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MargaretinNorthant Wed 20-Jan-21 12:32:03

Could I ask for some opinions please?
I am 83, have two replacement hips, and two crumbling vertebrae in my lower back (4 & 5), one leg and ankle held together by steel rods and screws, which makes walking and standing for long painful. I also have Asthma, started with the menopause, and had to have my Thyroid gland removed 15 years ago, so am on Thyroxine. I am also very overweight, and a picky eater, I cannot bear tomatoes. At present I don’t seem to be gaining any, but it is very, very hard to lose any.
At my age would you?

1.Say “Blow it” and just enjoy what years I have left, however many they may be.

2.Make an effort to lose the weight , in which case how, bearing in mind my age and creaking joints? Getting down on the floor is NOT an option, (I’d never get up again) neither is working out at a Gym or doing five mile walks.

I am not a “foodie” and have always said if the day ever dawned when I could take a pill in the morning and that would be it for the day I would be in heaven. Some live to eat and others eat to live, and I am firmly in the latter category.
I have tried Slimming World, but everyone was years younger than I was, and not being a very sociable sort, I didn’t enjoy the group meetings. I used to just get weighed and leave until it struck me it was ridiculous to pay to be told the same thing my bathroom scales had told me.
I have wondered about getting ready made meals from one of the companies that deliver, that are calorie counted for you. The fuss less approach appealed to me…. Just eat it and forget it!!

MargaretinNorthant Sun 24-Jan-21 11:56:07

Thank you all for your replies. The consensus seems to be for option 2, lose some weight! Some of the things suggested I already do, for instance a small plate, breakfast 9.30 evening meal 5.30 and nothing bar a drink of water after that. Breakfast is a wheatabix usually with semi-skimmed goats milk. I am allergic to cows milk. I think it is going to be the evening meal that needs to be altered. I live in a village and things like Gyms and swimming pools, when they are open, are miles away, though there is talk that we might get a gym. Exercise....I will look and see what I can do. I am glad I am not the only one disinterested in food, had begun to think I was more peculiar that I had supposed! Apparently, so my Mother once told me I was always like it, ate enough to keep body and soul together and that was it, not in the least bit bothered what it was. Losing my thyroid really caused the problems, it upsets your metabolism. Even my Dr is puzzled why I don't lose weight, and yes I have consulted her on the problem and my thyroid medication is fine. Still, I will give it a go, and see what comes of it. Thank you again for all your help.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 24-Jan-21 12:03:48

In your place I would try to loose weight, as as, as I am sure you know, being overweight is putting increased strain on you back and ankle.

Please phone your GP and ask for a referral to a dieatrician, because with your medical history and age I think it would be best to have qualified help loosing weight rather than trying yourself.

Ready made meals would be a really bad idea as there is usually too much salt and sugar in them.

Madgran77 Sun 24-Jan-21 12:07:17

Losing a bit of weight would help some of the pain and difficulties even at your age Margaret Really helped my mum in her 80's. If you can afford the regular calorie controlled meals that sounds like a good option for you

annodomini Sun 24-Jan-21 12:10:18

I'm 80, with dodgy knees and feet which make walking tiresome. I've been sticking to a low carb regime for months now and have lost a stone and a half which brought me to my planned weight by Christmas. Of course (!) I have gained a couple of pounds over Christmas - chocolate is just too tempting - but now back on the strait and and narrow. I have found that losing weight has made it easier to walk, though I still suffer the following day. I don't buy special meals, though I find that sachets of calorie-counted soups (Ainslie Harriot's are tasty) fill a gap nicely. I don't have biscuits in the house, and, as I have never taken sugar in tea, that's no temptation. Fruit and veg are very important to me.