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Kaimoana2 Thu 28-Jul-22 22:10:02

We’re starting another thread of continued friendship and support.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, thanks to Doodle and Cherry, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is very welcome. smile

Kaimoana2 Mon 30-Jan-23 05:43:01

I've had a really excellent birth-day smile

Karen brought me the most beautiful roses and we were going to have a special Morning Tea somewhere but it being a Public Holiday (many places closed; Auckland Anniversary Day) and a State of Emergency which had closed shops and roads, added to which it was raining, we postponed it.

I'd put together some things for the Evacuation Centre but they only have room for the storage of people right now, not bedding, clothing and toys. Once people are back in their homes, then they'll need such things.

My family came over to take me to a 2pm lunch where every mouthful was heavenly.
I'd been unable to finish my breakfast, so was extra hungry and could fully enjoy the fish and dessert (though not at the same time).

Conversation over lunch was straight out of a comedy film. When my DS took a slightly restless Gubbins for a short walk, my Dil leaned across the table and asked if they should start looking at care homes for me. This because DS had reported the spilled, ignited meths incident and she was worried.

I pointed out I’d dealt calmly with the conflagration but it was clear she had visions of self-immolation in the not too distant future.

‘And do you want to be buried or cremated?’ That presumably, if I don’t see to the latter myself.

‘I’d quite like to finish my pudding before I do either if that’s all right?’

‘No, I mean what sort of arrangements do you want us to make? Do you want to Lie in State in which case you’d probably need to be embalmed for an open casket.’

She’d begun the meal with a large glass of Rosé , topped it up twice and was well into a Chocolate Martini with her dessert, so was not far from being ‘embalmed’ herself.

Dgs chipped in with, ‘I’m sure Gramlyn would love a Viking funeral.’
He’s absolutely right but are you allowed day release from Valhalla to watch your own send off?

‘The Council wouldn’t allow that. It’s illegal to set fire to a body in public,’ opined Dil seriously.
We debated the relative merits of Viking versus a New Orlean’s style Jazz Funeral, which got dgs vote; he even started choosing the music.

Eventually and just before DS and Gubbins came back, we decided Dil will make some sort of miniature Viking longship (or failing that a Maori waka), put my ashes in, light it and send it off across the Waitemata Harbour.

grin Happy Birthday to me. grin

Grammaretto Mon 30-Jan-23 06:31:40

Happy Birthday to you dear Kaimoana.
I love your roses.
Sorry I forgot as usual you and NZ DS share a birthday.
I wonder if they were discussing funerals or just the weather!
What were you doing with the meths BTW?
I use meths to clean the piano keys and to remove sticky labels from jam jars.

An old df wished for a Viking send off. He made model boats so his ashes were sent off across his local pond on the burning boat. I wasn't there to watch.

Such lovely news from you yesterday Mamissimo . I hope your DD has a trouble free pregnancy from now on.

Have a gentle day - all of us.xxo

Doodle Mon 30-Jan-23 10:35:56

Happy Birthday Kaimoana 🎂 💐I didn’t think but I should have said it yesterday for the time difference (happy birthday to your son too)
What beautiful flowers. So pleased you had a good day.
Oh what a conversation for your birthday meal
Do you think your dear DIL was a little tipsy 🤣
Your DGS is obviously keen for you to have a splendid send off. The Viking boat sounds a good idea. I do hope you’ll be with us for some time to come though. 😊
Mamissimo that’s a long trip for your DD but I bet you were excited to see those scans. Glad the hormone treatment has stopped hopefully now she will feel better.
Sorry your other DDs family aren’t too good. Those school bugs certainly travel round.
Grammaretto yes I was wondering what the meths was for.
Hope you have a good day too.
DH has a bad back. I think probably from moving the treadmill. What a couple of old crocs we are.

Doodle Mon 30-Jan-23 10:43:55

This is another thread on GN about the flooding

CherryCezzy Mon 30-Jan-23 14:45:25

Happy Birthday Kaimoana 🥳 💐, I'm pleased that you had a wonderful day. Sending you a birthday cwtch x
What an odd conversation with your DiL ... curious and curiouser 🤣. Wouldn't it just have been easier for her to suggest you get rid of your stove 🤷🤣
Doodle and Grammaretto I thinkKaimoana said she has a stove that's fuelled by meths. Have I got that right Kaimoana? Your family were obviously concerned when you ignited yourself, I must admit I was a bit shocked.
Beautiful flowers from Karen by the way.

Doodle, sorry to hear that your DH has hurt his back moving the treadmill. I hope he recovers quickly.

Wishing your DS a Happy Birthday Grammaretto.

Jan16 Mon 30-Jan-23 16:28:54

Hi All. Yes I’m still around despite the Physio trying very hard this morning to finish me off and very nearly succeeding! Mind you it doesn’t take much these days. I’m still hobbling around indoors with my stick especially first think and last thing at night. My bad leg is so heavy it’s like trying to lift a sack of potatoes! Never mind must keep hoping things will improve.
“Grammaretto” you do make me laugh. Like “Doodle” I too had visions of your guests turning up each with their own dumpling! Your lodger sounds very nice and helpful- hope she stays.
“Mamissimo” oh dear. Poor Honey Beagle really paid the price for eating the steak! Bless her but bet she enjoyed it!
“Cherry” sorry you’ve been poorly again but you sound as if you’re on the mend now. Really hope so.
“Kaimoana”. I had no idea NZ was having such bad weather - haven’t seen anything about it in our paper or on the news. The rain sounds dreadful and flooding leaves such a mess behind doesn’t it? Hope it’s eased up now.
“Doodle” moving the treadmill? Tut tut! Think we all imagine we are 30 years younger than we are nowadays but good for you using the treadmill. I used to belong to a gym but found it sooo boring.
The sun is just starting to set over the back of our house. We get amazing sunsets here - the sky is gradually turning pink.
Lovely to read all your news - will keep in touch

Kaimoana2 Mon 30-Jan-23 16:30:19

I too am hoping your DD2 will have a problem-free few months ahead Mammisimo.
I can only imagine her excitement as she raced all that way to show you the scans. A wonderful smiley thing for you all. smile

Grammareto is your Mil settled and home yet?
I suppose you will be packing for your trip to foreign parts smile.
Happy Birthday to your DS.

Oh no! Your poor DH's back troubling him yet again Doodle. Goose grease and embrocation is the answer grin

I've been giggling at the Viking v Jazz funeral conversation ever since and the final laugh was from Gubbins.

Ds was fastening her into her car seat as I stood waiting to get by. As Ds stood and closed Gubbin's door, she called, 'Bye Grandma, see you Friday'! As if they were going to drive away and leave me in the carpark of the restaurant smile

When my husband and I used to go year-round camping with the boys (DS2 then only a baby), with no vehicle, we had to carry everything.
I had research the lightest/best designs and this stove was our choice.

It's totally stable in all weathers and windproof. We had two wedge-shaped, foul-weather/all-weather tents, such as those used by mountaineers and vital for northern winters. The Trangia could be assembled quickly even in bad weather, the small area just outside the tent.

When I came back to New Zealand, it came with me as a trusted friend and reminder of happy times and also in the hope I would continue camping here.

Not only did I have decades of camping and in far better weather than the Yorkshire Dales threw at us, I slept outside from September to the following June, in the field adjacent to my house.

At first light, as the birds woke to sing and the sun coughed it way to the horizon, I brewed my first decaf of the day on my old Trangia and breathed in happiness with the crisp morning air.

My stove is now almost 50 years old and as efficient as when we first bought it.

Any fault lies with me.
The recent blaze was entirely due to my not being able to see properly and spilling a little methylated spirit as I refilled it. I didn't know until I struck a match and not only the stove ignited but the spill as well. But I was well prepared.

The stove was on the steel draining board and I had a damp cloth handy, so it was dealt with, safely, in seconds.

No panic here smile

Doodle Mon 30-Jan-23 22:46:05

Cherry DH is wandering about like a really old man…….he has just informed me that is what he is 🤣
He’s ok when sitting down it’s only when he gets up it hurts. Hoping it gets better soon.
I’d forgotten about Kaimoana’s stove until you mentioned it and you’re quite right, getting rid of it would be the simplest solution. Hope you are having some better days now.
Grammaretto I got really confused I thought it was Kaimoana’s son who had the same birthday but it’s yours. Hope he had a good day too.
Hello Jan lovely to hear from you. I see your Sargent Major Physio is still keeping you on your toes. Must be difficult with your leg feeling so heavy. Hopefully, the feeling will come back more and more.
Yes perhaps trying to move the treadmill ourselves wasn’t the best of ideas. It was supposed to improve our fitness not cause injury!! I love sunsets. Must be nice in the summer sitting in the garden and watching the sun go down.
Kaimoana I’m glad you are safe. Your story about your stove reminded me of my dear dad who had a small calor gas stove and kettle. Wherever we went, as soon as we found a spare patch of grass, dad would say, anyone fancy a cuppa and out would come his trusty stove. I think brewing his tea like that was the highlight of any holiday.

Grammaretto Mon 30-Jan-23 23:51:41

I've been reading your news and hope you are getting better each day Jan. Well done on the physio.

Thanks for the explanation about the meths cooker, Kaimoana and the amazing outdoor life you lived.

The in-laws are still not in their flat.
The wind was too strong for a crane to be used to inspect the building yesterday so it will be at least another day before they can go home.

A df has been helping to look for the Deeds today. She's an organised person and has been making lists. She has set me various tasks and is coming back later in the week. to see if I have done any of them?

Meanwhile, she's gone and I have been watching TV and eating chocolate.

Kaimoana2 Tue 31-Jan-23 02:03:20

"Meanwhile, she's gone and I have been watching TV and eating chocolate."

grin grin

Mamissimo Tue 31-Jan-23 10:23:01

Good morning 🙂

The bored beans and garlic and shallots are all growing away merrily, the crocuses are putting an appearance and all the harbingers are confused by the weather too far advanced! It's pruning week and Mr M is desperate to use his new loppers.

He doesn't like gardening so I buy him new toys to keep him on task 🙂 I have rather fetching new gardening gloves so a productive day ahead 🤞--and stiff legs and backs tomorrow to look forward to--

A dear nephew has suggested lunch on Sunday and to save me cooking and hassle suggested we all went to the far I have:

Tried to book online but we're too many
Rung pub -engaged x 3 times
Had a glass of something
Spoken to gormless girl waitress to book
Filled in a form to "manage"my booking
Rung gormless girl to tell her she's made a mistake x 2
Had a glass of something
Copied link to their menu
Set up WhatsApp group
Sent menu link to all invitees
Set up spreadsheet to record menu choices
Put item in diary to remind me to email over menu choices on Friday

I could have prepared a roast for 13 in that time! Beware the schmoozing of nephews with their honeyed words!

To the fruit cage........

Grammaretto Tue 31-Jan-23 18:53:57

Words fail me re booking Sunday pub lunch Mamissimo
Although I was disappointed to find English pubs are not what they were
We traipsed around looking for somewhere to eat in Nottingham getting progressively hungrier
Finally found a "gastro pub" with a dress code.
My DGD had to go home and change out of trackies and trainers!
I am extremely jealous of you being able to plant already. The ground here is still rock solid.

DMiL still not back in the flat. Very sparse information but DSiL is travelling up to stay so maybe she can find out what's happening. I must take sleeping bags and blankets to the old place which was left in a minimalist state ready to go on the market.

Warning: don't throw everything out as you may need it again.

Any more news from NZ?
Poor Dude Doodle how's the old back?
How's the physio going Jan
And Cherry how's the footie?

Doodle Tue 31-Jan-23 20:08:38

Grammaretto you are norty. You will be put on the naughty step if you don’t do your homework 🤣
I hope your DBIL and Mil are coping ok in the old house. They are lucky to have somewhere to go. Hope the repairs can be done soon. I always find as soon as you’ve thrown something out you find a good use for it.
Mamissimo is MrM safe with his loppers, I hope he doesn’t cut off something vital by mistake .😲
Glad all the bored beans, vampire garlic and Lady of Shallots are all doing well. Any running beans practicing for the olympics yet?
Hope you get your pub lunch booked whilst you’re still compos mentis. 🍷
Kaimoana I hope you’re home is still on firm footing and you are recovering from an exciting birthday.
DH had a phone call from the assessment unit today. Good news is that all his tests have come back ok with good results.
Unfortunately, as they haven’t found a reason for his peripheral neuropathy they can’t do anything about making it better. Advice is to have physio (if only, been waiting 3 months already) and to use a walking aid. Sticks would be no use as DH wobbles sideways. I am urging one of these four wheeler walkers but DH is reluctant to give in to old age yet. We shall see,

CherryCezzy Tue 31-Jan-23 21:11:05

I'm glad you're still around Jan and battling on with the physio too, despite it being so evidently difficult for you. You can be proud of yourself. No, don't give up hope x

Doodle I can see why a traditional walking stick may not be appropriate for your DH but what about a tripod or tetrapod walking stick? I can't say I know a great deal about them but a woman I know has recently started using a tetrapod. She wasn't getting on with a traditional walking stick anymore because it wasn't giving her the stability she needed. She says the tetrapod does do that for her, but she did say she's having to walk slower now. I didn't question her to know whether she meant that she's slower because of the stick or because she's having more difficulty walking in general. It's something an OT could assess your DH for; I self referred last time I needed to.

You've had howling winds over your neck of the woods haven't you Grammaretto? I guess it's not surprising that your DMiL and DBiL aren't back in the flat if that the case, more masonry may come loose and/or too risky to assess.
I won't say our house is at risk of falling masonry it had better not fall down but I do know that some of the brickwork needs pointing 😬
How's the footie 🤔. We won our FA cup match yesterday, yay, so we go through to the next round where we will be playing ... Man's United 🤦

What lovely memories you have entwined with your camping stove Kaimoana. It's funny how some objects are just possessions, sometimes useful, often unnecessary, and others become imbued with so much more than their function, your stove being one of the latter.

I'm very tired tonight, a warming bedtime drink I think Jeeves 🙂. Night night lobStars 😴

Doodle Tue 31-Jan-23 22:12:54

Dear Cherry how kind you are to think of DH. You may be onto something. He is due to go to the physio soon for exercises so we hope he may advise but I will have a look at that. If DH walked any slower he’d be standing still 🤣
We won, hurrah 👏🏻👏🏻 I thought I could here cheering. Must have been you and ixion.
Jeeves is on his way ………..with his camping stove 😊

ixion Tue 31-Jan-23 22:29:38

Indeed Doodle, that was most certainly us you could hear. We have been practising our little number for ages.
Great fun but bl**dy cold when you're getting on a bit.

Doodle Tue 31-Jan-23 22:45:43

Well Ixion if you and Cherry will expose your Pom Poms to the world, what do you expect 🤣

Kaimoana2 Wed 01-Feb-23 01:07:46

It's lunchtime Wednesday here and amazingly the sun
came out as the rain stopped 10 minutes ago.
There is a real feeling that the violent weather is, at last, over.
I'm also glad to say that in contrast to the deafening silence from the Sallies during Covid, I had a call yesterday asking if all was well. A bit late for sure but a good thing.

Plough on Jan and keep up your therapy; you're doing incredibly well.

As usual Mamissimo you made me chortle (isn't that a cute word?) but I do hope MrM is alert and sober when you let him loose with the loppers. smile

ixon and Cherry excellent news from the footie field - I know Cherry threatened them a while ago - I'm glad they are now running scared and inspired grin

I have a cousin living in a small Cumbrian village and she tells me their pub is still traditional.
All home made food, cosy fires in winter, caters for fell walkers and is dog-friendly.

I was not a pub person when I lived in England but I'd love to visit this one.

I don't blame your DH one bit Doodle for shying away from using walking aids. It's one of those issues which erode our pride.

I started using mine (decorated pale green with butterflies by my dgs and much admired wherever I go) because my poor sight meant I never knew what was beneath my feet.
I didn't like the idea one bit but I didn't like tripping over kerbs and steps either.

If you saw me outside and hobbling along, I look decrepit and about 103 but it's all due to poor eyesight.

In the house or where I'm sure what's underfoot I go back to being a sprightly 76 year old grin

The hard working young people at Waipareira are optimistically setting up the stage and stalls for the huge, Waitangi Day music concert-fayre-family day on 6th.

It will be heartbreaking if it has to be cancelled due to more rain.

My dgd plans to drive 230km for the day as well.
She had to cancel her visit for my birthday due to massive flooding, subsidence and road closures so my fingers are firmly crossed.

I'm imagining the crocuses Mamissimo they and snowdrops cheer me but don't thrive where I live.

Grammaretto Wed 01-Feb-23 20:26:47

Blimey! That was a lot of rain.Kaimoana
I am very glad it has stopped and the Sallies are asking after you.
That's the kind of pub I was hoping for.
A few years ago, on holiday in Derbyshire, we walked from the holiday house along footpaths , hills and vales and arrived at a perfect English village pub for refreshments.
I always want to recreate the scene

Good news about DH Doodle but I can understand his reluctance to walk with a Zimmer or similar. My DH hated his immobility but if it means he can get some fresh air and exercise it will be worth it..

More shocking news here as the council are talking about a controlled explosion for the building.DBiL is rightly alarmed. It sounds more like a warzone than ever. I don't think they will be back in their house anytime soon.

Well done our team Cherry and Ixion!!

Doodle Wed 01-Feb-23 22:16:38

Exciting news here. DH has new wheels! I have finally talked him into having a Rollator (walker I call them). Won’t consider a stick as he says his balance won’t be helped by one as he falls sideways as well as forward. I think he may well be right.
I found a very lightweight (except on the pocket) walker which hopefully will be able to lift into the car. Made in Denmark so quite modern looking. Hope it helps with the walking.
Kaimoana I do hope your rain has stopped now. I can’t understand why the Sallies don’t take more care of you.
DHs problems lie very much with balance rather than walking. He only has to glance sideways for him to wobble. The walker has four wheels and I’m hoping it will give him the confidence to walk in a more upright manner. He’s becoming very hunched.
Hope your DGD can make it for the Waitangi Day music festival (if it carries in raining it could end up like Glastonbury!)
Living where we do we have quite a lot of small pubs that look like the one in your photo ……not that we’ve visited them all you understand 🤣
Grammaretto goodness surely they’re not going to blow your DBils home up. 😱. Is it really that bad? Good job they have somewhere to stay in the meantime. Was your MIl intending to sell her home?
You should try the Home Counties for a pretty pub. Or one by the river.

Grammaretto Thu 02-Feb-23 08:17:02

That was quick Doodle ! I'm so glad you have found a helpful walking aid.

There's a First for everything, isn't there. I found it hard going out on my own, especially in the dark evenings, but I know I must so I force myself.

The stone balcony of the Georgian house seems to be quite dilapidated. The building is Listed so will it need to be rebuilt and at whose expense?. No wonder DBiL is worried.

His DSis is due today so I really hope she has more luck communicating with the Council and other residents. Not knowing is the worst situation.

I am going on a long walk over the Border hills today so I had better get a move-on. Then my df is coming to collect files to sort.

I had a nice reply from the archivist at Register House re the missing deeds so I think I will make an appointment to visit.

Grammaretto Thu 02-Feb-23 08:18:06

Kaimoana How is DGD? Has she made it?

Kaimoana2 Thu 02-Feb-23 19:17:32

No, Grammareto she cancelled.

It is still raining here, not torrential but persistent every day, so the ground remains soggy along with our spirits.

It looks as if the first Waitangi Day after Covid, which was supposed to be a double, extra happy boost to everyone after such a long haul, will be poorly attended. I shall be there if I have to wade knee high through water.

Your DH's new appliance sound very swish Doodle and I hope it helps posture too.
Because I always look down to see where I'm putting my feet, I'm beginning to stoop as well.
I don't mind that too much apart from the fact I'm a Noseypoke and miss what's going on around me. smile

My Dgd1 now works for a construction company and tells me 'a controlled explosion' can be very small but more cost effective than dismantling something brick by brick. They will have had to rush through permission if it's Listed, so the damage must be a public danger. shock

I've been baking all day, my usual shortbread (easy to make with poor sight) and when Artoa arrives, we'll do the rounds. Our hard-working kaimahi (workers) deserve a nice Morning Tea.

They have all been helping householders get flood damaged goods from their homes and start a clean up and emotional rescue.

It feels a bit like during the war, with everyone doing their bit. smile

Kaimoana2 Thu 02-Feb-23 19:24:31

And as if that wasn't enough - an earthquake, 4.8 hit parts of the North Island today, not far from where my Dgd1 lives. shock

Grammaretto can I come and live in your shed? smile

CherryCezzy Thu 02-Feb-23 21:00:54

To echo Grammaretto, that was quick work getting your DH the Rollator Doodle. Sounds like he's got a quality Rolls Royce version too 😊

My, what a worrying prospect for your DMiL and DBiL Grammaretto. There'd have to be a special order granted by the Council if there's going to be a demolition of a grade II building wouldn't there. Would have to be compensation to residents! I hope it doesn't come to that. Mind you, any renovations would be costly. Surely residents shouldn't be responsible for them unless they knew there was any possibility of structural defect when they took up occupation. Either way it sounds like a lengthy process to get it sorted. I hope your DBiL's sister gets detailed information from the Council.
That sounds and interesting re. the archivist and your missing deeds! Have you been working through the tasks your df set you 🤔?

It's just awful seeing that stretch of people's possessions destroyed by the floods Kaimoana. I can't imagine how I'd feel if we lost everything. It's not so much the stuff it's the everything 😞 People can be amazing when these things happen though it's so good to hear that everyone is doing their bit to help.

ixion, you minx, you've put our picture on the internet and blown out identities 🤣

I've been doing more decluttering today, did I say it'll take until the Spring has really sprung it may take until Summer 😳

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