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I am feeling bored so just started this thread to have a little rant t.

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3nanny6 Sun 13-Jun-21 15:07:06

I expect most of you have much better things to do than watch Celebrity Gogglebox and my post is about the programme from yesterday evening. If you watched it were any of you
a bit angry over some of the remarks made about Bonny Langford?
The Celebrity people were given a short piece of television to watch, what they viewed was "The Masked Dancer" where someone is covered in a costume and they have to guess who it is.
Bonny Langford performed a truly energetic dance routine
and all the celebrities were guessing people in their 30-40s,
it got to the point where Bonny had to remove the top part of her disguise and everyone was completely taken aback that an older person could be so energetic and supple.
I was upset that Anne-Marie who was paired up with Tom
Jones just blurted out "Who the f**k is that I do not know who she is. I am not sure if Tom was embarrassed or not he just carried on the conversation.
Also many of the celebrities were using rather a lot of F----
words which really lowered the tone of the show so I switched off.
Just wondering if anyone else viewed it and what were your thoughts.

AmberSpyglass Sun 13-Jun-21 15:43:11

I don’t have a problem with swearing at all - and why would people automatically know who BL is?

Callistemon Sun 13-Jun-21 15:44:27

No, I didn't see it, but who the f* is Anne-Marie?

I know who Bonnie Langford is and have in fact heard of Tom Jones too smile

Alegrias1 Sun 13-Jun-21 15:47:58

I love Anne-Marie, she's seems like a nice person. And she swears, c'est la vie. I don't suppose she watches East Enders.

I thought they were expecting somebody young because of the energy and suppleness of the dancer. And it was admiration when they realised it was someone who was 54 years old.

Same as Neil Oliver wink

Namsnanny Sun 13-Jun-21 15:48:13

I didnt watch it, but swearing is more or less the norm isnt it now?
Was it the swearing, or the fact that they were surprised by Bonny Langfords age or that the younger people didnt know her, that you found irritating 3nanny6?
Bonny Langford hasnt been on the TV for a long while has she?

I'm often surprised and dismayed at the amount of (ageist) anti bboomer feeling there is out there.

Alegrias1 Sun 13-Jun-21 15:49:00

ps - Mr Jones is no stranger to the F-Word.

Callistemon Sun 13-Jun-21 15:51:34

I'm going to thkweem and thkweem until I'm thick!!

Who is Anne Marie?
Does she have a surname?
Is she well-known?

Lin52 Sun 13-Jun-21 15:52:45


I don’t have a problem with swearing at all - and why would people automatically know who BL is?

About as much as many people in their older years don’t know who the f Ann Marie is.

Callistemon Sun 13-Jun-21 16:02:11

No-one has answered so perhaps no-one has a clue, Lin52


tanith Sun 13-Jun-21 16:02:48

No idea who she is either but Bonnie has certainly still got it all going on, we’ll done her.

Alegrias1 Sun 13-Jun-21 16:03:58

Anne-Marie is some sort of modern singing person wink

I couldn't hum you one of her tunes but she was a judge on The Voice this year and was obviously so happy to be there and delighted to have been asked. She was very supportive of all the acts and her "mentee" won. She seems lovely, really.

I'm sure somebody will come along in a minute and tell me about her drugs shame, or some such thing....

Galaxy Sun 13-Jun-21 16:04:36

Loads of people wont know who BL is. I dont think swearing on gogglebox will come as a shock to people.

Blossoming Sun 13-Jun-21 16:20:49

I met Bonnie years ago at a press event. She was lovely, so pleasant and natural and not a bit showbizzy.

Callistemon Sun 13-Jun-21 16:29:54

Anne-Marie is some sort of modern singing person

Thank you Alegrias, got it
Like a kind of British Meghan Trainor

Maggiemaybe Sun 13-Jun-21 16:54:48

And the next question from this end would have been “Who’s Meghan Trainor?”.

But I’ve googled her. She’s a modern American singing person. smile

JaneJudge Sun 13-Jun-21 16:59:00

Anne-Marie sang on a hit record for Clean Bandit
Tom Jones, everyone threw their knickers at him and he comes from Wales
Bonnie Tyler is also Welsh isn't she? sang a total eclipse of her farts

Callistemon Sun 13-Jun-21 17:01:35

Clean Bandit?
Are bandits ever clean?

I do know who Meghan Trainor is

ginny Sun 13-Jun-21 17:05:29

I know who BL is. I haven’t a clue who AM is.
I don’t know why swearing is so prevalent now and there are plenty of better words to use in normal conversation. I may be old fashio but I don’t care for it.

Redhead56 Sun 13-Jun-21 17:07:37

Bonnie Langford has been in show business for years is multi talented.. Debbie McGee is the same multi talented it’s stars like this who put so called younger celebs to shame.

BlueBelle Sun 13-Jun-21 17:24:18

I really like Anne Marie she’s a singer and pairs up with Tom Jones and two others on The Voice
Never heard of the Meghan lady though
I don’t watch Celebrity Googlebox I find all these Celebrity things so off putting so, so avoid most of them

Blossoming Sun 13-Jun-21 17:26:02

Where is the OP? Must be bored with her own thread too grin

Calendargirl Sun 13-Jun-21 19:23:23

Bonnie Tyler?

Where does she come in to the debate?

3nanny6 Sun 13-Jun-21 19:49:02

Hi, everyone who replied I was not getting any replies and went off to finish a bit of gardening. Just having a catch up and loads of replies so thank-you.
Anne-Marie is one of those modern singers and she was on the Voice, and usually I find her likeable. Great fashion sense as well . It was the tone of Anne-Marie's voice when she said "Who the f**k is that?" which I took offence to as she implicated that Bonny Langford was somewhat passed it which is an ageist attitude to have. Also some of these younger ones didn't think someone who is over 55 could have the energy that she had. Well done Bonny because she showed she had what it takes.
Still Ann-Marie soon got over that as there were others on and she then started telling Tom Jones he doesn't swear enough and was encouraging him to use more of the f**k word

I think I will stick to watching them on something like the Voice I just found it a bit distasteful.

kittylester Sun 13-Jun-21 19:52:08

Bonnie Langford was in EastEnders for quite a while recently.

Anne Marie is a very talented singer with a fabulous voice.

Jaxjacky Sun 13-Jun-21 20:21:18

We’ve recorded Googlebox, it’s on after 9, so yes, possible swearing and the rest. Anne Marie is 30, Bonnie 56, similar difference in age my Mum and I would have been, so I would have been surprised at 30 if someone my mum’s age was being as agile as you say. That’s what we generally do when we’re younger (or did), think we’re invincible and anyone years ahead of us is over the hill. Then we reach that age and more!