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Kaimoana2 Thu 28-Jul-22 22:10:02

We’re starting another thread of continued friendship and support.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, thanks to Doodle and Cherry, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is very welcome. smile

Grammaretto Tue 07-Feb-23 08:13:04

She looks so beautiful Kaimoana. So sorry the cancer has returned.

Mamissimo Tue 07-Feb-23 10:46:47

Good morning 🙂

Mr M has gone to build shelves in DD1's walk in cupboards so I've parked myself in the recliner with a coffee while I catch up......

Jan how lovely that you managed the restaurant the other day! It's a new stamp in your normality passport 🙂 I too want to run and hide from physiotherapists - why do they always seem to hunt in pairs? Mr M maintains that it's so that one can block the exit while the other one holds you down.

Will you be customising Rolly Doodle ? When picturing myself in a care home I've always had a walker.....I would put Alpine walking badges on the uprights in an ironic gesture to the nimble - those ones that you nail to a stout stick 🙂 It would have wing mirrors for adjusting my lippy and one of those gadgets for small boys bikes that make an engine reving noise like DS had when he was 4. It needs a big basket for my snacks and stuff and Fergal and a bottle holder for my gin. It must have Wi-Fi capabilities so that I can play my Spotify music very loud through two tiny weeny but powerful Bose speakers mounted on the handlebars.......

H Beagle is jolly but despite eating a barn of chicken and a paddy field of rice every day looks thinner 😢 DD2 has developed a bump and according to the NHS guide to pregnancy is carrying something the size of a lemon.

The bored beans didn't make it through the winter so I have to replant and wait till later.....but the devil won't be putting an appearance as I might have overdone it with the garlic. The pruning is ongoing but I only have the fruit trees to go. We planted them during Covid in some redundant land and they're thriving and this year will be their last formative pruning. Going forward we prune for fruit for the birds to ruin

Coffee is now cold so I'm off to the dinger......

Doodle Tue 07-Feb-23 21:44:29

Kaimoana I hadn’t thought of that when I wrote it 🤣
What a beautiful blue sky in your photos. You wouldn’t think it had been raining so much.
Wow that is a crowd. Hope you enjoyed yourself there.
That stick is quite something. Looks like it would be a good implement to have round the house.
I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. What a dreadful shame the cancer has returned. Such a lovely looking lady.
Mamissimo DH is starting physio next week. I wonder how he will cope after hearing from you and Jan. Should I go prepared to defend him 😊
Haven’t customised Rolly yet. Time will tell. If I mention your idea of the gin holder it might give DH ideas about a wine drinks dispenser.
Glad Honey beagle is still enjoying her food but sorry to hear she’s still loosing weight. Must be sad watching and waiting.
I bet that’s a very precious lemon your DD is carrying around. Hope she’s feeling better now.
Grammaretto I saw a picture for your bedroom window on the GM thread this morning. What a lovely view you have. It looks quite high up.
Not following sport, I have no idea what’s going on but sitting here I can here the crowd in bar next door cheering and shouting so they must be happy about something.
Cherry is out team playing?

CherryCezzy Tue 07-Feb-23 22:06:13

It sounds horrible to experience what you do night after Kaimoana. Is your experience consequential of something else happening like I experienced or a direct symptom or don't you know? Sorry, a lot in one question there. If it is consequential of deoxygenation to that extent rather than direct, eg gerd, that is really worrying!
When I arrived at A&E four hours after experiencing those effects my blood oxygen level was at 94%. That kind of reading does 'come with a warning' to seek medical help. Sorry to sound preachy but you need to seek that help. Please Kaimoana, it's not trivial and I beg you don't shrug it off or ignore it, it's something that needs to be treated.
As a consequence of what happened to me one of my meds will now double in dose which should help (hopefully) and I have to see my neurologist (who I haven't even spoken to since 2020).

For your beautiful friendKaimoana - You were bitten once, it was ugly but you did not shy. It bites again. It is vile. Bite back!

Rolly has a friend Doodle ☺️

Grammaretto, In my opinion the Bowie film that was shown is quite niche, even if it's considered mainstream. Perhaps Drawn to War is eminently suitable 😁

CherryCezzy Tue 07-Feb-23 22:08:15

Oh, btw Doodle, I'm confused I know it happens a lot who or what is the Welsh Wizard?

CherryCezzy Tue 07-Feb-23 22:11:22

No, that's not our team playing Doodle 😅

Kaimoana2 Tue 07-Feb-23 23:53:19

Only 18 messages to go before we need to begin again - what are we going to call ourselves this time?

Don't worry Cherry it's not being ignored, at least not by me.
'The Main Issue" was diagnosed in 2019 but no one in the medical practice I use, bothered to tell me, offer remedies, treatment or even advice.

In fact I found out about it by accident shock just before Christmas. Not the kind of gift you want from Santa grin

I forced the very reluctant (stroppy) doctor to refer me for expert advice which I shall access on 28th. More news after that. I'm sanguine about the whole thing, whatever the outcome.

Yes, my friend is the loveliest person and still very young (mid 40's and with a girl still at school) so I'm hoping for the best, for all their sakes.

Doodle Wed 08-Feb-23 14:50:49

Cherry you were taxing my memory I had to go and see why I’d made that comment. It was you writing about someone locally who had a walking stick with skull and crossbones, eagle and bats on it. The Welsh Wizard I was referring to was Merlin. I was imagining him with that sort of walking stick a bit like Harry Potters wand.
Sorry I sometimes expect people to know what I’m talking about ………even though most of the time I haven’t a clue myself.🤣
Back later when we’ve taken Rolly for a run.

Doodle Wed 08-Feb-23 20:37:00

Kaimoana those symptoms sound quite frightening. How do you cope? I’m glad you have an appointment to see someone.
I’m so sorry about your friend. That is young a with a little daughter too. I hope she gets successful treatment.
Cherry I’m so pleased you are getting to see your neurologist. Like you, DH hasn’t seen his for many years but I would have thought in your case it was more urgent. DH’s tremor isn’t serious just annoying.
I hope the increased meds help you and the increased dose doesn’t have any bad side effects. Sadly I thought the cheering was too loud for our team 😥
DH spoke to the asthma nurse about his breathing today. I’m pleased the nurse has prescribed tablets as the I don’t think the inhaler on its own is enough for him. I’ve been taking tablets and inhalers for mine since I was 25. DH has now been put int he same tablets and inhaler as me. I’m hoping it helps.
Grammaretto do you know when you can expect to hear from the lawyer about your deeds,?

Grammaretto Wed 08-Feb-23 21:44:21

Hello Lobstars,

I hate to think of you suffering with your breathing. As if just everyday life wasn't hard enough!

The lawyer is going to phone me when he gets back and arrange to come here to save me going into Edinburgh to see him. This is to sign documents but I will ask him about the deeds. I have established that the bank doesn't keep anything after 7 years.

DMiL won't be moving back until next week now. They are getting her house ready to sell.
I think it will sell quickly as it's the best in a popular row. It has beautiful views and all the sun that's going.

I have booked a week at the Gaelic College on Skye this Summer. Aren't I brave 😃

I hope your DD makes a recovery and conquers the cancer. Kaimoana

I am very pleased that the strawberry 🍓 is now a 🍋 Mamissimo it is thrilling.

Kaimoana2 Wed 08-Feb-23 22:09:46

How do I cope with these symptoms, Doodle?

My dear MiL used to say, 'What you can't cure, you must endure.'
Mind you, she also said, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' and I'm not absolutely sure which this is. grin

I've just been looking at a list of those who have been nicknamed The Welsh Wizard and see a glaring omission: Philip Madoc.

He enchanted me from the very first time I heard him and I'm glad there are wonderful recordings like this.

Picture is Philip as Brother Cadfael, ex-Crusader who became a healing monk and occasional detective. smile

There are BBC CDs of these stories if you can find them.

CherryCezzy Thu 09-Feb-23 20:16:37

Aha, I see what you mean now Doodle, if I'd have put 2 & 2 together I would have realised what you meant. I don't think he's a wizard, I mean he hasn't got a pointy hat or beard or anything - but perhaps that's just old fashioned these days 😅.

I haven't looked at any list Kaimoana but quite a few Welshmen at one time or another have been called a or the Welsh wizard, whether that's been Lloyd George or more recently Gareth Bale. Philip Madoc was a great actor on stage and apparently a lovely man although there was an unpleasant unstantiated rumour about him at one point . I met him once, didn't know him but I had relatives who knew him quite well.

I'm glad your DH spoke to the asthma nurse Doodle and I hope the tablets he's been put on do help.

The building your DBiL's apartment is in has been assessed as safe now then Grammaretto? I guess it must have been if he and your DMiL are moving back in next week. Is your DBiL any further forward in knowing whether he'll have to contribute to the cost of repairs?
That's good of your lawyer to come to you, I hope he can shed some light on what you can do next re. the deeds. I'm a little surprised about the bank not keeping records that go back further than 7 years but then again it's probably because of statute barring after 6 years.
I think it's great that you've made a booking at the Gaelic college!

I had a lovely evening out with friends yesterday but I haven't done a lot today 🤫 except losing a ring and getting groceries in - in that order. My WP suggested I check the fridge for the ring 🤔, well he lost the stone out of his ring and found it in the fridge and I lost my ring before and found it in the fridge - sadly not there this time 🙁. I haven't checked the freezer yet.....

Doodle Thu 09-Feb-23 22:14:59

Evening all.
Grammaretto I hope your lawyer finds a way to get a copy of your deeds. Will your dMIL be going back to live with your BIL? Her home sounds lovely. Must be sad for her to think of parting with it but she needs someone close at hand.
You are brave indeed. Doe you have to speak Gaelic all the time you are there? That would be fun. I’ve heard Skye is a lovely place to visit. You should have a good time.
Kaimoana I like Philip Madoc’s voice too. I remember the Brother Cadwell series. It was also a favorite of the Dean of Canterbury (as was) he often used to talk about it.
My mums favorite saying was “Old age doesn’t come without its trials”.
Cherry yes Lloyd George was the Welsh Wizard too (but I didn’t think of him as Welsh Wizard because he wasn’t in the TV drama about Merlin 🤣)
DH had a better night last night thanks so I’ve got fingers crossed for the tablets helping.
Glad you had a nice night out but sorry about losing your ring.
I hope you find it. Did you definitely have it in the house before the groceries arrived? If it’s at all shiny, you could do my trick of turning off all the lights then working across the floor using a torch. It’s a trick I once used to find a lost needle. Spent hours crawling over the carpet torch in hand only to find the needle stuck in a piece of fabric I’d been sewing on the table.
Hope you are successful in the freezer (check for any deeds whilst you’re there)

Grammaretto Fri 10-Feb-23 13:43:19

Hello Lovely Lobstars,

Just when I thought I was getting somewhere with Lawyer etc. I've had a letter throwing it back to my court. He wants me to search or to expect to pay several hundreds of £££ for copies. A list of other things too.
Other paperwork to do too.
Why can't life be simpler?

DMiL will move into her son's flat where she was installed before the building started to fall down. Selling her house will mean her DC only have their own houses to pay for and their journeys will be much easier.

I am a bit tired after last night's ceilidh dancing and this morning on the till at the community store.

DS is camping in Hawkes Bay and he phoned as they were leaving to check I am OK.
I was expecting a lift to the dancing. When I told him he was delightfully impressed!

CherryCezzy Fri 10-Feb-23 21:13:10

I'm slowly narrowing my search for my ring. It's definitely not in the fridge, freezer, bathroom or cloakroom unless it got flushed. It could be anywhere else in the house 🤦.
Our getting groceries in wasn't a delivery Doodle but by the way I phrased it I can see why you thought that. We made a quick trip to Sainsbugs, and yes I had the ring on before we went and it was definitely on my finger when we got back. It has to be in the house somewhere, but where 🤔. I think there may be a poltergeist 👻 in our house with a penchant for jewellery as I can't find one of my bracelets nor a necklace I love - they've been missing for ages. Neither the ring not the bracelet are particularly valuable and I've probably, knowing me, put the necklace in a safe place except it's too safe for me 🙄

What is valuable on the other hand is your deeds Grammaretto and we're all willing that you'll find them soon. I wish I knew what more you could do. You've checked the land registry and if I recall correctly the national archives/sasine register to see if they hold a search sheet haven't you. I just don't get why the archives especially hasn't borne fruit. Obviously it's not with the solicitor you went through when you bought the house. I recall you tried that too. What's next on the checklist and yes why do things have to be so difficult!

We both had appointments with the optician today. Ironically my frames broke a couple of days after I made our appointments a couple of weeks ago but in the end I've had to have new lenses anyway so many £ spent on a new pair 👓 ! My WP needs new ones too perhaps we'll have to take out another mortgage 😬

Doodle Fri 10-Feb-23 21:52:38

Grammaretto hmm lawyers always cost us money don’t they. I hate anything to do with paperwork these days. Is it anything your organised friend could help you with?
So you were out dancing last night. Sounds fun. Is it a regular thing?
Hope your son has a good time. Hope the weather’s warmer than here.
Cherry I’m glad you can remember having the ring at home so at least you’re pretty certain it’s around somewhere.
Lost bracelet and necklace too are you sure you haven’t got a magpie in the house taking your shiny things to its nest,
I can remember our panicked searching for our passports the night before we were due to go on holiday. DH could remember seeing them on his desk the week before but had put them somewhere for safekeeping. I found them eventually ……….in a shoe box 😲
New glasses are indeed expensive. Have you got some snazzy new frames?
Kaimoana hope you are ok and it’s not still raining there.

Grammaretto Fri 10-Feb-23 23:08:52

I am sorry about your missing ring Cherry.
Have you checked with St Anthony?

I lost my wedding ring in our first house and knew it was somewhere but gave up searching as it seemed hopeless.
We had sold the house and I was preparing to empty the house for moving. I was sweeping out the garage, where I kept my kiln, when there amongst the dust was the shiny gold ring! Fittingly, it was our anniversary.

Yes indeed Doodle I will ask df, she who is organised and may know what best to do next.

The ceilidh dancing happens each week. It's a class. Our teacher is amazing. She's my age or older and skips about, calling the dances quite bossy. There is a band and some fairly obscure dances and familiar ones.

I was at a storytelling event tonight. A visiting story teller, a Sikh from Wolverhampton with a gentle manner and some great stories.

That hot choc was delish btw Jeeves. You know what I like!!grin

Kaimoana2 Fri 10-Feb-23 23:10:10

Cyclone Gabrielle is due to hit us this evening and may have an impact until Tuesday. Met Service predicts more rain, flooding and evacuations of already traumatised families who are just drying out and re-furnishing. sad

Further to Cherry's comment about Grammaretto's deeds. I would have thought archives must be available to the Justice and Legal systems for more than the short time stated.

I wonder if the physical archives are hard to get at but surely not unavailable and what do they do, burn the stuff? shock) Libraries, Museums and solicitors transfer documents to microfiche but there are still multi-acres of special, often temperature controlled secure warehouses for the paper versions.

I can't see how they'd be allowed to permanently destroy: A. your property;
B. Historical documents pertaining to a currently occupied, listed dwelling.

Oh, Grammaretto, don't you wish you'd never told us about the loss of these wretched Deeds?

It's turning into a campaign and I can imagine Cherry marching on Horse Wynd like Boudicca!
“Words are not Deeds – We Demand Deeds now”

Which reminds me, I wrote to BJ just in case she hadn't heard about Gabrielle. Auckland is getting free sandbags but it doesn't seem as if Northland is offering anything.

And of course, it's fairly traditional now for the
sheep hordes to descend on the supermarkets at the first hint of drama and strip the shelves of everything, despite notices saying they can't.

If you're a checkout person (and many of them are school students doing weekend work), how can you tell irate shoppers with four piled-up trolleys they can't buy the goods?

There's a wind getting up - time to batten down the hatches.

Grammaretto Fri 10-Feb-23 23:43:14

Oh no Kaimoana I hope Gabrielle doesn't cause more destruction! Why are they all given female names or aren't they?

I hope DH and family are ok camping. They are at a wedding in Hawkes Bay

Too right about the deeds. Like applying for planning permission. It used to be free now it can cost thousands. Likewise the title deeds. To get photo copies of the originals it will cost me hundreds.
Which sounds daft but the lawyer says it's important.

I'll sleep on it

CherryCezzy Sat 11-Feb-23 19:28:02

Is everything ok*Kaimoana*? Are you? I'm hoping Gabrielle was a weakling a damp squib and hasn't added to the devastation that has already been wrecked and that you are okay🤞

Are your family okay Grammaretto? I hope the wedding they were/are going to has been able to go ahead. A real shame if it couldn't.

We have plenty of magpies who visit our garden Doodle, haven't seen one in the house yet. You don't think they're nesting in the loft and only flying around the house at night do you 😱 😂. I think I've got an idea where the bracelet is - behind the heavy chest of drawers in our bedroom. The problem is we can't manage to move the chest on our own so it'll have to wait. No, I don't think that either the ring or the necklace are behind there but there'll be plenty of dust .

Ooh, that's some formidable image of me Kaimoana 😁. If I thought it would work for Grammaretto I'd be game to give it a go, I'm not much of horsewoman though despite my WP's attempts, - he used to break in horses when he was younger.

I think it's the banks that are permitted to get rid of things after 6 years Kaimoana, though I'm sure, but by no means certain, that they'd have to give due notice before they disposed of anything like deeds. The National Archives on the other hand hold physical records for centuries. Archives can date back to 17th century and these days usually hold anything that was already at least a century old before the digital registers were created. One of the problems with Archives in general is that there can be several pieces of paper all relating to the same thing, eg. plot of land, but they're not all together in the same box/place. That's where a search sheet comes in I think, all the documents should be stated on it.
Doodle is right Grammaretto ask your well organised friend to help you.

I like the sound of the storytelling event Grammaretto. Are there any more coming up?

Doodle, how's your DH getting on with his new tablet and inhaler and has he taken Rolly on any more walks?

Our team played earlier today. ixion hid under her seat at the stadium and I tied my scarf over my eyes, such was the tension. The opposition had the ball in the back of the net three times in the first 20 minutes 😭. Only one of them counted though, yay. Just over the half hour mark we scored! Yes! There weren't any more goals. Ah well, another point though (and against a team higher up in the table). 🙂

Doodle Sat 11-Feb-23 22:51:20

Short and sweet visit from me tonight. We’ve been out for a meal with DS1 and just got back. I have eaten too much …..😳 now I’m exhausted.
Grammaretto fancy you finding your ring like that on your anniversary too. Your dancing class sounds a nice social event.
I’d be no good, got two left feet.
Life where you are seems to be full of interesting activities. Your comment about the storyteller made me think of days gone by when people used to roam the country telling stories and acting out plays. You obviously enjoyed it.
Kaimoana I hope you are still safe at home and the cyclone has passed you by. Has there been much damage?
I haven’t checked the papers yet. Been out all evening.
Cherry so not magpies to blame then. I’ve got my jewellery box on a chest of drawers and sometimes something drops down the back. Like you, there’s plenty of dust behind there too. Perhaps it is the stylish poltergeist who needs to adorn itself with your treasured possessions.
Interesting and different career for your WP when younger.
Have you ever been horse riding? The closest I have been is a donkey ride on the beach.
DH is ok ish thanks. He is still having what I would term asthma attack type sessions where he coughs so much he gets short of breath. The Asthma nurse did say it would take a few weeks for the tablets to start working. Yes we took Rolly out the other day but the pavement was so uneven poor Rolly was bouncing all over the place. We will go somewhere flatter next time.
Oh an exciting match then. I hope you and Ixion were cheering them on.

Kaimoana2 Sun 12-Feb-23 01:07:02

Oooh, a good game for our team smile

It's not going to be a damp squib Cherry and the trees are already doing violent Mexican waves; things are bowling down the street. It's destined to get much worse.

I've tied my recycling bin to the letter box as the collection is early tomorrow and I don't want to go out then and find myself bowling down the street as well.

Family rang to check on me bless their hearts but I'm well prepared (Covid taught me that if nothing else!) and able to offer hot drinks to anyone without power.

I don't like the sound of DH asthma Doodle do you have an oxygen cylinder?

We have a cute cartoon here with Nanny giving advice.
I feel so very sorry for those who have just cleared up and the couples who felt a summer wedding would be lovely.
School went back late as many were turned into evacuation centres but now it's too dangerous for children to travel to school anyway.

Kaimoana2 Sun 12-Feb-23 04:29:37

Your comment about the storyteller made me think of days gone by when people used to roam the country telling stories

Did you know Doodle that's exactly what I planned to do in my retirement years? It was a long-held dream to journey round New Zealand, picking up local folk lore and telling those stories; then writing a book about it all.
Of course my wonky eyes made that impossible. <sigh>

We seem to be in the eye of the storm at the moment.

For reasons I will never understand, America uses that expression to denote the worst, wildest part of a cyclone.

It is not - it's the calm eye in the middle before the next violence hits.

Don't they have dictionaries and pictures of, "the eye" or did Trump abolish them all? grin

BoadiceaJones Sun 12-Feb-23 19:50:51

Greetings from the wild, wild ..ermm...north. State of emergency declared, torrential rain, gales...been up and down all night, worried about the huge trees at the front, but so far, nothing further has crashed on the road. Not a sign of anyone. No vehicles, no dogwalkers...very eerie. Looking at the rain radar, Gabrielle is venting her spleen further south from us just now, but I see the Kaeo river cam shows extensive flooding further north. I've experienced two severe tropical cyclones before - one in Japan, and one in New Caledonia, and so far, Gabrielle is moderately well-behaved. So far. Up here, anyway...I do hope Auckland doesn't cop another disaster.
The Girls have gone back to bed, disgusted at being drenched.

Doodle Sun 12-Feb-23 20:36:08

Kaimoana looks things are getting a bit frisky weather wise.
I’m glad you’re prepared. Do you have your own generator? I can’t remember.
No we don’t have an oxygen cylinder, I have thought about asking for one for DH but I don’t think he fits the criteria.
The new tablets are helping his breathing but cause severe cramp in his legs which with the RLS meant we were both up every hour last night. Catch 22 strikes again.
You would have been a wonderful storyteller.
I hope you survive Gabrielle ok and no one is injured.
Boadicea that doesn’t sound good. I hope you’ll all be ok.
The mean girls must be upset.
You sound as though you’ve had quite a lot of experience of these things. It sounds very scary to me.
Take care all

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