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I’m a pear !

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NanKate Tue 08-May-18 16:04:23

I have returned to my own healthy eating plan as I need to lose a stone. I am pear shaped with a small bust, reasonable waist and overlarge hips.

On reading the ever sensible Dr Scurr in the DM this morning I discovered a healthy waist size is 31 ins for women and 37 ins for men. I rather smugly measured myself expecting a pat on the back only to find I am 5 ins over the recommended size 😲

Onward and upward or preferably downward.

Shirleyw Wed 12-Jun-19 17:11:09

....forgot to say, i put on half a pound this week which i'm surprised about, thought it would of been a lot more so i'm happy with that....

Dontaskme Mon 17-Jun-19 09:23:38

Thanks for the support re: fillers NanKate & ShirleyW. Afraid to say that the neck is one thing that nothing much can be done about apart from having a surgical lift, which tbh I would do if I had the money! Actually I'd have a face, neck and whole body lift smile

I first got weighed by my Doc on Jan 17th. Weighed in between and was determined to lose 4st by today, June 17th. I did it, with an extra 1lb off!!!!! Not going to lie, its been hard but I have felt supported on here, thank you smile

I started on 500 cals a day then went up to 800 then allowed myself a few more with a bit of fasting in between. I've had odd times of eating like its going out of fashion but have got back on the wagon to get it off again. I can still stuff my face ith the best of them but have more control now. I don't want to lose more, although it is quite addictive! I could do with losing another 2 st at least but I don't want to make worse the saggy coat of skin it leaves one wearing.

Maybe just another half a stone, then if I have days of eating I don't need to worry too much.

Keep going ladies, you are doing well.

All the best and many thanks smile

PS I'll probably be back on next week grizzling about putting on some timber!!!!!!!!

NanKate Tue 18-Jun-19 07:35:03

That is impressive Dontask 4 stone 👍🎉💐🤗. I would be tempted to go into Sainsbury’s and weigh out 4 stone of potatoes and then see visibly how much weight had been lost.

I think losing weight is far more than counting calories or fasting or whatever method you choose. IMO it is a mental struggle and little to do with feeling actual hunger.

Shirleyw Wed 19-Jun-19 06:11:04

I think your spot on nankate, definitely a mental battle, if our head isn't in the right place then that's it ....the head rules in everything....
Same here dontaskme. I can surely stuff my face when the need arises lol.....
Have you got that Michael Mosley 800cal book? I bought it....I haven't tried a 800 cal a day yet 😂😂 .I wonder if I could manage it like one day a week when I'm not at work. How did you feel when you did it ?

Shirleyw Wed 19-Jun-19 22:13:41

...lost a pound this week

NanKate Wed 19-Jun-19 22:42:35

Shirley 👍

Dontaskme Tue 02-Jul-19 08:36:37

Morning all, Well I've been to the Maldives for a lovely Wedding and am pleased to say I've come back with only an additional 1 and a half pounds, so I'm very happy smile

Shirleyw sorry for the late response - reason above! I actually find doing 800 cals easy. I drink lots of coffee through the day as this fills me up and actually 800 cals is quite a lot if you are aware of calorie content. I mean I don't eat bread (obv!) but I do have a bowl of porridge - I've found one that has the same calories for 40g as some others have for 29g, so looking at labelling is a must. I eat tomatoes, mushroom, cucumber - all either practically zero calories or very few. A tin of toms is less than 100 cals and much more filling than soup. I add pepper or bit of spice for flavour. I now eat a couple of rice cakes or Ryvita instead of a couple of slices of toast and find its enough. Actually yesterday I did have a wholemeal seeded bread roll but halfway through was finding it hard going so actually stopped eating. In the past I would have just carried on regardless AND had another one !

NanKate - Along the lines of weighing spuds, I was horrified when I tried to move my suitcase and realised that I've actually lost much more than it weighed, yet I could hardly lift it! To think I've been carrying that and more around everyday was a shock to say the least.

I'm going to get the extra 1 and a half pounds back off but so far since being back I've stayed the same - better than going up I suppose! Might just do a lots of coffee day today and not much else to kick start the downward on the scales again smile

All the best to everyone smile

NanKate Tue 02-Jul-19 09:41:30

What a success story Dontaskme. So pleased for you. Yes it is a real eye opener when we equate our weight loss with spuds etc. If I lose half a pound I always think of a pack of butter.

I recently bought two new pairs of trousers at M and S and needed to go down a size to fit me well.

Seeing photos of myself when I was fat is always an eye opener.

I have started wearing dresses again in the hot weather and they don't cling anymore.

Onward and downward girls.

Shirleyw Wed 03-Jul-19 17:05:04

Thats brill dontaskme, its amazing how much a weight weighs when we have to carry it. for me...we have been to the lake district, Windermere area for a fabulous holiday, weighed in today....up 6lbs was expected, am not fed up or anything, today is the last day of indulgence...sp for 7 days me thinks lol

Shirleyw Wed 03-Jul-19 17:06:06

.......i might give it a go to do a couple days a week 800 cals dontaskme

Oldandverygrey Wed 03-Jul-19 17:14:59

Now here's the thing - since I have reached my target weight I am finding it more difficult to maintain it than when I was losing weight! Any advice please?

M0nica Wed 03-Jul-19 17:33:14

I have read that the new weight will embed in time. I think it takes about 2 years.

My experience matches up with this. I lost 2 stone about 5 years ago and maintaining my new weight was difficult for about the first two years, but now, while my weight does vary, after Christmas. holidays etc, it doesn't go up half as much and comes back much faster and my body seems to have accepted that the lower weight is my standard weight.

Oldandverygrey Wed 03-Jul-19 17:36:06

Thank you Monica for your info.

M0nica Wed 03-Jul-19 17:38:35

The other thing is that your body will also adjust to a different eating pattern. DH came home this afternoon with a lemon drizzle cake, which I like, but despite that when he offered me a slice with my afternoon tea. I said 'no'. I really didn't fancy a slice just then. I was still feeling satisfied from lunch.

I felt no sense of turning it down, exercising self control or anything like that. I simply didn't want it.

NanKate Wed 03-Jul-19 21:03:40

I agree MOnica that we can adjust our appetite. I never eat seconds of anything, whereas in the past I could easily be persuaded.

fourormore Sat 06-Jul-19 12:15:51

Just back from two glorious weeks in Corfu party and to my amazement have only put on 4lbs!
Bread is normally my downfall here at home. Whilst away I had toast every breakfast, a sandwich or bagette type thing most lunchtimes and bread again with our evening meals so really was dreading the scales!
I am content with that and over the next few weeks hopefully those 4lbs will drop off. Fingers crossed!
Seems everyone (especially Dontask's doing ok - keep it up fellow losers!

Esmenonna Sat 06-Jul-19 17:06:14

I made this the other day and it was delicious. I don't have a sweet tooth but I do like a yoghurt. This is similar. Take 1 sachet of Harley's sugar free jelly and dissolve in 60mls of hot water. In another bowl, mix 100g of quark to 170g of 0% Greek yoghurt. I added fresh strawberries to this. When the jelly has cooled a little, stir it into the cream mixture. I poured it into wine glasses and decorating with fresh strawberries. Leave in the fridge for 2 hours.

NanKate Sat 06-Jul-19 19:36:57

I fancy that pud Esme 👍

Shirleyw Sat 13-Jul-19 22:43:45

lost 2lbs , pleased with that and surprised as it was at the tail end of my fortnights annual leave

NanKate Sun 14-Jul-19 07:09:34

Excellent Shirley. How much more do you want to lose ?

I’m still maintaining my weight loss and find I can get into clothes I haven’t worn for a year or two which is satisfying.

Rita2 Sun 14-Jul-19 13:03:15

Only just found this thread and it’s inspired me to have another go at losing the two stones that have been on and off more times than I can remember!

fourormore Sun 14-Jul-19 20:27:42

Welcome Rita2
NanKate started this thread ages ago and it has inspired so many of us! It keeps us focussed as we all support each other when things don't happen and cheer each other on when things are going well.
Before we went on holiday I weighed 182.8. I put on 4lbs on holiday. Today I'm 183.4 - ok but still over 13stone. Normally I would be delighted with a loss of over 3lb but that's life.
I think we all need to remember that in this hot weather we are (or should be!) drinking more and fluids weigh!
Good luck everyone - like you Rita2 I have two stone to lose.
Go for it folks!!! flowers

Shirleyw Sun 14-Jul-19 21:18:29

Thanks nankate, I think another 1 and a half to two stone I think

NanKate Sun 14-Jul-19 21:56:19

Hi girls and welcome Rita2. We are a small but friendly bunch of losers (only in the weight department). Everyone chooses their own method of weight loss and checks in here with the ups and downs of dieting.

I started off with the NHS calorie counting plan found online and now just go for smaller meals of anything I want within reason. Portion size is crucial for me. Others are doing the low cal diet 2 days a week and eating sensibly 5 days. When you are ready tell us what your regime is?

We often give ideas of what works for us. For me it is drinking watered down 7 Up Free lemonade twice a day. I have been known to mix it with a glass of white wine to make the drink seem bigger.

Anyway very best of luck

Onwards and downwards 👎

Oldandverygrey Mon 15-Jul-19 17:55:25

Have now reached my target weight and finding it difficult to maintain it. Losing weight was comparatively simple compared to keeping within my range. Feel if I take my eye of the ball ………. I may be back to square one. Any helpful tips would be appreciated.