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loopyloo Mon 02-Apr-18 18:56:54

Now Easter is over , I really need to get to tackle my weight. Cutting out snacks, small meals, cutting down on sugar and fat and exercising. So all best wishes to those who are watching their weight.

Situpstraight Mon 02-Apr-18 19:02:24

Me too, hopefully the better weather will encourage more salads and walking, plus some gardening, roll on Summer.

Shirleyw Wed 04-Apr-18 06:04:34

Yes, same here. Let's hope the weather improves.....

NanKate Wed 04-Apr-18 06:59:55

I too want to lose some weight. I have always in the last 10 years (well nearly always) gone for a 20 minute walk in the morning which I call my circuit. Since we have got the lighter nights I have stepped this up to a similar 20 minutes in the evening.

I see so many of my friends in their 70s appear to be suffering from walking difficulties due to arthritis and hip/knee problems, that whilst I am able I am trying to keep everything moving.

I now need to tackle my diet which on the whole is good but too much of it.

Best of luck folks.

OldMeg Wed 04-Apr-18 07:21:14

Like it loopyloo 👍🏽

loopyloo Wed 04-Apr-18 07:56:50

Yesterday was an improvement. Drank black coffee. Had breakfast late and just one slice of toast. Then at the garden centre had veg lasagne with salad but loved the look of the cakes, particularly a banana and salted caramel one. But didn't have one.
No walk yesterday . So the 4 point plan continues.

travelsafar Wed 04-Apr-18 08:01:11

Loopyloo i am with you on this one, trying to eat healthy and cut out sugar etc. Last night i faltered and had half a large Easter Egg!!! But it is all gone now. Out to lunch today with the ladies from the bowling club so I dont think i will be very sucessful today either!!! Better luck tomorrow

tanith Wed 04-Apr-18 08:05:26

Also got Easter out of the way to get back to losing 10lbs or so a good start yesterday porridge, homemade 🌽 veg soup and a small fish 🐠 pie with broccoli 🥦 for dinner. Two rich tea biscuit with a cuppa at 8 pm. I have to employ OH to keep me away from the freezer and biscuit 🍪 tin lol. My will power is not good.
Good luck everyone.

tassiegran Wed 04-Apr-18 08:38:25

Still going on the 16/8 but cannot lose those last 3lbs. It may not seem much but it makes all the difference to my clothes fitting properly. I can't really eat much less - stop at 6pm and nothing until 12 noon next day. Two meals sensible ones and cups of tea only. It is a bit disheartening.

tanith Wed 04-Apr-18 09:05:35

tassiegran could you do a bit more exercise, maybe that would shift it.

Teetime Wed 04-Apr-18 10:52:17

Cant exercise no for 8 weeks as my foot was done yesterday. DH is in the kitchen though so no more grazing and snacking for me or sneaky extra glasses of vino so I hope some weight will come off rather than go on. Then I shall emerge from my chrysalis in June in new golf clothes and LOADS of new shoes!! smile

Matelda Thu 05-Apr-18 09:36:30

I have been losing loads of weight since Christmas, just by eating sensibly, and working out at home every day with the free videos on YouTube. Even though I am nearly seventy and have had a knee replacement, I can still work up a full sweat every time, with practically no space and no equipment. I look for beginners, low impact and senior exercises. There are some terrific ones - even cardio -which can be done seated in a chair. I also avoid floor exercises, which I don't like. I like Walk at Home, which is easy for the uncoordinated, and also Hasfit and Jessica Smith and Fitness Blender. Injury need not stop you, Teetime!

SunnySusie Thu 05-Apr-18 09:48:09

Like you loopyloo I need to cut out snacks - my biggest downfall. OK with sensible meals, OK with exercise, but hopeless about snacks. Does anyone have a foolproof method? Nuts, plain chocolate and ginger oat biscuits are my worst temptations. Probably I should simply stop buying them, but then there would be no treats!

Amry64 Thu 05-Apr-18 09:53:37

Thanks Matelda for the Walk at Home video - I'm exhausted just watching her!

inishowen Thu 05-Apr-18 09:57:15

I'm just back from a week in Tenerife. The buffet meals really suited me. I lived on fresh fish and salads. Yes I had a dessert but they were tiny bite sized ones. All I need is a live in chef to provide such meals.

harrysgran Thu 05-Apr-18 10:06:28

I am trying to tackle extra weight I've gained around two and half stone over the last few years and I have been diagnosed with a heart condition . I live on my own and after years of cooking for a family I've become lazy and tend to eat easy to prepare cheese on toast bacon sandwich and a lots of tea and biscuits. I am going to give the you tube videos a try.

MawBroon Thu 05-Apr-18 10:10:21

harrysgran I think I am very much in your position.
For me it is the “default” meal of toast and peanut butter when I really don’t want to tackle the freezerful of other things to eat sad

Going to try homemade soup today and lay off the peanut butter, but seriously worried that when I look out the “summer clothes” nothing will fit any more.

knspol Thu 05-Apr-18 10:24:57

Just lost 7lbs with the dreaded flu. Quite pleased with that but as soon as I started feeling better and managing to eat properly it's all back on again - oh dear!

Diggingdoris Thu 05-Apr-18 10:36:32

I've bee struggling to lose the Xmas flab, and was very slowly succeeding until DH bought me a giant white chocolate bunny for Easter! It's delicious and each time I walk past it I break off a piece. Should I just binge and eat the whole lot in one go (and probably feel sick) or is it better to keep nibbling every day for the next week?
Hopefully once I start mowing the 2 lawns I can work the calories off.
I will have a look at those sites Matelda to get inspired. Thanks

chelseababy Thu 05-Apr-18 10:48:41

Walked to pilates and back today as the sun was shining. Only 13 minutes each way but every little helps and I feel better for it. Having a cuppa now and NO biscuit!

grannytotwins Thu 05-Apr-18 11:28:54

A year ago I was a stone lighter. I promised myself that as soon as Easter was over I would diet. On Tuesday I won the most amazing box of handmade artisan chocolates which arrived by courier yesterday. Diet is now blown and I won some other posh chocolates on Tuesday as well. They haven’t arrived yet. Oh well, I’ll diet from 1 May!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 05-Apr-18 12:32:49

Me too. I've been spectacularly self-indulgent over the last month or so. I got down to 9st 7lbs (at last - another 7lbs to go) but have self-sabotaged myself into putting on another couple of pounds. In the supermarket yesterday I treated myself to a small pack of orange coloured chocolate carrots - naughty.
I've decided just eat breakfast and lunch and do more exercise.

Yorkshiregirl Thu 05-Apr-18 12:48:55

I put on weight due to the steroids, and 9 months of cancer treatment, which is still ongoing to some degree. Now chemotherapy and radiotherapy are over I decided to rejoin Slimmingworld as I know it works, and you can eat hearty meals.
I also got a little dog just prior to my cancer diagnosis, so I do 20 mins or more walking every day with her, and walk to the shops.

Yorkshiregirl Thu 05-Apr-18 12:51:34

Tassiegran it could be you're not eating enough. Skipping breakdast isn't good. Try Slimmingworld

Kacee Thu 05-Apr-18 12:51:48

I don't mean to brag.....BUT......I got my certificate for losing 50 lbs at weight watchers this week