. What a scare!

So sorry to hear Jan that your holiday has ended on a covid note but at least it waited until afterwards and didn't confine you to quarters while you were cruising. Like Grammaretto we've both managed to avoid it and wait in trepidation as it has to catch us eventually. We did have the mysterious exhausting cough which was doing the rounds around Christmas 2019. You know the one which had all the covid symptoms before covid existed! Perhaps it strengthened our T cells or something. DH was poorly for quite a while afterwards - a bit like long covid!

The dogs are grandogs belonging to DD1 Grammaretto. Their family are off on a holiday of a life time in Tennessee with friends. It was an opportunity they couldn't miss. I think though we have to break it to them that this will be the last time we have them for this long. A long weekend is ok but our lack of a dog flap when they have one at home is proving the biggest problem. I've been up in the early hours of the morning every night when one or the other has woken me. This means both going on a hedgehog hunt which I can't blame them for. The still, balmy nights we're having this summer are inviting - but I want my sleep! I am an early riser but not that early!

It sounds as if you're having a great family time Grammaretto. Wonderful but exhausting isn't it! Love it! Enjoy!!

Doodle Mon 08-Aug-22 19:05:49

Boadicea thinking of you and MrBJ such a lot going on. Take care both of you and hope MrBJ makes a good recovery.
Kaimoana are you still moving furniture or is everything in place now?
grammaretto I’m surprised you have time to pop in and post. You must be so busy will all your visitors. Hope you are having a great time.
NfK until our last cruise DH and I had avoided Covid too. Thankfully DH seems well on the mend today and apart from a morning cough I think I’m over it too. Perhaps all those vaccinations helped.
Oh dear it sounds as though you’re not getting much sleep either. Could you try explaining to the two dogs that there aren’t any hedgehogs and they can sleep through. ?
I hope the family in Tennesse have a great time. How long have they gone for?

NfkDumpling Tue 09-Aug-22 07:45:47

Family come back this coming weekend Doodle but DD1 can't take them home until Wednesday. I don't object to this as it will act as a Covid quarantine! It's good to hear you're both feeling better. All the vaccinations must help. I fear mine has worn off since I had number three last October!

I'm afraid there are hedgehogs! I put a trail camera out and can identify one or two. We feed them and have had up to five in one night. A big fat female got fatter but has now stopped coming so I think she may have given birth but hasn't come back. Neither has the smaller fat female. What I thought was one young speedy one zooming around I now know is two - a boy and a girl! And there's another with a grey/white blob of spines near her bottom. Speedy Boy hasn't been around for a while either. Young are apparently appearing now, but I fear the heat wave may have done for some of them. The couple who're still coming don't seem put off by the dogs being around.

Kaimoana2 Tue 09-Aug-22 08:58:13

No need to swish that Tigger tail dear Cherry I was very careful. I removed all the drawers first, then shuffled the dresser onto a wheeled board to move it from room to room.

It's such a relief to have done it; I've meant to for ages.

It's lovely to see you posting. I hope this means you're feeling a bit more like your old Tiggerish self. Fingers crossed for that flowers

I was given a bit of a boost by the people who own guide dogs today at the BLV meeting.
'Yes', they said, 'it's hard at first but just persevere'.
Just seeing the dogs gave me heart - and knowing every prospective owner feels nervous.

Thinking of you and CPO BJ - are you staying with Auckland family? I hope you have the support you need.

Nfk I can't imagine a dog flap. If its big enough for a dog isn't it large enough for someone to wriggle through?

I once read about a man who trained a little monkey to climb through half-open bathroom windows and then open ground floor ones shock to admit the burglar.

I've been trying to trace a very weird smell in my house. A bit like ammonia but Gubbins is in posh Japanese nappies which never leak, so that wasn't the answer. Besides, she doesn't go into some of the rooms where the pong is.

I have sniffed at everything grin but today I finally realised it's the wretched curtains!

They are made of thermal material so stiff that they don't hang, or pull together properly. I can't get up to unhook them and even if I could, they'd be impossible to wash. So I've asked the Sallies to arrange to get them down and out.

So, as Doodle and Gramaretto recently did, I'm looking at blinds, which are now a fraction of the cost of curtaining, as replacements.

All that reminded me Mum used to talk about Blind Alf but I didn't know he was a real person.

and his famous hymn

Mamissimo Tue 09-Aug-22 10:42:39

Good morning ?

I'm so over this weather! Every night Mr M and I gird our loins and stagger round the kitchen garden with containers of water so that Mr M's ru**y beans that the tomatoes don't die. After three years of trying my precious San Marzano crop is almost at fruition. In previous years it hasn't been sunny enough for them.

Nfk you are so lucky to get your hedgehogs with your trail camera or you have someone sensible to set it up. We have one and every night it captures Mr M escorting H Beagle for her late night pee and nothing else......yet every morning I clear the garden of a range of droppings from the camera shy wildlife. I've seen hedgehogs, foxes, deer and a badger with my own eyes but the camera didn't! I think I need a better one than the £25 Amazon job!

Mr M is getting very excited about his sailing trip next week....and I am getting a little worried. DD2 has promised to keep him under control but he's a huge responsibility. In his head he's still in his early twenties and now he has the manoeverability of a supertanker. I would be so sad if he found it too much for him. Sailing is his life's passion.

Have a trouble free day!

Doodle Tue 09-Aug-22 20:18:01

Wow Nfk your garden is a busy place at night. I haven’t seen a hedgehog for years now. Used to see them occasionally years ago but not since we’ve moved here. We are surrounded almost by water so probably they keep to safer places.
Hope your family had a good holiday.
Kaimoana shuffled the dresser onto a wheeled board! Are you sure you’re not overdoing things?
Your room looks nice are you pleased with it? I do hope you get a dog. Do you know when they decide?
I wonder what made your curtains smell like that. I’m very pleased with the blinds. So much less hassle than curtains.
Will have to read the link in Blind Alf. I had an uncle Alf but he dealt in other peoples rubbish antiques.
Mamissimo I don’t envy you tHe watering. We have a hose here which helps. Strange your camera doesn’t record you nighttime visitors. I wonder if they are playing hide and seek with you.
I hope MrM and your DD get in well and enjoy their trip. Perhaps MrM will be happy just to sit and watch the world go by. ………..does your DD need to take the leg of lamb with her??
Boadicea hope things are going well for you and MrBJ. Thinking of you x

Kaimoana2 Wed 10-Aug-22 02:49:08

Mamissimo Don't you have a tank to catch summer water from your roof?

Don't know when the dog decision will be made Doodle it all depends if I make he grade on 15th.

Had my eye test today and the resultant frightening bill shock.
For the first time in my life I'm going to have to ask
the State for extra help.blush Will make an appointment and apply on Friday.

Somewhat comforted by the optician's reminder, 'There's no such thing s government money, everything they have is from taxes you and I have paid so it's fine to claim a bit back.'

Even so. <sigh>

Kaimoana2 Wed 10-Aug-22 07:19:26

I see your dog has gone into journalism Mamissimo grin

Grammaretto Wed 10-Aug-22 10:22:55

Hello lovely gang,

Everything costs more than I can afford these days.
But your eyes must be looked after Kaimoana. They are essential!

I have been enjoying your posts but have been very busy with the family. From one to 7 people in this house without counting the lodgers, is quite a change. Every meal is a feast. DD has gone back with her DC now getting ready to welcome the travellers this w/end.
I am loving the company but forgetting all the things I said I'd do back in my "normal" life.

I hope all the stricken are on the mend now and I also hope that Mr BJ is making a good recovery.
We've been amongst the crowds at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival so exposed to every disease and ice cream seller going.

It is lovely in the sunshine.
Heard today that Raymond Briggs has died. His books were an inspiration to our family. I remember buying a nursery rhyme book he had illustrated when my baby #1 was little and was amused by his drawings.
Jack and Jill climbing a steep hill to arrive at the well at the top always left questions as to how water flowed. The favourites Father Christmas and the Snowman and the awful, but very popular with our boys: Fungus the Bogeyman.

Another end of an era.

Doodle Wed 10-Aug-22 21:01:47

Kaimoana you deserve help with the bill. It’s not your fault you have this problem. I hope you find them (whoever they are ) supportive. Fingers crossed for the 15th.
Grammaretto you certainly have got a houseful. Are they staying with you all the time or moving around? Your DGS must have grown a lot since you last saw him. How did the pottery morning go?
I loved The Snowman. Such lovely pictures. Did you tell your DGS about Fungus the Bogeyman? ?
BJ hope things are going ok.
So wiped out by this heat not got the energy for anything.
I will be moaning in the winter when I feel cold and the heating bill is astronomical.?

Kaimoana2 Thu 11-Aug-22 05:21:36

Gosh Grammaretto it really is an International Centre at your place isn't it. I'd love that but I can't see guests prepared to sleep on my kitchen floor smile

Glad you are feeling better Doodle - how's MrD?

Nfk what a wonderful night garden you have. I wish we had something interesting but a camera would capture only cats and rats. Sadly the former doesn't assassinate the latter. hmm

I've always known and accepted that I'm eccentric but until last night I didn't think I was actually deranged.
I dreamed I was with a group of women and we were talking about putting our fingers up old men's noses (I know, what sort of mind invents dreams like this?) and we decided we could probably get two fingers up a big nose.
Someone suggested we may have to pay if we got a really gigantic nose and I said, 'I'm not paying to put my finger up a big nose.'
As if doing it at all was perfectly normal! grin

I should have posted this picture on Yorkshire Day but forgot. I hope its legible.
Thinking of BJ and CPO.

NfkDumpling Thu 11-Aug-22 06:52:05

I just love that joke Kaimoana. Really not sure about your dream though - where the hell did that come from? What goes on in our heads when we're asleep? I get weird dreams - but I've fortunately not had anything like that!

Sad about Raymond Briggs, there seems to have been several lovely people leaving us just recently. My DS learnt to read after showing no interest after being introduced to Fungus the Bogeyman. (Perhaps that's where your dream came from?!)

Jan16 Thu 11-Aug-22 12:59:55

Kaimoana I’m still giggling manically to myself about your dream! For a brief moment I thought you were going to say old mens bums which would have been even worse!! I have stupid dreams too but not as funny as that. It’s cheered me up from my Covid doldrums! DH is now on Antivirals! Had a phone call from NHS saying he might be eligible. Then our local hospital phoned with the same story. Asked if he would prefer an infusion done at the hospital or tablets. As I had not told him Doodles story about her DH having an infusion he said tablets. Next thing was can someone collect the pills. I didn’t really like to ask anyone to go to our local hospital although I know people would have helped so we said no. Pills were delivered to our front door at 615pm! How’s that for NHS service?!
Anyway having both tested positive on Sun we did a retest this morning. I’m still positive but DH was negative!! How did that happen?! He is buzzing around doing odd jobs - I have zero energy zero appetite and basically zero everything! Annoyingly we’ve had to postpone going to visit daughter and son in law in Nottingham this weekend but then again it’s going to be so hot not sure we would have enjoyed going out and about so it’s going to be a very quiet weekend.
BJ Good to hear DH doing ok and hope he will soon be home with you and convalescing.
Hi Cherry Nice to hear from you and thanks for the good wishes. Do feel a bit better today and at least I’ve got my voice back!
Grammaretto You seem to be having lots of fun with your family which is lovely but also sounds like hard work. One of those famil
Just posted a long message and it’s GONE! Will be back later when I’ve summoned the energy to redo it!!

Jan16 Thu 11-Aug-22 13:06:34

Ooops! It hadn’t gone I’d posted it too early! Just ignore me I’ve got zero brain as well as zero everything else!
Nfk puppies are a shock aren’t they? I can remember when we got our last one many years ago feeling absolutely exhausted by the energy they have. They are so lovely but ……!
Doodle pleased you are both feeling better and DH doing well. Men are such a worry aren’t they!
Not looking forward to the heat this weekend. Please let there be rain soon. It’s so desparately needed. We have a bit forecast for next week but it doesn’t look as if it will amount to much. Maybe we should all do a rain dance ??

Doodle Thu 11-Aug-22 21:43:24

Kaimoana DH and I really loved your joke ??
DH is feeling much better thanks.
What a strange dream. I wonder what triggered that. I’m finding it hard to sleep in this heat.
Nfk ? you might be right about that dream and Fungus the Bogeyman. My dreams often involve trying to get somewhere but my legs are so tired I can’t make it.
Jan I thought old mens noses was bad enough ?.
Hope the tablets work ok for your DH although it sounds as though he’s feeling better already. Shame about having to postpone your trip. Hope you get to go soon when it’s a bit cooler.
Im finding it hard to do anything in this heat. We went for a little walk this evening about 9pm thinking it might be a bit cooler. We dragged ourselves to the postbox and back and collapsed in a heap when we got home.
I wish it was cooler too. Next week is due to be worse I think. ?

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