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2nd Booster...

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farview Sat 03-Sep-22 10:24:29

Just opinions wanted..
I'm really not sure about having one...I haven't felt 100% since having the 1st booster... also had covid in March...

rosie1959 Sun 18-Sep-22 17:28:05

Usernametaken it would not be unreasonable to know far more who have caught Covid after being vaccinated due to the high vaccination rate in the UK.

sandelf Sun 18-Sep-22 17:37:16

Self and OH done. Both had a day of 'wiped out' tired. Very willing to put up with that if it means that we avoid hospital with serious covid and maybe long covid this winter. Agree with the comment about the protections building up and slowly decaying - there is no end date. Likely to be a big rise in infections when the temperature drops and Christmas looms into view. The more of us avoid being highly infectious the better for EVERYONE. - And think of the poor doctors and nurses who have to deal with us all.

seadragon Sun 18-Sep-22 17:39:17

We are going for our second booster next week. DH was very ill with Covid in June and is only beginning to recover now. Only just avoided hospital admission as our local paramedics attended (within 10 minutes of call!!) and convinced the GP to prescribe Doxycycline. Not looking forward to the jag, though, as was caused to vomit with little warning after each doze... Will also have flu jag at the same time.

Penelopebee Sun 18-Sep-22 17:46:44

I had mine in one arm and flu jab in the other.
I had covid on 28 July so probably Omicron
Arm just a bit sore on the covid side , red and hot bump.
So far feeling fine apart from that.
Might make a big thing of it and say I can't do any cooking/cleaning/washing etc for at least a week
Will let you know if I get away with it !

HAZBEEN Sun 18-Sep-22 17:50:38

I had my 6th jab this week, the flu jab the week before and get the pneumo one next week. I cant have the shingles jab as its a live vaccine and I am immo suppressed due to the chemotherapy. Other than that I will take anything recommended by my doctors to keep me safe from any disease!

Greciangirl Sun 18-Sep-22 18:16:52

Don’t let us forget.

There are still thousands of people in hospital and dying of covid.

It’s just not reported anymore.

lizzypopbottle Sun 18-Sep-22 18:22:48

Kandinsky don't you just love a good non sequitur? ???

rosie1959 Sun 18-Sep-22 18:27:45


Don’t let us forget.

There are still thousands of people in hospital and dying of covid.

It’s just not reported anymore.

Please there are not still thousands of people in hospital dying of Covid
Figures are still available via the Database and ONS

GrannySeaside51 Sun 18-Sep-22 18:28:54


I've had three and, to my knowledge, never had Covid. I haven't had any side effects, so I see no reason not to have the booster.

I had my booster in October and then Covid in April. I felt as though I had a rotten head cold and tested negative 14 days later. As I always get an annual flu jab I see no reason not to have a booster but fir some reason lots of people don't want another booster so each to their own.

grannyrebel7 Sun 18-Sep-22 18:36:56

My sister was ill after her booster. She was sick, shivery and had a terrific headache. It lasted for the whole of the day after, but she was fine after that. She had Moderna. I've not had mine yet, but will be having it.

Iam64 Sun 18-Sep-22 18:46:43

I has Moderna, no after effects

GANNET Sun 18-Sep-22 18:48:09

Yes having mine when available- had a very fit friend who was hospitalised last month with Covid - she is still exhausted

TiggyW Sun 18-Sep-22 18:52:38

My husband and I are both recovering from Covid, caught on board a cruise ship. It’s been 12 months since our last booster, so I imagine we’re no longer protected. I’m just glad that we weren’t more seriously ill. This new strain doesn’t seem to cause breathing problems (that said, we have no other health issues). It was like a dose of flu.
We had no side effects after our jabs, so we’ll be happy to have joint Covid/flu vaccines as soon as we’re clear to do so.

lippyqueen Sun 18-Sep-22 19:07:42

I have had 3 vaccines and had Covid. I won’t be having any more unless forced to with travel restrictions.

M0nica Sun 18-Sep-22 19:17:27

I have had 4 vaccines and have COVID at the moment. i will be having my 5th vaccine as soon as I qualify.

If what I have had this past week is what I get when vaccinated, I do not want to think about how ill I would have been without them.

MaggsMcG Sun 18-Sep-22 19:29:21

Mines booked for 2nd October. I was thinking I wouldn't bother but I've had hardly any side effects from the 1st Booster plus I'm off on holiday 15th November so I think it's better to be covered just in case.

Mistyfluff8 Sun 18-Sep-22 19:48:00

Both husband and I having flu and Covid jabs on the same dayTuesday 20th September .My husband recently in hospital no beds for the night already .Say we will have a double whammy of flu and Covid hitting NHS this year !!!

undines Sun 18-Sep-22 20:27:59

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I know deep inside we're not being told the whole truth about Covid, and stuff related to it. Too many vested interests, keeping us scared and dependent on drug companies. I understand that we have not been told the whole truth about the side-effects of the vaccine, and some of them may be long-term, so they have not yet surfaced. I've had two jabs, had Covid (quite manageably) and am looking after my immune system with a good diet and certain supplements. I'm 71, and very grateful for the good health I am blessed with - and I won't be putting anything else into my bloodstream for a while!

volver Sun 18-Sep-22 20:33:04

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but...

...but here's a whole lot of conspiracy theories with no grounds whatsoever for anyone to believe them.

M0nica Sun 18-Sep-22 20:40:45

Undine I won't be putting anything else into my bloodstream for a while!

What about if you suddenly need a blood transfusion or any other intravenous interventions, possibly for nothing more serious that a nasty bacterial infection?

Thorntrees Sun 18-Sep-22 20:44:42

Just been reading this thread and noticed HAZEBEENs comment about the shingles jab. I am immunocompromised and couldn’t have the shingles jab as it’s a live vaccine. There is an alternative called shingrix that is not live,it’s given as two doses two months apart. My husband also had it as there was a risk of him passing shingles on to me from the live vaccine. Might be worth asking your GP.

tidyskatemum Sun 18-Sep-22 20:55:26

Just rearranged the date for our COVID and flu jabs as we are due to fly to Thailand the day after the original appointment, which didn't seem like a good idea! We're still having trouble getting our original vaccinations done in England transferred to the Scottish app, where we had boosters. It's bonkers that the two systems don't talk to each other.

Aveline Sun 18-Sep-22 21:13:14

I know 'deep inside' that the Covid and Flu vaccines are well worth having!!

songstress60 Sun 18-Sep-22 21:38:32

I have had side effects from every vaccine but since I am asthmatic I have no choice but to have the vaccine.

Nannina Mon 19-Sep-22 07:07:34

I had my updated Moderns booster last Thursday. Whilst I had no effects previously I was warned that sore arms and slight flu like symptoms were more common however I have had no ill effects at all. Classified as extremely vulnerable and having had to shield twice I had no hesitation in having the Autumn booster