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BradfordLass72 Thu 17-Jan-19 06:45:43

I don't much like music but despite the fact I own no CDs, I do, very occasionally, go to YouTube to listen/watch selected pieces.
Today a friend asked me for a favourite song and it made me wonder - what do Gransnet members like?

Here are three I sometimes play.
I've loved this since 1980 and used to sing it regularly in folk clubs and festivals.
I suspect this will be a favourite for Gransnetters.
*Just for the voices - and the very handsome Mr B^

NanKate Thu 17-Jan-19 07:13:47

I would find it hard to live without music. I listen every day.

Basically I am an old rock a roller loving the 50s and 60s music of Elvis, Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Rolling Stones. Music based on old Blues songs being my favourite.

However I like the modern music too which my grandsons have introduced me to such as Ed Sheran, Bruno Mars, etc.

I happened to hear some classical music by Vanessa May recently which was brilliant.

Latin and classical guitar music. Tibetan Bells, so relaxing.

We have Alexa in 3 rooms and there is always something playing. I think I had better stop as I could go on and on.

Humbertbear Thu 17-Jan-19 08:15:46

Beatles and Bach for me but foremost Bruce Springsteen. If I could only have two recordings they would be At the Hop by Danny and the Juniors and Bach’s Double Violin Concerto.

Grandma70s Thu 17-Jan-19 08:18:56

I was brought up with classical music, and to me that is what music means, I was aware of the pop/rock music of my youth, but it never meant much to me.

I very rarely listen to music (Radio 3 sometimes), unless I can go to a concert, but there is a LOT of music in my head! I sang in good choirs for many years, and went to orchestral concerts. I also did ballet when young, which of course uses classical music.

My favourite composers are Bach, Mozart, Mahler, Schubert, Tchaikovsky and Benjamin Britten.

mumofmadboys Thu 17-Jan-19 08:21:22

I like Satie's piano music

kittylester Thu 17-Jan-19 08:31:42

I like Meatloaf, Johnny Cash, Ed Sheeran and quite a lot of modern stuff such as Clean Bandit and Anne Marie.

The words are the most important part of any music I listen to.

Greyduster Thu 17-Jan-19 08:42:18

I have completely lost touch with popular music, but am partial to The Eagles and love Fleetwood Mac. However, my first love is classical music. Bach, Brahms, Vaughan Williams, Elgar, Holst, Delius and anything choral. I play piano a bit (not well) and, like Momb I like Satie, Debussy and Ravel. I also have a soft spot for English light music: the likes of Eric Coates, Robert Farnon, Ronald Binge, Frederick Curzon and Ron Goodwin. Takes me back to my childhood listening to the radio!

ninathenana Thu 17-Jan-19 09:02:57

I'm a huge Motown fan I also love Queen.
I have a very eclectic taste in music, and can listen to most things except the type of jazz sung by Cleo Lane.

Teetime Thu 17-Jan-19 09:09:16

Its mostly Classic FM for me on the radio as background but also Smooth (70s,80s and some 90s) Jazz FM and Blues - lots of all of it.

Anniebach Thu 17-Jan-19 10:04:44

Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Streisand, Cleo Lane, Welsh Male Voice Choirs, Debussy’s ‘Clair de lune’ when having an afternoon doze.

Lynne59 Thu 17-Jan-19 10:10:06

I like anything from The Who, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Pulp, Kings of Leon, AC/DC, Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, Bad Company, Foo Fighters and The Faces.

Greyduster Thu 17-Jan-19 10:10:16

Who is your favourite, Annie? I like the Morriston Orpheus, and the Pontarddlais singing Gershwin!

Greyduster Thu 17-Jan-19 10:12:04


Anniebach Thu 17-Jan-19 10:20:58

Greyduster, has to be The Treorchy for Myfanwy , also Morriston Orpheus . When I hear them I have such strong feelings of ‘hiraeth’ which doesn’t make sense because I have only lived in Wales !

paddyann Thu 17-Jan-19 10:40:36

I have everything from Billie Halliday to Christine and the Queens ,with Opera,Swing ,Orchestral ,folk ,country and even heavy rock in the collection.
I have around 2000 CD's collected over a long time ,and 600 ish Vinyl LP's .We play everything we have at some point over each year ,even if its one track off an album .Of course there are some we play a lot ,Eric Bibb is a firm favourite as is Paolo Nutini and around Christmas I play a lot of Sarah McLachlan and Thea Gilmore .I've not had a day without music since I was very small .Dont think I could go without .

EllanVannin Thu 17-Jan-19 10:41:27

Arias sung by Jonas Kaufmann. The Pearl Fishers sung by him and the late Russian baritone Hvorostovsky. A fabulous duet.

MiniMoon Thu 17-Jan-19 10:42:14

I have very wide musical tastes. I mostly listen to classical music, my favourite composers being, Schubert, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart and Handel. I'll stop there, as all you'll have is a long list.
I like 60's and '70's pop music, country music. My son introduced me to Old Crow Medicine Show. Darius Rucker is worth listening to also if you like Country Music.
My kitchen has an Echo show, it gives you the words on the screen so that you can sing along.

EllanVannin Thu 17-Jan-19 10:48:36

Anniebach I had the pleasure of meeting some of the Morriston choir on one of my trips back from Oz when we landed ( unknown reason ) at Frankfurt airport on the outskirts of the airport and were stuck there for 3 hours. The choir then got up and entertained us all on the flight with snippets of songs from their tour of Australia.
I've got their CD of songs including " I still call Australia Home ". This was many years ago and somewhere I have a signed programme of their tour. They're fabulous.

EllanVannin Thu 17-Jan-19 10:49:16

Myfanwy being their introductory song.

MiniMoon Thu 17-Jan-19 10:52:25

Ellanv, I love the duet from The Pearl Fishers too, this is my favourite recording from Jussi Bjorling and Robert Merrill. It brings years to my eyes every time I listen to it, it's just so beautiful.

MiniMoon Thu 17-Jan-19 10:54:15

Oh for and edit button, tears!

Fennel Thu 17-Jan-19 12:27:32

I find it difficult to choose - I like many types of music from classic to jazz via folk Bach most of all.
I've never liked opera, don't know why.

Grandma70s Thu 17-Jan-19 13:10:53

Opera varies a lot. I like some and not others.

Greyduster Thu 17-Jan-19 13:25:06

I have been listening to two of my favourite operas over the past couple of days - Humperdink’s ‘Hansel and Gretel’, and Smetana’s ‘The Bartered Bride’ which is good fun. Sometimes a snatch of something just jumps into your head and you have to chase after!

EllanVannin Thu 17-Jan-19 14:00:55

MiniMoon I was brought up listening to that duet as it was also my dad's favourite and when it came on Family Favourites on a Sunday, dad turned up the volume on the wireless. Also Richard Tauber's music too.

I do enjoy pretty well most music and life would be dull without it.