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Fleurpepper Wed 26-Jul-23 13:30:24

Just hosted someone (much younger and from different continent so no chance she will read this) - who has adopted 100% no carbs and carnivore diet, + cream and butter.

She has lost half her body weight, as she was morbidly obese and has regained a lot of mobility. But surely this is NOT the wax, for health and environment issues.

Your thoughts?

lixy Wed 26-Jul-23 22:00:28

Bear Grylls has switched from Vegan to an 'Ancient' diet eating mostly meat - offal so it's not so expensive - and just a little rice or potato. Not quite as dramatic as your friend but he says he feels much better for the switch.

I can't imagine following such a diet. It feels wrong on so many levels, and goes against all the advice I have heard all my life. 'Fraid I'll listen to Chris Packham rather than Bear Grylls on this and keep meat for just an occasional meal.

merlotgran Wed 26-Jul-23 22:50:27

I suppose you have to weigh up the fact she was so morbidly obese her mobility was affected against the negative aspects of this diet.

If her mobility improves enough for her to be able to take regular exercise maybe she’ll be able to reintroduce carbs, cut down on fat and lower her cholesterol.

I don’t remember anyone being concerned about environmental issues when the Atkins diet was popular. The main concern was keeping the weight off when you started reintroducing carbs.

grannydarkhair Wed 26-Jul-23 23:12:25

Fleurpepper What does she eat on a typical day? You mentioned butter and steak, surely she doesn’t limit herself to just those?
I know I couldn’t do it, I can imagine giving up a lot of my usual carbs like couscous and spuds, but I could never give up the wide variety of veg and, to a lesser extent, fruit I eat.

Calipso Thu 27-Jul-23 08:29:03



Doesn't seem to have done my cats any harm.
They are apparently not the slightest bit concerned with their cholesterol levels.


Is it stating the obvious to say a cats digestive system is not the same as a human’s?

Yes it is Foxy
My flippant attempt at humour obviously fell on deaf ears ☹️

merlotgran Thu 27-Jul-23 08:39:34

They are apparently not the slightest bit concerned with their cholesterol levels.

I doubt they’re overly concerned about the environment either. 😂

Foxygloves Thu 27-Jul-23 08:41:25




Doesn't seem to have done my cats any harm.
They are apparently not the slightest bit concerned with their cholesterol levels.


Is it stating the obvious to say a cats digestive system is not the same as a human’s?

Yes it is Foxy
My flippant attempt at humour obviously fell on deaf ears ☹️

As did my irony

hillebert Thu 27-Jul-23 11:48:44

On the surface, it seems like a good idea. But in the long run, it will prove to be very detrimental to one's health.

hillebert Thu 27-Jul-23 11:50:37

Not good.

Grantanow Thu 27-Jul-23 11:54:22


Rabbitgran Thu 27-Jul-23 12:26:58

Sounds interesting. Can you eat any non starchy vegetables or salad with the meat?

undines Thu 27-Jul-23 12:28:52

We have been sold - and I mean 'sold' - a lot of rubbish about fats and cholesterol. There are plenty of medically trained people who are now pointing out how this low-fat nonsense has made people more overweight, and diabetic - but goodness! don't let that idea get too popular because what would happen to the low-fat food industry? There is also a lot of rubbish about a vegan diet being better for the planet. I can't be bothered to quote the science and statistics, but it seems to me common sense. Our digestive systems haven't changed much since the Stone Age, when I guess we would have had a lot (if we were lucky!) of meat, wild greens, mushrooms and berries. If anyone is really interested in food/nutrition I would say please research further and don't go along with the mainstream propaganda. You might start with Dr Barbara O'Neill, on YouTube, branded 'dangerous' by all the vested interests but all I've heard from her is common sense

Witzend Thu 27-Jul-23 12:31:22



There used to be something similar called the Stone Age Diet - my mother used to talk about it in the 60s/70s. Meat - with the fat - so it’d never do for me.

IIRC butter and cream were unlimited, but with no carbs, I don’t know what you’d put them on, but I suppose that was the idea. Without bread/potatoes/cake etc. they’re strictly self-limiting.

I suppose butter is used on steak, on crab, and to cook with? One of my family prefers steak with butter, steak and eggs, coffee and double cream to other food - and he is healthy/slim.

I well remember a friend years ago, saying no thanks to Christmas pudding but having instead a whole bowlful of just brandy butter and cream!

Azalea99 Thu 27-Jul-23 12:35:20

I once worked with somebody who was told to lose weight drastically or her heart would give out on her.

She was agoraphobic and therefore got no exercise. She also hated cooking, so would bring in lots of cheese to eat. She did lose quite a bit of weight(never gave up smoking), but I left that team so don’t know what kind of eating habits she may have returned to later on. Can’t have been much fun for her.

Cossy Thu 27-Jul-23 12:38:00

Like it or not it’s high sugars and carbs which are actually so bad for us, my war child parents are full fat butter, cream, and meat. Meat 5 times a week, fish twice, combined with fresh vegs and fruit. They never had weight problems and both lived into their 80’s. Sadly smoking and alcohol affected their health, food was never an issue, their portions were reasonably small and their food always freshly bought and they exercised too, normally long walks.

growstuff Thu 27-Jul-23 12:44:20

Witzend Eating cream and butter but no Christmas pudding makes sense for somebody on a keto diet.

Incidentally, extreme carb restriction usually lowers triglyceride levels. When the body is in ketosis, it uses fat for fuel rather than glucose from carbs.

HeavenLeigh Thu 27-Jul-23 12:44:53

Agree Cossy

GrammarGrandma Thu 27-Jul-23 12:44:55

As a vegetarian, I would never do this however fat I got.

M0nica Thu 27-Jul-23 12:47:15

Humans are omnivores. I would become vegan before I would become a carnivore.

I tried the Atkins Diet once, after 10 days of feeling more and more ill. I cracked, had a carbohydrate binge day and never did it again. I did not lose even an ounce.

MerylStreep Thu 27-Jul-23 12:47:31

My daughter has a very varied diet. She also has colonic irrigation.
I won’t go into details but meat can stay in the bowl for a very long time.

VenusDeVillendorf Thu 27-Jul-23 12:50:38

I love the one meal a day carnivore way of life!

Never felt better, and blood lipids and cholesterol is within normal range.

I take double cream and MCT oil in my one morning coffee, have only 20g carbs a day- evening meal, usually green veg or cauliflower with my lamb chops. I also eat avocados and olives. I drink lots of water, and use herbs and sea salt as flavouring.

All aches and pains gone and feel whip smart like an 18 year old.

Doctor Boz on YouTube is interesting for ketogenic tips. And dr Mindy peltz is interesting for her book “fast like a girl”

If you’re unhappy with your health or weight, what have you got to lose by changing things up?

Philippa111 Thu 27-Jul-23 12:53:35

I did this diet for about 6 weeks and lost 6lbs. At first it was great as I love rich foods...cheese... yum... cream with everything...yum... But it was so difficult to maintain interesting meals. I ate so many sausages!! In the end it was just sausages, eggs, bacon, meat and cream and a few non starchy veg and of course absolutely nothing sweet. I jut found myself so uninspired and a bit dejected and it was as hough my body went on strike at the thought of all that rich stuff!

I went back to a 'normal' diet ( what is that these days?) and the weight went back on, of course!!

So now I'm back to the old idea of just eating less and being aware of how much I eat.

I also heard recently that people who eat quickly put on more weight than those who eat slowly. It'll need to be dead slow chewing here as I need to lose some!

Riverwalk Thu 27-Jul-23 12:56:11

I'm afraid that's false information Meryl - a myth put about by colonic irrigation practictioners!

Wenmore Thu 27-Jul-23 13:42:22

Absolutely applaud your guest for her successful weight loss. Be cracking if all those clinically/morbidly obese could do the same.

sandelf Thu 27-Jul-23 13:55:52

Sounds like the 'no carb' thing - you can eat meats, seafoods, poultry, butter, oils, some vegetables. So you don't have to be hungry - it works too well - I know people who are doing this and try to be as slim as possible. You can be too thin, I fear for their long term resilience.

pen50 Thu 27-Jul-23 14:14:34

I understand that it is possible to be perfectly healthy on a carnivore diet but you have to eat all the animal: meat, fat, organs, bone broth....