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Kaimoana2 Thu 28-Jul-22 22:10:02

We’re starting another thread of continued friendship and support.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, thanks to Doodle and Cherry, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is very welcome. smile

Doodle Thu 02-Feb-23 21:31:21

Grammaretto that is worrying about the building. Does your Bil own an apartment there or is he renting? Hope they get it sorted out soon.
Your walk sounds lovely. I hope you’ve done your homework for your friend. Hope you have success with the archivist and can find out something about your deeds.
Kaimoana sorry your DGD didn’t make it but probably wise not to risk it.
I hope there is still time for the land to dry out a bit.
So sorry for all those whose homes have been ruined. So many treasures lost or damaged. That photo looks awful..
I’m sure your shortbread will boost the workers spirits.
You’re very calm about an earthquake. I would be panicking. Hope everyone is ok.
Yes DHs Rollator is very swish and looks quite modern. I thought it might make a difference to his refusal to have one if it looked a bit more modern.
Cherry yes it’s quite snazzy. I just hope it works. He’s not doing to well at the moment.
We had an awful night last night. He got out of bed and had a sip of water which was enough to start him coughing (this happens quite often) he was coughing so much he was quite out of breath and his temperature shot up again. I wanted to call an ambulance but he wanted to wait. Things eventually settled down but I lay awake most of the night just checking his breathing. He’s much better now but still has a sort of bubble in his throat.
I love a good declutter but hopeless at it. I keep thinking I might want that so I take it all out then put it back again.
Hope you are feeling ok.
Sleep well all…..hoping for a quiet night tonight.

Kaimoana2 Fri 03-Feb-23 00:20:30

Oh my goodness, your poor DH and you Doodle.

I hope you over-ride him on the ambulance thing if it happens again because immediate attention can avoid severe consequences.

Even if he doesn't go to hospital they'd have oxygen and other medications as First Responders, vital for a good outcome.

I know I sound preachy but there's the welfare of both of you to think about so I do hope he thinks again.

And of course, over the years, you paid for this 'free health care' - you are entitled to it.

I've been in worse earthquakes than this fiddling little one and I never panic not even with a knife to my throat....but that's another story.

Still raining here and Accuweather says "one or two showers".
The first one must have started about 6am because it was raining steadily when I got up but I'm not sure when the send shower will begin because that first one hasn't stopped yet and it's almost 1pm. wink

Nevertheless, Artoa and I did our deliveries of the koha kai, knitting equipment and fairy lights.

At the park, all the kaimahi (workers) were in good spirits, setting up the massive stage, working through persistent rain and smiling. Heroes every one.

Yes Cherry it is truly heartbreaking. Street after street lined with piled up furniture and the poor people sitting on bare floors in their homes with only paper cups and plates supplied by various agencies.
Often all their appliances have been ruined so no cooking or laundry possible either.
Waipareira are working hard (as are others) to get beds, bedding and other basics to those worst hit.

If there's an earthquake there is a public insurance fund to repair and rebuild but with flood damage I'm not sure. Civil Defence have funding but although the government notices say, 'we may be able to help' it's a long and complicated process and people need help right NOW.

I'm overcome with sadness and wish there was more I could do.

BoadiceaJones Fri 03-Feb-23 01:15:53

First off, Kaimoana - a very happy, but belated birthday to you! It was, I seem to remember, a significant one, in fractional terms, yes? But not happy for so much of Auckland, sadly. I'm just emerging from a difficult period, so please forgive my lack of communication. I have yet to read all the previous pages, but will do so shortly.
The heat and humidity up here is just terrific, in its original sense. Sleepless nights, mosquitoes everywhere - huge ones, like condors, hovering menacingly. The potatoes rotting in the wet soil, kumara growing visibly, and advancing across the garden, which I have been unable to tend, like a tidal wave. Silver beet, basil, cucumbers...all are being swept away, or at least buried under the tsunami of green. Bad news is, because we've had 2 trees from our huge hedge at the front of the garden fall on the road, we have to have the whole thing removed...going to have to send MrJ down t'pit. SO expensive! At least no-one was injured, but the poor voluntary firefighters had to come out at 3 am in the deluge to sort it. It will be beers all round for them when we can get it to it.
However, all that fades into nothing in comparison with what the poor people further south are suffering. So terribly, terribly sad. Kia kaha, everyone.

Kaimoana2 Fri 03-Feb-23 04:50:35

Good to see you posting again BJ, I'd been wondering how you, CPO, the chooks and your garden fared.

My birthday was significant only in the sense I actually got to 76 and had a wonderful time doing so, as well as on the actual day grin

Let's hope better days are ahead for us all.

Grammaretto Fri 03-Feb-23 08:41:29

Very nice be to see you BJ ☺️
I hope you are well enough to cope with all the stuff life throws including losing a giant hedge. It sounds like a replacement would grow pretty quickly though!

How are you both today Doodle? I hope 🤞 you didn't need to call 999 in the night.

The homeless trio (SiL has joined them) won't be moving back until at least the end of next week. DSiL managed to get her mother's medication but from a pharmacy, not from the flat. She took pictures of the street and it looks like next doors balcony has come down now as a result of parapet stones dropping onto it. BiL owns his flat so is worried about the costs etc.

My amazing df came again yesterday on her mission to help me find the missing deeds. She made me phone my lawyer. It's a new person now my lovely lady has retired. He was very reassuring, he said the bank will have thrown them out!! But he says the originals are at Register House and he can get new photocopies. I am not sure I believe him but we'll see.

The photo of the possessions out in the open Kaimoana is very sad. I hope the rain has stopped now.

I had better get going. I need to help open up the shop this morning. My first job is taking all the temperatures of the fridges and freezers!

Kaimoana2 Fri 03-Feb-23 21:12:04

I hope you can locate those Deeds Grammaretto it will be such a load off your mind when you do.

I seem to remember you've already asked Register House and got nowhere. Maybe a lawyer will?

Not actually raining here. Dull, grey, overcast and with 87% humidity - my newly changed bed is already damp, the furniture sticky with it. hmm
That's Auckland for you. And as long as it stays dry, most people will feel lucky.

Doodle Fri 03-Feb-23 21:29:11

Kaimoana I think he would go if he felt really bad or I would have insisted if I thought he was getting worse.
His new Rollator arrived today and it’s really nice. So lightweight and very manœuvrable. Not been out with it yet but it fits well in the car.
Well I’m glad you can cope with the earthquakes. I would be in panic mode. You sound so calm?
It sounds so awful what people have to cope with after the flooding. Where do you start I wonder. I hope the help gets through to them soon. Also hope it stops raining.
Glad you managed to make your deliveries.
Boadicea lovely to hear from you again. So sorry things have been troubling for you. Hope things are improving now.
Those mosquitoes sound alarming. Did the trees fall because of the level of water? Good thing no one was hurt but you are right it is expensive to deal with.
Hope you and MrBJ are well. Are the Mean girls ok?
Grammaretto that is a worry for your BIL. I hope the insurance will cover his costs. It sounds quite serious.
Your friend sounds as though she’s an organiser. I do hope you can get copies that would be such a relief at last (I bet if you do get copies that you find the originals soon after 😊)
I hope your fridges and freezers aren’t suffering from fever or flu and they are safe to go to work.
Kaimoana that humidity would be too much for me.
I’m hoping it stays dry now though.
Have a good weekend all.

Grammaretto Fri 03-Feb-23 23:28:54

I didn't know Auckland suffered such high humidity Kaimoana. I learn something new every day 😀

You are quite right. I have enquired after the Deeds at all the places mentioned but with no luck. Maybe the lawyer can work magic.

I am pleased to hear the rollator has arrived and you can play take it out for walks.
I hope it isn't so light that it would blow away.
That would be a sight to behold. Doodle and her DH flying high above the ducks on the river. Be careful you two.

I have been tired today. After the shop someone came for a table I am giving away. Tonight my df who often comes for tea on Fridays, came for tea.
I was yawning rather rudely and he has left now.

NfkDumpling Sat 04-Feb-23 08:38:26

Wot Ho Everyone Happy Saturday!

Himself has turned over and gone back to sleep so I've just scanned the last couple of pages.

Great to see that, Jan, you're doing well. It's a long haul. Have you taken a video of you walking a bit? I know someone who thought she wasn't getting anywhere and was advised to do this every Sunday, so she could see the little improvements week on week. She was amazed!

I came on mostly to find out how if you're ok Kaimoana. There doesn't seem to have been much at all about your floods on our media. I shall click on your link presently.

How did you manage to persuade your DH to use a wheelie Doodle? Mine has just given in to the necessity of a walking stick, but only because I have a camera pole hike stick. He refuses to use a proper stick. The OT actually got around to coming last week and he has agreed to a handle at the top of the stairs and one over the bath for the shower. It's a fight! The trouble is that when he's just sat in the chair (and awake) there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him.

And Grammaretto , how wonderful that you should be able to get copies of Those Deeds. If they come through you'd better take several copies and keep them in several safe places and frame one for the wall!

I'm constantly amazed that when I open GN and determindly come straight to the Lobsters that I find you've added several pages when I feel sure I've only missed a day or two. And then, Himself comes staggering through or the phone rings and I still don't get to catch up with you all.

I will away now and click on that link while things are still quiet. He had a blood transfusion yesterday so he won't feel good today, plus they're running out of places to take blood samples and his poor tummy is like a pin cushion from the chemo injections. I may take him breakfast in bed.

(I hope BJ hasn't melted yet. I remember our Borneo holiday when everything was dripping and hair plastered to heads within ten seconds of leaving air con!)

CherryCezzy Sat 04-Feb-23 17:09:51

Doodle, that coughing bout doesn't sound good, for your DH or yourself. You said "it happens often", do you mean having a sip of water during the night or the coughing bouts (sorry if my understanding is a bit awry but I'm very tired today). If it's coughing in the night, does your GP and/or his consultant know? Does he have a preventer inhaler, as it sounds like he needs one or a different one if he has one. I hope the bubbling that he was experiencing has gone now.
Has your DH s had the opportunity to try the Rollator out today?
I have to say, your decluttering methods have resembled my previous ones but this time around I'm being much more ruthless, it feels good but I've got a long way to go yet 🤭

I can't remember if you said Grammaretto (I'm pretty hopeless today) but did your BiL buy the flat recently or has he lived there for years? It's very worrying either way but structural damage on this scale suggests there's been a structural issue that's been present a while. I truly hope that any costs don't fall upon his shoulders.
I'm not surprised you are tired, you've been a busy bee with one thing and another. I'm sure your friend will understand why you were yawning whilst he was there. I hope you're having a quieter day today.

Kaimoana to my ears a 4.8 earthquake doesn't sound "fiddling" but I've only ever experienced one earthquake and it was almost half that size and was fiddling. You're definitely not one to be shaken, that's for sure 😃

Boudicea it's good to hear that you are emerging from such a difficult time, I hope that continues.

Nfk, It's such a difficult time for you and your DH, thank you for taking the time to post to keep in touch with us lobStars💐

I'm almost falling asleep but I have to stay awake, even if it's only because our footie match is kicking off shortly. Had a very long walkie talkie yesterday and really enjoyed it and the gorgeous lunch we had in an Italian restaurant but my neighbour kept me awake all night with her rantings ☹️

Doodle Sat 04-Feb-23 19:39:55

Evening all. Been a busy day here. Had DHs BIL & SIL over . Nice to catch up with them and their family news.
Grammaretto the Rollator is very light……..unlike it’s user and his wife, no danger of us being blown away 🤣
You’ve been busy recently working in the shop and a lovely walk the other day. Not surprised you’re tired. At least you didn’t fall asleep while your friend was there.
I do hope the lawyer is successful in his search for your deeds.
NFK how lovely to hear from you. Wasn’t easy to persuade DH to use a walker thingy. Firstly it was outright refusal then he said it would make him feel too old. The mobility centre suggested he use a walking stick. DH felt he was more likely to fall with a stick than without one. He wobbles sideways and thought the stick wouldn’t help. Doing some research k found a very light streamlined Rollator. Scandinavian design and quite sleek. I haven’t let DH out of the house without me being with him to hold him up for a while now. He has often said he feels unsteady walking outside. Finally I think he saw reason and accepted it was this or an increased chance of falls. He is very impressed with the manoeuvrability of his new gadget. Fits easily in the car and is so light (unlike it’s price). We haven’t had the chance to go out with it yet but hopefully tomorrow we will give it a test drive.
I’m glad your DH has accepted some aids. I’m sure it will help.
He must have been through a lot with his treatment. Are the chemo injections continuing? I do hope it doesn’t hurt too much. Breakfast in bed would be a nice treat. Hope he enjoyed it. Take care both of you.
Cherry no it’s not the coughing in the night it’s the coughing after having a sip of water that happens often. It can happen at any time of day. I think it might be something to do with one of his meds but it’s being going in for years. Doesn’t always have such a dramatic effect though. Usually, he’s ok after a minute or so. He’s actually got a new style inhaler which is both preventer and reliever in one. He can use it up to 8 times a day.
Only got the Rollator out to demonstrate its capabilities to his brother. Anyone would think between the two of them it was a high end sports car 🤣. Sorry about your neighbour again. I was hoping she’d not been a problem.
Ooh footie tonight. Come on our team. Get the ball ⚽️ and score some goals. Hope you and Ixion don’t catch a chill in your cheerleader outfits. Shake those Pom Poms girls. 😊

Grammaretto Sat 04-Feb-23 19:52:52

I have been cooking this afternoon and listening to Radio 4. They were talking about Italian cooking and how it has gone from spaghetti hoops, though pizzas and pasta to really star quality restaurants. It was making me hungry and then Cherry you wrote about the gorgeous lunch.
I am making tentative plans to go to Italy this year I should be learning the language instead of Gaelic!

Hello dear NfkD you seem to be bearing up despite adversity in true Lobstar style. wink

You are right Cherry DBiL is very worried about possible cost. He bought his flat in the 1980s and loves it.

I have a kiln to pack but will probably have an early night.

Grammaretto Sat 04-Feb-23 21:37:34

Crossed posts Doodle. The Rolls Royce of rollators eh or perhaps Volvo or Saab if we are talking Scandi.grin
I am picturing the old boys inspecting the precision engineering!
And why not. If you must use a walking aid get the best
I use poles on walks which is a fancy name for walking sticks.
If they prevent me breaking bones I am all for them.

Doodle Sat 04-Feb-23 21:46:01

Grammaretto we have a couple of walking poles from our visits to Switzerland but DH refused to try them. I can sort of understand his reasoning. He feels unsteady walking and his balance is all over the place. It’s more to do with soothing to lean on than anything really. That’s why this should help.
Your poor BIL must be so upsetting for him. He’s been there a long time. I hope the insurance will cover it.
That would be nice to go to Italy. I’ve never been. Have you been there before?

Kaimoana2 Sun 05-Feb-23 00:13:51

How lovely to see you posting Nfk although you are never out of mind even if you're temporarily out of sight. smile
Men need macho walking sticks (as seen on Amazon) something wicked and slightly dangerous looking smile.

We women seem to cope better with the dents in our pride which aging brings but all the elders in my group who need them, have highly decorated (sometimes noisy) walking frames.

Anyone who has many injections also needs Emla cream - which should be offered as standard by medical staff everywhere, but rarely is.
I believe Boots sell it in UK.

What an excellent idea for Jan (and indeed anyone going through rehab) to take videos of progress - why didn't the physio suggest that?

Amazingly Grammaretto my friend in NJ has just, with several others, discovered structural faults in the retirement unit she bought a few years ago. There is, she said, a coverall law which insists on insurance for structural faults. That's the USA of course but if your Bil is billed for damage, it may be worth looking in his original contract to see if he was obliged, by law, to maintain the actual heritage structure.

Oh Cherry a pox on that neighbour of yours. angry

Our 2nd day of no-rain, although the morning sunshine has been partially strangled by thick cloud.
The ground is drying out a bit and all is going ahead for the Big Waitangi Day Family Festival.

That huge stage you saw a few days ago has had to be moved! shock but the kaimahi did it cheerfully.

These "kaimahi" are normally accountants, social workers, financial advisers and other admin and front line staff who have left their own work and home duties to help the flood victims.
They are beyond heroic.

And finally, we have a singing star here, very popular, called Stan Walker. His song, Aotearoa is the only music/video I want played at my funeral (IF my son decides to have one).

But by coincidence, as I was writing this, a friend who has just had to accept a walker due to a bad fall, says he calls his Stan. (pic included)

I guess in the UK, it could be called Annie by Coro fans.
Or even Roy and Nicole !! Hee hee.


Jan16 Sun 05-Feb-23 20:36:01

Hello All and an especially big hello to Nfk. I’ve been thinking about you and DH a lot recently and wondering how he was getting on. Pleased to hear he’s doing ok - great news. No no one suggested taking videos of me walking although to be honest I think if my DH tried to take videos he would take such a long time I would have gone back to bed before he had finished! He’s not that brilliant with phones or I pads but after all my nagging he does remember mostly to take his phone with him when he goes out!
Cherry good to hear from you and hope you are on the mend. Like me you sound as if you are permanently tired - I even wake up tired! Apparently it’s usual after a stroke. I’m still staggering round the house with my stick. Very slow progress if any. Physios are coming tomorrow and I dreading it. Two tomorrow and although they are both lovely they really push me. I know that’s what they should do but oh dear it’s hard! Then we are supposed to be going to our local pub with our neighbours. Even getting in and out of the car is a struggle. Fingers crossed I can walk in with my stick and don’t need the wheelchair. After all that excitement I will probably be asleep by 4pm!
Doodle your poor DH he suffers so many different ailments. Pleased he’s getting on well with the rollator. I can’t use one as my left arm is weak. No idea what difference that makes but apparently according to the physio it’s a no no!
Kaimoana pleased its dried up in NZ after all that rain. Hope it continues to stay dry. In our town back in 1953 we had terrible floods. We have a biggish river running through the town and it broke through the flood defences. There were dreadful floods all round the coast. Lives were lost and many houses flooded. We had a caravan at the coast and it was washed out to sea but always remember my mother saying the cups were still hanging on the hooks! It was towed back onto the site and dried out and we had many more summers there.
Well I had better stop rambling. Soon be time for the final episode of Happy Valley! If ever a series was badly named that’s it. Don’t think anyone in Happy Valley ever looks happy or smiles but we have enjoyed all the episodes. Love Sarah Lancashire too. Great actress.

Doodle Sun 05-Feb-23 21:18:19

Kaimoana are you brewing spells again. 🤣
DH has been showing off his flashy walker to our son today. They were very impressed. Our DGD tried it out and said it was very good and a lovely colour (it’s metallic blue) . Dare I suggest DH is getting just a tiny bit proud of it……
I do hope the rain has stopped and the Waitangi Day goes off without a hitch.
DH’s is called Rolly. Weather permitting we plan it’s first proper outing tomorrow.
Jan how are you. Hope you are continuing to improve.
DH was very tired after his strokes too.
Good luck with the physio I hope you can manage. Be nice to go out for a meal Hope you enjoy it.
Oh I’m enjoying Happy Valley but you’re right they are all in dire straits. I do like Sarah Lancaster. I’ve seen her in so many things since she left Coronation Street and she’s come on so well.

Grammaretto Sun 05-Feb-23 22:10:54

I must be the only person in the country who isn't watching Happy Valley!
I missed the pottery throwdown too because we have our cinema on Sunday evenings and I like to go out. If I stay at home by myself for too long I easily get depressed. I am a social soul. The film tonight was strange. Scandinavian Noir.

I hope you managed out to the pub Jan with your friends. You are doing well. I can sense your determination. smile

I am glad the dude has taken to his rollator. Doodle Nothing like getting admiration from the young ones. Good for you for getting it and for him using it.

Happy Waitangi Day
Aotearoa .

CherryCezzy Mon 06-Feb-23 19:35:17

I hope the Waitangi family festival was a great success Kaimoana.
Indeed, I've seen women with some beautifully adorned walking sticks but I have noticed that many men, at least where I live, are also choosing more colourful walking sticks. There's one local man that has a stand out example of this, his has skulls, crossbones, eagles and bats on it 😁

👍 to your DGD for demonstrating to your our DH's Rollator is both good and stylish Doodle! It sounds well made and easy to manoeuvre, perhaps like Grammaretto says since it's Scandinavian in design, more a Saab or a Volvo which have a reputation for being reliable. I think Rolly will become a fine companion for your DH.

I know you that you recognise that the physios really push you so that you achieve the best possible outcome after your stroke and I know you find it hard and dread it. Look how far you have come!! Wow. You are Truly Amazing 🤩. Keep going, you Are doing so well so far! I'm so proud of You.
I hope you made to the pub with your friends and had a wonderful time to boot.

I didn't have the best of says yesterday, I ended up in A&E. At 4:15 am I was jolted out of a deep sleep by a sudden pain in my chest an a shooting pain down my right arm. The pain continued, my arm was tingling. I came downstairs and took some liquid antacid. No effect. I woke my partner and reluctantly rang for an ambulance. - told hour and half waiting time. Two hours later a paramedic rang to say it was another 4 hour wait so would send a taxi (if I agreed to it). So, 55 minutes later off I went (after having to redirect the taxi driver to our house). I spent the next 7 hours in A&E, but was triaged within 10 minutes and given a bed. The upshot? I'd deoxygenated, probably because I'd stopped breathing due to a seizure.
What an eye opening experience being in A&E now is! It's easy to see the pressures and some of the reasons why! Paramedics are doing two jobs, their own and the work of acute care/specialist nurses. The shortage of acute nurses --because the government has cut them--was all too apparent! Most of the nursing staff were auxiliaries who have no place propping up A&E! I have to say, All the staff were amazing!

CherryCezzy Mon 06-Feb-23 20:14:20

.... I meant to say Jan You are amazing, sorry didn't mean to leave your name out.

I wish my tablet would allow me to preview! I think a couple of typos snuck in there too 🤦

And ... I meant to ask - does your cinema only show odd films Grammaretto? Isn't that the same place you saw that bizarre Bowie film 🤔
I also meant to say that I too am quite a social animal Grammaretto. I don't mind my own company but I'd like it less if I didn't have my WP if you know what I mean. I can appreciate it can be difficult for you. A warm cwtch from me is heading northbound for you x

Jan16 Mon 06-Feb-23 20:28:21

Cherry no problem did realise you meant me. So sorry you ended up in A and E but pleased nothing sinister had caused the pain. When I was in hospital all the nurses and health care assistants were working 12 hour shifts. That’s far too long to be on your feet lifting patients etc etc. Quite often the nurse in charge of the ward would do 14 hours. Ridiculous.
Yes did go out for lunch. Was worried I wouldn’t make it through to the restaurant but all ok except I was just so tired afterwards! Can’t stand the pace nowadays!

Grammaretto Mon 06-Feb-23 22:01:33

Look at you both! Cherry and Jan
I am so glad it wasn't too serious Cherry but such long hours for the staff and for the patients, patiently waiting . It is awful.
I hope some day it can becone a workable system again for everyone's sake.

And you Jan managing to go out for lunch. That must have been a tonic.

There is a committee who select the films Doodle and occasionally they come up with some that are really good.
I liked last week's See how they run and the Lost King.
Next week it's Mrs Harris goes to Paris
I can suggest films too but I have run out of suggestions.
I loved that one I saw about the war artist Eric Ravilious. but perhaps it would be too niche to show here. Drawn to War

Did you go out with Rolly today?

Doodle Mon 06-Feb-23 22:21:28

Grammaretto Happy Valley does have quite a lot of followers. DH doesn’t watch it. Not his thing at all but I enjoyed it. Not too sure about tonight’s ending but I enjoyed the first two series.
I’ve watched quite a few scandi noir series and films. They tend to either be very watchable or very dark in theme.
Can you watch the pottery throwdown on catch-up?
Been out for our first walk with Rolly today (Rollator seems quite the wrong word to me) and quite successful. It helped that it was a beautiful day here and no wind.
Kaimoana happy Waitangi Day from me too. Hope it was a great success and you enjoyed yourself without getting stuck in the mud.
Cherry that’s not your local Welsh Wizzard is it? 😲
Oh Cherry what an experience. I hope you’re ok now. Is this an experience you’ve had before? I was wondering from your first description whether it was a heart attack. Deoxygenation sounds quite scary too.
You are right, A&E here seem rushed off their feet too.
Jan glad you enjoyed your lunch and you did make it ok. You must have been pleased about that.

Kaimoana2 Tue 07-Feb-23 02:02:18

"Can you watch the pottery throwdown on catch-up?"

Isn't language funny? smile

Yes, the weather improved about lunchtime and we got the crowds pouring in. I went home soon after as I don't do crowds and I don't do music, especially loud music by New Zealand kids who think they have to act and sound like American rappers.

Have a look at this tokotoko (walking stick one of the elders is using. I have one similar but I never use it.

Irish shillelagh look quite macho as well.

What can ordinary people do to force governments to use OUR tax money on better health care? This is a serious question.

Glad you mentioned deoxygenation Cherry as I get those symptomes every night.

Kaimoana2 Tue 07-Feb-23 05:36:02

Some of you may remember my lovely friend and ex-home care supporter who had aggressive treatment for cancer, suffered hugely from the side effects, including the loss of her hair. A year later, tests showed she was all-clear.

Sadly, the cancer has raised its viciously ugly head again and despite swearing she’d never put herself through chemo again, it’s her only option.

If you have any good thoughts or prayers to spare, please send them her way.

She has a beloved little grand-daughter just a few months older than Gubbins.

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