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Monday 13th August weigh in

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glassortwo Mon 13-Aug-12 18:18:04

I am sorry I forgot to put the thread up last night blame the Olympics closing ceremony I was celebrating shock and for that I have put 1 lb on, I should not be surprised after the few days I have had!!!

Hope you all have a better result.

Ella46 Mon 13-Aug-12 18:33:34

I am taking bloating to a new level!! shock OR......could it just be that I've got incredibly fat since last Thursday? grin

I'm fed up whatever hmm

GoldenGran Mon 13-Aug-12 18:41:44

Must be something in the water Ella, my stomach has done the same thing! Luckily I'm not weighing until Wednesday.

Ella46 Mon 13-Aug-12 19:17:26

Golden I find it also bloats when the weather is really hot. confused

glassortwo Mon 13-Aug-12 19:20:23

I could use that one but I think the wine has more to do with it hmm

Ella46 Mon 13-Aug-12 19:30:53

Not for me as I don't really drink sad

jeni Mon 13-Aug-12 20:26:24


Sbagran Mon 13-Aug-12 20:35:32

Thank you so much glass I took your advice and weighed as much of my food as possible and discovered with My Fitness Pal that I could have more of certain things provided I had less of others.
I think I have cracked it now as my breakfast is pretty regular, as is lunch.
I then enter my planned evening meal during the afternoon and see how the calorie count goes - if it gets too high I can cut something out BEFORE I prepare the meal to keep it within my limits.
I can also 'save' some calories so that I can have my 40 cal cup of drinking chocolate and two choc digestives (yeh!) as a treat during the evening grin - unbelievable but it obviously works as I lost 1.4lbs last week in spite of the Olympic-enforced coach potato-itis!
I still have to 'guestimate' in some cases but I can judge portion sizes now.
Also, I think it must average out as one day last week we went to our local hostelry with a special offer voucher - a main and a sweet hmm for £4.99! It had been a long busy day and I hadn't eaten much all day so I admit I sinned and had a 'mini' supercalorificcrunchilistic-sundae. The problem was that it wasn't that 'mini' so when I entered it on MFP it blew the computer up! However, being very slightly 'under' on a couple of other days it must have evened out?
Whereas before MFP I would have tried to keep well under my daily allowance, I am now making a concerted effort to take in as close to the recommended calories per day as possible and it seems to be working?
Good luck to everyone!!!

crimson Tue 14-Aug-12 00:31:37

Seem to have got my eating under control at last, but it's going to take ages to tone up te flab I've now got [if it's possible]. Joining a gym when I get back from holiday; never done this before but it's one that has weight bearing exercise machines and it's in a nice village a few miles away so I'm going to make an occasion of it [I hope]. Also buying an exercise bike; I've always had rubbish second hand ones so I'll buy a good one this time. The kids always moaned at having them in the house but they've gone now, so I can do what I like [ya boo sucks emoticon!]....

glassortwo Tue 14-Aug-12 09:21:04

sba well done, I am pleased it has worked, it does level you to record everything and as you say you can shuffle it around so you can fit in your treats..... and thats what is all about eating healthy but not feeling as if you are being deprived. smile

Good for you crimson .. Absent has started going to the gym she has mentioned on another thread and is enjoying it. I am considering doing something on a more regular basis as DGD will be in full time school from the middle of September so that leaves me free all day, and I will need something to do with myself or I could go out and get a job, but then I have the problems of school holidays.

Come on everyone set yourselves a goal and see if we can get some of that weight off or tone up some of the flabby bits.

Has anyone been watching the Hairy Bikers Diet programme, they have lost quite a bit already and as of the second program have lost approx 1 1/2 stone and 4 inches from their waists, they have produced a book of the recipes they have used and looking at the recipes shown on the programme I might treat myself to the book.

GrannyK Tue 14-Aug-12 10:17:04

Ok. I have confronted my demons this week , and yes, as expected I am right at the top of the 2 kilos above my goal weight again.

This means my year's graph on fridge looks ridiculous - it drops dramatically to 2 kilos below my goal in February when I was ill , and hs been climbing steadily ever since. I look at the title " Weight Loss 2012 " and laugh ( if I am not too busy sighing deeply about it !)

Still, Olympics (sitting on sofa for hours) and Prom( standing in rehearsals for hours) are finished , so presumably a bit of serious determination will take me back downwards again , I hope.

(Pity there is my son coming for dinner tonight, Glyndebourne on Wednesday, school summer outing with picnic on Thursday etc etc etc !
So difficult to eat totally sensibly ......)

AlisonMA Tue 14-Aug-12 10:35:56

Well done sba the coach potato has made my mind do all sorts of funny things! MFP certainly makes us focus.

Good luck with the gym crimson. Pilates has helped me as although I am heavier than this time last year my summber trousers still fit me which I think must be down to the pilates. Trouble is my midrif still needs lots of work.

GrannyK it must be very hard when you are so close to your target, some of us wish we were too.

Me? Well I'm really pleased that after our holiday which was mainly eating out I have only put on 0.2lbs! Towards the end I was really very naughty but on the other hand we did walk a lot. Now I'm going back on MFP, walking to physio this pm and pilates tomorrow and Thursday after which I will be very sore as I haven't been for 3 weeks. I have 2lbs to go to get to my first target.

Good luck everyone.

glassortwo Tue 14-Aug-12 10:52:12

GrannyK a few picnic ideas, they are SW so just ignore the sysn and refs to free food,green or extra easy but they are healthy.

Pasta/rice/couscous salad -
made with 100% Free Food. Try
mixed beans, sweetcorn, celery,
raw mushroom, pepper, cherry
tomatoes, radish, spring onion,
and flavour with your choice of
passata, very low fat natural
yogurt or fromage frais for a Free
extravaganza on Green.

Potato salad - made with boiled
salad or new potatoes and very
low fat fromage frais. Flavour with
garlic or fresh herbs for a fresh
and Free salad on Green

Crisp lean bacon, thick slices of
firm fresh tomato and plenty of
watercress for a deliciously
peppery BLT (Free on Original,
count bacon as Healthy Extra b
choice (85g) or 6 Syns on Green)

Fruit kebab - skewer lychees, kiwi,
pineapple, physalis, kumquats and grapes
for a fruit salad on a stick - Free on both

glassortwo Tue 14-Aug-12 10:54:32

Thats a great achievement Alison coming home from holiday with only a 0.2 gain.

Sewsilver Tue 14-Aug-12 14:35:34

Sba and Alison well done. Am in Scotland and no scales in the house. I think this is probably a good thing . I have had an incredibly stressful weekend with son who has learning difficulties going missing for 7 hours and all this 400 miles away . Lots of issues here need dealing with so my holiday will be spent sorting out bureaucratic hassles. Disappointing as a break would have been good.
I have not really wanted to eat just picked at chocolate and biscuits but back to MFP tomorrow if I can. My sisters coming to stay and both good cooks so resolution may waver. Your call to arms, setting ourselves a goal will be inspiring glass.

AlisonMA Tue 14-Aug-12 14:53:58

sewsilver impossible to diet under all this so just eat what you want to and worry about dieting at a later date. Sometimes there is just too much to cope with so don't add to it. wine cupcake

glassortwo Tue 14-Aug-12 16:04:04

sew I hope he is back safe and sound, what a shame just when you needed a break. Its only to be expected that you have just picked with all that going on, enjoy the rest of your holiday and worry about getting back to plan when you get home (unless you have a great urge to start again grin ). sunshine

GrannyK Tue 14-Aug-12 20:38:05

Wow , glass, many thanks for that. Perhaps I could just go on picnics for a bit. All sounds fabulous !

glassortwo Tue 14-Aug-12 20:57:50

GrannyK you can also make samosa using fry light instead of butter. you can use filo pastry to make fruit/strawberry tarts with no cal jelly. Lots of low cal stuff you can do.

Sook Tue 14-Aug-12 21:10:20

Stayed the same grr. Blame it on a Teddy Bears Picnic and DG 1st birthday party for which I made all the cakes including a super yummy Bounty Cake. Of course I had to sample it at every stage of preparation so I suppose I am lucky not to have put more weight on.

On the plus side I have had plenty of exercise as well as my own three dogs I have been walking my neighbours Dalmation.

Good Luck everyone for next week.

Notsogrand Tue 14-Aug-12 21:13:00

I missed posting yesterday! I've lost the pound I put on last week, so that's ok. Family visting this week and lots of out and about stuff, so I'm trying to keep on track.
My 16 year old DGD is staying for a few days, she's been overweight since childhood, then decided to do something about it and has lost 40lbs since January. She looks amazing! She's eating very healthily and doing lots of exercise, so all very sensible. Her twin can eat like a horse and not put on an ounce. Odd isn't it? Anyway, I'm inspired by DGD's determination and persistance so head down and focus for me this week. smile

glassortwo Tue 14-Aug-12 21:24:51

Good for her notso I would imagine she was inspired by her sylph like Grandma, well done on loosing that this week even after all your Olympics.

susiecb Wed 15-Aug-12 09:03:27

Hello haven't been here for a couple of weeks but am now 2lbs under my target but it is hard work. I am still a member of SW but have been putting data on myfitnesspal and it does give you a shock when you see the calorie count so SW woould allow you more carbs for example than a calorie allowance would. Scientifically this doesnt work out does it? Calories in calories out. It does make me realise when a number of my SW group are not losing weight. The NHS Choices website gives detail on all the major diet plans and its critisism of many is that they do not educate about calories or portion control. So now I am using myfitnesspal not every day but a few days a week to check on what I am doing. I am so pleased to record that it says a round of golf is 800+ calories and while I wouldn't eat that extra allowance its good to know i have worked some off and can have a llittle treat at weekends.

AlisonMA Wed 15-Aug-12 11:42:35

Sook Bounty cake sounds delicious, can I have the recipe please? Family party in a couple of weeks so it would be good to give them something different.

Grannyeggs Thu 16-Aug-12 13:20:40

I have lost 1lb this week and am back on track having wandered off for a month or so. It is hard, but since January , and with the help of weight watchers on line,I have lost 1st 5lb, another ten or so to go!