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2nd Booster...

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farview Sat 03-Sep-22 10:24:29

Just opinions wanted..
I'm really not sure about having one...I haven't felt 100% since having the 1st booster... also had covid in March...

Zonne Sun 04-Sep-22 11:17:48

Given the similarities, I’m really amazed that, over the years, there hasn’t been more attention paid to the 3% of the population of the UK who have long flu.

henetha Sun 04-Sep-22 11:26:50

I'm definitely having the new booster as soon as they offer me it. These vaccines decline in efficiency as time goes by, so it makes perfect sense to me to have the boosters.

annodomini Sun 04-Sep-22 11:28:54

I've had every vaccination going since I was born and don't intend to stop now. I still have a scar on my left arm from my very first smallpox vaccination when I was a tiny baby! I had a horrid reaction to a diphtheria 'jag' when I was 10, but that didn't put me off. Science has given us these miracles.
We should be - and I am - grateful that we live in a time when we don't have to dread that our grandchildren will be lost to diphtheria, grow up disabled by polio, blinded by measles, ravaged by TB, suffer learning difficulty through a mother's rubella. I could go on, but I'm sure you'll get my drift...

GrammyGrammy Sun 04-Sep-22 11:29:00


Good point Esspee. I hope they maintain these requirements so we don't come up against unvaccinated people.

If you are vaccinated how does it affect you what another person chooses?!

Luckygirl3 Sun 04-Sep-22 11:33:39

Having flu and 4th covid jab in 24th. I am very grateful that these are on offer free to me and others like me.

It will reduce my chances of getting either illness, either badly or at all, and I will increase the pool of vaccinated people to help protect others. There is no question about it in my mind.

How very lucky we are.

growstuff Sun 04-Sep-22 12:33:23


Given the similarities, I’m really amazed that, over the years, there hasn’t been more attention paid to the 3% of the population of the UK who have long flu.

Do you have the link to any details about that?

Razzamatazz Sun 04-Sep-22 12:37:32

I was surprised to get a text about my flu jab/booster, got straight in for 4 October.

I paid £35 for my flu jab last year as the surgery didn't have any availability at all.

Aveline Sun 04-Sep-22 14:57:40

GrammyGrammy see my previous post.

Teacheranne Sun 04-Sep-22 15:21:29

I’m waiting to be called for my booster, friends in their 70s and 80s have just been contacted so I’m guessing they are working through the age groups as they did before.

I understand that this vaccine has been tweaked to include some protection against Omicron as well as the original Covid which sounds good. I’m slightly wary about having my flu jab at the same time as I always have a bruise and swollen arm after any injection and two jabs together could be painful but I’ll just go along with it. I’m sure it will be fine even if I’m a bit tender!

Zonne Sun 04-Sep-22 15:26:13

growstuff, sorry, that was just me being sarcastic. There is no evidence of any such thing (barring one very small, not peer-reviewed study, which suggests a low level of king -term flu effects) whereas the ONS suggest 3.1% of the population have long Covid.

Kate1949 Mon 12-Sep-22 12:38:25

Over 65s can book their booster online from today. Some pharmacies are doing 'walk ins'.

M0nica Mon 12-Sep-22 12:40:39

I intend to have everything on offer, even though I am down with COVID at the moment.

twinnytwin Mon 12-Sep-22 13:08:19

DH and I are having ours on 27/9 - covid (my 5th) and flu. Had shingles jab a couple of months ago too. Bring 'em on!

BlueBelle Mon 12-Sep-22 13:14:11

But it’s so early as is the flu jab I will reconsider end of October start of November I only had my fourth jab three + months ago it f I m having another I want it to last through the winter not wear out in January and need another and another and another

Jane71 Mon 12-Sep-22 17:00:49

We'll both be having the jab once we're offered it.'

Enid101 Mon 12-Sep-22 17:21:39

I’ve just had my second booster. Gave me a headache for 24 hours then I was fine. I hope it will reduce my symptoms if I catch covid.

Allsorts Tue 13-Sep-22 06:47:34

Ive had three Covid vaccines and a booster and had Covud, booked in for my Flue jab November.
Are we supposed to keep having these Covid Boosters until there's no more cases?

Esspee Tue 13-Sep-22 06:57:26

We are to have our jabs at 9am today. Apparently we can have flu and covid vaccinations together which will save time and money.
Last time they offered both together I declined as I was concerned about reactions but since then hundreds of thousands of people have taken both without problems.

Pittcity Tue 13-Sep-22 07:05:58

Our surgery have been texting DH for a fortnight. He has finally booked his Covid booster for next week. We have flu jabs booked for next month.

Maggiemaybe Tue 13-Sep-22 07:51:59

Our flu jabs are booked in at our GP surgeries for October. I had a look at the Covid booster site yesterday, supposedly just out of interest, and ended up booking ours for tomorrow at a local hub. We’re going abroad in a fortnight and it seems sensible to get them done before we fly.

SuzieHi Tue 13-Sep-22 07:59:36

Over 65year olds can now book appointments on line or by phone- you don’t have to wait for a text or email

Pittcity Tue 13-Sep-22 08:25:12

We weren't expecting to be contacted as we are both under 65 SuzieHi

Aveline Tue 13-Sep-22 08:27:34

We're having both next week. Had both together last time with no after effects. Fingers crossed for this time.

Shelflife Tue 13-Sep-22 08:42:51

Had my second booster yesterday, was very keen to roll my sleeve up! Also very grateful that the vaccine was developed so quickly - amazing!!!
I have the flu vaccine every year so treat the Covid vaccine in the same way. Unless there are strong medical reasons not to be vaccinated why on earth would people not take advantage of it!? We have such clever people who have worked their socks off to give us the benefit of protection - let's be very thankful for that !!!

Grandma70s Tue 13-Sep-22 09:02:35

I’ve just had the booster, which according to my diary is my 5th Covid vaccination. I had no side effects at all, not even a sore arm.