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Venice and the river Po, a virtual cruise

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StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 16:10:55

Venice and the river Po, a virtual cruise

MissAdventure Fri 12-Aug-22 16:12:01

Ah, good.

StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 16:14:20

Welcome to Venice.

LINK > Walking in VENICE - San Marco and Rialto (50 minutes 1 second)

StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 16:33:31

A link for those readers who choose to consider the possibility of participating in an optional thread activity of learning some Italian.


MissAdventure Fri 12-Aug-22 17:11:24

Right, I'm going to watch the youtube video now. smile

StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 17:55:21

For those who choose to participate in learning some Italian using the Duolingo course synchronised with other participants, I suggest a pace of one learning lesson each day. The first "circle" contains several lessons.

Notionally the first lesson on Monday as we depart from Venice across the sea, but could be done any time before if some people want to get started.

Participants are encouraged to post a sentence of what they learn in Italian from time to time please.

StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 18:38:13

Venice is featured in Google street view.


The Google street view presentation of Venice includes sequences of still panoramas gathered from a barge on various canals as well as panorama sequences gathered on land.

MissAdventure Fri 12-Aug-22 19:18:15

Grazie smile
I'm not up to much today.
No energy for learning anything at all.

StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 19:25:03

The video is very realistic once one gets immersed.

Did you notice when leaving the main piazza, the two ladies in costume and the one nearer to us did a graceful salutation as we met her?

Glorianny Fri 12-Aug-22 19:27:07

I have one Italian phrase I know well- Agua alte! It was shouted at me when I was leaving the convent I stayed in in Venice. When I opened the door out into the street what had been a path the night before was now canal. Agua Alte-High water!
If you would like a night off the boat I do recommend Monastery Stays. Lovely old buildings in the heart of Venice for very little compared with hotels

MissAdventure Fri 12-Aug-22 19:34:36

They look beautiful, Glorianny

I'm still intrigued by this high water thing.

The idea of sitting at a table with feet immersed is bliss!

StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 19:45:44

LINK > Walking Venice, Italy - August 7, 2021 - St.Mark Square FLOODED by Acqua Alta (15 minutes 54 seconds)

MissAdventure Fri 12-Aug-22 19:46:36

Thank you!!!

Chewbacca Fri 12-Aug-22 19:57:12

Those Mardi Gras costumes are wonderful; eerie yet beautiful.

Glorianny Fri 12-Aug-22 19:58:56

That brings back memories! I had to buy some Venetian wellies.

Kate1949 Fri 12-Aug-22 20:04:40

Watching and listening to the bands and little orchestras playing in St Marks Square at night and seeing people dancing is magical.

Chewbacca Fri 12-Aug-22 20:05:16

The last time I was in Venice, I bought some prohibitively expensive Murano glass ornaments. Long since lost them via several house moves, but these caught my eye. I'd love to take these home!

Chewbacca Fri 12-Aug-22 20:07:01

It's such an elegant city isn't it Kate1949

Kate1949 Fri 12-Aug-22 20:09:47

Oh yes. I never dreamed in a million years I would go there. We've been four times (I think!). I'd go back in a heartbeat.

MiniMoon Fri 12-Aug-22 20:37:13

There are several live cameras in Venice, this is my favourite view. 2020 was eerie, Venice was empty.

MissAdventure Fri 12-Aug-22 20:54:08

Ooh that link doesn't work.
I only found out about live cameras on here last year.

I had no idea!

StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 20:59:53

Thank you.

I notice that the caption is as follows.

> Venice Italy Live Cam - Rialto Bridge in Live Streaming from Palazzo Bembo - Live Webcam

LINK > Bembo typeface

LINK > Pietro Bembo

LINK > Aldus Manutius

StarDreamer Fri 12-Aug-22 21:01:23


Ooh that link doesn't work.
I only found out about live cameras on here last year.

I had no idea!


MissAdventure Fri 12-Aug-22 21:03:11

Absolutely beautiful!
I love that music, too.

Chewbacca Fri 12-Aug-22 21:34:26

MiniMoon that live cam is amazing! I could sit and watch that for hours; the clarity of the web cam is the best I've seen, absolutely crystal clear.