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Virtual cruise from Mainz along the river Main

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StarDreamer Fri 01-Jul-22 22:04:27

The suggested format is that this is a discussion thread about the places along the route, links allowed in moderation, any food mentioned is vegan. Sort of like a treasure hunt for information, yet no teams, people sharing what they find.

StarDreamer Fri 29-Jul-22 22:26:36

So, let's all get onto Der weiße Pelikan for an overland trip back to Würzburg.

eGJ Sat 30-Jul-22 18:55:00

Will be in time to eat at in Wurzburg StarDreamer?

StarDreamer Sat 30-Jul-22 20:22:35

Yes, the driver of Der weiße Pelikan will deliver us to the door.

MissAdventure Sat 30-Jul-22 20:25:02

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to be delivered door to door in real life.

StarDreamer Sat 30-Jul-22 20:32:04

Here we are.

LINK > Menu

MissAdventure Sat 30-Jul-22 20:40:40

Oh, that food looks absolutely delicious!
I can't read the ingredients properly, but I can sort of guess what most ok, some of them are.

StarDreamer Sat 30-Jul-22 20:42:47

There are some people who know German in our group, so hopefully they can advise us of what is available please.

Hiraeth Sat 30-Jul-22 20:43:49

Ooh the menu looks lovelyI think I’ll order the „ viel versprechend „ very promising „translated . And I’ll order a Frankenheim beer

Hiraeth Sat 30-Jul-22 20:51:00

Perhaps we,ll have time to walk to the Würzburger Dom before it gets dark and admire the Romanesque building
construction ?

StarDreamer Sat 30-Jul-22 20:58:11

I guessed correctly the meaning of Suppe des Tages as Soup of the day.

I found that mit einer Scheibe Brot means with a slice of bread


Audio is available in both German and English.

MissAdventure Sat 30-Jul-22 21:00:03

There is bbq jackfruit (I think) with tomatoes and erm.. stuff. smile
Or, the lasagne sounds nice, too.

Lots of dips and extras as well.

What a treat!!

eGJ Sat 30-Jul-22 21:08:27

If we can find overnight accommodation after our meal, we could visit the Residenz where the ceiling by Tiepolo is the largest fresco in the world.

MissAdventure Sat 30-Jul-22 21:16:39

Seeing that menu, I think I may need to rest after eating almost everything on it!
Followed by a chai latte, I think.

MissAdventure Sat 30-Jul-22 21:29:17

That soup looks tantalisingly tomato flavoured, and I love tomatoes.

Of course, no heartburn on our virtual cruise, so I could have some.

StarDreamer Sun 31-Jul-22 10:41:25

That was a good feed.

Well, as we found a hotel, we are still in Würzburg this morning.

So we can go and have a look at Würzburger Dom, the Würzburg Cathedral, and then we can visit the Residenz.

Later we can travel back overland to Volkach on Der weiße Pelikan and go back aboard Der Goldene Delfin so that we can continue on our river cruise tomorrow.

Yet today we are in Würzburg.

StarDreamer Mon 01-Aug-22 15:11:07

Der Goldene Delfin has now left from Volkach and is on the way along the river Main to Schweinfurt.

LINK > Map

LINK > Schweinfurt

MissAdventure Mon 01-Aug-22 15:33:58

That looks great all lit up, particularly. smile

StarDreamer Mon 01-Aug-22 18:19:16

LINK > Walking in Schweinfurt (32 minutes 0 seconds)

I have not watched it all. It is a POPtravel video, and POPtravel videos are good.

eGJ Mon 01-Aug-22 19:06:13

Can we wait until tomorrow to try Mr Falafal’s takeaway?The menu looks amazing !

StarDreamer Mon 01-Aug-22 20:06:43

Yes, we are staying moored at Schweinfurt this evening.

Tomorrow morning in Schweinfurt and have that food for an early lunch.

After eating we can go overland to Bad Kissingen.

LINK > Map of the route from Schweinfurt to Bad Kissingen

eGJ Mon 01-Aug-22 20:55:03

Why not go on a tour of Bad Kissinger with their Night Watchman? looks fun. looks good for a snack ( if you have room after that feast in Schweinfurt!)

StarDreamer Mon 01-Aug-22 21:24:37

This means staying overnight in Bad Kissingen, so a hotel is needed.

So, the next day we could go toverland o Bad Neustadt an der Saale.

LINK > Map of the route from Bad Kissingen to Bad Neustadt an der Saale

Then back to Schweinfurt overland by a direct route.

LINK > Map of the route from Bad Neustadt an der Saale to Schweinfurt

StarDreamer Tue 02-Aug-22 10:28:48

This morning in Schweinfurt and have that food for an early lunch.

Then by coach to Bad Kissingen this afternoon.

A different coach today.

The coach today has the name Das weiße Straßenschiff.

LINK > Bad Kissingen

StarDreamer Tue 02-Aug-22 13:57:56

Having enjoyed our lunch, we can get aboard Das weiße Straßenschiff for our overland journey to Bad Kissingen.

LINK > Germany: Driving to Bad Kissingen - Walking in the parcs

A bit of simulation licence here as I don't know from which direction is the driving in the video. But it is driving on roads.

StarDreamer Tue 02-Aug-22 14:02:29

Das weiße Straßenschiff ist unterwegs.