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Monday 7th May weigh in

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glassortwo Sun 06-May-12 23:42:16

I was half way up the stairs when it dawned on me its Sunday, think the bump on my head at the Gransnet party has a lot to do with it. grin

Hope you have been good wink

whenim64 Mon 07-May-12 07:25:25

Good morning, everyone. I have been good but the scales don't register that I've lost much - it looks like half a pound or less - they're old scales. I have been making home made soup and eating lots of fruit and veg, onle a couple of the wrong things so keeping on going. Been more active this week, sorting out my kitchen garden.

Sewsilver Mon 07-May-12 09:00:45

Hope today a good bank holiday for everybody. 1lb on this week, still can't really walk at all with my knee. Shouted at by GP who asked why I was bothering her with trivial problem so won't be going back there whatever happens. Think weight gain has slowed which is encouraging, now to find a way to stop it. Glass and all of you thanks for this thread which is so supportive.

Sbagran Mon 07-May-12 09:56:39

(((hugs))) sewsilver why can't some people see that what may be trivial to them is far from trivial with the person suffering from it, and for a doctor to say that is terrible. You stick with us as we all encourage each other!
I am not a happy bunny today sad as the scales show I have put on over 2lb. I have been wondering for the past few weeks, why my weight was staying stable when I was off-colour, sinning a bit (!) and far less active than usual - now I know - it was saving it all up!!! smile I am not freaking at this stage - I am gradually increasing my stamina by going to my gym/swim several times a week, walking to work and will be doing the Race for Life next Sunday morning. We are also going on holiday at the end of the month when I know I will be a bit naughty as we are going to Italy, but when we get back hopefully I will be feeling less washed-out and am determined to go for it properly and lose that last stone!
sewsilver - just a thought, are you able to get to do some gentle swimming? The hotel complex where I go is members only and we have lots of lovely ladies who, I feel, may be in the same predicament as you, who come in several times a week and perhaps do a few minutes 'cycling' but make the most of the pool, generally relaxing their joints and moving them as they can.
Obviously we pay for membership but some hotels are quite reasonable. Full membership (£35 per month) allows me to go anytime between 6am and 9pm 365 days a year if I wish. I don't smoke or drink so this is my treat and I am lucky enough to be able to afford it. There is part-time membership (6am - 3pm Mon to Fri) which is cheaper.
Good luck and hang on with us!

greenmossgiel Mon 07-May-12 09:59:37

I was doing really well, then suddenly put on nearly 2 pounds! Do you think this is because I've perhaps been becoming a bit relaxed, glass? Think the only different things I've eaten are a bit of pate on crusty bread and a few gins the other night (a wee get-together -grin)!

Notsogrand Mon 07-May-12 11:07:32

Good morning everyone! I've put on a pound this week, but it's to be expected smile I've had a very indulgent weekend with a trip to Mama Mia! in London and lots of lovely meals. It was a Christmas present, so it felt ok to push the boat out a bit.
I'm still buzzing from the show and humming all the songs! Back home now and back on track, so better news next week I hope. Good luck everyone!

AlisonMA Mon 07-May-12 13:27:28

Hi all I don't feel so bad now that I can see others have not done well either. I've lost 0.4lbs according to my digital scales. I deserve not doing well as I have been having a really sociable time and definitely ate what I shouldn't. Hoping to be good for a few days before going away for the weekend then only 2 days before I go away for 2 weeks. I suppose the best I can hope for is not to put any on!

Good luck everyone.

gracesmum Mon 07-May-12 14:31:41

11st 5 which is I think same as last week. Never mind - I'll get there! Have bought outfit for DD's wedding which is accommodating and loose so while I think I will still look better a stone lighter, I am not "dieting into" it!

Anne58 Mon 07-May-12 16:03:04

Haven't weighed for ages, was reluctant to as I thought that not being at working and seeming to eat more than I used to at lunchtimes would mean I'd gained.

Got on this mormimg and was amazed to see that I was 4lb less than when I last checked, about 4 weeks ago.

I would prefer to be about half a stone lighter than I am though.

Actually, that isn't strictly true, the weight to height ratio is fine, it's the distribution that's the problem!

AlisonMA Mon 07-May-12 16:22:35

phoenix short of spending the rest of your life in the gym with a personal trainer I think you may have to learn to live with the 'distribution'! Congrats on losing the 4lb. I think we could all do with that sort of surprise.

I'm not really overweight just very short. If I stand in front of one of those mirrors they sometimes put in ladies changing rooms which stretch you I look OK!! But really my BMI says I am overweight and need to lose 12lb to get to normal, I can't remember when I let myself go so much before!

crimson Mon 07-May-12 16:38:17

I'm not doing much exercise as I'm resting my leg [the one with sciatica in it]; I know you're not supposed to rest with sciatica but I want to work out if the pain is coming from my back or my hip. I've got so much that needs doing in the house that I keep picking at food to break the monotony. Have never had such a long period of time before where I've not watched what I eat [even when my leg was bad a few years ago I did a chicken soup diet and lost weight]. At least I've run out of Horlicks which was piling on the pounds, but I'm taking codeine which is making me a bit lethargic [at least, I think it's the codeine!] and ibuprofen which means I have to eat every time I pop a pill [any excuse wink]....I fear I am beyond help. And the weather isn't helping sad. Note to self; 'pull yourself together, woman!'

glassortwo Mon 07-May-12 16:43:58

crimson you are not beyond help!

My potatoes are ready so I am just going to sort the tea, then I will come back smile

jeni Mon 07-May-12 17:11:55

I daren't get on the scales I'm afraid. Tonight I'm cooking a WW version of the Italian dish with tomato and onion sauce layered with aubergine and mozzarella.
I'm a carnivore reallyconfused

glassortwo Mon 07-May-12 20:31:11

I am back,
when it's a loss, and once the weather changes we might all manage to get out and do some exercise.

sew I would ask to see another Dr, it's a disgrace the way they can just pull the carpet out from under you like that, I hope she sees the error in her attitude when she has to seek the advice from a Dr in the future. try not to worry one you are up and about the weight will begin to shift. flowers
sba now you are more active you will see a difference, good luck for Sunday.
green I think you can get aa little omplacent just shake it about a bit, and think what you were eating when you first started.
notso I am pleased you enjoyed your Chrsitmas present, don't worry about the little you have on, it's nothing in the whole picture of things is it! life would be very boring if you old not enjoy yourself one in a while.

glassortwo Mon 07-May-12 21:07:28

alison you will get some more off before you go away. wink
grace staying the same is fine, if you have your outfit I wouldnt go
Full tilt at it as you don't want to have to be visiting a dressmaker.
phoenix you have had a lot of stress and some people loose weight when they are stressed unlike me who eats for England when I am worried, just try to monitor what you are actually eating throughout the day in case your body has settled down and you end up with a gain.
crimson what I would do is have a cooking day and freeze it, then when you are tired after being busy in the house you don't reach for the bad things and something is ready to warm up. have you been to the Drs with your leg/hip? There is nothing worse than being dragged down by pain.
jeni you must be still doing pro points, I started last week and can't make head nor tail of it, I have been doing the online version and I can usually pick things up, but unless you buy the books it is as clear as mud! Your supper sounds very nice.
Forgot to say I stayed the same after trying really hard to make head or tail of the plan, Slimming World is the way for me, so I think I will just use my prepaid for accessing the recipes.

I am typing this on DH IPad so if it's typed correct I will eat my hat grin

Sewsilver Tue 08-May-12 08:40:33

Glass and Sba thanks for the support. Am trying to shrug Dr incident off. Sba, hope Race for Life goes well. Should shift those 2lb. Swimming would be good I think but at present can't walk anywhere or bend knee to get in car. Your hotel complex sounds wonderful , I will investigate locally.

susiecb Tue 08-May-12 09:30:55

Stayed the same or in the language of Slimming World ' [email protected] so a bit jarred off. Havent been able to golf for three weeks due to a flooded course but going to day with flippers and an aqualung if necessary!!!!

GrannyK Tue 08-May-12 18:18:33


The sun shone on Saturday so I was out in the garden for hours getting some of the exercise that hasn't been happening much in recent weeks.

Have also been incredibly careful about what I have been eating .

As a result I am now only about 1 lb above my target weight again and with the wedding coming up this Saturday I am confident that the dress will look worth the (incredible !) sum of money I spent on it

( Had a momentary lapse of reason in the shop , but really don't have them at all often these days so I forgave myself instantly)

Fingers crossed for decent weather , please .

nanachrissy Tue 08-May-12 18:48:06

I bet you'll look fantastic GrannyK and here's some sunshine for you.

glassortwo Tue 08-May-12 19:20:13

susie to stay the same is a relief, but if was unexpected you will see a loss next week, it does get harder the closer you get to target.

GrannyK you are going to look fantastic, it will be a special weekend for you, and I am sure the sun will shine sunshine

Grannylin Tue 08-May-12 19:28:40

Have a lovely wedding GrannyK, you have done so well flowers

jeni Tue 08-May-12 20:12:14

I've gained13 3 3/4!

glassortwo Tue 08-May-12 20:18:55

jeni its a blip, just go back to basics and you will be fine. Are you drinking plenty of water?

jeni Tue 08-May-12 20:21:03

Yes ma'am!

glassortwo Tue 08-May-12 20:33:50