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2nd Booster...

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farview Sat 03-Sep-22 10:24:29

Just opinions wanted..
I'm really not sure about having one...I haven't felt 100% since having the 1st booster... also had covid in March...

lemsip Tue 13-Sep-22 10:01:56

having my booster wed morning 9.15am. booked it online after being contacted by nhs.

M0nica Tue 13-Sep-22 20:10:56

Cannot have one for another month as I currently have COVID and you musn't have a vaccine for 28 days after diagnosis.

Ailidh Tue 13-Sep-22 20:16:39

I've just booked my booster for the week after next going through the NHS link that I thought I'd seen in this thread but can't see it now. Thank you to whoever posted it!

Maggiemaybe Wed 14-Sep-22 19:28:49

We had ours today at a large local hub. We booked our appointments earlier this week and I was very glad we did. They were extremely busy and most people had just turned up as “walk-ins”. They weren’t turning anyone away but those who’d booked were called forward at their allotted time and everyone else was having a long wait. Fortunately chairs were provided for those who needed them and the queues weren’t getting rained on!

lemsip Wed 14-Sep-22 19:37:44

Had my booster 9.15 this morning. feel fine so far.

Pantglas2 Thu 15-Sep-22 06:23:07

We were texted a fortnight ago with a date for the booster mid October and will hope to hear about flujabs soon....

Mamie Thu 15-Sep-22 06:34:17

Are the joint vaccinations in the UK your fourth or fifth Covid ones? We had our second boosters in May here in France and I thought we would probably have to wait six months before the next one. The flu vaccines normally start in October here.

annsixty Thu 15-Sep-22 06:47:53

Having mine this morning and flu one nextSaturday.
I was unsure about Covid one but decided to be safe rather than sorry.

Maggiemaybe Thu 15-Sep-22 06:53:06

Well yesterday’s was my fourth jab, so second booster after the initial two vaccinations back in February and April 2021. I’d my first booster last November.

But these are the new Covid-19 vaccine boosters updated to target the Omicron variant. They were only approved in the UK in August and in the EU earlier this month.

I had the new Moderna bivalent, now called Spikevax, which sounds to me like something from a Marvel comic. smile

annsixty Thu 15-Sep-22 07:09:43

This will be my fifth.
I had to get my cards out to be sure.

Mamie Thu 15-Sep-22 07:18:15

Thanks both, useful to know. Our first were March/April 2021 second in May, then November 2021 for first booster and second booster in May this year. Suspect we will have flu jab October and third booster November on that basis. Numbers have been very low over the summer, but you can just see them going up again, especially in the youngest age groups, as they return to school. Sighs.

cornergran Thu 15-Sep-22 07:35:17

As of this week Mr C has had 5, I’ve had 4 as we’re in different age groups. This time we booked at a local hub rather than wait for the GP surgery. Not a side effect between us. Flu jabs next week.

BlueBelle Thu 15-Sep-22 08:03:00

So if you’re all having your fifth jab September you will not be very well covered by December if they only last for three months? so what then another mid winter jab to get you to March / April then another.
If I have a fifth jab I ll wait till end of October / November then it might hopefully get me through the winter months

Maggiemaybe Thu 15-Sep-22 08:44:27

Who says the vaccines are only effective for 3 months though? I found this on the National Heart Research site.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) published research in July 2022 that suggests that even six months after a booster vaccine, most people can expect a high degree of protection (about 80% vaccine effectiveness) from becoming seriously ill from Covid-19.

That sounds like a good reason to get protected early.

aggie Thu 15-Sep-22 08:50:28

Relatives are in a group being monitored, their immunity is still robust when tested a few weeks ago

Iam64 Thu 15-Sep-22 09:56:08

I had my 4th on Monday. No problems at all.

We were at the Christie, Manchester’s wonderful cancer hospital yesterday. I overheard two paramedics discussing the likelihood that the hospital may stop visitors “again, because there’s so much covid around’

It’s obviously personal choice whether to take up the vaccinations. I’m concerned we don’t have regular updates on the numbers of people with covid, or clear information on the prevalence of long covid. I know 4 people significantly affected. Our town has a long covid clinic, which is separate from the established clinic for people suffering me/post viral symptoms

MiniMoon Thu 15-Sep-22 09:58:55

I've booked ours. Covid boosters next Tuesday, then the annual flu jabs the following Monday. Sore arms, but worth it.

Callistemon21 Thu 15-Sep-22 10:18:56

^I overheard two paramedics discussing the likelihood that the hospital may stop visitors “again, because there’s so much covid around^’

A local care home is locked down again; DH was going to visit an old friend but no visitors allowed.

toscalily Thu 15-Sep-22 10:20:49

We were notified last week, booked online and had our 5th vaccination yesterday morning and like Maggiemaybe it was the Moderna bivalent, Spikevax. Mr toscalily has had no reaction whatsoever, I developed a bit of a sore arm yesterday afternoon and still have it today but about 11pm I suddenly became very cold and shivery, just could not get warm, eventually fell asleep. I had that reaction once before and know of several others who have felt the same.

henetha Thu 15-Sep-22 10:32:24

I had my fifth covid vaccination on Tuesday and am absolutely fine apart from a slightly sore arm. I am thankful to have these boosters and will take whatever I am offered. We are so lucky.
I had Moderna this time, by the way.

Harris27 Thu 15-Sep-22 10:36:28

Husband received his invite yesterday already booked.

Gossamerbeynon1945 Thu 15-Sep-22 13:40:32

I have had four vaccines - 3 Pfizer and 1 Moderna. I had a letter this week for a call on 1st October, and I will have my fifth vaccine. I have not heard anything about the Influenza vaccine, but I think my surgery will do it, as they did before. (last year).

grannysyb Thu 15-Sep-22 13:53:47

Just been offered my sixth! Due to having an autoimmune skin condition. Will definitely be going for it,despite having a reaction to my last one which was feeling extremely tired, I slept for two days.

annodomini Thu 15-Sep-22 14:40:46

I've booked my 5th Covid jab next Wednesday and have had a walk-in flu jab at a local pharmacy today. I've never had any adverse reactions in the past, so fingers crossed.

sf101 Thu 15-Sep-22 15:00:46

I've just had my covid booster and flu jab this morning, one in each arm. Have never had problems with previous jabs so hope these will be the same.