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Sinead O’Connor has died.

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grannydarkhair Wed 26-Jul-23 19:22:40

She was only 56. Not one of my favourite singers but I do think she had a great voice.
RIP Sinead

merlotgran Wed 26-Jul-23 19:24:41

How terribly sad. She was a troubled soul and lost her son to suicide.


FannyCornforth Wed 26-Jul-23 19:25:38

I loved her.
Her young son killed himself recently, aged 17.
She was so troubled.
Rest in peace, dear Sinead

Gingster Wed 26-Jul-23 19:31:00

She was so talented and so beautiful.
RIP lovely lady.

foxie48 Wed 26-Jul-23 19:33:11

That is just so sad. She was a real talent but very troubled by what life had thrown at her. RIP

Sar53 Wed 26-Jul-23 19:35:51

So very sad RIP x

Iam64 Wed 26-Jul-23 19:37:05

Such a loss

Wyllow3 Wed 26-Jul-23 19:41:17

Am devastated. RIP Sinead. What sadness in her life. Dear Lady.

Primrose53 Wed 26-Jul-23 20:05:54

Very sad news. A troubled lady but a fantastic singer. RIP

62Granny Wed 26-Jul-23 20:08:11

Very beautiful lady in a very natural way.
So sad 😢

welbeck Wed 26-Jul-23 20:13:32

this so strange. just y'day my youtube feed suggested an interview with her, discussing her reversion to islam.
i briefly wondered but deleted it unseen.
i have never looked up or watched anything re her.
i wonder why it suggested that, and why y'day.
not having thought or heard of her for years,
then this sad news.
she had various health problems i believe.
hope it was calm, but it's sad for her family.

rafichagran Wed 26-Jul-23 20:22:14

I am very sorry to hear this. RIPflowers

sf101 Wed 26-Jul-23 20:58:42

Loved her voice RIP

Glorianny Wed 26-Jul-23 22:30:49

Beautiful woman with a great voice. She was independent, feisty and outspoken. RIP Sinead- "Nothing compares"

Galaxy Thu 27-Jul-23 08:26:17

I am really sad about this. Her voice was beautiful.

Shinamae Thu 27-Jul-23 08:27:29


hollysteers Thu 27-Jul-23 08:54:54

R.I.P. to a beautiful, fearless soul. Peace at last.

FannyCornforth Thu 27-Jul-23 09:00:00


I am really sad about this. Her voice was beautiful.

Me too.
I’m having to avoid all radio, papers etc.

Granmarderby10 Thu 27-Jul-23 09:10:02

We were watching old episodes of Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer on Tuesday evening and amongst the usual brand of nuttiness on their shows was a regular feature of The Stotts “We Ask The Questions” where they “interview” bemused guests and a very very young Sinead O’Connor was on the sofa.

FannyCornforth Thu 27-Jul-23 09:15:26

Grandmaderby I was often mistaken for her in the very early nineties.
Someone once ran after me, down Normanton Road!

Also the actor David Rintoul (Dr Finlay).
He was very unpleasant when he realised that I wasn’t Sinead.

Galaxy Thu 27-Jul-23 09:20:13

Lucky you fanny. She was very striking

Dee1012 Thu 27-Jul-23 10:17:15

Her song One More Day was played at a friends funeral....sad

Grantanow Thu 27-Jul-23 11:41:49

RIP but she was completely off my radar.

red1 Thu 27-Jul-23 12:24:43

she did so much,highlighted the catholic churches abuses and a voice for women ,She raised awareness about mental illness,she was a real warrior, rip

Cossy Thu 27-Jul-23 12:31:19

It’s very sad, she had a beautiful voice, she stood up for Irish women in general, but one thing I find odd is her latter conversion to Islam, only because in many parts of the world Islamic women are still not “equal” to men. RIP