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Do normal people not bother testing now?

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NittWitt Mon 01-Aug-22 23:40:28

I was told today that 'Normal people don't test for covid any more because since February it has been statistically less fatal than flu.'

This was a young friend who had been in a cafe with her child last week, although the child was a bit unwell and may have had covid.

Do most people not bother testing now?

GagaJo Mon 01-Aug-22 23:42:43

I'd test if I was ill with covidy symptoms. I wouldn't test with just a sniffle.

annsixty Mon 01-Aug-22 23:43:33

I would certainly test if I felt unwell but I know some people test if they are going to meet friends or into a social situation, I would not do that now and wouldn’t expect others to do it unless as I said they didn’t feel well.

nanna8 Mon 01-Aug-22 23:45:41

Most people here still do. The death rate here is still alarmingly high. Perhaps we have a different strain ? The schoolchildren are back to wearing masks.

mumofmadboys Mon 01-Aug-22 23:47:42

Where are you nanna8?

nanna8 Mon 01-Aug-22 23:53:04

Australia - southern. I suppose maybe it is because it is winter here and it seems to be worse in the cooler months ?

ElaineI Tue 02-Aug-22 00:02:42

If you test you need to follow the guidelines if positive. If you don't you stay at home till you feel better. When I caught it in June I was ill for 3 days then felt better but tested positive till day 7. DH tested positive till day 10 - he was not ill. We isolated till negative as do childcare and DM is 87. It is very confusing. The tests were LF so how they get figures now I have no idea - we send in but not everyone. I'm not surprised there was an uptick in the figures but they can't be accurate now. I guess we will have to learn to deal with it. DH was worse when he got his delayed pneumococcal vax last week ?

Shinamae Tue 02-Aug-22 00:03:47

I still test twice a week as I work in a care home

NittWitt Tue 02-Aug-22 00:06:16

I don't know if it was just a sniffle. It was my friend who said it may have been covid but they didn't bother testing.

'less fatal' is fine but what about long covid?

As an older person who has a relative living with me who has diabetes, I find it quite upsetting that society in general now seems to be so casual about covid which makes it impossible for us to have anything like a normal life.

Or am I over-reacting?

Redhead56 Tue 02-Aug-22 00:29:51

I have been ill and so much so in bed for five days with yet another chest infection. Finally I have been prescribed strong antibiotics our doctors never prescribes them and haven’t for years. I rang the doctors and I was told because I only ever go for essential blood tests this time I was taken seriously.
I did Covid tests because it is the sensible thing to do and tests were negative.
Did you mean to say you were told Normally people don’t test for Covid. Or were you told Normal people don’t test for Covid what’s Normal now days?

NittWitt Tue 02-Aug-22 01:29:15

'Normal people don't test ' is what I was told.
I was taken aback as it seemed like an attitude of 'we're all right, Jack' but maybe it wasn't meant that way.

NittWitt Tue 02-Aug-22 01:32:05

I thought it might be one of :
Normal = non-neurotic
Normal = without reason for concern

Ailidh Tue 02-Aug-22 05:00:51

I tested one day last month when a neighbour (flats with a communal common room, most people are 20+ years older than I am) tested positive but having no symptoms, didn't repeat. I had It over Easter this year.

BlueBelle Tue 02-Aug-22 05:21:20

I ve never heard any referral to ‘normal people’ but everyone I know from young to old only test if they feel snuffly or been with someone who then goes down with CoviD
I haven’t tested for a very long time but my grandson did one last week because one of his friends thought he had it (neither did thankfully)

Lucca Tue 02-Aug-22 05:25:55

I’m CEV so friends kindly test before we meet, if indoors.

M0nica Tue 02-Aug-22 06:20:50

Only test if asked, and that has only happened once.

JaneJudge Tue 02-Aug-22 06:26:22

I don't know how many tests you get in the box but I noticed for a small box of tests in Boots it was £10, which seems a lot. Obviously I'd test if I was visiting Lucca but otherwise, no I am not testing at all. I'm not sure if i am normal

JaneJudge Tue 02-Aug-22 06:27:57

I have had a look, you get 5 tests

rosie1959 Tue 02-Aug-22 06:31:46

Most people I know only test if they are unwell for any reason

Freespirit55 Tue 02-Aug-22 06:32:45

I didn’t test because I knew I had it and didn’t want to go out and spread the virus. Stayed in for 10 days and then just went for walks

Spice101 Tue 02-Aug-22 06:41:22


I don't know how many tests you get in the box but I noticed for a small box of tests in Boots it was £10, which seems a lot. Obviously I'd test if I was visiting Lucca but otherwise, no I am not testing at all. I'm not sure if i am normal

Here they cost $10 (approx 6GBP) each
I've never tested as never had any reason to do so, long may it continue.

grannysyb Tue 02-Aug-22 06:51:40

Tested because we were asked to, a couple of weeks ago before a party. All tested and negative, then two days later someone comes down with covid! Must say that I am not testing now unless asked to, have a lot of tests as the NHS have sent them to me, I've also had five jabs.

dragonfly46 Tue 02-Aug-22 07:05:48

I have had a chronic headache so tested every day. Not sure what I will do if I run out of tests.

Katyj Tue 02-Aug-22 07:16:22

Most of my family and friends are still testing if they have symptoms, just out of curiosity really. Their still going into work and carrying on as normal if they test positive.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Aug-22 07:55:49

Our family (5 adults & wives/partners, 8 GC, myself and husband) still test if we are showing symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who consequently is positive with Covid.

There is no legal requirement to isolate (as far as I know) here in England, do not know what the situation is in the other 3 home nations.