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Sinead O’Connor has died.

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grannydarkhair Wed 26-Jul-23 19:22:40

She was only 56. Not one of my favourite singers but I do think she had a great voice.
RIP Sinead

singingnutty Sun 30-Jul-23 11:53:24

Just read the article - thanks for posting it. She certainly didn't mince her words and it gives a lot of insight into why she acted the way she did. One of my sons was nearly in tears the other night after the news of her death - he saw her at Glastonbury and was so moved by her performance that he wrote her a letter saying so. Not his usual kind of thing to do I might add!

MayBee70 Sun 30-Jul-23 23:05:32

I was surprised that her speaking voice was so different to her singing voice.