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Monday 6th August weigh in.

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glassortwo Sun 05-Aug-12 22:54:21

Here we go again folks, well I managed half the week on this no carb diet, so the scales will show tomorrow.

Good luck smile

Notsogrand Mon 06-Aug-12 06:56:46

Good morning everyone. smile
I've put on a pound this week, but I'm not down-hearted and not surprised! I have been glued to the television and laptop watching every scrap of Olympic coverage I can find. Haven't we been amazing?
So no exercise this week, too much wine in the evenings and a few celebratory snacks. A pound gain is a small price to pay!
My DD3 and her family are going to the Paralympics next month and I'm going with them! I'll be inside that fantastic stadium and can hardly believe it! So I need to get back on track with the diet. I don't want to get stuck in the turnstyles. grin
Good luck everyone!

Butternut Mon 06-Aug-12 07:22:27

I do like your 'upbeat-ness' notso - In you first para you've written what could have been my post (apart from the wine bit)! grin
Exciting news going to the Paras. smile

Off for my morning walk now

glassortwo Mon 06-Aug-12 07:50:21

We have appeared again we disappeared for a while, just wondering if Tech could make our extra pounds do the same.

notso a little blip you will soon have it sorted, its been too easy to plonk yourself in front of the TV, I have done the same, I am glued to everything. Lucky you getting to see the stadium for the Paralympics, did you see Pistorius running on his blades yesterday he was only a second behind the rest amazing.

Sewsilver Mon 06-Aug-12 08:41:14

Glass grin let's hope tech can find a way to do that. Notso, hope you have a wonderful time at Paralympics. Exciting to watch on television but to be there will be amazing. Pistorius was so inspiring. To my amazement 1.6 lb off!!!!!. The good news is I have finally had diagnosis of knee, badly torn cartilage. Have been walking about in agony since April as grumpy GP said it was an "ache and pain " which I should expect at 61. Changed GP and was finally referred to consultant. He thinks surgery is the only option and that will happen October onwards so at least there is hope of recovery. Bad news is that severe arthritis in knee. Now I know what's wrong and have resigned myself to more sitting I have been able to control eating better. Help from MFP and weekly weigh in with two neighbours. DGD's for next two days, not sure how to manage that physically but will find a way.

glassortwo Mon 06-Aug-12 08:59:22

sew I am glad you have finally got a diagnosis and come Oct you will get some of your mobility back, my DH has had a cartilage op and he has also been left with some arthritis but he put that down to age. GP's couldn't you just shake them sometimes and the older GP's live in their own little world and are fixed in their ideas. Sorry Jeni shock Well done loosing this week your little group of neighbour's are a good way to support each other. Have fun with you DGD's, you wont have time to nibble. smile

Grannylin Mon 06-Aug-12 09:19:49

Confession time- I have put on two pounds in the last fortnight.I didn't believe MFP when it said -If you continue eating like this[ie like a greedy pig] you will weigh this in 5 weeks time- but it's true - you do!Thought all the crying for the gold medals would help but obviously it doesn't cancel out the wine shock

glassortwo Mon 06-Aug-12 09:29:06

grannylin that MFP is worse than having a picture of me on your fridge grin never mind its a new day you could have that off for next week if you tried wink

Grannylin Mon 06-Aug-12 09:34:34

I promise I will try, Miss grin

glassortwo Mon 06-Aug-12 10:44:41


granjura Mon 06-Aug-12 10:56:03

After years of my weight being stuck fast- I have slowly, very slowly lost weight over the past couple of years since we moved here. Recently, since the trip to Egypt with GreatNan, I have been losing weight faster. The high heat and 4+ hours of vigorous exercise a day seems to have been a trigger. 2 weeks ago I finally crossed the first threshold I set myself 3 years ago with my diabetologist, and today I crossed the next one, which was a very pleasant surprise.

So set next goal - and will take it slowly and sensibly - and hopefully will get there in time.

Funny with thresholds - is that they are very different depending on where you live! Which is daft- really! In the UK it would be something like under 10 and half stone, or under 10 stone. And here it might be under 70kg or 75kg- nobody would dream of putting a goal at 73.8 kg!! So these magical numbers are just meaningless to others, funny/stupid smile

Bez Mon 06-Aug-12 12:01:58

Not weighed for a couple of weeks - travelling back and packing etc - been very inactive last 10 days nursing arm - just weighed now and about the same - expected to have increased a lot so reasonably pleased. Also DH is chief cook - in fact only cook - so am being a helpful patient and eating things easy for him to cook. - that is my excuse anyway!

yogagran Mon 06-Aug-12 12:10:05

Oh dear - I'm stuck at exactly the same as the last few weeks. I had been doing so well till yesterday when I was annoyed, cross, upset etc with DH and I started searching for all the wrong things to eat. Nothing was safe, even plain old boring bread and jam... How self defeating is that? I should know by now that I eat when I'm cross and I should take myself out of the kitchen and get busy with something constructive

Sook Mon 06-Aug-12 16:00:36

I have reached a plateau after shedding 4 stone in a year as I mentioned last week. My weight has stayed the same although it's been a busy week I have grabbed snacks as and when and it's not doing me any good sad. I just get too tired to prepare something filling and healthy.

I have had plenty of exercise over the week.........sigh but it's not enough.

Promise to try harder this week.

I have seen a lovely dress in one of our local shops this morning and I am tempted to buy it in one size smaller than usual as an incentive. Hmm will have to think about that idea.

Bez Did you end up having your arm pinned?

Good luck for next week everyone.

Bez Mon 06-Aug-12 16:22:33

Not so far - I go back to see the Dr tomorrow and probably more X-rays so am hoping I will be sticking with sling. The bruise is coming out beautifully now. It is very incapacitating though and it's making me frustrated as so much to do.

glassortwo Mon 06-Aug-12 16:24:12

Granjura You must be very pleased to see those milestones flying past. Well done.

Well done bez DH must be doing a grand job cooking, hope your arm is not causing you to much pain.

yoga I need to put a lock on the kitchen door as soon as I am upset or annoyed I want food. I would be interested to find out in my past where the suggestion of food came from when I needed comfort, I cant recall food ever being given under those circumstances, I am going to try and think back. But you managed to save the day you didnt gain. Just be careful over the next few days as I find it can roll on.

sook you have done an amazing job loosing 4 stone, its hard to resist the nibbles when you start. Forward panning might be the way to go for you, if you are going to have another busy week try to plan your meals when you do the shopping and have in some healthy snacks that you enjoy.

smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

Sook Mon 06-Aug-12 19:26:45

Thanks glassortwo I think thats a great idea I have thought about doing that before but now you have suggested it I will stop thinking and Do it!

Bez hope all goes well tomorrow.

Good luck everyone for next weeks weigh in.

glassortwo Mon 06-Aug-12 21:04:09

Well I have lost 1 1/2 lbs dont know if its the no carbs at the start of the week or whether I have totally mixed it all up by stopping mid week, but never mind still lost. smile

Grannylin Mon 06-Aug-12 21:07:11

Well done you!wanted to give you flowers but they seem to have gone the same way as the flag confused

Sbagran Mon 06-Aug-12 21:11:35

Hi fellow losers!
Having lost 4lbs last week (which I didn't really believe, but the scales insisted!) I have put one of them back on sad! I think I am just well and truly stick around 163/164lbs!
I have religiously recorded everything on MFP and it keeps telling me that I am not eating enough! I am planning to weigh out portions of various things as it is very difficult to 'guess' how much various parts of a meal weigh when I get in from work and DH has a meal in the oven. Perhaps I am underestimating although I honestly wouldn't say my portion sizes are large?
Will persevere though and perhaps next week my theory that the 4lbs last week was a fluke will be proven?
sew I, too, am so glad you finally have a 'reason' for all your pain and that at least help is on the horizon - good luck, if any one can get through this, you will as you have inspirational staying power flowers
[flowers} too for Bez - hope it goes well as it's soooo painful xxx

Sbagran Mon 06-Aug-12 21:12:49

Sorry that of course should have been flowers for Bez!

glassortwo Mon 06-Aug-12 22:03:33

sba as MFP said you need to eat enough to loose weight, I would be weighing everything next week just to be sure that you are eating enough, it will be a chew for you but it may pay off for you and have a loss next week. smile

Sbagran Mon 06-Aug-12 22:27:25

Thanks glass - it's weird, whenever we eat out I eat 'normal' sized portions whereas a lot of my friends have the 'small plate' versions.
I have always been a healthy eater, piling my plate up with veg. I drink at least 4/5 of the six glasses of water you are supposed to drink each day and when I began my quest to lose weight (when I was nearing 14 stone) I did it by cutting out the 'in-between eating' such as biscuits, choc bars etc and stuck to three meals a day.
Where I did used to fall down was at breakfast - I find it hard to eat first thing and admit I used to skip breakfast blush However I have started taking Belvita breakfast biscuits with me to work and have them with my coffee at about 10am when I can stomach food! At the weekends when I am not at work I substitute the Belvitas with a bowl of cereal such as Weetabix minis with fruit, a fruit and fibre cereal, or porridge, again about 10am.
I usually have a light lunch such as crispbread and cheese, and a piece of fruit, as our work commitments etc mean we have our main meal around 6.30/7.30pm. We never or very rarely have a pudding/sweet and I maybe have a glass of wine at Sunday lunchtime, or if out for an evening meal, if at all.
Perhaps I should make lunch a bit more substantial?
I am also seriously considering cutting out my gym sessions as I feel I am building muscle which weighs and now that I walk a mile each way to and from work most days, and am generally active I feel I get enough exercise?
Will try and weigh most things but I find MFP a bit of a bind as they seem to have odd ways of measuring - it doesn't help that grams etc mean nothing to me! I am not too far short of my daily allowance so perhaps bumping up lunchtime a bit may work?
Watch this space ..... and good luck everyone else! smile

Ella46 Tue 07-Aug-12 10:13:28

I've had a bad week so far, eating biscuits and cake. DiL and children are away,and ds has been ringing and chatting to me a lot. I'm upset about other family which I can't tell him about, so having to put on brave face!

I can only do that with the help of sweet stuff!
Why can't I be one of those who waste away quietly? grin

glassortwo Tue 07-Aug-12 10:23:29

ella I always wondered why I was never a waste away in times of trouble and not the double your size type. I hope things are easier for you this week. Other option is don't buy any of the things you nibble on when you are feeling down, if you don't have it in you cant eat it. flowers