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Kaimoana2 Thu 28-Jul-22 22:10:02

We’re starting another thread of continued friendship and support.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, thanks to Doodle and Cherry, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is very welcome. smile

Grammaretto Wed 25-Jan-23 03:01:57

Mamissimo gringringrin
Very very funny.
I hope H Beagle enjoyed your dinner.
I don't know why I m awake in the middle of the night. It may be because I was too hot. I've bought myself a non electric under blanket which works by reflecting body heat.
who knew I had any but I've had to throw off one of my duvets.
Or 5 hours is my lot and I was freezing like you Doodle and was in bed before 10 pm.
I hope I can stay awake for my dinner party tonight.

I still remember my 9th birthday party when I was sick with flu so had to go to bed while my DSis entertained all my friends.
I could hear them enjoying themselves and I was miserable. Only one df came to see me in my sickroom.
The fire was lit in my room. The only time I ever had a coal fire so I suppose it was a kindness. August in NZ is a cold month.

It's NZ son's birthday coming up. He was born in a snowstorm and now has a barbecue for his.
I will try to get some sleep and see you later.

Kaimoana2 Wed 25-Jan-23 05:28:02

I too was born in one of the worst winters in living memory.
It was so bad in 1947 that Minister, Manny Shinwell had to have an armed guard to protect him from angry people with no electricity and not heat.
Coal 'mountains' were frozen solid and the drifts so high that my Dad had to dig himself out, every day, to go to work.

So, Grammaretto, is this a public declaration that you are hot stuff in the bedroom?
What's the betting GN put your post on Facebook!? grin

"Scottish granny admit to steamy nights"

Your non-electric blanket brought back memories for me.
When the boys and I lived in a garage, I used to wrap them in expanded polystyrene sheeting, discarded packing from a local whiteware shop.
It works wonderfully. smile

I was heartened by 🐶 wolfing of the steak. She must be in good heart; yesterday she couldn't even manage a whole sausage.

🐶 Gourmet Food Critic of the Year. 🐶

Mamissimo Wed 25-Jan-23 09:29:06

Good morning 🙂

Not a lot to report here......but I really paid the price for leaving fillet steak within reach of a dog with dicky digestion......I've just about finished sanitising the kitchen 🤢....but she certainly made a heroic choice 🙂

My youngest DGD told me on FaceTime last night that at nursery school she'd had a great day - she'd been to space and saw everything and everything and......Mummy let me have chocolate ice cream for tea. Perfick!

CherryCezzy Wed 25-Jan-23 15:58:04

I'm still about, just having a difficult cluster of seizures at the moment. From experience I should be on the tail end of them so should be okay in a day or two. Will post then. In the meantime take care lobStars 🙂

Doodle Wed 25-Jan-23 22:09:06

Grammaretto I hope the dinner party goes well and everyone enjoys the haggis.
Oh poor you on your 9th birthday missing out. Your sister was lucky to have an extra party then.
I have our old duvet on top of our mattress but under the fitted sheet. It makes it very cosy and soft to sleep on. We bought a new duvet this winter. The last one was 4.5 tog and the new one 7.5. I think there’s a point every night when I throw the covers off when it gets a bit too much. Nice and snug in the morning though when it’s colder.
Kaimoana hot stuff in the bedroom indeed 🤣
Yes Honey beagle certainly likes a higher class of meal.
Went to church this morning and had a nice coffee and chat after. We usually have biscuits and home made cake but are going to do without for Lent……… I wonder if so many will stay for coffee then 😊
Mamissimo I did wonder what the after effects would be. Oh dear. Still perhaps the steak gave Honey beagle a little energy.
How lovely to have a perfick day. Of course a perfick day would include chocolate ice cream. 🤣
Cherry it’s good of you to pop in when you’re not feeling well. Hope it is near the end of the cluster as you say and you’re feeling better soon. Much love x

Kaimoana2 Thu 26-Jan-23 05:29:31

Doodle !! Ouch !! for your grated knuckle, I've done that so many times myself.

Cherry Merde - let's hope it moves quickly on, like the dark cloud it is.

I have spent most of this day on the Marae at the tangi (funeral) of 90 year old activist, Titewhai Harawera. (say 'Tee-tee-fie")

There are many different cultures in NZ and the Establisment makes rules based on their own culture and beliefs and expects everyone to conform.

It can't be done and Titewhai challenged this and the governments right to supress the language, traditions and culture of others.

She really did change things over time because it is much easier now, less arrogance. smile

Her path wasn’t easy fighting rich, powerful white men in suits grin but she was a bulldog and never gave up.

Jacinda Ardern spoke warmly about her. As a new PM she was nervous about attending the often intimidating Waitangi Day gatherings but Titewhai held her hand every year, partly to comfort but also to show that this new PM, who was learning how to speak Maori, was different.

Whaea Titewhai has 74 grandchildren, most of whom, with their families, were at the marae today.

From 10am onwards, another 200-600 people were welcomed each hour and that will go on for the next 3 days.

Can you imagine what the heroes in the kitchen are doing when every soul must be fed each hour?

In the photo of the view across the lawn, you will see people watching the visitors walk towards the building.

Years ago, I was part of this group, welcoming people with the traditional chant.
"Toia mai, te waka" Pull the canoe towards us.

The visitors are the waka/canoe and we (the locals) are pulling them to shore and to a safe haven - so to speak.

I'm too old to pull anything these days except silly faces.

But I was so proud to be there.

Grammaretto Thu 26-Jan-23 09:19:01

I love to hear about those Maori traditions Kaimoana although I can't imagine having 74 DGC!

I remember being told that the mountains overlooking Kaikoura, where my own family settled in the 1850s, were known in Maori as the Lookers on

The funeral looks like being a beautiful occasion.
I've been clearing up after the party. It was really lovely and everything went smoothly.
One df brought a delicious clootie dumpling and for me some colourful roses.

DL (dear lodger) started her new job yesterday but still managed to help with the cooking and serving. It was nice to meet her friends and for my friends to meet her.
She did say that the oven in the flat no longer works so that's the next thing to replace.

Yoga this morning and then I'm meeting a GNetter for lunch.

Big hugs and cwtches for our Cherry . Spring is on the way - truly.

Kaimoana2 Thu 26-Jan-23 19:41:32

Your Burn's Night Supper sounds grand Grammaretto, and how sweet of your DL to help, you have a treasure and a friend there.
The roses are simply beautiful.
Mine are not doing so well this year due to the very odd weather.

I didn’t know you were really a Mainlander; you’ve talked about Wellington so I thought your origins blew windily from there. grin

Yes, Capt. James Cook gave the Kaikoura Ranges and the individual mountains their ‘Lookers-on’ name, the tallest being The Watcher as it seemed to keep his ship in sight the whole time. smile

The Maori name has uncertain provenance but the one I like best is Tapuwae o Uenuku, ‘Footprint of the Rainbow.’
It's where Edmund Hillary trained before Everest.

I like the name Kaikoura too, it indicates the abundant supply of delicious crayfish. grin

Yesterday was the first day of Whaea Titewhai’s tangihanga and we had glorious weather.
Today the manuhiri will not fare as well; it is absolutely pouring down and the long, slow walk across the marae atea will soak them through hmm

Rain is not a bad thing in Maori terms, ‘The Tears of Rangi’ (the Sky Father) are a propitious omen at a tangi (a word which means ‘to cry’. )

The lost one (and family) can be sure they are valued by the heavens and their spirit will be speeded on to Hawaiki to join their ancestors.

Kaimoana2 Thu 26-Jan-23 22:27:03

This is an example of the care and respect given to elders.
One of the young men from the Marae, seeing a visitor at the gate, went with one of the umbrellas to make sure this kuia didn't get too wet as she traversed the marae atea towards the wharewhakairo (carved house) on the 2nd day of the funeral.

It looks as if this was not his first trip, he' s soaked.

Grammaretto Thu 26-Jan-23 22:29:24

Hello again Lobstars
You are correct ofcourse Kaimoana the lookers on wasn't the Maori name at all.
The Maori names are very descriptive.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures

Yes it was Kaikoura where the families settled.
My dad got a job in Wellington so we lived there but the rest of his family were South Islanders so every holiday was spent there.

Nothing goes quite according to plan. I didn't get to yoga as my car tyres were nearly flat. So I had to leave the car at a garage and take the bus to meet my df for lunch

Tonight I went to ceilidh dancing. It really warms you up! Our teacher has just returned from NZ where her DS lives . She looked fit and tanned.

Doodle Thu 26-Jan-23 22:32:53

74 grandchildren. That’s an amazing number of birthdays to cater for. Titewhai sounds an amazing woman. Not surprised there was such a turn out for her funeral.
It sounds a remarkable event with so many to cater for but a very respectful send off.
Footprint of the rainbow. What a lovely name.
The traditions are lovely to listen to and those mountains are beautiful.
Grammaretto so glad your party went well. Hope the haggis didn’t manage to escape before it got eaten.
The flowers are lovely. Now I need to go and look up clooti to see what her dumplings are made of 😊
Your DL sounds a perfect match for you. Sociable and helpful. Shame about the oven. More expense.
Hope you had a lovely GN natter with your friend at lunch.
I went to a friend this afternoon for painting and a natter plus cake. Most enjoyable.

Doodle Thu 26-Jan-23 22:38:01

Ooh how funny, we are all on here at the same time. As I was typing my post, Kaimoana, you and Grammaretto sneaked in behind me.
Kaimoana what a downpour. It certainly was raining. I bet that lady was glad of the escort. I’d like a big chap like that to hold my umbrella when I’m out too.
Grammaretto sorry you missed your yoga but the dancing sounds fun tonight. Do you all wear tartan?

Doodle Thu 26-Jan-23 22:42:44

Ok. I have to confess Grammaretto, when you said your friend brought a clootie dumpling to your dinner party I did think to myself how strange and a bit mean to bring only one.
I thought that perhaps it was a kind of tradition where everyone attends brings their own dumpling with them.
I didn’t realise it was a dessert I thought it was a suet dumpling the sort you put in a stew. Now I realise what it is it sounds much more appealing…………perhaps I should have come to the party after all 🤣

Kaimoana2 Fri 27-Jan-23 22:33:51

I don't know whether it's hit the UK news but there is a State of Emergency here, due to the torrential rain and massive floods.

Hundreds evacuated to local schools and Centres.

Power cuts across the whole of the region from 6.30 last night. Power came back on at my place about 10am today but it's still raining.

I am very fortunate that I have a meths-powered stove so was able to make breakfast tea and coffee for my neighbours and was doing this at first light when my son pulled into the drive.

They'd been trying to ring me last evening, not really knowing West Auckland was deluged. When they heard, at dawn, DS came straight over.

It had not been an easy journey as all motorways were flooded, closed and chockablock with abandoned cars.

Back roads were similarly affected with deep 'ponds' of water stopping access but he managed to get here.

He told me the Departure Lounge at the airport was waist deep with flooding and no planes in or out. Hundreds stranded.

Two of my neighbours came to see if I was all right and stayed for an early-morning cuppa smile

I'm wondering if I should offer my spare room to a homeless person.

Doodle Fri 27-Jan-23 23:04:54

Oh Kaimoana I had no idea things were so bad.
I hope you’re ok.
Not surprised your son came over to check on you with all that going on. He must have been relieved to see you safe and sound and providing hospitality to others. Glad your son made it safely.
Nice to know your neighbours are keeping an eye on you too.
Hope things improve soon. I’ll go and have a look at the news now. Take care.

Grammaretto Sat 28-Jan-23 07:09:22

How dreadful Kaimoana.
How are things now?
DS phoned last night and told me.

My NZ near neighbours are due to fly to Auckland next week to get married.

She was laughing hysterically? when she told me about the waist deep water at the airport.

Snow is forecast here again.

Doodle Sat 28-Jan-23 22:10:10

I watched the BBC report of all the flooding. It looked dreadful and the airport completely awash.
Kaimoana hope you are ok. Is your son still with you or did he get back home ok?
Grammaretto and it’s supposed to be this country where you can’t rely on the weather. What will your neighbours do now about their wedding?
Have you been working in the store this week? Any plans for the weekend? ( I sound like a hairdresser 🤣)
We’ve been moving the treadmill from one end of the dining table to the other. A very complicated process with both of us on our hands and knees. Me under the table and DH at the end trying to push this great weight into place and get a rubber mat under it at the same time. We managed it in the end although it was all a bit like a comedy sketch including the bit where I banged my head on the underside of the table 🤩

Grammaretto Sat 28-Jan-23 23:29:52

Ouch! Doodle be careful of that precious head of yours!

Today was going to be quite ordinary but turned out to be extraordinary.
DBiL and DMiL were evacuated from their flat due to falling masonry.
The street was closed off and suddenly they were homeless.
Noone offered assistance so DMiL insisted on going to her school reunion as planned.
They then came out to mine and had lunch .
DBiL had no charge on his phone so missed any updates until the evening when he checked his emails on my laptop.
The police had been trying to contact him and were offering to put them up in an hotel.
DMiL did not want to go anywhere else so I made up beds and I think they are sleeping somewhere downstairs!
However I had a pottery class in the afternoon and a dinner dance fundraiser in the evening.
I felt slightly guilty going out but I fed them and showed them how the TV works. I wonder how long they will be here!!

I hope the flooding is subsiding in Auckland.

Kaimoana2 Sun 29-Jan-23 02:25:08

Reading your account of moving the treadmill, Doodle I couldn't quite work out (at first) exactly what was happening. Were you running so had the thing was moving?

Then I read you were on hands and knees and imagined you both speedily crawling on the thing with you ending up under the table, presumably having shot off the end.
Then it all came clear. grin
You really needed a lever to lift it, didn't you? I’m amazed you didn’t do yourself a mischief.

I have a trolley thing, similar to those a garage mechanic uses to get under cars.
It's grand for moving heavy things I can't manage alone (like the dresser).
Currently, the empty doll's house stands on this so I can move it from place to place. There was a time I could easily woman-handle it but I'm weak now in my old age, or perhaps just more careful.

It took my DS almost 2 hours to get home, detouring to avoid floods and drain covers. These lifted suddenly due to pressure of water from below. shock

He was heartened to see his old Mum, although I did almost set fire to myself having spilled meths, which then went up in flames. I had a damp cloth to hand but I think DS acquired a few more grey hairs.

It's been raining steadily all day but the fall no greater than the drainage from streams and culverts, so clean ups have begun. Still many roads closed and houses empty.

The deluge was so great on Friday that one house quite near me was lifted completely off its foundations with the poor lady inside.

Tomorrow Karen and I will go collect my grocery order but as there was the usual panic buying when the rain began, reports of empty shelves mean I may get very little.

In addition, local vegetable suppliers have had whole fields of produce washed away, so that guarantees prices much higher than I can afford. Lettuce was already around the £5 mark, goodness knows what a salad will cost tomorrow.

Good job I like porridge smile

Kaimoana2 Sun 29-Jan-23 04:42:27

Oh my goodness Grammaretto I hope your dear Mil is not too upset.

I wouldn't have turned down a chance to swan about in an hotel but I can understand why she wanted to be with you.

You do have an eclectic social life, don't you? How did the dinner dance go?

CherryCezzy Sun 29-Jan-23 15:56:02

Ouch Doodle 🤕
I hope neither of you have sustained any other injury moving such a heavy and cumbersome object. Why, may I ask, did you decide to move it?

Eek and crikey Grammaretto
Is that the new place your DMiL, and DBiL moved in to?
What happens now, will they be able to move back in? It must have been such a shock. I completely get why your DMiL didn't want to avail herself of the offer of a hotel, the experience must be so disconcerting. I hope you were able to enjoy the fundraiser.

Oh heck Kaimoana.
I've read about the floods and seen some footage on tv but I didn't realise that it was happening in or close to your neck of the woods. What a wonderful DS you have, but you know that, to make such a difficult journey to make sure you were ok. I'm glad he got home safely too.
We have one of those trolleys to, my WP bought ours fairly recently when he needed to move heavy plant pots around in the garden. It'll be even more handy if we ever decide to move house 🤔 ... thinking about it 🙂

I've recovered from my seizure cluster and have had a pretty quiet week. I missed out on my walkie talkie and consequentially a drumming practice session 🤷. My friends came across it on their walk and joined in 🤣. They're thinking of joining in the free sessions which take place once a month 😱. Should I give it a go do you think 🤣

Grammaretto Sun 29-Jan-23 17:00:06

Hello gang,

Is that trolly thing like my sack trolley?
Mine is used for carting sacks of clay and gas cylinders.

I am really glad to hear that you have not been having so many seizures recently Cherry
I'm sure you should go to the drumming sessions. Why wouldn't you?

It is indeed the new place which is losing pieces of masonry. She and he are now at the old place. They could have stayed here but I live in 3 floors with no stairlift. Anyway I think once we had made it warm and made her stairlift and the TV work, things looked brighter.
I did a Sainsbury's shop so they won't starve and am back home but ready to whisk them in by car if I am needed.

An hotel was never an option. She didn't want to go somewhere strange. And a care home was suggested

The contractors are supposed to be making a decision tomorrow but meanwhile other flat dwellers urgently want to get back in. One couple are due to fly to Tunisia tomorrow and need their passports.

I'm going to watch a who dunnit at the cinema tonight.
The dance/ceilidh was fun last night apart from my clothes were too hot.
Most sensible people had short cotton tops and bare legs! the girls

I hope the floods are subsiding now Kaimoana. Your poor DS will have been traumatised when he couldn't find you.

Kaimoana2 Sun 29-Jan-23 19:34:29

Clear ups began but halted when darkness fell and torrential rain started again.

It slowed a little in the night but it's raining still, steadily and unremitting with no forecast let up until late in the week.

Violent electric storms were due last night but didn't hit this area.

Cherry I'm glad you're over the wretched cluster and can enjoy that drumming - go for it girl. smile Grab every possible (legal) experience is my motto.
I've done some astonishing and occasionally dangerous things in my time and don't regret any of them.

Grammaretto I can see why your Mil eschewed the hotel if there was any hint a rest home could be the next step.
Blimey, the very idea!

I don't know what your sack trolley looks like but mine is very similar to a skateboard only much stronger. No handle but a hole cut out to make carrying easy.
Dgs had lots of fun scooting up and down the road on it.

Yes, my DS is wonderful, always has been, bless him and I'm extremely lucky with my DiL and dgc as well. Both children are very caring.
Gubbins even got stars at her day-care for looking after her friends!

I'm having lunch with them all today - if floods don't prevent it.

Doodle Sun 29-Jan-23 20:22:16

Grammaretto things are certainly eventful in your life,
Lucky your Bil and Mil weren’t hurt but what a shock for them to be suddenly homeless. Kind of you to give them somewhere to sleep.
I’m sure they were grateful just to have somewhere to go. I hope you enjoyed your fundraiser. We’re you dancing?
Hope a good decision is reached on their home and they are able to move back in soon. Glad you enjoyed the dance.
Kaimoana yes moving the treadmill was difficult and we both have a few aches and pains today but at least it’s done.
Glad your son got home safely. Must have been a nightmare journey for him.
I’m not sure I should ask but what were you doing with the meths………..not got some habit we don’t know about have you 🤔.
The rain must be awful. Fancy that poor lady having her house lifted up. I hope you are safe where you are (do I need to send Jeeves with a canoe?
Hope you manage to get some food supplies without paying an excessive amount.
Have a lovely time with your family today.
Hi Cherry with regard to the treadmill, we need to lean the handle against our dining table for stability for DH when he’s using it. To begin with it was at one end of the table but sticking out into the room which meant we had to keep walking round it. We decided to put it at the other end of the table which is by the outside wall and not in anyones way. It proved to be a bit more challenging than we thought.
Glad to hear you are over the seizure cluster and have had a better week. I can imagine you whacking out a beat on the drums. Why not give it a try. 😊

Mamissimo Sun 29-Jan-23 21:51:17

Good evening from a very tired human 🙂 we've had the loveliest time this weekend with DD2 who arrived unannounced on Saturday lunchtime waving a string of baby scan pictures. She thought we'd like to see them.....she was right...but 120 miles to make us smile? I almost decked her but it was lovely to hug her close.

All is going well and she's now off the horrid hormones. The change in her was so much for the better. We will retain our watching brief though whilst she goes through the PTSD counselling. At least she now believes that she really is expecting and at the moment all is going well.

Poor DD1 and her family have the horrid sickness bug so we're staying away for a few days. It seems to be a short sharp bout of nastiness and is very prevalent at the school.

Do look after yourselves - we're going to practice what we preach and have an early night 🙂

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